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Random Thoughts - BYJ's Luck

Now is 12:50pm, remember read some interview of BYJ and got to know that he usually goes to be at 12:50pm. Trying to follow this model, but still got something to say ... about how BYJ could be so successful ...

This got to be very shallow, just something popped up here and there ...

If BYJ was born in any other country other than Korea, will he be as successful as today? I figured only Korean's scriptors can write sobbing stories that touches people's most tender part of their hearts. I guess only the Korean PD's can be completely supportive and patient to his quests to perform perfectly by doing tens of NGs. I can tell Korean producers value quality much more than those of some other countries.

If BYJ picked other countries than Japan as the major foreign market, will he be this successful? I think he is very smart in picking Japan. You can name the reasons why it was the right decision. I can tell it after the fact, but for him to be able to analyze, forsee and make the right decision, he is a visionary.

If BYJ's voice sounds different, if his words are not as insighful and comforting, will he be taking so many of our hearts?

If BYJ did not look so childish at one time, and was not serious and mature at other times, will we love him this much?

If BYJ performed more dramas and movies, we'll be happier, but will he be as successful as today? Will the quality of his work decrease?

If BYJ did not play Winter Sonata, will he be known to us?

If BYJ did not play Untold Scandal, will we be looking at him as being sexy?

If BYJ did not play HWRL, will I love him this much? Have We Really Loved? Yes, after watching this one, I Have Really Loved BYJ.

Random Thoughts - BYJ Fans

Had an urge to write something while commuting, but once I got here, as always, I am side tracked, doing something not planned, re-org the postings, read fellow-fan's blogs, writing comments, doing more reading ... Now it's hard to get to my orginal point ... Really wanted to talk about the BYJ fans ...

Remember the granny in the drama HWRL, she always had something to tease about, she'd always group things/people into 3 types, the one type, the opposite type, and the one she is teasing about. Her teasing sounds quite funny, yet philosophically profound. I personally think the scriptor used granny as her own voice, did I tell you I love this scriptor, Noh Hee-kyung. Well, this is still not my point ...

Let's see ... I am not good at teasing people, so I can only think about two types for anything I care ...

There are two types of person in this world, selfish ones, selfless ones, and BYJ fans are the later. They would do anything to support him without seeking any return.

There are two types of happiness in this world, one comes from receiving, one comes from giving, and BYJ fan's hapiness is the later.

There are two types of lonliness in this world, one caused by not having people around, one caused by not finding one to share the feelings even though there are many around. BYJ fan's lonliness is the later.

There are two types of fans in this world, one screams out, one hides down, and BYJ fans are the later.

Thank goodness there is internet, these lonely souls now can all pop up to share their joy.

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English Translation Corner

About Winter Sonata (WLS)

All About Him - Software Side

Chinese Translation Corner

About Have We Really Loved (HWRL)

The People Letter

Ordered in time I received :

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More Winter Sonata Analysis

Following my silly silly answer to Jaime's question "Would Yu-jin and Sang-hyuk break up if it was not because of Jun-sang as her first love?" Jaime and Mrs.A actually came back with some more serious, deeper answers. Can't let them hide in the comment space, here we must have them ...

jaime said...

dear h,

thanks for taking the time (and space) to answer my out-of-nowhere question. Actually it's not really out of nowhere, remember what we talked about ur hubby and my ex BF ~*^*~. U know, I miss Yong Joon so much that I started watching Winter Sonata again this week (when bb blogged about her favourite WS soundtrack). I always love Yujin when she was in high school, she was this cute, mischievious girl who's so warm and passionate to help others. I do notice a change after 10 years, she seems to be calmer, sadder, less excitable and unsure of her feelings. Maybe that 10 years of mourning has eroded this happy, innocent girl into a more serious and cautious woman whose emotions become very vulnerable. (h is saying - yes, we noticed that change in Yu-jin, now that you mentioned, it is ironic to think that after 10 years, both Yu-jin and Jun-sang changed into completely different persons. Yun-jin from a lively girl into an overly serious woman, always over-shadowed by a sad cloud, and precisely as you said, unsure of her feelings, because she has to go along with what everyone else wanted her to do, these people are her closest people in this world, what is the right thing to follow, her own feelings or the expectations of the people who care for her? Of course she is confused! And on the other hand, Jun-sang just being the opposite, changed from a melancholy depressed high school student into a pleasant, confident charming young man. Light-hearted on the surface, he was actually very mature. If Jun-sang was suffering from memory loss, I think Yu-jin was suffering memory bigotry. HaHaHa..... Kidding again. I just admire the scriptwriters of this drama)

Like what you said, what she has developed with SanHyuk is not really a passionate man-woman love, but more of a steady old friendship and brother-sister kind of relationship. Those monotonous dating activities like eating, movie-going that you described are really not adding much value and excitement to their stagnant relationship.

We know SanHyuk has always adored YuJin ever since he was young, so he respected her thoughts and allowed her a lot of 'space' in these 10 years to do her own dreaming and mourning. Therefore in YuJin's mind and heart, JunSahng has never left but even clouded over SanHyuk all these years without her showing it out. So when Yujin first love JunSahng reincarnates into MinHyung, coming back as a confident, flamboyant and of course gorgeous man, all her buried love and subconcious desire to see him again are all waken up. The so called 'fiancee' relationship that SanHyuk built with her crumbled down like a sand castle. (Agreed, you always get down to the key point, San-hyuk adored Yu-jin and respected her thoughts and wishes, but sometimes on the other hand, his attitude toward Yu-jin was a little forceful, it may very well be caused by his insecurity of their relationship, deep down in his heart, he knew that Yu-jin did not love him as a woman to a man, but rather more of a good old childhood friend. To be honest with you, I think San-hyuk is very well portrayed as a regular nice young man in the reality. I think he is probably nicer than most of the average nice guy in this world. Sometimes I wonder if all the Korean guys are this nice. The fact that he could be so patient and respectful to Yu-jin for such a looonngg time, is considered to be out of this world. Maybe it is just me who have not met such a nice guy. Another credit I would give to the scriptwriters is that they portrate San-hyuk as a good natured gentleman but with some human defects, from time to time his selfish thoughts would overtake him and drive him to behave stupid. Isn't that what happened to the real world average men? And from time to time Jun-sang/Min-hyung's realm of selfless spirit surpassed San-hyuk's narrowed mind, struck Yu-jin with such a huge contrast, look, come on! who would not fall to such a gorgeous, gracious gentleman, let alone he was Yu-jin's first love!)

Hahaha, just my silly babbling. I agree with you, Yujin and SanHyuk's relationship hasn't really blossomed into 10 full years of passionate love. Thank you for answering my question. (Hey, just enjoy the conversation as much as you do. We are equally happily being silly like this, why not!)

Now, Mrs.A. gave her 1.5 cents on this very issue, I think it was very insightful ...

mrs a said...

I will give my 2 cents okay maybe 1.5 cents to it. (I think it worth more than a million!)

I think Yu-jin was so hurt that she never allowed her heart to open to anyone else. I do think also that she felt like a sister to Sang-hyuk for so long. I don't think it ever developed as he wanted it to and deep down she realized that. Even though sometimes she was trying to think otherwise. To satisfy everyone else. But she had to be true to herself. So much that she couldn't love him the way he wanted her too or she at one time thought she might. (This is very true, she shut down her emotion, but trying to be nice to San-hyuk, which she really viewed as a good brother. But San-hyuk has different expectations, most of the time Yu-jin was just passively accepting San-hyuk and friends and family's push. This delimma is sure very confusing to her, no wonder she is unsure of her feelings. As our delightful wise Min-hyong pointed out, she is trying to be nice to everyone, she is trying not to hurt everyone's feelings, but her uncertain attitude actually made it diffult to everyone involved. Only after knowing Min-hyong, did she gain courage to face her true self and be truthful to her own feelings. How can you not fall in love with such a dependable man, and super handsome too, huh?)

And after what Sang-hyuk did to her that one time, how could you think of having a relationship with someone who would abuse you? (Poor Sang-hyuk, selfishness drove him out of mind and control, I think Yu-jin did forgive his misbehavior, but she would not be able to love him as she loved Jun-sang, she did not before, after this hurtful incident, she could not even more, AND with Min-hyong's encouragement, that she needs to take a clearer stand, and no matter what decision she made, he would always be supporting her. Wasn't that gracious! At this point, it became clear to her that she would not be able to marry San-hyuk.)

Now don't we all remember our first love and keep them treasured in a pocket within our hearts. oK, maybe just sentimental me - silly girl! (I didn't know we could have pocket in our hearts. Thanks Mrs.A. for the idea! I did marry my first love, so I sew a pocket for Bae Yong Joon within my heart. I hope that is legal.)
But possibly she made a decision not to love anyone else. (She can't possibly have space for anyone else, she was all consumed up. Look at us, no one got a touch from him, we are all fall to him like crazy, she got his first pure sweet kiss, how can she escape his spell?)

The bottom line is - Who wouldn't wait for Jungsang? (Heehee, I don't need to wait for Jungsang, hahaha, I am waiting for our Great King! )

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How could they break up?

Jaime asked a cute question about Winter Sonata -

For a girl who's been going out with a man for 10 years and is about to be married, will a long-lost boyfriend (if he's not Bae Yong Joon) be able to break that relationship?

Can I entertain you with my silly answer ?

Hi Dear Jaime, it's a very practical question - how can Yu-jin broke up with Sang-hyuk after 10 years going out with him. I guess if it were not because of her first pure love with Jun-sang who has a heavenly look and charater, she would have been Sang-hyuk's wife long ago, and she might be a happily married woman reading and writing about a super star named Bae Yong Joon, just like us, hahaha...

On anthor note, let me try to give an analysis on what "going out for 10 years" meant to Yu-jin and Sang-hyuk - the first year after Jun-sang died, Yu-jin was mourning all the time, guess she had no time for any serious dating with Sang-hyuk. The next 4 years, they went off to pursue their studies in college, seldom got a chance to meet, I guess they were in different cities in Korea, hahahaaa... Who knows, Yu-jin or Sang-hyuk might have got a master's degree, where they studied for another two years. So easily 7 years passed by for Yu-jin to savour on the memories with Jun-sang, and spent the rest of her time studying so hard on interior design, you see she was a very conscientious and diligent person.

Well they've got about 3 years left before Yu-jin met Jun-sang again. As described in the drama, obviously Sang-hyuk was not an exciting dating partner, he seemed to need advices from friends like Jin-yah for ideas like going out for movies, etc. And he usually had bad luck for finding a good movie to watch with Yu-jin. Yu-jin, being such a sad and passive person, I can hardly imagine that they will do anything close to what we defined as "going out", the only dating activities I have seen were eating out or driving around in Sang-hyuk's car. I guess the 3 years were spent on just doing these, and I have a good reason to suspect that this is the norm culture of the Koreans I saw in the Bae-dramas, the most intimate thing the dating couple did was holding hands, ok, ok, they can be more liberal than that, once in a while they may hug each other or give a light kiss. I doubt this kind of pre-marriage remote relationship can sustain the charming waves of Bae Yong Joon.

Hope my answer to your question is satisfatory.

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Winter Sonata Review From Fillips

Finally got through the "hassle" to make a comment on Frances' new blogger - It looks like a very cool platform for keeping journals, pictures, vods, musics, anything you need. Just you are forced to register with a multiply account to be able to comment. Not too flexible, but to make possible to communicate with Frances, it is all worthwhile. So I created a new account with multiply, just don't ask me what account name I picked. Anyway, this is not the topic of this posting. The topic is that Frances fished out a gentleman named Fillips,(wonder how she did it?!) who watched Winter Sonata and posted a lengthy, but dearing review of WS. Guess what, I am gonna completely paste it here! No doubt about it! Fillips, nice review! Frances, thanks for bringing us this gift!

SEVERAL years ago, occasionally I would be window shopping at Selayang Mall, near Kepong. On the first floor of the mall is a video cum Japanese manga outlet.

Whenever I passed by that shop, I would hear a familair melancholic tune. The scenes showed a young couple strolling across a park during winter. It was only later I found out that it was the latest Korean drama TV series entitled Winter Sonata.

Time slipped by swiftly. Wherever I go, I see pictures of this familiar pair of lovers in winter. Winter Sonata, the title keeps fleeting through my mind and across my life. I paid no heed to it.

Recently, a friend of mine loaned me her DVD box set of Winter Sonata after hearing me talked about it.

I thought, okay I give it a go but if it gets a bit too soppy, I shall bail out after the first disc. To be fair, the box set was visually attractive. The disc folder holds six discs. Each disc consists of four episodes of about an hour each.

There are about 20 episodes, so the total viewing time is about five full length movies. Winter Sonata starts off slowly, showing secondary students mingling and enjoying that carefree stage in their lives.

By the end of the first disc, that is after four episodes, the story becomes so addictive that it was almost compelling to move on to the second disc immediately.

The Winter Sonata theme is so haunting that it has the ability to lull you into a state of subsconscious dreaming. My Memory by Ryu is so intensely hypnotic in its tempo that it's almost like a very slow waltz through the Vienna Woods.

Gyeoul Yeonga (Winter Sonata) has a number of lovely soundtracks. They are all guaranteed to make your mornings and evenings most memorable.

Actually, a man shouldn't be saying this but I will risk it anyway. The songs will awaken the sensitive side of any male and make him want to be extra nice to his girlfriend, wife or his family.

With the breathtaking winter scenery that punctuates the undulating terrain of Korea, the easy and yet lilting tunes of Winter Sonata put the viewer on a smooth glide across some of love's finest avenues.

The story of Winter Sonata is like some of the greatest love stories ever told, except that in this case director Ho Yoon Suk had added some very fine touches that knocks very gently on your heart.

He does this with the assistance of Bae Yong Joon who plays Kang Jun Sang/Lee Min Hyung and Choi Ji Woo who's Jun Sang's sweetheart Jung Yu-jin.

With softest flow of tears and longing looks, anybody would break down in the solitude of their living room in front of the TV. The two writers of Winter Sonata, Kim Yun Hee and Yun Eun Kyung should be presented with several bouquets for a marvellous job.

I have not enjoyed such a magnificent love story for decades. After watching the six discs and skipping dinners and sometimes even high tea, I can understand why Winter Sonata (Gyeoul Yeonga) was a tour de force when it came out in 2002.

The other characters in the series like Kim Sang-hyuk (Park Yong Ha), Oh Che-lin (Park Sol Mi), Jung Dong Hwan (Sang Hyuk's dad), Kim Hae Sook (Yu-jin's mother) and Lee Hye Eun (Jinky Gong) have all added the flavour and spice make the story more believable.

The gist of Winter Sonata is about two school mates who fall in love, only to be separated dramatically by the death of the boy (Jun Sang). His girlfriend Yu-jin pines for him thereafter.

Ten years came and went, and meanwhile, Yu-jin's lonely moments are filled by Sang Hyuk, a ex-schoolmate who adores her. One day, Yu-jin sees a man who bears a striking resemblance to her late boyfriend Jun Sang.

Her heart missed two beats. She frantically searches for "Jun Sang" but loses him in the streets. A day later, Yu-jin meets Che-lin's Korean-American boyfriend, Lee Min Hyung, and he turns out to be that dead ringer for Jun Sang.

As cupid fires arrows, love finds its target. Min Hyung is strangely attracted towards Yu-lin, just as she is to him. It's an inexorable force that neither could ignore nor resist.

As gently as the snow flakes cover the lovely land, the coldness of the season could not dampen the glowing warmth in Yu-jin and Min Hyung's hearts.

They fall in love but Sang Hyuk who has been dating Yu-jin for 10 long years and Che-lin, Min Hyung's girlfriend try to stop their relationship.

Winter Sonata has a long series of convulated subplots that gently twist a simple love story into an ikebana of love's many colours.

The avenues of relationships lead to many surprising alleys which will sadden, at times, but gladden around the corners.

The love that oozes out of almost every other scene of Winter Sonata is so infectious that you will feel warm and friendly to everybody, including strangers for the next couple of days.

The songs and instrumental (violin, harmonica and piano) tunes are always gentle on your mind. As background music, they infuse those intense moments with a glimpse of eternity. Love afterall is forever.

Since most of us do not understand the Korean language, I would suggest that those who want to have a deeper understanding of the nuances of the language to get the DVD version of Winter Sonata.

The English subtitles are more accurate and more complete. I recall seeing episodes of Winter Sonata on 8TV. The subtitles were way off at times.

Hence, certain scenes do not seem quite right because the subtitles were off the mark.

The feeling that lingers after watching a particularly poignant episode is akin to continue sleeping snugly in your bed at 7 in the morning.

By the way, it's also raining heavily outside and you can hear the pitta-patta of raindrops on the rooftiles. On top of that, it is your day-off.

Or, you are having a wonderfully soothing dream and you just want it to go on and on.

Then you wake up, half-upset on realising that it was just a dream, and you just want to fall back on the bed and sleep on because the lingering vapours of that happy dream. That, my friends, are some of the effects of watching Winter Sonata.

Now before someone smack me with a frying pan to knock some sense into me, let me say that Winter Sonata or Gyeoul Yeonga is deemed as one of South Korea's greatest tourism exports since Jewel in the Palace, the other immensely popular Korean TV series.

The South Korean Tourism Organisation has happily created a website promoting some of the places highlighted in Winter Sonata. These include Namisum Island, Yongpyong Ski Resort and the Chuncheon area.

For those who are hardcore Winter Sonata fans, if you want, you may visit some of these popular sites in South Korea. Waiting for you are precious collector's items like the Polaris Necklace and Winter Sonata scarves which can be purchased at a nominal sum.

In case, you have developed an insatiable taste for Korean drama series similar to Winter Sonata, director Ho Yong Suk has also produced two equally famous series, namely Autumn In My Heart (Gaeul Donghwa) and The Scent of Summer (Yeoreum Hyanggi).

You may want to get hold of these two series to open your heart for some more love. After Winter Sonata, I think I shall casually walk into a few more video shops to check out the titles above.

Like I say, if you feel like being a true human being again, that is, tears, joy, laughter plus some bouts of blues, then watch Winter Sonata. But don't blame me if you push your bedtime to 4am.

It's true! Winter Sonata turns you back to a true human being. Bae Yong Joon turns you back into a true human being. Bae Yong Joon reminds you how a true woman or man one should be.

TWSSG - We Are Happy To See The King

Seen bb's posing on our King ? I got to save this pic of him, so attactive! (Note: cute is no longer the right word to describe our king now!)

Ai, do we know when this shooting will come to an end and we can eventually see our king in the action? I am so looking forward to seeing it (don't speak the obvious, h! who else is not?). BYJ will be in a yet another totally different role, his new venture in the historical settings and costumes, he will be mainly showing us his masculine side, will be a lot of actions, horse ridings, love relationships as always, we get to see all of his strengths, fascinating qualities, and looks, OMG, this is going to be a feast! Wonder if they are offering reservations, I'd like to make one right now!

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About Untold Scandal

Camille posted her nice translation of a movie review about Untold Scandal by a French journalist. We got the link but I still want to paste it here for my own record. Thanks Camille!

Meanwhile, enjoy the youtube link of the movie teaser for Untold Scandal (Thanks bb for always ready to feed us the right info at the right time). It IS kinda kinky. BYJ in the art of seducing, kkhhmmm ... he did a great job! It's interesting to think that after watching every role he played, I would ask myself who else could have play it better and I would always find the same answer that no one else would be able to replace him! I think his performance in Untold Scandal is fantastic, exceptional! But I won't be able to watch it as many times as I watched the Winter Sonata, though he performed equally superb in both. On candid thoughts of comparing the contents of the works he involved, let's just compare the two movies he played, I think Untold Scandal surpassed April Snow in storyline and the morality it tried to convey.


This French review of Untold Scandal was written by a journalist who saw the movie when it was showing as the closing movie at Deauville Asian festival 2004.
A small translation about the part related to Yong Joon’s acting was posted on Quilt freeboard with the help of our dear Bae sis Helen long time ago.

This article is quite long, so I just translate the last part which relates really to the movie to share it again with our Bae sis newbies. Because the author uses some French words difficult for me to translate, please don’t mind my English.

From :
Translated from French to English by Camille

Omit …. Le roman ayant, comme vous le constatez,

The novel, as you see, having travelled a lot, took time to make a stopover in Korea and felt into the hands of people, finally well attentive. A new adaptation, a new context, a new breath, a new life within a new period with beautiful vistas from the country of the calm morning as background.

“With the sun, I tried to forget the truth… I believed I’ve succeeded…”

Korea, end of the dynasty Chosun (18th century), Lady Cho and Cho Won, two high society dignitaries, live for only one thing : the competition in love, competition of senses, passions, seduction, sex. This competition is so far very fierce, as it exists between them a true attraction. So, whereas he is immortalising his last sexual partner on art prints, Cho is asked to join as fast as possible Lady Cho, the tricky manipulator… He comes quickly, showing a victorious grin which will not leave him any more during the whole movie. Once more their meeting finishes in a challenge, or rather a double challenge, whose first price is an entire and torrid night, in the arms and legs of Lady Cho. First of all, Cho Won is challenged to seduce and especially deflower the future concubine of Lady Cho’s husband. And at the same time, and this is the real challenge, he has to seduce Lady Chung, a widow who lives recluse since the death of her husband, which occurred nine years ago.

Convinced of an easy victory, regarding to the first part of the challenge, Cho’s attention goes totally to the pure Lady Chung. His tactic is simple: to find which are the occupations and the interests of his prey and to adhere to it with all his energy. But here, since the death of her husband, Lady Chung became an enthusiastic practising catholic. The Korean government (at this time) was against the development of such a religion, the practicing meet in secrecy, at the night time ..... Blinded by his pride of a chronic seducer, Cho braves the interdict and attends the religious ceremonies, with the only purpose to draw her attention. He will even give very generous donations to the church, with a false discretion. Quickly he manages to introduce himself…

“The dead water of the pool reflects the horrible truth. I am alone… she was dead. ”

Adaptation very high on colours, this Untold Scandal draws its extraordinary force from well ordered minds of director E-J Yong. Director of several short films in 1991, with the very great Homo Videocus, and Tales of a City, a very serious documentary, E-J Yong changes to feature film with An Affair in 1998 (shown on French Arte channel before the DVD release a few months later). Since it, we will have to wait two years to see Asako in Ruby Shoes released on the screens.

It’s during the shooting of An Affair that E-J Yong had the idea to give the role of Lady Cho to Lee Mi-Sook. Moreover in an interview, E-J Yong confesses that when he’s listening to a baroque music that he wondered how such a sonority could give to the images of a period drama. When later he intended to adapt once again the epistolary novel of Laclos, all the ingredients were put together.

Untold Scandal is initially the story of a man, Cho, whose belonging to the high society could open the doors of an important decision-maker place in the government, but who prefers to seduce all the women within his reach. However this libertine behaviour only requires to dissolve, and he needs to have the contact, then the separation and finally the distance with Lady Cho to crack and to break it. Because even if Cho Won believes that he knows all about love, we’re allowed to think that he unconsciously gets confused between carnal love and true and complete love. Unconsciously because Cho is persuaded of two things. First, he is sure to know how to distinguish everything and to realize the difference between sexual surrender and sentimental surrender. And in the other hand; he is convinced that he is the only one who remains master of his feelings and the direction he wishes them to take. And he is very mistaken. Initially on what he feels for the manipulator Lady Cho, without speaking about her true intentions that he did not know to foresee. He also makes a mistake in the fact that he believes on his capacity to manipulate the young Soh-Ok. But his biggest error was not to believe in love although he held it several times in his arms by the person of Lady Chung. This Cho is definitely very lonely in the middle of his belief.

A death struggle can only exists if there is more than one person and face to him, Cho-Won confronts a great adversary, as it is his puppy love – as he believes, the cold beauty Lady Cho. So this married woman has only two purposes in her life: to prevent her husband to enjoy for the umpteenth time a defloration, due to the purchase of a concubine for the umpteenth time; and to reject for the last time Cho’s advances by an evasion disguised into challenge, which she knows he won’t refuse. As scheming as she was, Lady Cho had never envisaged the love idyll between Cho and Lady Chung. In the bottom of her heart, she always thought that Cho belonged to her although their relation was never physical. We must understand one thing. Cho Won and Lady Cho are a false couple. They know each other for years, get around since many time, using each one all their capacity of seduction. But unconsciously (once again) they know perfectly that their relation will remain platonic and I think that only Cho is a little aware about it as he will refuse her, and if it exists one thing that a person can’t refuse to Lady Cho, it is a nocturnal fluids exchange.

And I would finish on a last audacious thought, a very personal interpretation of the character of Madam de Merteuil/Lady Cho. And if in all her calculations Lady Cho had finally planned for the tragic end of Cho Won? And if all this was only an enormous masquerade which the only purpose is to divert our attention from the real desire of Lady Cho : to liberate herself from the Man? Of course with her sexual liberation and her numerous unfaithfulness towards her husband, she is somehow out of the influence of the men, as it is her who chooses which one will share her bed. But it is only a superficial liberation, because at the moment her husband wishes to have another mistress, she puts all her efforts not for getting rid of, but indeed to remove from him the joy of quiverings from a young virgin under his caresses, which is a rather nasty kind of vice. She also believes in her capacity to control her story. Of course I conceive that such a supposition would throw away the very particular machiavellism which characterizes Lady Cho. But I can’t stop myself from thinking that this woman, as bad as she is, remains tragically attaching… maybe because she did not live in a period which would fit her the most.

As you’ve seen, this Untold Scandal is so far an affair of seduction, of pride mingled with desire. But this quiet scandal constitutes a new way of considering Korean historical film. From the quality of its photography (thanks to M.Kim Byung Il) and the incredible soundtrack made by Cho Sung-Woo, Untold Scandal is simply a perfect and beautiful film. Their pictorial's qualities come to the never seen as the symbiosis between the decoration and the costume is complete. Moreover the costume designer and the decorator chief are the same person: Ku-Ho Jung. Because after all, what gets together the most than the decors and costumes on screen, especially when the movie is a period drama as sparkling and coloured as the Chosun era?

With regard to the casting, the palm undoubtedly goes to Bae Yong-Jun (Cho-Won), who managed to control the play of glance like any other actor on Earth. Every time he meets a woman, he has a glance which means two things. In the case of a lady that he knows, it is: “we have already sex together” and “it’s not too bad”. And in the case of a lady that he meets for the first time, it is: “nice to meet you, I will come between 20h to 5h if it’s convenient to you”. God what an actor - and what a movie !!!

BYJ's Virtues 101 - Temperance

Might have watched this one before, but watch it again, will be amazed again about this person, is he real? How come I can not find anything unpleasant with him?

Got some time and watched the Image Vol. 1. I have not been watching anything BYJ related for quite a long time, got sucked in the day to day life, once in a while thinking about this person, and wonder if that passion is still there. I know the love is always there, but it becomes more of a quiet steady stream now. Now, let's see, watching Image Vol.1 stirred up the passion again. Again, this guy is not just simply handsome, he really does have something deeper to offer. That is probably why his charm to me is a lasting one. Here is one of the many words he said that struck me ---

When asked what he was doing to keep in shape after the extensive training for shooting Image Vol.1, he described that he was still controlling his diet and exercising every day. "Once I heard this saying... 'If a person allows loosening up once, he is most likely to allow lossening up twice.', I thought I might do the same. I am afraid to see that happens, so I have always been trying to refrain myself from lossening up..."

Talking about self-control, we all knew that he is especially famous for it. Here is another instance that showcased his strong mind on self-management and self-discipline.

"If a person allows lossening up once, he is most likely to allow lossening up twice." I am sure that I've heard this before, but since it came out of his mouth, I sure will remember it for good. I am a good excuse finder, always able to find some good reasons to give up. If his words worked miracle on me, I guess I really should be in bed resting by now, it's over 2am in the morning, can't function if keep sleeping this late...


Ok, got some good rest and work done today, feeling like savouring more on this subject matter. Here let's enjoy his cute lips oooing out these wise words ...

One might be so used to BYJ's manner and wit during his interview after seeing many of them. Yet I am still amazed at every time I watch his interview. How can he be so calm, so deep in thoughts, so clear in expressing himself. He speaks in a pace and manner that convey deep respect to the listeners, complete self confidence and at the mean time modesty. Reacting to an interview question like this, he usually pauses a little, it looks slow on surface, but what comes out after the pause will be sayings like this, well organized, steadily presented, only great minds can give a speach as deeply, clearly and eloquently as his.

How many more of these wise sayings does he hold in that pretty pretty head of his? And he is not just remembering them, he applies them with great success.

Again, that extradinary self-awareness. We all know our own weakness, but most of the time we ignore it or let it be without doing anything to prevent it or correct it. Just the same as every human being, Mr. Bae knows himself too well of his tendencies, but he is not going to let it control him ...

Yes, temperance, one of the four cardinal virtures, he's got it! I have always been wondering if I can get some exposures of how his parents taught him all these virtures. I remembered reading something about his mother is a very gentle woman and his father is very manful, I wish I could know more. I look at Mr. Bae and always wonder, boy isn't he the perfect combination of masclineness and gentleness, this quality must have come from the successful education and role modeling of his parents.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Quilt Once More

Hit the wrong button and got myself upgraded to the blogger beta version, lost all my links and scripts. Today finally got around to clean them up, still there are work to be done.

Ever since I got the news that Quilt will be closed, I started going to various blogger's sites to "touch base". Today saw Yokee's heartfelt message about Quilt. Let me make the link to it once more, even though I knew it will be gone in the near future. I was able to see and comment yesterday on Quilt, today it happened to me again, the freeboard was just blank on me. Before when I saw this, I just said to myself, what the heck, I'll come back sometime later, it might just come back up again. But this time, tears welled up - is this a pre-taste of what it will look like when Quilt is really gone? I just can not face the reality. Well Quilt will never leave my heart. Technically I also hope that the archive will be kept safely and can be restored if there is a chance.

Also saw an interesting posting from marissa about BYJ 2206 Performance Review. From the experience of Quilt, I am more convinced that I should keep all these treasure on my own blog so that I can always come back to it. Comparing BYJ's performace review with mine, I can tell he is an outperformer. Isn't there ALWAYS that something we can learn from him. Rest assured, you can always find charity in his yearly activities. I love him!

source: Nikkan Sports
japanese to english translation by tomato99 of KOB
photo by makiko @byj’s gallery

★ Looking back Yon-sama’s year 2006 with Nikkan Sports ★

☆ January ☆
◆ DVD”April Snow” record sales of 89,000 copies.
Hits number one on Oricon DVD chart on its first appearance on 16th.
April Snow making DVD sold in September 2005 also won number one,
it was first time in history to double top one’s.

☆ February ☆
◆ Invest in Kosdaq listed software company with 9billion won and owns 37.5% of its stocks and becomes its largest shareholder.
Company changes its name to “Keyeast,” and changes its business to producing movies and drama contents and its distribution.

☆ March ☆:
◆ IMX in Japan opens ‘café-B’ at Shibuya, Tokyo.
Yons-sama sends message, “I hope this place will be loved by everyone and that it will give comfort in everyone’s busy life.”
◆ As beginning of TWSSG shooting starts, traditional ceremony was held in Jeju.
Yon-sama attended the ceremony with Director Kim Jon- hak and other staff.
BYJ gave his words, “Everyone attended and determined our minds.
Now I am looking forward to and getting tense.
I hope everyone will be safe and healthy till the shooting ends.
I will do my best for this work.”
◆ Some geography text books for year 2007 high-schools will be using BYJ’s Japan visit photos as a symbol for Japan- Korea cultural exchange.

☆ April ☆
◆ DVD sales and DVD showing for fan event of 31 August 2005, “April Snow –reunion-” was announced.
◆ it came to known that Hong Kong’s wax museum Madam Tassau’s will exhibit Yon-sama statue.
Experts from London head office visited Korea to measure Yon-sama’s body size and took 8 months to make the statue.

☆ May ☆
◆ selected to be media diplomat for “Hallyu Expo” wih Lee Yong Ae.
◆ co-stars with Yuko Ogura for Lotte Almond Chocolate,.
Yon-sama shows a confused look with a smile when Yukorin (Yuko Ogura) acts as a convenience shop clerk and replied with her “Korin language.”
“I am not able to go shopping at a convenience store in Korea,
but when I am abroad I do shop for sweets.”
◆ House in Seoul has caught fire and burnt his bed and some of the furnitures.
No injuries for Yon-sama. Cause of fire was short circuit.

☆ June ☆
◆ Movie “April Snow Director’s Cut” to be shown in theaters from September.
People lined up all night to buy advance tickets, and theaters were expanded to several big cities and
showed remarkable phenomenon.

☆ July ☆
◆ Donated 200million won to Korean heavy rain disaster victims
◆ Visits Japan on 20th for CF shooting and press conference for restaurant “Gosireh,” which he had produced.
To avoid confusion, schedule was hidden but some of the fans gathered around Gosireh,
IMX had send out message for fans soon after his arrival to calm down the situation.


★finally we can reveal his schedule during his Japan visit ★

20 July
◇ am11:15 depart Incheon Airport, Korea
◇ pm 1:30 arrive Narita Airport
◇ pm 3:00 arrive hotel in Tokyo
◇ pm 7:00 dinner

21 July
◇ am 10:30 breakfast
◇ pm 1:00 leave hotel
◇ pm 1:30 arrive at restaurant Gosireh at Shirokane (have catering lunch)
◇ pm 2:10 start shooting for Lotte CF
◇ pm 6:00 finish shooting, other shootings
◇ pm 7:00 leave Gosireh
◇ pm 7:30 arrive hotel
◇ pm 8:00 dinner

22 July
◇ whole day off physical exercise at hotel gym etc.

23 July
◇ am 9:30 breakfast
◇ pm 12:30 lunch
◇ pm 2:00 hair and make up
◇ pm 3:10 leave hotel
◇ pm 3:45 arrive at Gosireh
◇ pm 4:20 press conference at Gosireh
◇ pm 4:45 leave conference
◇during press conference at Gosireh,
Yon-sama commented, “I wish to do more activities for Asian culture exchange.”
later attended Korean traditional ceremony ‘Gosa.’
He sent message to fans, “I feel sorry for not being able to greet you directly.”
◇ pm 6:00 Opening party at the restaurant. Mr. Shigeo Nagashima also attended the party.
◇ pm 7:30 leave Gosireh, stopped by for shopping on his way

note: Yon-sama stopped by at a well-known jewelry shop in Tokyo.
His stay was only about for 20 minutes but he did buy several jewelries that he liked.
During his 5nights-6days Japan visit, this was only time he enjoyed his private time.

◇ after pm 8:00 arrive hotel
◇ pm 8:30 dinner

24 July
◇ am 9:30 breakfast
◇ am 10:30 hair and make up
◇ pm 1:30 arrive at studio in Tokyo
◇ pm 2:00 shooting for Secom CF’s steels
◇ pm 5:00 finish shooting. costume change, hair and make up.
Photo shooting for photo book and CD jacket etc.
◇ pm 10:00 finish shooting
◇ pm 10:30 arrive hotel and dinner

25 July
◇ am 10:00 breakfast
◇ noon leave hotel
◇ pm 1:00 arrive Narita airport
◇ pm 1:55 leave Japan
◇ pm 4:20 arrive Incheon airport


☆ August ☆
◆ Sends video message to Nihon TV’s program “24hours TV” to support its charity.
“Family and ‘Kizuna(bond)’ with family(fans) in Asia is important,
I hope that this warm heart will last for long time.”
◆ On his 34th birthday(29 Aug), he concentrates on drama shooting.

☆ September ☆
◆ His costumes for new drama was revealed for the first time,
“I am looking forward to shooting after long period of preparation.”
◆ Appears in new CF for SECOM, short hair and dressed up in security uniform
BYJ commented “(wearing uniform,) I feel I have to go out and guard someone.
Family in broad meaning is everyone you love.
I sympathize with the commercial message.”

☆ October ☆
◆ To commemorate sales of charity photo book ”Super Stars,” photo exhibit is to take place at Omotesando Hills, Tokyo in November.
Project was planned by Singapore photographer Mr. Leslie Kee, photo book will feature more than 300 Asian stars from various quarters.

☆ November ☆
◆ Announcement of First Classic music selected album “BYJ Classics / Hero” to be on sale from 25 December 2006.
Two types of album, special edition and regular edition will be released.
It will feature photo book and booklet with original essays.
Essays will explain how he has selected Mozart or Beethoven and also writes how and when he listens to these music.
Photos were taken by Mr. Leslie Kee.
Album recorded 20,000 sales just after 10days it has started to accept reservation
This record sales is equivalent to ranking 10th at Oricon weekly album sales chart.
◆ Attended opening ceremony at “Hallyu Expo.”
His appearance to Korean public event was first time after two years absence.
He joined the tape cut ceremony.

☆ December ☆
◆ With his wishes to “help out children who need hope and courage.”
Collaborated with natural cosmetic company KohGenDo and sell “BYJ deep moist lip & gloss set.”
Part of profit will be sent to charity.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

The New Year Message

First of all, it is already 6 days passed the New Years Day, I just came in to wish every visiter and their loved ones, a Happy, Healthy, Hopeful 2007!

I am sad though to have just learned from bb that Quilt is going away. Sad, sad ... It is more sad than to see a friend departing. Quilt has been a place for friends all over the world gathering, chatting, sharing, for the love of BYJ. It has never came to my mind that Quilt will eventually be closed down. Quilt server had been down a few times, and I myself had plenty problems reading the content in the freeboard, but I had always been taking granted that it would be always there, although I knew and truly appreciated that there are people like Joanne, Hyeon, etc. sacrificing their personal life to keep it up, I have never really thought about how much work load they had to maintain it. If there were more people involved in helping the core Quilt team, may be situation would be better? Just speculating that maybe the international nature of the visitors on Quilt made it harder to organize more help for the Quilt team? These may all be after-the-fact thoughts, looking at how much effort I need to put in to keep this blog active, it is already intimidating to think about how other active bloggers and BYJ website maintainers are going through. I truly admire their energy, ability and perseverance. I hope in this new year, Joanne and other Quilt team member's individual and family life will be peaceful and joyful, hope that we are all moving along happily on this BYJ journey.

Our Prince of Baeuty has always been thoughtful, I was amazed when I saw him sending his New Year's message to his fans during his busy shooting time. He is such an intelligent, diligent, thoughtful individual, I am sure his days are 100 times busier and more stressful than mine, but he never forgot to sending in his New Year Greetings timely, I feel quite ashamed for failing to do so to all of our friends here. I know all of our friends have read his New Year's Message from various websites, mee too ...... But I have a particular love to BYJ's words in any situation, I am compelled to repost his message here for my own sake. As bb mentioned, BYJ's original message disappeared from KOB, I just checked, it is still not there, I wonder what happened there. So it is even more important that I keep a copy here from bb.

original in korean: byj / kob
translated into english: suehan

Dear family,

Annyonghaseyo! This is Bae Yong Joon..

I’ll start off this letter by greeting everyone into the 2007 new year. I wonder how everyone will be spending the last few days of 2006.^^ Hopefully, everyone will spend those days with their families and friends...

Last month, I was very glad to have met all of you again at the very meaningful location of the Asian Culture Exchange.. The event motivated me to, again, contribute myself to the cause.

Looking back on the past year and my hectic schedule, I was able to enjoy some joyful and wonderful moments with everyone thanks to your support. On the other hand, I also remember the tsunami many Asian families had to suffer through; and recently, I have also been concerned when having been informed of unfortunate events occurring throughout the world.. I just hope that no one had too much of a loss during these times, and pray that everyone is better.

Despite the fact i've been unable to meet with all of you often this year, through my projects and other works this upcoming year, I hope there will be many good opportunities to be a part of this family. And I sincerely hope that you and your families will be well, and many good things will come to you all this upcoming year. And I will continue to do my best as an actor and as Bae Yong Joon, an individual.

I hope everyone has a good new year. (^-^)(__)

Bae Yong Joon