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BYJ the Builder

My days are filled with mysterious "coincidents". The fact that I was not able to surf bae sites (except occasionally bb's blog) for a few days, actually put me in a mode of recollection. I recalled the many "first-times" in my life after knowing BYJ and realized that I actually have tried some translation work. Today I was looking for one of my translation works and accidentally found the other - an English to Chinese translation of Gaulsan's posting on KOB about a year ago. With Gaulsan's agreement, I posted it on KOB and BYJ Forum. Gaulsan posted a VOD of YJ participated in a charity program and worked as a construction worker. She posted this for a Japanese fan kiyomi, who is very loving to our YJ. Interesting enough, as I was digging through these old files, I came across a new posting on baidu about this VOD. Apparently, a girl called Sister LittleCherry (小樱桃姐姐) spread bb's VOD posting on onto I love this type of "coincidents". Life becomes more interesting and dramatic because of these conincidents.

Here is Gaulsan's English version of the VOD

Demolishing a Model House - Bae Yong Joon

[ "Experience Real Life" - is the title of this program. In this program, actors or singers who are in popularity work at 3D (H: Gaulsan explained to me, 3D means dirty, difficult and dangeous) workplaces for one day, and donate what they earn that day. ]

N: narrator
YJ: BYJ on the screen
YJv: voice of BYJ (who is speaking in the studio)
A: man's voiceB: woman's voiceW: workers

N: The workplace that actor BYJ challenged with his energetic youth is located in the middle of Seoul. His work is to demolish a model house.

W: You should wake up at 5:30 and be here by 6 o'clock in the morning.

YJ: Oh, I'm sorry that I'm a little bit late.

W: This is a dangerous place. Have a try.

YJ: It seems difficult.

N: The object he is facing is a model house of about 800 square meter. His duty is to demolish this building, that the role as a model house has ended.

A: They should demolish that, huh?

YJv: The noise was very loud.

YJv: I retreated when the wall was falling.

B: Just looking on the screen here is so scary. You must have been more threatened at that place.

A: I thought that house was collapsing.

N: It takes two months to build this model house, and it disappears within a week.


N: BYJ looks tense, and yet, he is put into the main demolition process.

YJv: I came down soon after I first went up there. I was afraid.

YJ: Wow, this place is to so high.?? It's dangerous up here.

N: One who are surprised by a snapping turtle can feel the same when they see just a lid. (a Korean proverb, meaning that one could be surprised with a small alarm if he/she has a memory of previous alarming experience.)

YJv: In that 2-story building, there is nothing left from the roof to the floor.

N: On the roof, BYJ is about to start a strike!

W: When you are at a high place, think as if you are on ground. There is no difference being here and the ground.

YJ: But the hight is different!

A: That's a golden saying. B: It's easy to say! Maybe he means it's upto one's mind.

N: With the help of the hypnotism of this 30-year experienced master, he trys again!

YJ: It's low. It's low.

YJv: It was really high up there.

YJ: It's really high up here! ? ........ It's low.

A: Wow, the thrill is making us sweat! It's dangerous.

N: As BYJ arrive to his position, difficult task is given to him. The task is to remove the woods of the roof and the ceiling.

B: Are you up there with only a claw hammer? A; Oh, Oh, what if you look down? Wow...

YJ: Hm, this doesn't move! Let's try this way.

B: That requires skill, doesn't it?

YJv: Yes, it does. They are all technical experts.

B: As I mentioned before, you should be careful of nails. There are nails everywhere.

YJv: I sweat a lot that day. When I was up there, it was cold sweat that came out.

A: The nails are very large.B: Yes, they are.?


YJ: Oh, the wood is thin here!

YJv: The wood was too thin to step on.

N: The roof of a model house should be removed by hand for safety reason. ? As the work more difficult than 'the feat of parallel bars' go on, the place to stand on gets scarce.?

A,B: The space between bars is getting wider and wider!

YJv: We should move backward as we do the job.

A: And yet you didn't fall. YJv: (laugh)

B: Mr. Cho Young Nam (person A) cannot go up there, 'cause your legs are short. (laugh)? Your legs won't reach that far.

A: Yeah....


YJ: (laugh)

A: The tone of your laughter is not natural, huh.

YJ: Be careful!

YJv: I've got used to the job by then.

B: Ah, Now you're down.

N: You might thought that this would be the end of the space-work, but there is endless timber to be removed up here.

B: Is a model house made mostly of timber?

YJs: Yes.

N: The timber must be separated one by one. Battle of the claws and nails!

YJ: One, two, three!

B: Lots of nails.

YJv: That part cannot be done alone. Several men are needed.

YJ: One, two, three!

A: Are they disintegrating the timber one by one?

YJv: Yes.

B: Is that timber recycled?

YJv: Yes. About 70-80% of the timber is recycled. That's why they are working that way.

A: Timber is very expensive, isn't it?

B: Yes, it is.

N: The enormous amount of timber that came out of this model house is to be recycled.

YJ: laugh

B: Even though you're giggling, it seems painful.

YJv: That's also a technique that the master taught me.


W: Let's see how much time you need to remove this pannel.

YJ: Yes!

N: Though he thought that he was good at removal by now....?

A: It's not easy!

YJv: I couldn't remove it after all, while my master did it in 5 minutes? 3 minutes? ?? It was not easy. My force was of no use in that job.

N: They seem to be same pannels, but why are the pannels removed by master so easily pealed off?

YJv: I was really angry.

A: You're trying every point that you can.....?(laugh) B: The master is doing it so efficiently.

YJv: He is experienced 30years.

A: He knows where to pull.

N: He could stay untill dark, doesn't he? Now the master came to help.

A: Look at that. The pannel gets off as the master touches. B: You must have felt embarrassed.
The wall falls out - all laughs

B: You look prostrated.

N: In this world, there are lots of walls to be pulled down.? This wall cannot bear the united effort of the workers.

YJv: It was a dangerous moment.

B: Why?

YJv: There were three nails very close to where I fell on.

A: Oh, They could have penetrated your hip??


YJv: That was the most joyful part. ??? But I felt sorry to detroy that all.

YJ: Does that wall fall down if we pull this rope? The entire wall?

N: Today's work will end at last, if the wall falls down.

N: With his sweat he dropped today, may he be a better actor.

YJ: Wow, it really falls!

W: Thank you for your hard work. YJ: Thank you.

W: As you risked yourself at the roof, and did the job that needs technique, I put 70,000 won in this envelope.

YJ: As much as 70,000won? Thank you very much.

YJv: They payed me a lot, didn't thy?

W: Thanks for your work.

And here is my Chinese translation. I reviewed my translation a year ago and found so many mistakes. I try to correct them here.



[这个节目的名字是<体验生活>. 在这个节目中, 当红的演员或歌手在脏乱,艰难,危险的工作地劳动一天,然后捐献所得收入.]

解: 解说
俊: 画中裴勇俊
俊音: 画外裴勇俊的声音 (他在演播室中的解说)
男: 男画外音
女: 女画外音
工: 工人

解: 年轻而有活力的演员裴勇俊选择的挑战是在首尔市中部的工作地点,他的工作是拆卸一座模型屋.

工: 你应该早晨 5:30起床, 6点来这里工作.

俊: 噢, 对不起, 我来得有点儿晚了.

工: 这是个危险地段,试试吧.

俊: 看起来是挺难的.

解: 他面对的是一个大约八百平米的模型屋. 模型屋已经用完了,他的工作是将它拆掉.

男: 他们得拆了它,是吗?

俊音: 这噪音特别大.

俊音: 墙倒的时候我就推了下来.

女: 只看画面就觉得害怕. 你在现场一定觉得更可怕.

男: 我觉得那房子在倒塌.

解: 搭建这模型屋花了两个月的时间,一个星期它就消失了.


解: BYJ 看起来有点紧张, 他被放在了主要的拆卸步骤中.

俊音: 我第一次上去后就马上下来了, 我有点儿害怕.

俊: 哇, 这地方太高了, 很危险.

解: 一个人要是被咬人的乌龟吓到了,看到锅盖都害怕. (韩国谚语, 意思是一个人记地以前的某种惊吓,以后就很警觉) (H: 类似的中国谚语: 一朝被蛇咬,十年怕井绳)

俊音: 在这两层的房子里,从房顶到地板,什么都没剩下.

解: 在房顶上, BYJ 马上就要砸第一锤了.

工: 你在高处的时候, 就想像好像在地上. 在高处和地上没有区别.

俊: 可是高度是不一样的!

男: 那是金玉良言.

女: 说的容易! 可能他的意思是你要这样去想.

解: 在这位有30年经验的师傅的帮助下,他又试了一次.

俊: 这儿很低. 这儿很低… (H: YJ试图这样想象,so cute!)

俊音: 其实那儿真的很高.

俊: 这儿真是太高了! 这儿很低…

男: 哇, 我都吓出汗来啦!很危险.

解: BYJ 到达了他的工作位置后,就接到了一个艰巨的任务. 这任务就是将房顶的木头卸下来.

女: 你在上面只用一个带起子的锤子吗?

男: 要是你向下看怎么办? 哇…

俊: 嗯, 这个弄不动!咱们再这样试试.

女: 这有技巧, 是不是?

俊音: 对, 是这样的, 他们都是技术专家.

女: 我以前提过, 你得小心钉子.到处都是钉子.

俊音: 我那天流了好多汗. 我在上面的时候,出的是冷汗.

男: 钉子很大.

女: 是很大.


俊: 噢,这里的木头很薄.

俊音: 木头太薄不能踩上去.

解: 由于安全的原因,模型屋的房顶要由人工拆除. 随着”如履双杠”的工作的进展,能踩的地方越来越少.

男,女: 木杠之间的距离越来越宽.

俊音: 我们应该边干边向后退.

男: 到现在你还没掉下来呢.

俊音: (笑)

女: 赵勇男先生(画外音的男士)不能到那上面去,因为你的腿太短. (笑) 你的腿够不到那么远.

男: 是啊…


俊: (笑)

男: 你笑的声调有点不自然, 哈?

俊: 小心!

俊音: 我这时已经适应这份工作了.

女: 啊, 你现在下来了.

解: 你可能以为这项太空操作已经结束了, 但是上面还有无数的木条要拆除.

女: 模型屋是不是主要由木条建成的?

俊音: 对.

解: 木条要一个一个地被分开, 起子和钉子之间的战斗.

俊: 一,二,三!

女: 这么多钉子.


俊: 一,二,三!

男: 他们在一个一个地拆木条吗?

俊音: 是的.

女: 木条要回收吗?

俊音: 对. 大约百分之七八十的木条都要回收.这就是为什么他们要这样干.

男: 木料是不是很贵?

女: 对. 是很贵.

解: 从模型屋拆下的大量木料都要回收.

俊: 笑.

女: 既使你在咯咯笑, 可是听上去很痛苦.

俊音: 这也是师傅教我的一门技术.


工: 咱们看看你花多长时间拆掉这个木板.

俊: 好!

解: 虽然他觉得现在已经能拆得很好了…

男: 这可不容易!

俊音: 最终我还是拆不了它. 可是我的师傅只花了五分钟? 三分钟? 这活不容易, 我的劲使不上.

解: 好像还是同一块木板,但是师傅一下子就拆下来了?

俊音: 我真的很生气. (H: oh oh Our YJ is angry ... our prince can not stand for any failure)

男: 你试了所有你能用的姿势… (笑)

女: 师傅干得很有效.

俊音: 他有三十年的经验了.

男: 他知道从哪里拉.

解: 他能一直干到天黑, 是不是? 现在师傅来帮忙了.

男: 看那儿. 师傅一碰木板就下来了.

女: 你一定觉得很惭愧. 墙倒下来了--- 所有的人都笑了.

女: 你看上去很沮丧.

解: 在这个世界上,还有很多墙等着被拉倒. 这个墙经不住工人们的共同努力.

俊音: 那是个危险的时刻.

女: 为什么?

俊音: 在我倒下的附近有三个钉子.

男: 噢, 它们可能穿破你的PP.


俊音: 那是最令人高兴的时刻. 但是我还是为拆毁所有这些感到遗憾.

俊: 如果我们拉这绳子, 那墙会倒吗? 整座墙?

解: 如果墙倒下来, 今天的工作就终于可以结束了.

解: 希望今天掉下的汗水, 使他成为更好的演员.

俊: 哇, 真的倒啦!

工: 感谢你努力地工作.

俊: 谢谢你.

工: 由于你冒险在屋顶做了需要技术的工作, 我在这个袋子里放了七万元.

俊: 七万元, 这么多?非常感激. (H: YJ is always charmingly humble. Love ya!)

俊音: 他们付我很多, 是不是?

工: 谢谢你的工作.


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