Monday, December 31, 2007

A Wise Hubby Who Can Tell What is Good

Hubby has been a fervent soccer player. If he is not at work, or not on biz trip, you'll find him on the soccer field, either chasing a ball like a maniac, or coaching my sons and their teams.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), he had to wear a cast on his right foot for suffering from Achilles tendonitis caused by overpronation during extensive soccer playing. Now he has been banned from running or over-walking, prescribed casting for 2-4 weeks. All these happened in the same while he is not too busy with work and biz trips, so he has all his time to spare on me and kids.

By the way he decided to wear that cast for 4 weeks but I warned him ahead that he should be careful about his left foot being exerted due to un-balanced from wearing the cast on his right foot, as a 180cm 80kg big man, all his weight would be supported by that poor left foot now. And not surprisingly, after 2 weeks, I saw his cast being abandoned on the floor, guess what, he started complaining his left foot in pain now. So yong joon ssi, is it that your left knee got hurt? thank goodness that you have crutches to help moving around, but still please be cautious on not exerting your right leg too much, Okay? I don't want to see you having side-effect pains on the good leg after we took care of the injured one. Is that character Jaime and her clan doing a good job massaging your legs? I perform my good duty to my hubby's ankle, just to let you know how convenient to have your own wife.

All right, so hubby has quite a relaxing schedule towards the end of the year, other than doing all the chores such as fixing up the house, paying the bills, plowing the snow, watching soccer games on youtube, creating tricksy bewildering math problems for both kids, he unwillingly started watching the TWSSG with me as a token of "spending quality time with the wife". Heehee.. quality time for ME hehe ... As you know he is quite jealous about HRH sinking down many of the talented innocent women like his wife and her college friends ... so I am wise enough not to make any comments about that man Damdeok as long as he enjoys the story. I am convinced that this is a piece of work appealing to male just as much or even more than to the female viewers. It was the FIRST TIME that hubby could watch a drama/movie of any kind till 3am with me EVER in my life! He could not stop, and I did not try to stop him until that disk was done, we watched 4 episodes that night! I am curious if the DVD disk could hold all 24 episodes, when would he recollect his consciousness and stop watching.

We stopped at the high point of episode 15, when Damdeok visited Baeji alone for Sujini and obtained the Blue Dragon Sacred Symble. Such a dramatic exciting episode, full of paradisaical scenes and enchanting music, with heavenly Damdeok wondering about. This is one of my most favorite episodes.

At this point, hubby admitted that the Korean actors have better acting skills than most of the Chinese actors he knew. (What he meant Korean actors included BYJ I am sure?) And, he commented, the Koreans (at least in the dramas) are all so very courteous, respectful, well mannered. (Including wuri HRH, right? Not that I only care about HRH, but I do care only about HRH.) I thought it is quite significant and pleasing to hear hubby praising the Korean people and the Korean drama TWSSG 'coz for me anything Korean is related to HRHHHHHH. See even the most proud and critical soul like hubby has the wisdom to tell and acknowledge what is truly good, of course including wuri HRHxN.

A happy thought for the New Year's Eve. (Son asked me why don't we call it New Year's Adam?)

Chitchat with BYJ - Greetings of New Year 2008

By now postings of congrats are flooded in all HRH websites and blogs. For reference, here is Jaime's posting about HRH taking home 4 awards from Dec. 30, 2007 MBC Award Ceremony. Today I got informed (thanks Camille) that BYJ posted his New Year greeting to our family on KOB and JOB. tomato99 kindly translated it into English. Here is the copy, thank you so much HRH for sending us your love and care to the family and thank you tomato99 for helping us understand wuri HRH's words.


(have you noticed we use a lot of H's in the name we've given you (thanks bb)? We call you HRHHHHHH for His Royal Handsomeness Hotness Humorousness Heartwarmingness Hopefullness Highness... HRHxN )

Watch HRH's New Year Greeting on JOB here. As always, you looked so handsome and sincere.

45520 [trans]Greetings from BYJ on KOB and JOB [4] tomato99 2007.12.31 81

Dear Yong Joon,

Congratulations for all your awards at MBC Drama Awards last night.

I am so happy to know that all of your hard work has been appreciated by everyone.

I pray your year 2008 to be filled with happy and healthy things.

Will always love and support you.
tomato (BIG THANK YOU TOMATO!!! Love ya!)


Dear Bae family,

Season’s greetings to you all,
Wishing you happiness today, tomorrow, and throughout the new year.

Please check out BYJ’s greeting message posted at “Greeting” section.

Posted below is Japanese to English translation to the video posted at JOB.
Please enjoy and have a great new year!!


Greetings from BYJ 2007/12/31
Happy New Year
source: JOB
Japanese to English translation by tomato99

Annyeon Haseyo, dear family, this is Bae Yong Joon.
(Always love him addressing us as his family!)

It has been a long time to send my greetings.
(We know what you have been busy with, but you never forget us, how can we stop loving you?)

I have recently finished drama shooting,
(And don't forget you won 4 awards including the biggest most prominent award, congratulations! Wish I could pat on your lovely back!)

I am at home reading books, listening to music, and watching movies.
(Books, music, movies, you are always enriching your mind and spirit whenever you have time. Are you watching movies to learn new acting skills? You are always trying to perfect yourself, love it!)

I am doing things that I have not been able to do.
(Home sweet home, nice to be able to be yourself, please enjoy the peaceful time with your mom and all family members at home).

I am meeting people who I have not been able to see for a while.
(Able to meet a sweet girl yet, my pal?)

Of course, I am curing my injury, and it is getting much better now.
(Thank God! Do get better soon, ya?)

There is only one day left for year 2007, it will soon become year 2008.
Looking back this year now, it has been full of afterglow and regrets for me.
(Don't worry about the regrets, I trust you can turn it into good some way or the other, you are such a bright man!)

During the shooting of drama, there were very hard times and I did get some injuries, (My heart has always been with you and cries and prays for you, but I am so proud of you, dear brave lad!)
but your support, trust and hope gave me power to complete the whole shooting.
(That's what we are here for my pal, we will always be here fighting by your side! It is contending to know that we have been helpful to you in various ways!)

I sincerely send my appreciation to you all.
(My appreciation to you for your fortitude and for the joy you bring to my life.)

The year is ending soon,
(old is passing, new is coming with new hopes, 2007 is an exciting memorable milestone, thank you much much for your hard work!)

I wish you and your family hope and happiness in the new year.
I love the word "HOPE" you brought up in your wishes. It lifted the New Year greeting to a higher level. You always amaze me in every big or tiny way. Love, Peace and Joy be with you!)

(in Japanese)
Dear family, Happy New Year!
(Happy New Year to you our head of the family! Wish one day we can hear you speaking this in English, when we celebrate the New Year with your new achievements reaching out to this side of the world.)

Peace, joy and Love be with you always!

H. from the USA

Saturday, December 29, 2007

An "Unbiased" TWSSG Review

Accidentally found a terrific review of TWSSG from a person who did not like BYJ before, whose blog name is "daphnehsiao's home" (The Chinese name is 小柳閣). I copied it down here, but sorry to the English only readers, don't know if this is translated anywhere, not sure if I will have time and capability to translate it well, the summary of her review is she turned from disliking BYJ into a convinced BYJ "appreciator" because of HRH's acting and image in TWSSG. She also praised the TWSSG as a whole in terms of all of the actors/actresses, the music, the shooting techniques, the script plot, the developing of the story and characters, except the episode 24, the controversial one. Understandable!

小柳閣, I apologize for posting it here without your consent first. But I tried umpteen times to post a comment to your blog, but failed each time. Please do let me know if you don't want me to repost it here (once you found out), I'll delete it if you say so.

Posted : December 26, 2007
from :



在看太王四神記之前,我對裴勇俊並沒有好感,甚至可以說是有一點點隱性的反感。之前沒有看過勇樣的任何連續劇作品,但是冬季戀歌裡的勇樣形象實在被過度的 推銷,連續轟炸的結果就是讓我心生厭煩。唯一一次看過的裴勇俊作品就是醜聞這部電影(為了看另一位演員趙顯宰的演出)。但是好死不死讓我租到無法顯示字幕 的DVD(也許那片DVD和我的電腦跟DVD player八字不合吧),我的韓語聽力又比幼稚園還不如,所以也就只是跳著跳著尋找趙顯宰的蹤跡,對裴勇俊在這部片裡的印象也只有他油油的感覺(是因為 演個花花公子吧,所以油腔滑調顯現在表情肢體和語調中了)。


第一集裡鋪陳的是太王四神記的背景神話,我有的感覺只是音樂還不錯,動畫做得不錯,另外女主角之一的李智雅演的賽澳(棲梧)很美(看起來很像韓國電玩裡開 場或過場動畫會出現的女神啊)。對於裴勇俊的桓雄,我只覺得身為一個天神之子,要不要這麼軟弱的感覺啊。所有演員的對白不多,時間上也不是連續的,所以真 的難以看出些什麼更深層的感覺。不過現在回想起來,這倒是很符合兩千年前輾轉流傳下來的神話所必然有的破碎和片段情形。可是那時對劇情的整體感覺卻只是很 KUSO,感覺到韓國人天性裡的自high,所以我笑著推薦給朋友,說可以看開心。

第一集看完了,感覺有點空虛,要看第二集必須再等一個禮拜。原本打算乖乖等電視播出,想說再給太王四神記一點機會,如果再看個一兩集還是沒有什麼地方能吸 住我的眼,就放掉這部韓劇。但是等一等覺得厭煩了,便去找了第二第三集想說快快決定要不要繼續看。但是第二集開始小演員們開始發威,我發現了飾演談德幼年 的那位小演員很眼熟,想了想,原來他就是演出韓版情書裡幼年的趙顯宰的那個孩子。事隔數年,長大了不少,演技也更是出色。出色的樣貌已經可以預見未來會是 個帥哥(雖然還是小眼睛一族)。第三集開始,劇情有了發展,角色之間的互動和情感走向開始展現在觀眾眼前,所有的故事開始立體了起來。

第三集的結尾實在是充滿了張力,急急忙忙的接下去看。第四集中童年戲結束,小談德騎馬騎著騎著就變成了裴勇俊,成年角色們豋場。裴勇俊騎馬騎一騎還在馬背 上張開雙臂做出飛揚之姿,當時還沒被裴勇俊迷住的我心中唯一的感想是:喔,這樣啊?成年的昊凱豋場,我的感想是他變帥了。秀芝妮則是眼睛變小但變美了。棋 霞最囧,從清秀美少女變成了大嬸。秀芝妮長大後不像小時候機靈的樣子,被人滿街追打。談德的氣質不再像小時候的純正柔和,變得如楊過一般浪蕩不羈,不過表 面上卻沒有楊過的專情,可說是個花中好手(可能是在市井裡混久的結果吧)。不過看到大談德和父親之間的互動真是好玩,談德一付老鼠遇到貓的樣子。文素利演 的棋霞讓我越看越不耐煩,因為她的樣貌在我眼中實在不適合這個角色(跟小時候差太多了啦XD)。

漸漸的,談德的楊過氣質吸引了我,演員間的互動愈見細膩,可以看到編劇的功力。我便決定了要把太王四神記看完。誰知越看,就越被裴勇俊吸引。以前我覺得這 個人一點都不帥,甚至看起來有點怪,為什麼所有他的影迷會認為他帥得飛天遁地?但是看他演戲,我被吸了進去,只能說越看越帥。以前完全不欣賞的面孔,如今 變成了我眼中的大帥哥。也許是因為結合了他的演技和個人特質,展現了獨特的樣貌吧。之前的另一個例子就是木村拓哉。原本我也是覺得這個人長得也不過就是不 醜,比他帥的演員很多。但是看了他演的戲,卻越看越帥。他們這些演員彷彿成了一個典型:在演技中綻放的明星。自此我知道,我沒辦法不把這齣韓劇看完了。

當然單是衝著裴勇俊是不夠的,其他所有演員的出色表現,讓我真的要說這齣戲裡沒有一個爛演員,也沒有一個單調的演員。編劇十分細膩,角色間的情緒情感互動 張力十足。久石讓的配樂雖然和平常慣聽的他的風格不似,卻時而澎湃激昂,時而低迴纏綿。導演的運鏡手法和一般韓劇完全不同,是更類似電影的方式。所以我雖 然先看了朱蒙,也認為朱蒙很好看,但是朱蒙還是有些地方讓我想快轉。太王四神記的處理方式卻是非常的綿密,讓我無法錯過任何一個部份(最後一集的戰鬥除 外)。如果用湯來比較,朱蒙是一碗頂級新竹貢丸湯,精華的貢丸十足美味,但是吃完貢丸,湯只會喝幾口來潤潤喉。太王四神記卻是精燉的佛跳牆,不只料好美 味,每一滴甘醇的鮮湯也不容人錯過,值得細細品味,再三回味。

這碗美味的佛跳牆,和其他韓國歷史劇不同的地方在於,從頭到尾沒有一個場景給我棚內戲的感覺。因為幾乎全部是在影城實景或外景拍攝,大部分場景都能夠有三 百六十度的視角。會議時,不再是所有人圍著一張桌子的三面,第四面留給攝影機。房間都有窗戶,攝影機能照到窗外景色或是從窗外照進房間。這讓許多畫面都有 景深,也許有些窗外風景是CG,但是我相信大部分都是實景的效果。這讓這部戲更顯真實,也更能帶出壯闊的感覺。擁有景深這一點,也是大部分的韓劇很少做到 的,這讓太王四神記更像都在影城實景拍攝的中國大陸歷史劇。

另外很重要的就是光線的運用。這部戲裡面沒有一根蠟燭就讓密閉的室內亮得像白天這種莫名奇妙情形出現。和現實相似的,黑夜中,點燃許多燭火仍然昏暗,白天 的室內要亮,就要靠透過窗戶的日光。當然還是有非現實的光線畫面。像是火天會的場景裡莫名奇妙的紅光和四神神物散發的光芒。但是這些屬於奇幻的範疇,怎樣 的天馬行空都不會給人違和感。重視景深,重視光線,這些都顯示出了這部戲的電影規格。


雖然有人可能會為四神是中國的神,卻被韓國人據為己有而不快。另外劇中的歷史也和現實有所不符。但是如果當做這只是創作,不帶成見的來看(乾脆當做平行宇 宙看待更容易)。也有人會說結局太爛,但是只要運用阿Q的精神勝利法,參考板上的美化結局,倒也是可以為自己編出美好的結局。


Thursday, December 27, 2007

TWSSG Grading

One by one, they fell to it. After sons, hubby has been hooked to TWSSG now. With not much traveling in the past couple of months, he started with me watching TWSSG together, at a couple of episodes per week. Yes, patience is a virtue. The fun will last longer with this exemplified "moderate" pace, won't it? Especially from our bed, watching HRHHH (His Royal Handsomeness Hotness Highness) Damdeok on the 42" Plasma HDTV, a Christmas gift from hubby. And THANK YOU also to a special bae-sister who sent me the TWSSG DVD. Boy what a treat of watching HRHHH Damdeok on a bigger screen, I could even count his hairs. The last thing I need is to feel his breath! I am so grateful to my loving family and bae sisters.

We started out with the downloaded version, viewing on my laptop. He was wondering how I managed to download the whole drama, even with translations. I explained in a matter-of-fact manner, there is a world out there, that is beyond belief. There are fans (I did not want to use any adjectives to describe how kind and generous and talented these fans are, I just want to state the fact to hubby), yes there are a lot of fans out there, who freely, timely uploaded the original episode right after its broadcasting, then there are other fans translated them into English, in text and in subtitles, Chinese translated text, then Simplified and traditional subs, Korean subs, I wonder if there are Japanese subs as well, and there are fans to inform the isolated, forgettable person like me for the links and share with me the ways to download. Hubby did not comment anything. Hmmm... OKay, let's watch it.

After a few episodes of viewing, hubby sighed with satisfaction - "It's good to watch the Han-drama (that's what he calls all my Bae-dramas) with no cost, it's FREE! So good!".

I replied immediately - "Well, if the world is full of your kind of people (yes, we always tease each other like this) who only wants the good stuff FREELY, without thinking of giving back. Eventually there will be no good stuff any more in this world!"

After exactly two seconds, hubby calmly, joyfully claimed, "I fully support you and your circle of friends (this is how he calls my bae-sisters), keep doing it this way, so you can kill Hanllyu!". Now I see his evil grin. (Obviously, hubby would join the BYJ assassination team if he finds one, he finally found the best way to get rid of him.)

So my friends, if you want to keep our HRH alive, support him by purchasing his official TWSSG release when it comes out.

BUT, to be fair to BYJ, I don't think he would make it an obligation to his fans to support him financially, rather the immense love of his fans to him is the source of his strength, and it can come in many different ways.

After viewing almost half way through (in the preview, Damdeok was going to be tested with the sacred sword), yesterday hubby solemnly asked me this question with a testing voice "now that after you have viewed so many han-dramas (I know they are actually bae-dramas, but I won't correct him on this one), how do you grade TWSSG among your han-dramas?"

I've already got my answer "If rating based on which one is the most beautiful, most pleasing to my heart, most touching with comforting fancy memories, it is the Winter Sonata. If rating based on viewing rate in Korean history, it is the First Love. If rating based on styles, Hotelier is one of a kind, different from most of Hanllyu melodramas, it's modern, professional, fast paced, funny, no cancer/sickness/disease/crying too much, Shin Donghyuk, one of a kind businessman, mmmm... Shin Donghyuk (don't want to say more, haha...). If rating by seriousness, HWRL. These are my most favorites. As for TWSSG, my rating for its storyline is 7 out of 10.". (Pretty happy with my diplomatic approach for his touchy question, remember not to show any favor and emotion to certain GUY in these dramas.)

This is my official answer to him, but I did not tell him, Damdeok is Darn Handsome! I would rate 1000 out of 10 for HRHHH (His Royal Handsomeness, Hotness, Highness)

Coincidentally, today, I read an interesting artical from bb about A Reporter's View: From WLS to TWSSG. I think the reporter's view is quite fair and objective. Always love to read a non-fan's view about HRH.

Lee Youngae vs Bae Yongjoon

Woke up during the night, was going to write down some thoughts, but saw this post on baidu, thought interesting to keep it here:

Origin: 2007/06/14 Post# 1103 by Joanne on Quilt :


Joanne []
[OLD VOD] Which partner Miss Lee Youngae was attracted to as opposite sex?

Moris posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.

[OLD VOD] Which partner Miss Lee Youngae was attracted to as opposite sex?

This is a scene that appeared in 'Kim Hyesoo Plus You' in 2000.

It is the scene I watched when it was aired and I watch it again really in a long time.
Many of you probably remember this, don't you?

I brought this as posted by Haebi-nim^^


Lee Byeongheon(LBH) to Lee Youngae(LYA): Was there any person (among acting partners) whom you thought 'I am attracted to as an opposite sex with my true heart'? Frankly..

Audience: Laugh

LBH: Frankly.. If you say none, it is a lie.

LYA: Uh, there was one.

LBH: As I will not ask next question, please go one.

LYA: Yes, Please ask XXX-ssi also.

Kim Hyesoo(KHS)-MC: Well...Does that person know it? That Miss Lee Youngae was attracted to that person? I guess he does not know it.

LYA: I am not talking about recent time but bygone time. The time when I first debuted.

KHS: As long time passed since Miss Lee Youngae made a debut by now, it is all right enough for you talk and for us to hear about a man you felt attractive feeling at the time of debut.

LYA: It is not that I felt attracted as an opposite sex but.. I was unsociable..You (KHS) know it because we worked together in a drama..

KHS: yes, you were very defensive.

LYA: I was very much unsociable in my early career...I thought that person might have similar personality to mine so that I felt that our hearts communicated well when we talked each other.

Audience: Who is he?

KHS: What was the name of the drama?

LYA: In the past, in a drama 'Papa', I worked with Mr. Bae Yongjoon. And I thought his personality was similar to mine...

KHS: I worked with both Miss Lee Youngae and Mr. Bae Yongjoon. Both of them, what should I say, are not the style of easily becoming intimate with anyone.
However, once they become intimate, (the relationship) is deep and true-hearted. They are the people who have composure to expose anything to people whom they really trust.
And, as far as their works are concerned, they seem to be perfectionists.

The unsociable perfectionist, I feel MY heart can communicate with you so well too!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

A heartfelt greeting to all - Merry Christmas 2007. Here I would record the most touching Christmas greeting I received from a dear Bae friend Jillc, she posted her artwork on Quilt and She did it in both English and Chinese. I escpecially love the song she posted by Kelly Clarkson - My Grown-up Christmas List.

Peace, Love and Joy!

Also got this news from Quilt about possibility of BYJ attending MBC awards ceremony. I am praying for his speedy recovery and wish him a peaceful and love filled Christmas with his family.

[MBC said, “BYJ may attend the awards ceremony if he can use the crutches.]
Star News, Reporter Gil Hyeoseong 12/24 10:08

---------- omit ---------

Related to BYJ’s attendance of MBC Grand Award Ceremony, an officer of MBC had a phone conversation with Star News in the morning of the 24th, and said, “We’ll meet BYJ’s side this Wednesday (26th) once again to discuss whether he can attend the ceremony because BYJ is one of the nominees for the grand award.”

And, he said in MBC’s position, “We’ll continuously contact BYJ’s side until the ceremony day and try to make him attend the ceremony for the viewers.”

He further said, “We have contacted his side and found out that he was willing to attend the award ceremony if he could move around on his crutches.” and, “The reason he couldn’t decide was there might be a possibility to use the wheelchair (oh no, I hope not! Please get better soon!) even on the day of the awards ceremony.”

My dearest Bae-sister & friend,

May your days be filled with Joy, Peace & Love.
May you and yours be Very Happy & Healthy too.
May you be blessed with all things good.

May all your Baetiful wishes & dreams come true.
Have a Peaceful Merry Christmas + A Safe & Happy New Year!!
With heartfelt Love,



給你, 親愛的勇俊與所有家人~

願你的日子,充滿喜樂 平安 與愛
願你和你所愛 快樂健康幸福
願你 擁有生命中的一切美好
平安、快樂的 耶誕 與 新年!!


My Grown Up Christmas List

Do you remember me
I sat upon your knee
I wrote to you
With childhood fantasies

Well, I'm all grown up now
And still need help somehow
I'm not a child
But my heart still can dream

So here's my lifelong wish
My grown up christmas list
Not for myself
But for a world in need

No more lives torn apart
That wars would never start
and wars would never start
And time would heal all hearts
And everyone would have a friend
And right would always win
And love would never end
This is my grown up christmas list

As children we believed
The grandest sight to see
Was something lovely
Wrapped beneath our tree

Well heaven only knows
That packages and bows
Can never heal
A hurting human soul

No more lives torn apart
That wars would never start
And time would heal all hearts
And everyone would have a friend
And right would always win
And love would never end
This is my grown up christmas list

What is this illusion called the innocence of youth
Maybe only in our blind belief can we ever find the truth
(there'd be)

No more lives torn apart
That wars would never start
And time would heal all hearts
And everyone would have a friend
And right would always win
And love would never end, oh
This is my grown up christmas list

This is my grown up christmas list

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Keep those hairs ...

So HRH has not cut his hair yet! It's another rumor, interesting these rumors keep coming up once every other week, easy to tell bae fans are anxious to see his new looks and they have voted for their favorite hair styles - Donghyuk. Well I am glad that he has not cut his hair yet, I would feel so sorry to see those beautiful silky strong hairs got cut off. If he decides to cut them off in the future, at least I wish he keeps them in a safebox, I am sure if he donates those hairs, or put it to auction, part of the proceeds can be used for charity. Or how about distribute those precious hairs to each of his fans, I'd be glad to have one strand if I can afford, haha... and feeling good if the money can help someone ...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

HRH 2007 Donation

Our dear friend Jillc emailed us this news posted on Quilt. Jaime blogged about it here and commented that our HRH is an angel inside and out. I need to record the full account of his gracious donation here.

Saw this post from soompi, from a non-BYJ fan named "phreaque", she shared how she felt about HRH's donation (wonder if she knows we call him HRH and its meaning) and how she felt about HRH as a celebrity, and just as important, how she felt about us - HRH fans. It really pleases my heart to see a non-BYJ (implied non-biased view??) giving kudos to him. Bravo!

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hi guys ^^

i'm not a fan of BYJ, neither have i watched any of his movies or drama, but after i read about how he is donating equipment to help clean-up the oil spill in S.Korea, i was impressed by his thoughtfulness. Most celebrities who donate usually give money, but his consideration for the volunteers and his attention to detail really left a deep and positive impression.

kudos to him!


i have just finished reading the translation, and i'm really impressed by the love you guys have for him (and vice versa). the quality of the translation is remarkable! i've heard people saying BYJ fans are one of the kindest, gentlest and more intelligent people around on the internet, but i was always dubious. ^^ i'm convinced now.

again, the little acts that he displays really emphasised his sensitivity and attention to his surrounding. i really like that about him.

maybe i should start hunting for some dramas of his, any recommendations? ^^

peace out!

[Trans]Bae Yong Joon will donate 3.2 billion Korean won for a massive oil spill that occurred in waters off Taean. Translated and posted by Suehan

Translated into English: suehan

[Bae Yong Joon will donate three hundred twenty million Korean won for a massive oil spill that occurred in waters off Taean.]

The actor, Bae Yong Joon decided to provide the prevention equipment for the clean-up of the oil spill that occurred in waters off Taean.

Bae Yong Joon¡¦s management company, Keyeast said on the 12th, ¡§Three hundred twenty million Korean won will be donated to Taean county office to buy the disaster relief equipment for 10,000 volunteers. These volunteers are working at the site for prevention and can use them right away.¡¨

He heard about the oil spill occurrence after he got the treatments at the hospital for the injuries which he got during the filming of ¡¥TWSSG¡¦. After his treatments he was released from the hospital. He decided to donate to Taean county office to buy the individual prevention equipment (clothes for the prevention of dust, masks, gloves, rubber buckets, shovels, etc.) for 10,000 volunteers. His management company, Keyeast confirmed his goodwill and decided to participate as well.

Bae Yong Joon donated twenty million Korean won in August last year to the National Disaster Relief Organization for the typhoon victims. But, this time, he will pay to buy the equipment necessary for a decent recovery instead of a simple money donation.

He said, ¡§We need most prevention equipments at the sites for volunteers who are working in the severe cold weather than cash, and it¡¦ll be necessary for the fast prevention, but the health problems of volunteers might be serious as well.¡¨

Bae Yong Joon injured his leg during the filming. He is now wearing a cast and the surgery will be decided after 2 weeks.

Lee Heejin Reporter

Sunday, December 09, 2007

TWSSG - Ideal vs Reality

TWSSG is by all means a grand work. It is made with nice combination of myths and historical facts. It is also an exemplified combination of ideal and reality. One needs to hold a balanced attitude to deal with the ideal and reality.

Ideally as director Kim planned, the drama would only be aired after the shootings are completed. The reality is, the script was modified and delayed, accidents and injuries happened to the director and main actors, the script was not available to the actors/actresses a week before the shooting for the ending episode, and the last episode shooting was completed only 3 days before it was aired.

Ideally HRH will complete his Taewang project safely. In reality, he got injured with broken finger, neck injury, knee injury.

Ideally the drama will be produced with meticulous quality since both the director and the main actor BYJ are perfectionists. The reality is, both of them got severely injured, the last episode broadcasted had a feeling of being rushed. Here is a snapshot of Kiha in the air. She was supposed to be on fire, but at this shot, the fire was diminished, leaving the safty wire shown too obviously. I hope this is corrected in the final version going out to the world.

Ideally Damdeok should learn from Kiha or Hogae (the only two who knew the truth) that Kiha did not kill his father. That would make more sense when Damdeok apologize to Kiha for not trusting her. The reality is, the viewer has to lean on one’s own imagination to connect the dot. Who told him and how and what was his reaction, this is an important section not to be omitted. I hope there is an updated version with this part added.

I like the way Damdeok forgave Kiha. After all she was his first love, and his son’s mother. It makes sense that he would forgive her especially after he learned that she did not murder his father. But what about his love to Sujini? Ideally, after he broke the heaven’s bow, before he turned around and going towards the glowing megalith, Damdeok would give more time to look at Sujini and his son with more passion and affection, even a hug would be better. In reality, he only passed her a glimpse, director Kim, I think only 3 more seconds will do the justice to her years of loyalty and love to the king and his son.

Ideally all four gods’ symbols would wake up for the sake of the Jyooshin king’s life. In reality, the long awaited Joojak did not get time to wake up to save the king’s life. According to the scriptwriter, the four scared symbols not only have the roles of assisting the Jyooshin King, but also represent the four essential qualities that a great king should possess. Turtle Snake represents Wrath to darkness. Blue Dragon represents Mercy. White Tiger represents Pure Courage and Phoenix Heart represents Passionate Love. The first 3 sacred symbols woke up and saved Jyooshin king’s life in the corresponding crisis. It also demonstrated that Damdeok possessed the qualities of justice, mercy and courage. However, in order to become a real king, Damdeok must also acquire the ability to love. At the beginning of the episode 24, Damdeok revealed his passionate love to Sujini, at the end of this episode, Damdeok forgave Kiha, these are all proof that he has completed his trial as a real Jyooshin King. The only regret was the scence of Joojak waking up was not shown to complete the Jyooshin King and Four Gods journey. This may become a biggest regret of this drama for rushing at the ending, and it may be difficult fix to the current cut.

Ideally I would like to see Julno elder Heukgae died from a more glorious cause, rather than falling off the horse and killed by a regular Hwachuan nimja. Ideally I wish General Kao did not get killed either. In reality, the current ending lead me to think that Heukgae was too old to fight this fierce war, that he fell off the horse caused by fatigue, killed by “nimja”, m dear poor Heukgae, he is so adorable. As for General Kao, I guess he has to die before Damdeok to fulfill the conversation between the two in episode 14. In there Damdeok promised General Kao that he would not die before the general, in order that the general can fulfill his promise to the late king to protect the life of Damdeok. So here goes our beloved General Kao.

Ideally even if all the four symbols were destroyed, none of the four guardians lost their lives, neither did Taewang die at the breaking of the heaven’s bow. After all these years of fellowship, loyalty and fighting for the king between life and death, they don't deserve to die just because the symbols were destroyed. In reality, the ending did an excellent job of making it ambiguous, only if in the previous episode, it was not explained too clearly that the guardians and the king himself would die at the breaking of the heaven’s bow. And if between the scenes of Taewang entering the glowing megalith and the scene of real life Taewang’s monument, it would be ideal to show the green sacred tree symbolizing peace is back on earth, after years of war. This will also dismiss the interpretation that Taewang died at that moment of merging into the megalith and the megalith turned into a grave stone.

Ideally more clips of ordinary people, (may or may not including the ex-guardians of the four symbols), living a peaceful life in the city or on a green pasture, be shown during the narrator announcing the chronological achievements of Taewang. In reality? A few clips of quiet city and pasture were shown to suit the intention but can be more lively with showing some of our familiar faces such as Dalbe’s twins playing with Joomuchi and that street performer telling glorious stories of Taewang to the folks on the street.

Peace on earth, that's Taewang's ideal, isn't it?

Read in TWSSG special 2, YJ said TWSSG was a great work with a few discontents. This is exactly the reflection of the ideal and the reality. I would say YJ ssi and the TWSSG crew, you did a fantastic job, especially under unexpected difficult conditions. There may be dissatisfactions to this grand project, but this is the nature of the reality. I am all satisfied to see that you achieved your goal with determination and your health is recovering day by day. Cheers!

Beware with the Ordering

Being well trained in the Chinese strategic board game “Go”, I should have known by heart that executing the proper ordering of steps is extremely important to succeed a strategy. Heaven knows what a dumb I turned into when I am dealing with fictions and dramas, especially long dramas. I would watch the first couple of episodes, then jump to the last couple for the ending, as if I have no patience to follow the storyline without first seeing the ending. Actually there is still a strategy in my use of time for entertainment - if the beginning and the ending do not appeal to me, that would be the end of the time I would spend for that drama. Not bad, eh?

This happened to the acclaimed drama “Sandglass”, the collaborated work of director Kim Jong Hak and scriptwriter Song Ji Na. I bought this drama for two reasons; first it was of course because of TWSSG. Why? Because it was also the collaborated work of director Kim and scriptwriter Song. I want to know their styles a bit better. Second it was because of the following introductions made by the …

“One of the first genuinely unmissable Korean dramas, Sandglass became a cultural phenomenon when it first aired in 1995, and the yardstick by which all subsequent productions would be measured. The show was a talking point at water coolers around the country, captivating households with its thrilling story of organized crime and political upheaval. Sandglass secured a staggering 65% audience share, with reports of stores and businesses closing early so workers could be home in time to watch each week's new episode.


Sandglass powerfully explores the conflicts between friendship, loyalty, and duty. Don't miss this intense and unpredictable 24-episode television masterpiece… and prepare yourself for a thrilling and truly unforgettable ending.”

Talking about the unforgettable ending of “Sandglass”, I did watch it with my usually “drama viewing strategy”, the last episode was truly unforgettable, extremely touching, but also disturbing to my point of view for life, I decided to put it aside until I REALLY have time to connect the dots between its beginning and ending. Friends, if you have watched “Sandglass”, feel free to discuss your views with me, I would be very interested.

Talking about ordering of steps, for Bae Yong Joon’s drama, I NEVER EVER jump to the end. I concluded that Bae dramas deserve all my spare time to savor, especially the scenes with him appearing. So what went wrong, my dear H, with TWSSG ending episode? It is obvious that I would not and could not jump to the ending since I followed the airing one episode after the next, no on knows the ending till the actual airing of episode 24. The problem is, I went to work during that day, I have to watch the downloaded episode typically a day behind the broadcasting day. The “ordering” went wrong this way – Wednesday Dec. 5th, 2007, after a long day of work, I dragged my tiring body back home a bit earlier than normal working hour, hoping to cheer myself up with the happy ending of the last episode. The first minute when arriving home, I went straight to my laptop, directly navigate into my usual TWSSG link, immediately overwhelmed with complaints about the ending. What? Taewang died? All four gods died? What’s gonna happen with Jumoochi’s twins? What’s gonna happen to out lovely poor girl Sujini and the little prince? Why Lord Hwanwoong would kill his love Sae-oh, but Taewang Damdeok would not kill the evil Kiha? I saw people were angry, screaming, exploding. What? There was another version of the ending by the scriptwriter? What? The original ending was more peaceful and happier? Reading these comments and extra information, I got deeply depressed and unconsciously avoiding the watching of the last episode.

Two days later, with the releasing of the Chinese translation, I finally settled down my mind and started watching it, telling myself that I have to watch it with my own eyes and think with my own minds before I judge the situation. The outcome was, even though there were some pitfalls in the shooting and post processing, the ending is definitely a convincing, moving one. I like it. It can be made more beautiful and hopeful for a lasting entertaining memory, but it is satisfying in the way that it was cleverly made open-ended.

Lesson learned? Follow the right order, don’t jump ahead, don’t be influenced by others view, better yet, don’t read others comments until you watch it by yourself. You do not want to miss a great drama by judging the ending first. See that's how I missed the "Sandglass", except it is much more tolerable than missing the TWSSG. Only for once, I wished my internet connection was lost those couple of days so that I did not read about the ending before watching it for myself. But on the other thought, without internet connection, I would not be able to download this episode.

Anyway, these babbling is all about – I wish I did not read those comments and be depressed about the TWSSG before I watched it myself first! Over and above all, TWSSG is an exceptionally fantastic drama. Hail to the team and especially to our HRH!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Boy He Hides Deeply

Ah that's what it was! When I saw today's TWSSG Episode 24 10-minute Preview, I finally got it. OMG, the scriptwriter amazes me on this lead. Remember in Episode 16, when this member of the Gomul Village, who was also a loyal servant of the late King and also Damdeok, don't know his name, but here is his picture

So in episode 16, when he overheard Kiha and Hwuchwan elder's conspiracy about blocking Damdeok's army outside the royal city, he ran to send the message to Damdeok. But he did not escape Saryang's watchful eyes.

While he was preparing the horse to hit the road, he was caught by the Hwachwan "ninja".

But the story stopped right here, I knew he was in trouble with the Hwachwan people, but surprised to see he was all safe and sound when Damdeok came back.

He was with the king even till episode 23, appearing as a loyal servant. I have been wondering what's up with this small section of him being captured by Hwachwan ninja, either the scriptwriter's mind was going wild, or there WAS something she was preparing, but very very cunningly ...

So the episode 24 preview gave me an answer - Aha! he was one of those "marked" spy of Hwachwan since episode 16, good thing he did not do much damage untill now.

But Hwachwan elder knows the best time to use his deepest spy. He made him stole Damdeok's son!

Oh boy, oh boy, scriptwriter Song Jina, you are very creative. I admire.

You can take my comment either way, serious or sarcasm, but I am actually pretty serious, this "spy" was indeed hiding too early and deeply. I've read some viewers had negative comments about the scriptwriter, in my opinion, it is fair to say she is darn good.

Monday, December 03, 2007

December 2, 2007 - A Good Day

December 2, 2007, a few good things happened.

Kids put up the Christmas tree by themselves, and it is the first time they decorated outside of our house with the lights. Hubby's foot got injured, is in cast now. Happy to see boys are growing up, can work independently.

Went Christmas shopping, kids bought the toys for tots with their earned money through helping the housework, on our way home, we got the first snow of 2007. Looking out the window, my sensitive son announced “Ah, this reminds me of Winter Sonata”. Is it time to watch this enchanted drama again? Hmmm... I was thinking after watching the last episode of TWSSG next week, I should turn on Winter Sonata again, such a suitable drama with the new snow, brings back the beautiful memory of Junsang. I really need something sweet after the fierce fighting with TaeWang.

Good news the TWSSG shooting is finally finished. Click here for more details from our princess bb. Sad news, wuri HRH got another injury about a week ago, this time it was his foot. He could not get down his car to bid farewell to his fans. Read his fans saw him in crutches. It is sad to see all the crew left the shooting site after almost a year of intensive work there. It's even sadder to see wuri yong joon got hurt again and could not celebrate the completion of this grand work with his coworkers and fans. Good news is, he can now finally get some relief and get his precious body taken care of by certain doctors and nurses. Wonder who those doctors and nurses are, better be super good ones, one thing for sure, they are the super lucky ones who can get in "touch" of our HRH.

Great Great news! Wuri BYJ is in one good piece, although went through many severe injuries, but he completed this challenging dangeous work successfully, and safely. Congratulations YJ! I am so happy for you!

Love this news from Quilt and Soompi.

Posted and translated by Joanne on the news section of BYJ's Quilt.

From Star News Home.
'TWG' BYJ, last shooting using crutches..ended suffering for 20 months!
[Star News]12/2/07 17:14

Top star BYJ finished last filming of MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama 'TWSSG' amid injuries.

BYJ filmed the last episode of the 'TWSSG' in Hwaseong, Kyunggi Province in the afternoon on 2. That is filming of the 'TWSSG' having many events and troubles have closed its curtain in grand finale in no less than 20 month since it began first filming in Jeju Island in March of the last year.

In particular, BYJ showed fighting spirit by appearing at the location site in clutches due to injuries one after another and starting filming on that day. Following on an injury of severing a ligament of index finger of his right hand previously, he recently suffered from injuries in nerves in cervical spine and shoulder, etc. Although situation is such that surgery is urgently needed, he put off everything until after ending a filming of the 'TWSSG'.

On the other hand, as much as that day was practically the last filming of the 'TWSSG', which has last broadcasting ahead of it on coming 5, most of main casts of the 'TWSSG' including BYJ, Yoon Taeyoung, Moon Sori, etc., attended, making it more meaningful.

Several tens of BYJ's domestic and overseas fans, whose hearts are anxious upon hearing news of BYJ's injuries, also came to the filming site, despite chilly December weather, and watched BYJ's last filming with anxious heart.

By the way, the 'TWSSG', having begun first broadcasting in past September gathering extraordinary domestic and overseas interests from planning stage of its production, confirmed 'BYJ's power' again as it recorded viewing rate in and out of 30%. After ending its broadcasting on coming 5, new Wednesday-Thursday drama 'New Heart' will be aired.

Reported by Lee Hyeongrok
Copyright ⓒ Star News