Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Master of Sitting Art - My Sitologist

Hotelier is my first encounter with BYJ, but I got truly addicted with him from THE drama called Winter Sonata. (I've watched it countless times). He is so dazzling, colorful, handsome, stylish, gentle, kind, loving, forgiving, you name it! Just can't find enough nice adjetive to described this well educated, well mannered, nice looking, pure, loving gentleman. As I got deeper and deeper learning about this young man, I can not help but to admire that he does possess superior acting talent - that Min-hyong who he portraited so well in WLS, was not exactly 100% the man that he is, (maybe it is 36% of him), honestly, I think he is really the man shown in the above picture and in the rest of pictures of this posting - do you see that dominating power in him when he was just at the age of 24? He was like a prince of super super power, a 120% superior man than a "neutual man" as recent newspaper described him. The gentle Min-hyong made him extremely popular in Asia, but by looking at the way he sits, my gut tells me that the strong musculine side of him weighs more in his human nature. It is his magical mixture of the manly strength and the gentleness that fascinates me to this day.

Look how he stretched his long legs. He even hold that unsurpassable power when he was shooting a leisure scene.

Even, when he travels in a limo, he sits with that bossy style. I love it! The man knows the art of sitting. It's in his blood, I tend to call him Dr. Sitologist.

Wow, look at the position of his hands and the angel of his stretched legs, his proudly lifted head, that serious look on his face, the clear background of the blue sky with white cloud, and that vast blue sea, I can't help admiring this great momentum, he does look like a prince with the vision and mind to conqure the world.

The sweet summer sweat exhales from that musculine chest, Hmmm... I can smell it...... Are we still looking at how his sits?

Yes, he sits like a real lubricious man. Maybe he has 1% of that "quality", will this make him more alluring? Sigh ...... The honest answer is "Yes"!

All of a sudden, he is showing the sunny and graceful side of him. When he opens up his broad shoulder and chest, criss-crossing his legs and leaning back, he gives me a strong and warm feeling of a family man.

When crossing his legs and leaning again the chair, every part of his body is cut clean and clear, the knee, the albow, the wrist, the shoulder, the fingers, the neck, especially the seriousness on his face, the piercing eyes, the tightly closed lips, the ring, the watch, the sleeves, the pants, the carefully unbuttoned shirt, the glasses, the hair, the ear, the nose, the eyebrows, the fingernails, I love every nitty gritty part of this man, this piece of art. When the man gets serious, you know who is calling the show!

Then when he dresses up and smiles at you, all you see is the elegant and genteel prince. Be it crossing or stretching out his legs, be it with or without socks!

I am 100% positive that he is sitting, look at that grand red leather chair, but it might be his face is so handsome, that the photographer only focused on his upper body, this leaves me unlimited room to imagine how magnificent he sits.


mrs a said...

wow all these great catch phrases for wuri YongJoon. Mr Sitologist and bb's royal handsomeness. I love them all.
The one where he is sitting and the clouds in the background I always call that my heavenly picture.

jaime said...

dear h,

I'm so happy to read your new post, it means you have time to relax and write again. I miss your humourous writing and unique perspective on Yong Joon.

I always want to see him standing so I can see the full frontal or side view. Thank you for bringing my attention to his elegant and manly sitting pose. Now I have a new appreciation of his art of sitting.

I love it when he sits with his legs wide apart or when he opens up his broad shoulders/chest, he is so manly and in control. Sigh! That family man picture with the warm smile, don't you wish he's the father of your child?! (lucky hubby doesn't read this, hehe)

Please write more, I love to read this light and refreshing article with his gorgeous pictures! Are you starting a new 'BYJ in motion' collection?

Cheers! ....... jaime

HeippieH said...

"Heavenly picture", I like it! Guess we need to blog a collection of these buzz words. Hey I've collected quite a few of his sitting scences. Thinking of posting some more, just uploading to the blogger is such a pain in the neck. Thanks for coming by, it's so encouraging, I'll get some more pics up next time around, just need more inspirations on some buzz words. :-) you know where I get the inspirations - yes, you gals!

HeippieH said...

Dear Jaime,

Still busy, but still have passion on this fella. Happy that got some nice work done in the past couple of weeks, and then got sick, there, resting at home is the perfect time for thinking and writing ...

You like to see his frontal and side views, sure not thinking of his back? thought Frances blogged about his back, hmmm... reminded me to link that posting in ...

Ow, that thought never runs through my mind. Now that you brought it up, I actually seriously pondered on it, and concluded "No!", I don't wish to trade my dear hubby for anything else, not even this fasinating gorgeous prince from the Mars. "No!", don't want anyone else to be my kids' father, especially a celebrity. Hubby and sons are all beautiful beautiful fun kids, and I cherish that they love me more than anything else in this world. Being a pratical and crazy woman, I am so happy with what I have in life, that I think I am satisfied with this life, can happily die at any moment, the rest of time is just bonus, and its such a bonus to have known YJ and you people. Sounds politically correct? I do mean it. Everything now in everyday is a bonus. :-) As long as YJ is still around in our view, enjoy while it lasts! :-) Boy he is dazzling and intriguing!

Write more please, you are always making people happy. Did you know how inspiring you are? Love ya!

frances said...

heippieh ^^
love everything about this guy..literally from head to toe !! & you're right, there's something undeniably classy in the way he sits :p

jaime said...

haha dear h,

Thanks for slapping some sense out of me. I guess I can't think straight when I am looking at his gorgeous pictures. Especially that 'family man' one, he just looks like a perfect father to me -kind, loving, caring.

You're so right, we already have a full and happy life. Knowing Yong Joon is an added bonus in our lives. He's one more person for us to love and care about. I should be thankful for all that! Most of all, having beautiful and precious sisters like you as a friend is one bonus that I have never anticipated of in this Bae-ziness!

Please take care of yourself!

love .... Jaime

HeippieH said...

Hi Frances, glad you like it. from head to toe huh? oh, wish to see some analysis on his toes, but guess no one can get easy access to them. what about fingernails? got to pay more attention to them in the future ... hehe, yes, every part of him is beautiful.

HeippieH said...

Jaime Jaime Jaime, I am again amazed by your talent in language. "Bae-ziness", how did you think out that word!

To be honest with you and with myself, I truly thank you for "slapping sense out of ME"! Your comments really triggered me to think about "what am I doing?" "why am I here?" "Am I making sense doing all these?" I guess NO, I am not making sense, I can not make sense, this is what crazy means. I am trying to gather all the "senses" and "excuses" to justify what i am doing here, but i realized that i am runnig short. Perhaps the only reasonable causes i can dig out were captured in my ealier translation of Mrs.A's debut "It's worth it" (http://heippieh.blogspot.com/2006/07/its-worth-it.html) and in my "Soul, be it" venting(http://heippieh.blogspot.com/2006/07/soul-be-it.html). I guess there is a good reason to keep a blog - at the time of where i am now, reviewng this recorded journey is comforting and healing. The first link explained by Mrs. A how I got to here and the second reminded me why i am still here - it is because of him and you, you people!

Yes, it is the love of you people who are keeping me here. Today, in my car while commuting, not turning on anything to listen (which is rare), i pondered and amazed, realizing how much heart, energy and work you have put in for creating those wonderful pictures in the Manet Series. I wonder if people have ever paused and thought about it, there must involve massive reading, thinking, selecting, cutting, scanning, photo matching and more. They are truly creative art work. I have not seen this type of artwork in any bae-site in these couple of years of my bae-journey. The pictures are elegant and innovative, the writings are eloquent and educational. Your work is unique, I can tell that you were an artist in your "past life". I am convinced that you are a extrodinary designer. Enjoying this level of artistic expression, including other sisters work, I figured it is worth it to hang around.

"Nothing will last", did wuri yong joon said this before? is this why i love him so much, for he always speaks out the truth i value?

"Smeagle is free", somehow that voice keeps ringing in my mind lately, frankly i can tell you that my BYJ syndrome is healing. i can function better in family life and work, which i see it as good sign, except a bit sad.

i'm sure you and the gals alike here have the sentimental side, (which drew you close to YJ), so i am sure you can understand what i am saying.


jaime said...

Dear h,

Honestly, the word Bae-ziness had been used before but I don't remember where (u see, I have a really really bad memory). A lot of times when people ask me my age, I have to subtract 2006-19xx, that's how bad I am!

I'm so glad you pointed me back to Mrs A's debut and your 'Soul Be It' post. This time I really digested the words slowly and thought about what you ladies are trying to convey. (Gosh h, you really should write more. I really like your amusing writing and unique perspective!) You're so right, we really use our souls to communicate, regardless of our differences and backgrounds. Along this Bae journey, we discover about BYJ, the fans, each other and ultimately, OURSELVES!

This discovery signifies a new light, a new meaning in my life. I've always been someone's daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, wife and mother; doing things to please other people and make sure that their needs are taken care of. Suddenly this man comes along waking me up, making me realize our hearts and minds have to be fulfilled first before our lives can blossom.

These few months I have been busily absorbing so much knowledge, not just on the actor BYJ, but on the beauty of life and human. The physical beauty of Korean everything and then expanded to Asia and the world - scenaries, people, culture, music and art. The beauty of human psychology and capability are displayed through fans' work and their interaction. We may see a small touch of kindness once in a while in our everyday life. But where can you find such an abundant amount of warmth, kindness and beauty concentrated in a fan circle within such a short timeframe?? Only in the BYJ family!! To me, this year seems like another lifetime, another new lease in life!

We are on the same wavelength, h. You're right, 'Nothing will last'! The other day, my sister just said to me casually that 'this is just a phase for me.' One day, BYJ will retire and we will no longer see him in the limelight. There will be no more news of him, fans' anticipation will die down. She may be right, this fanfare will not go on forever, but I know it's definitely not a PHASE for me. It's a turning point in my life!
He makes me rediscover passion like art, pure hearts, innocence, and the hidden side of humour and writing. I have the confidence now to deal with difficult people out there and face any challenge - by looking up to BYJ as a role model (God knows he has to face media scrutiny and business obstacles everyday).

Like you, I know from this point on, I may not be as engulfed by throwing myself into his life and his work as before (but it's so hard to tear my eyes away from his gorgeous face). I am slowly trying to strike a balance between my family, my life and my fantasy. Maybe this is a natural evolvement for a typical BYJ fan?

As you know, this journey will definitely not last without you and other beautiful Bae sisters. I enjoy so much of our mutual respect and support of each other. Sorry for such a long and tedious comment, just can't resist.

love ..... Jaime

byjglobal said...

My dear dear H: I've been admiring for the way he sits for a time & as you said "it's in his blood". I have not imagined enough how magnificent he would've sat on the last pic, I like the photo more. I really really liked the way he sat as Chan Woo on the attic room facing his brother advicing, he looked so kingly and super magnificent. I loved loved loved that scene.
Also when he sat on the bench in WS telling Sang Hyuk he is going back to US, he looked again so manly and magnificent. I believed it is in his blood. What about the way he walks.. every motion he does, small or big it is all very naturally magnificent and beautiful art in princely manner. Amazing beauty!! thank you for your posting, I'm happy to find someone eloquently posting my opinion.

HeippieH said...

Hi Dear byjblobal,

Thanks for sharing your fav scenes. One of my favorite scenes of his sitting was in Hotelier, when he went to prison to negotiate with Jason, at first he process into the visiting room, then he sit down at the chair, that moment, when he sit down at that chair, he "sit" and then lifted a bit to adjusted his position, oh, I don't know how to describe that "motion", that "moment", I tried to capture that "moment", but it was too hard to capture, and it must be a motion clip to show that, he did "sit" and "adjusted" with power. Sigh, don't have enough and proper words to describe that "way of sitting".