Tuesday, January 23, 2007

How could they break up?

Jaime asked a cute question about Winter Sonata -

For a girl who's been going out with a man for 10 years and is about to be married, will a long-lost boyfriend (if he's not Bae Yong Joon) be able to break that relationship?

Can I entertain you with my silly answer ?

Hi Dear Jaime, it's a very practical question - how can Yu-jin broke up with Sang-hyuk after 10 years going out with him. I guess if it were not because of her first pure love with Jun-sang who has a heavenly look and charater, she would have been Sang-hyuk's wife long ago, and she might be a happily married woman reading and writing about a super star named Bae Yong Joon, just like us, hahaha...

On anthor note, let me try to give an analysis on what "going out for 10 years" meant to Yu-jin and Sang-hyuk - the first year after Jun-sang died, Yu-jin was mourning all the time, guess she had no time for any serious dating with Sang-hyuk. The next 4 years, they went off to pursue their studies in college, seldom got a chance to meet, I guess they were in different cities in Korea, hahahaaa... Who knows, Yu-jin or Sang-hyuk might have got a master's degree, where they studied for another two years. So easily 7 years passed by for Yu-jin to savour on the memories with Jun-sang, and spent the rest of her time studying so hard on interior design, you see she was a very conscientious and diligent person.

Well they've got about 3 years left before Yu-jin met Jun-sang again. As described in the drama, obviously Sang-hyuk was not an exciting dating partner, he seemed to need advices from friends like Jin-yah for ideas like going out for movies, etc. And he usually had bad luck for finding a good movie to watch with Yu-jin. Yu-jin, being such a sad and passive person, I can hardly imagine that they will do anything close to what we defined as "going out", the only dating activities I have seen were eating out or driving around in Sang-hyuk's car. I guess the 3 years were spent on just doing these, and I have a good reason to suspect that this is the norm culture of the Koreans I saw in the Bae-dramas, the most intimate thing the dating couple did was holding hands, ok, ok, they can be more liberal than that, once in a while they may hug each other or give a light kiss. I doubt this kind of pre-marriage remote relationship can sustain the charming waves of Bae Yong Joon.

Hope my answer to your question is satisfatory.


jaime said...

dear h,

thanks for taking the time (and space) to answer my out-of-nowhere question. Actually it's not really out of nowhere, remember what we talked about ur hubby and my ex BF ~*^*~. U know, I miss Yong Joon so much that I started watching Winter Sonata again this week (when bb blogged about her favourite WS soundtrack). I always love Yujin when she was in high school, she was this cute, mischievious girl who's so warm and passionate to help others. I do notice a change after 10 years, she seems to be calmer, sadder, less excitable and unsure of her feelings. Maybe that 10 years of mourning has eroded this happy, innocent girl into a more serious and cautious woman whose emotions become very vulnerable.

Like what you said, what she has developed with SanHyuk is not really a passionate man-woman love, but more of a steady old friendship and brother-sister kind of relationship. Those monotonous dating activities like eating, movie-going that you described are really not adding much value and excitement to their stagnant relationship.

We know SanHyuk has always adored YuJin ever since he was young, so he respected her thoughts and allowed her a lot of 'space' in these 10 years to do her own dreaming and mourning. Therefore in YuJin's mind and heart, JunSahng has never left but even clouded over SanHyuk all these years without her showing it out. So when Yujin first love JunSahng reincarnates into MinHyung, coming back as a confident, flamboyant and of course gorgeous man, all her buried love and subconcious desire to see him again are all waken up. The so called 'fiancee' relationship that SanHyuk built with her crumbled down like a sand castle.

Hahaha, just my silly babbling. I agree with you, Yujin and SanHyuk's relationship hasn't really blossomed into 10 full years of passionate love. Thank you for answering my question.

mrs a said...

I will give my 2 cents okay maybe 1.5 cents to it.

I think Yu-jin was so hurt that she never allowed her heart to open to anyone else. I do think also that she felt like a sister to Sang-hyuk for so long. I don't think it ever developed as he wanted it to and deep down she realized that. Even though sometimes she was trying to think otherwise. To satisfy everyone else. But she had to be true to herself. So much that she couldn't love him the way he wanted her too or she at one time thought she might.

And after what Sang-hyuk did to her that one time, how could you think of having a relationship with someone who would abuse you?

Now don't we all remember our first love and keep them treasured in a pocket within our hearts. oK, maybe just sentimental me - silly girl!
But possibly she made a decision not to love anyone else.

The bottom line is - Who wouldn't wait for Jungsang?