Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Art of Negotiation - The Real Deal

All the previous negotiation sessions lead to this one, the one that is so brief but impressive. I still could not get over this tiny negotiation episode, partly because our prince looked so cool. It's amazing that our HRH can produce so many varying images in different hair styles and apparel., and emit various charms.

Oh, you should already realize that our HRH would have a scene to carry someone on his back in almost every drama he played. This time, it's the Black team whom he came to help. A couple of the key players got stabbed by the assassinates sent by the Yellow team.

Damdeok: Are you okay?

Damdeok: Let’s go to the doctor, can you walk? (I'll carry you to the doctor's ...)

The Black team leader refuse to be seen by the doctor since they would lose the right to play the game the next day if they were known to be injured.

Can't see the doctors, but they are heavily bleeding ... at this urgent moment, Damdeok thought about Kiha who knows the magic of healing ...

Damdeok turned to Suzinee ...

Damdeok: Can you get a horse for me?

I can't get my eyes off his face, manly mesmerizing when he is sweatingly serious!

Szni: Three ryangs (dollars) for a day. (Want to get a horse from me? There is a price, your highness prince!)

In such an emergency, Suzinee still remembered to negotiate with our prince ... what a fearless stubborn girl!

Szni: One extra ryang for the night.

(No discount for you! Again Your highness prince!)

Damdeok: Two ryangs!

Our prince quickly came back with a counter offer.

(Even though I am a prince, I stand firm for a fair negotiation!)

This girl is really something, what else can I say? Sigh ...

The first real deal between Damdeok and Suzinee was finally reached, wonder if this is the last ...

The Art of Negotiation - Damdeok for Suzinee

After knowing a bit more about this curious "money oriented" girl Suzinee, the "negotiation" relationship between the two turned around in Episode 5, when Damdeok started to negotiate FOR Suzinee. Just as how he was brought up to learn to hide his strengths and skills, when it comes to negotiation, his exceptional ability again surprised all. Suzinee, as a "professional" negotiator, you still have a long way to learn from our HRH - His Royal Handsome Prince.

At watching the game between the Yellow team and the Blue team, our prince did not like the violent way it was played ...

Damdeok: Can they do things like that? (Referring to the Yellow team beating up the opponents violently)

The "know-it-all" Suzinee was eager to explain the game rules to this seemingly ignorant nerd ...

Szni: It’s okay to play like that as long as they don’t touch each other’s horses in kyukku. They can hit, or poke with jangsi (the name of stick in kyukku).

Szni: And then, they might be thrown from their horses... broken. and then dead...

Really?! Our prince thought.

Damdeok: Isn’t the jangsi supposed to be made of bamboo with a hollow stem?
I thought that’s the rule of kyukku.....

I tripped over again by his royal intelligence coming out of his royal handsomeness, am I too much indulged in this legendary dram?

Szni: Then what’s inside of the stem if it isn’t hollow?

Our jolly Suzinee, who did not think as deep as our HRH prince, was brainy enough to realize that our prince was right. She, who was the girl that was fearless and quick to act, went to the Yellow team's camp to check those jangsi out.

Szni: Wow, it’s heavy. Are jangsi supposed to be this heavy?

Szni: There is something fishy going on.

When she confronted with Hogae's first assistant, her negotiation nature woke up again ...

Szni: How much are you going to pay me?

Szni: Do you want me to take this jangsi to the elders over there, to tell the truth?
Or would you rather pay me a little and I will close my mouth.

Szni: Brother, you can resolve this problem with just 30 dollars. Do you really want to see the blood?

But yes, they do want to see blood, forget about the deal! They caught Suzinee and was ready to do anything to put her to silence. Fortunately, nothing can escape from our prince. Here he comes to the rescue. Suzinee, count your blessings ...

Damdeok: Don’t you think there is someone that must tell the truth?

Szni: What are you doing here? Run away!

Good girl, you do care about our prince. For this I am on your side.

Damdeok: It was a good game.

Isn't he handsome in that long hair?

Damdeok picked up a jangsi and rapidly struk it against a pole. Wow that was a powerful blow my prince!

Damdeok: Hogae of the Yeons family. What do you want? Do you want me to show these to the people? Your father, Taedaehyung will be shocked....

Have you realized that the negotiation process was starting in our prince's mind, I actually just realized it at this moment of writing ...

Damdeok: It is a definite foul to put an iron stick in the stem of the bamboo of the kyukku. .

Damdeok: You didn’t know about this?

Wow wow, he is too cool in that hair style. Never expected this feast for the eyes before.

Damdeok: Give her some money, she will close her mouth.

(Ah Hah, Suzinee, what did I say, you are an extremely extraordinarily lucky girl, our HRH prince is negotiating for YOU! Look at his determined eyes, who can be mentally strong enough to refuse his offer?)

And he added ...

Damdeok: Pay her an adequate amount of money.

Hogae had no chance of rejecting the request. Prince, with your charm, you'll always get whatever you ask for, but you seldom ask anything for yourself, rather you always ask for things that would benefit other people.

Damdeok: Aren’t you supposed to say ‘thank you’, or ‘you saved my life’? (Aren't you impressed by my negotiation tactic? Our prince was still a naughty boy.)

Szni: Are you going to go this way? Then. I will..... (I'll go that way, I am completely upset! Suzinee was no adult either.)

Damdeok: Did you get paid?

(Aren't you a girl who is so interested in money? Now aren't you happy that you got what you have been so longing for? Why are you still upset?)

"Yes I did", the professional negotiator admitted, "You did it phenominally, but I am upset that you never told me you are a prince!". And, there is another reason, and that is why I started to love this girl, perhaps for the same reason Damdeok started to like her as well.

Szni: I’m not scared of anything, because of my lack of education. But, I have a question for you. It’s natural for me, just like a street person, to get the money first when there is a chance. But, are you at least someone of the Great Power, are you supposed to be on the side of justice? You said, “Let it go?” What did you get while I got the bag of money?

For a street girl in front of a prince, this question is very brave and wise. Go girl, Suzinee, we love you and we wish Damdeok falls in love with you eventually.

Note: Thanks to Suehan and Quilt where these translations are obtained.

The Art of Negotiation - How about the Fortune Telling?

Suzinee finally convinced our Damdeok to visit her master Hyni for a "consultation" on whether the black team will win. Master Hyongo's day job is performing fortune-telling. I don't think our prince is so desperate to win the bet on the game, rather he is quite amused by this jocose girl's funny tricks on the quest of money. This part of message exchanges made me chuckle ...

Szni: You can trust him, master.

Hyn: For what?

Szni: For money.

Hyn: Oh, does he have plenty?

Szni: It seams so. (Suzinee has been witnessing, sniffing and chasing that pouch of silvers for quite a while)

Hyn: Oh, then... (Ah, then we are in serious business here ... )

Hyon-go prompt our prince to pick a fortune stick from the cup.

Dmdk: Me? (Our prince is quite amused)

Hyn: Choose one.

Damdeok picked one.

Szni: Black! (You see, I told ya it would be black team!)

Hyn: The winner will be the Black team, as revealed here.
Don't tell anyone about this. The one who breaks the secret of the heaven shall be punished. The fee for the fortune telling is two dollars.

Dmdk: Two dollars ? ... (Huh, that's what you wanted girl ...)

Szni: Yes, two dollars.

Our prince threw out 2 dollars meanwhile quickly grabbed the cup full of fortune-telling sticks.

Dmdk : They are all black !!! (Apparently all the sticks in the cup were marked black)

Both Hyon-go and Suzinee jumped up to cover our prince's mouth. I consider Suzinee an extremely extraordinarily lucky girl who got all kinds of opportunities to get "physical" with our prince. Tsk Tsk ...

Suzinee finally made two dollars out of our prince, nice job girl! But we have to make it clear that our prince has never been fooled. His handling of Suzinee's tricks was so witty and humorous.

The Art of Negotiation - How About Gambling

Damdeok got some reward from a merchant that he just helped. "Here it is." The merchant gave him some silver.

Suzinee rushed to get hold on DD's hands with that money - "Don't you want to make this money to double?

It could be increased three, four, or ten folds if you are lucky...

DD thought "Oh oh here she comes again!"

Suzinee pulled DD to a gambling place.

DD: So you gamble as well?

SZN: No. This is not gambling. This is called "Win or Lose". They are just making a bet on the team that will win at this Kyuk-gu match.

People are betting on the Yellow team. If we bet on the Black team, and if the black team wins.... Imagine how much it could be! I will take care everything for you, and just give me twenty percent.

She started to search for the smell of that sweek money pouch ...

DD: Don't you have any sense of pride?

SZN : Nah nah...

Wow wow it's here...

Hmm Hmmm, smells so good ...

DD: And you can do anything for money?

SZN nodded "Oh yeah! Of course!"

DD: "How do you know that the Black team will win?" Suzinee quickly covered our prince's sensual lips (hey, hey Suzinee, you are too lucky, what out till we get to ya).

Shh... I have a secrete source of information ...

Now you are coming with me, I have something nice to show ya ...