Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Sexiest HRH in TWSSG

It has become a trend that more and more movies and dramas are stuffing in more unnecessary violence or sex scenes, in order to boost up the box office or viewership. Gradually people are used to it and welcoming it and even expecting it more and more. Interesting enough, the TWSSG achieved much success without having to resort to any of those. Well can't disagree that there were some violent scenes, but this is a war theme, it is justifiable that those fighting and killing scenes are necessary and not overdone. Nevertheless, today I am talking about the scenes that are related to sexiness. The "statistics" showed that there was only one kissing scene in the entire drama, and that was not even "accomplished".

(The sweet moment between Jumoochi and Dalbi).

TWSSG proved that a good piece of work does not need to rely on the arousing scenes like kissing or bed-scenes, etc. Rather it is well received as exceptionally entertaining in terms of successfully stimulated viewer's senses AND mind. Good storyline, rich character development, proficient acting from almost all actors/actresses, extraordinary CG and sound effect, beautiful music, and especially the irreplaceable charming absorbing king BYJ, all are the keys to success. Of course we have to be thankful for BYJ's perfecting subtle performing skills. Even though there was no bed-scenes, the very existence of BYJ is sexy enough. So when I read somewhere about the "bed-scene" of TWSSG, I was quite curious and amused. Are people so craving for the sex scenes? Lo, and behold, they were talking about tis one :

Come on! Give me a break! I don't even see a bed! Don't even mention that this whole 20-second scene was made up of a contiguous shooting of the above still picture. I would rather call this the "still sleeping scene", quite straightforward, eh?

Is this closer to a "bed-scene"? At least HRH is on the bed, this very combination is already arousing, ya?

Although there were hugging and panting involved, it is pretty clear to me that this still does not qualify for a bed-scene. I'd rather call it a "nightmare comforting scene".

Looking for a sexy HRH in TWSSG? It's got to be tough if you only look for the obvious like a bed-scene. It's easy to show a brave Taewang, a heroic Taewang, a merciful Taewang, a diplomatic Taewang, a visionary Taewang, an emotional Taewang ... but a sexy Taewang, nm-nm, don't think the scriptwriter or the director had the particular intention for showing a sexy Taewang.

But again, who is BYJ? The very existence of BYJ is sexiness. Heehee... this is NOT an over-statement!

Now you are trying to decide in which scenes he was sexy? How about this?

mmm... this one I can stare for the longest time! Remember I love love love this man with eyes closed and chins up. Apparently his self-awareness did not fail him. He showed many of these mesmerizing chins-up-eyes-closed scenes in this drama, with clear intention to struck us down, but he did it so naturally.

Hmmm... I would call this the "wine-teasing scene". HRH was rather playful and naughty then sexy. Although this "O-Ho" scene was pretty fatherly and a tad sexy. I love it!

This "O-Ho" expression is brand new to me, I believe this is the very first time he used this new mass destruction bomb to us. I am completely blown down flat by his "O-Ho".

But desiring more than a fatherly "O-Ho"? Yeah, in my mind, there is a more sexy one. Thinking of this one?

Well, I can only call this "fuzzy flirting scene". Would HRH flirt like this in the real life? Damdeok looked playful and uncertain about his feelings to Sujini. After all, he is only a king of 20ish in age. A king with great mind but in a unsettled young age, not sure enough for a relationship yet? Mind still on Kiha?

We are getting closer to find the sexiest HRH if we look at this episode, when Sujini bid farewell to the HRH king, but keeping our king in the complete blue.

I do feel happy being served by a pretty girl like you, Sujini, though I am so used to you, but today you look different, do a better job this time, okay?

And this is the excuse that I grabbed your hand, I felt an impulse to hold your elegant gentle hand - "why are you so quiet? Tell me, you must have made some trouble?"

Hey, these arms are sexy. Crazy thought!

Hey Hey, Sujini's hands are beautiful. Those long fingers ... lucky enough to hold HRH's waist!

Are you crying? Damdeok felt foggy ...

Yeah! Crying big time! Sujini, you are such a pretty, lovely, talented girl! How come Damdeok has not realized that you are a treasure?

Let the king look at you (ya, a mighty young handsome king!), Sujini, look at me.

This is back to you (I am saying good-bye na my dear!)

Why are you doing this to me? I don't understand...

What is it that you are not telling me?

Please stay, I won't let you go (still holding Sujini's little hand? imagining wildly ...)

Good-bye my king, with a smiling cry, I am leaving ...

Something is going on outside the radar of this shrewd mind, our handsome king is puzzled. Have you ever seen a king as handsome as HRH? Never! This will never exist in the real world. I then love to live in the fantasy!

Your back has a nice smile, didn't you know? (Really? What product did HRH use for shower?)

I call this "Out-of-the-blue no-clue puzzling scene". Poor Damdeok, only Sujini dares to treat our king like this!

Here we are! I can not describe why I think the next episode showed the sexiest look of HRH in this drama. Can't describe. Pictures worth a thousand words. Here savor on them.

(Damdeok alluring Sujini ... )

(Sujini is under the spell ...)

(Errrr... out of word, out of mind, only one word remaining - sexy)


(Focus focus, let me focus on this work, trying to tie it properly ...)

(Silent ... captivated...)

(When he looks down upon you, hold your breath ...)

OMG, out of words, look at those eyes, if not sexy, what are they? How did he do it? One eye slightly narrower than the other, with such a subtle facial expression ... No wonder Sujini got struck like this ...

Said enough of the word "sexy", more than the total times I said in my real life. Shame on me, but he made me do that, and HE DID IT IN PURPOSE!

My Favorite Damdeok Wrath Scenes

Thought of writing down something over the weekend but time just passed with all kinds of "necessary" work at home, but not much seemed to be accomplished. Since woke up a bit early than usual, thought might be good to transfer some of my mind on TWSSG to this post.
Thank goodness for HRH to give us so many of his gracious precious appearances in a reasonably long drama. TWSSG presented so many of his looks and gestures and voices for us to study for the rest of the years before he gives us another new work.

Remember I was longing for his serious looks? I love love love his smiles, but I also missed his serious looks, since I believe when he is not smiling, he looks more manly. And when he is showing his anger, he looks more sexy.

There are about 5 places in this drama I can remember his outbursts. If I watched the drama a tad more times, I may find out more of Damdeok exploded in anger. So far I remembered 5 and the first 3 of these 5 wraths are my favorites.

1. Damdeok visited his father's tomb, learned from High Priestess that Kiha was the one who killed his father. He trusted Kiha so much, but High Priestess who has cared for him like a mother, and her witness prove to him that Kiha indeed was the "murderer", imagine how disappointed, angry he would be to Kiha and to himself! This was the first time Damdeok burst out in wrath. His angry roar was soooo soooo sexy. The action of throwing the sword and hit the marble pillar was mighty powerful.

2. Damdeok Taewang came back to the royal city in victory, but had to meet Kiha the new High Priestess in the Temple alone. The conversation between the two ex-lovers was a total disaster. The misunderstandings caused both to suppress their heartbreaking emotions and memories in the past, rather the words they spoke out to each other were quite hurting. The relationship was ended, Damdeok decided. At that moment, without a voice, the young king's suffocated fury was exploded by swinging his sword splitting off the golden string. No one can play this scene better than HRH. Now you got a taste of how he would look like when you break his heart. So don't do that!

3. In Episode 17, the ministers were surprised that Taewang treated them like loyal subordinates even after they were trying to kill him in the past. One of the ministers, seeing Taewang giving away the sacred symbols to the Hwachuan Leader, hoping to exchange for the minister's lives, he remorsed on his disloyal to the king and killed himself in front of Taewang. While Damdeok and everyone else were in shock, the second minister followed up, trying to do the same thing, in order not to burden the king with their unworthy lives. Taewang could not stand this any more, he burst out a mighty "NO!!! WAIT" and charge to the evil Hwachuan Leader! Wow, how much do I wish I could post the video clip of this raging outbreak, HRH's mighty roar was soooo MANLY!

4. Angry with General Gao for blocking him to rescue the two "dummies" Juno leader and Joomichi.

5. Angry with Gomul village folk not knowing where Sujini disappeared herself.

Er Er, I feel like I am this Gomul disciple - hold on, hold on your Highness, you are getting too emotional for this girl Sujini, sorry we did not know you want her so much! Easy, Easy! So HRH, we hope you'll find your sweetheart and never loose her.

Guess what, after screen captured and reviewed these raging HRH pictures, I really really really really miss his smiles. At this moment, my mind is locked on this cute picture of the young Damdeok on the palace wall with a smile that is such a rich charming mixture of childish, shy, mischievous, pure and more ...

HRH is such a sunshine! Do you like this smile better or Mona Lisa's? Tough question, eh? Being a simpleton, I answered without a blink, HRH's smile always makes me smile, of course I like this lively one better! I vote this the best smile of Damdeok in TWSSG.