Sunday, October 22, 2006

(Translation) 马奈 (未删减)

It's sad to call this series off. Jaime, want to start a Monet series?

This year there is a big Rambrandt 400 year celebration going on in Amsterdam. Should have visited Rambrandt Museum, it is grand, but did not get enough time. My significant other is a fan of Van Gogh, so I spent most of my time in Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam a few weeks ago, just wanted to try my best to undersand him, this "him" refers to either Van Gogh or my sweetheart, I had to admit that I am not artistic enough, I think he is a fine artist, did a lot of fine work, I respect him a whole lot, his talent, his attitude, his hard work, his view of life, him as a person, just his artistic representation of objects is not my type, I like more brighter cleaner happier style, Van Gogh is too dark, too intense, especially in his early days, his later ones are better appreciated, of course, obviously his sunflowers, but overall, I am an old-school, impressionism is as far as I can go, post-impressionism like Van Gogh is a bit off track, then this Picasso, the whole world can love him, but me, incapable of appreciating his work, let alone his personality. To me art should be sane, beautiful, meaningful. Enjoy more tranditional paintings even better, those ones in Louvre are hearty, and those scuptures, oh, heavenly ......

No doubt, these work of Manet's and Yong Joon's and Jaime's, are definitely art.


在进行马奈系列艺术创作的过程中, 某些作品我没有收入系列中. 但是我们亲爱的勇俊的每一幅照片都是如此珍贵, 就象珍宝一样值得我们仔细品味, 因此我还是将它们贴出来, 取名为"未删减马奈"(呵呵,或者还叫什么呢?), 大家来当裁判吧......


mrs a said...

Hi Heippieh!

I know very little about art although I truly enjoy it. But VanGogh and Picasso isn't for me. I agree too dark on VanGogh and Picasso - don't understand at all...haha I am so bad at art I got the bargirl picture artist confused with Jaime's Manet/Monet... pretty pathetic art critic I am.

Have you ever seen Mary Cassatt? She does alot of children in her paintings I like her and impressionist.

Oh, I miss Jaime our art professor writings. My Intellect level gained some ground reading her articles!\

Take Care!

HeippieH said...

Hi Mrs. A, thank goodness we have these sisters passing around knowledge. I don't know Mary Cassatt until now. I checked her on the web and learned something new. Thank you!

I miss Jaime too. Where is she? Is Quilt down? She could not post her writings if Quilt is down. How have you been? Hope everything goes well and you are enjoying life.

mrs a said...

It is remarkable how much you all have taught me! Thank you! I know very little about art but am so impressed with some of it. To think someone can create such lovely masterpieces blows me away.

Quilt still down? I worry about Joanne and them - they are always working so hard on it. Seems like a never ending
job. Bless their hearts.

Life last couple months haven't been so great. I ended up going to the hospital alot and then my work project wasn't off to a bumpy start and when I wasn't home I was working alot of hours a day and then school started so teaching SS and Choir again & I just got bombarded. Shouldn't say this but it is HELL to get "older". Not old yet-just older... hahaha

So there you have it. Not as tidy as a nutshell and sorta rough around the edges but a true summary of the music in my life.

Hope all has been good for you.

Take care, Many Blessings!