Sunday, January 14, 2007

TWSSG - We Are Happy To See The King

Seen bb's posing on our King ? I got to save this pic of him, so attactive! (Note: cute is no longer the right word to describe our king now!)

Ai, do we know when this shooting will come to an end and we can eventually see our king in the action? I am so looking forward to seeing it (don't speak the obvious, h! who else is not?). BYJ will be in a yet another totally different role, his new venture in the historical settings and costumes, he will be mainly showing us his masculine side, will be a lot of actions, horse ridings, love relationships as always, we get to see all of his strengths, fascinating qualities, and looks, OMG, this is going to be a feast! Wonder if they are offering reservations, I'd like to make one right now!


byjglobal said...

Dear h: You are finally in action yourself. Very good, blogging daily, thanks.

Did you notice his thick masculine shoulder in this pic? Whoa!! so masculine and handsome. I can't hardly wait for TWSSG.

HeippieH said...

Hi Dear BYJglobal, nice to see you again! Heard from bb that you went to see our prince in Korean. Must be a heavenly experience!

I did realized his masculine shoulder, his elegant face, what a combination! And that long hair looks healthy, better than mine! boy boy i need to carry an oxygen tank when i look at his pictures.

well trying to blog as much as i can, just sometimes situations dost not grant me time. i might be quite for another couple of weeks, better get what i have in my mind now quickly ... ^-^