Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The People Movement

As wuri yong joon is working hard on bring us the superb powerful king, some of our bae sisters have put themselves to work as well. This was once mentioned in bb's blog, here is a scoop :

p.p.s. wanna thank fellow fan yee from the states... everyone's heard of people magazine from the states right? well, every year they would compile and publish a list of the most beautiful people in the world. in addition, some local editions also compile their own list, like people in korea will do their own list.

well, yee noticed that wuri yong joon has been conspicuously missing from both the korean and the international list, hehe, i said 'conspicuously', probably to us bae fans only huh?

anyway, yee's written a very nicely persuasive email to the people team in the states with pictures and three carefully selected interview articles that further expanded on how beautiful a person wuri yong joon is inside and outside.

yee took the trouble to share with me her email to them, and i thought her tone was just right. not overly gushy nor too overwhelmingly sweet or obviously fanatic fan, if you know what i mean. personally, i ain't quite the sort to bother much about rankings, lists, polls and stuff. but i do think it's great that fans like yee are taking the extra effort to try. maybe they will start thinking, and maybe, just maybe, we will see his name in their next list.

anyhow, just wanna say 'thank you' to yee. lovely work there.

Due to my present family and work situation, I have been missing bb's blog a lot, but thanks go to Jaime for bringing my attention to this on-going activitie. Apparently, some of our fellow fans are bearing the virtue of perseverance, here is what is in their mind, nicely stated by Jaime :

...... some sisters are writing to PEOPLE magazine nominating Yong Joon as the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE. It's probably a long shot since these American magazines only recognize caucasian males as their beauty standards. I just want to do something for Yong Joon and at least raise their awareness of this beautiful man. ......

Here is one of these sisters' letter, want to guess who the author is?


Dear Editor,

I am writing to your magazine and hope to introduce the Asian superstar BAE YONG JOON as a candidate for your SEXIEST MAN ALIVE or the MOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE issue!

BaeYong Joon is a 34 years old Korean actor. He is already a phenomenon in Asia and is spreading his charismatic power to North America, South America, Europe and the Middle East.

His physical beauty overshadows any men 180cm, he has a beautifully sculpted body, handsomest face with the straightest high bridge nose, luscious lips and chiselled jawline. His face exudes both masculinity and femininity, you can find strength as well as fresh child-like innocence. When he smiles, the whole room lights up like rays of sunshine and warms even the coldest of hearts. He is admired by millions of women around the world.
Surely any good looking man can spark the craze of hormone-raging teenagers and young women, but he is the ONLY gorgeous man who can stir up buried emotions of so many middle-aged single/happily-married women! He arouses all the hidden fantasies of women with his gentle and sincere manner and make them feel like they are young girls all over again!

Beyond Bae Yong Joon's physical attraction, his inner beauty is unmatchable by any stars or celebrities. He has the determination and drive to strive for excellence in everything he does and is constantly seeking opportunity to challenge himself. He is widely recognized as the leader of the Hallyu wave and is well respected by his peers for his integrity in the entertainment business. He created numerous phenomenons and many “firsts” and is constantly exploring new areas for his personal development. Not content with just the unilateral flow of Korean wave in Asia, he strives to widen that horizon to propagate an Asian movement in the world. He lives this idealism not only through his art of acting, but also in his recent achievements with his Entertainment and restaurants empire.

Despite his superstar status and exploding popularity, he's the most humble, low-key and courteous person. He called his fans 'family' and displays such care and love to them. He contributes back to the society through great example and generous donation to the less fortunate. He builds cultural brideges between Korea and other countries, thus creating political harmony among Asian countries. His economic effects ripple throughout the world and it is named BYJ economy which is documented in several education text books in Japan and Taiwan. Bae Yong Joon is a true phenomenon in recent Asian history - there was
no one like him before, and never will be after!

I recognize that your magazine is the leader of new wave and phenomenon. Bae Yong Joon is definitely the leader of the new phenomenon of entertainers and ideal man in every woman's dream. Please investigate more about him and you’ll agree with me that he is definitely the SEXIEST and THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN ALIVE! I have attached his pictures for your reference.

Thanks you for your consideration!

regards ....... Jaime

Woops, the name is revealed. Thank you Jaime for this beautiful, heartful effort. I am not concerned whether wuri yong joon will be selected or rated for this matter or that, I care more that he is well introduced to various influential media. He deserves to be known by more people.

There are many other sisters who have sent their letters to the People magazine. Some of them would like to keep this to themselves, some are more open. This is all understandable. I would like to post the letters of those who are willing to share. Please, if you would like to share, post it on Quilt or your favorite website, and then send it to me, I'll translate them into Chinese and post them on the Chinese bae sites, so that more sisters are aware of this activity and more sisters can paticipate at will.

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hey H, thanks for offering to do this, i mean translating the letters into chinese :)