Sunday, January 07, 2007

The New Year Message

First of all, it is already 6 days passed the New Years Day, I just came in to wish every visiter and their loved ones, a Happy, Healthy, Hopeful 2007!

I am sad though to have just learned from bb that Quilt is going away. Sad, sad ... It is more sad than to see a friend departing. Quilt has been a place for friends all over the world gathering, chatting, sharing, for the love of BYJ. It has never came to my mind that Quilt will eventually be closed down. Quilt server had been down a few times, and I myself had plenty problems reading the content in the freeboard, but I had always been taking granted that it would be always there, although I knew and truly appreciated that there are people like Joanne, Hyeon, etc. sacrificing their personal life to keep it up, I have never really thought about how much work load they had to maintain it. If there were more people involved in helping the core Quilt team, may be situation would be better? Just speculating that maybe the international nature of the visitors on Quilt made it harder to organize more help for the Quilt team? These may all be after-the-fact thoughts, looking at how much effort I need to put in to keep this blog active, it is already intimidating to think about how other active bloggers and BYJ website maintainers are going through. I truly admire their energy, ability and perseverance. I hope in this new year, Joanne and other Quilt team member's individual and family life will be peaceful and joyful, hope that we are all moving along happily on this BYJ journey.

Our Prince of Baeuty has always been thoughtful, I was amazed when I saw him sending his New Year's message to his fans during his busy shooting time. He is such an intelligent, diligent, thoughtful individual, I am sure his days are 100 times busier and more stressful than mine, but he never forgot to sending in his New Year Greetings timely, I feel quite ashamed for failing to do so to all of our friends here. I know all of our friends have read his New Year's Message from various websites, mee too ...... But I have a particular love to BYJ's words in any situation, I am compelled to repost his message here for my own sake. As bb mentioned, BYJ's original message disappeared from KOB, I just checked, it is still not there, I wonder what happened there. So it is even more important that I keep a copy here from bb.

original in korean: byj / kob
translated into english: suehan

Dear family,

Annyonghaseyo! This is Bae Yong Joon..

I’ll start off this letter by greeting everyone into the 2007 new year. I wonder how everyone will be spending the last few days of 2006.^^ Hopefully, everyone will spend those days with their families and friends...

Last month, I was very glad to have met all of you again at the very meaningful location of the Asian Culture Exchange.. The event motivated me to, again, contribute myself to the cause.

Looking back on the past year and my hectic schedule, I was able to enjoy some joyful and wonderful moments with everyone thanks to your support. On the other hand, I also remember the tsunami many Asian families had to suffer through; and recently, I have also been concerned when having been informed of unfortunate events occurring throughout the world.. I just hope that no one had too much of a loss during these times, and pray that everyone is better.

Despite the fact i've been unable to meet with all of you often this year, through my projects and other works this upcoming year, I hope there will be many good opportunities to be a part of this family. And I sincerely hope that you and your families will be well, and many good things will come to you all this upcoming year. And I will continue to do my best as an actor and as Bae Yong Joon, an individual.

I hope everyone has a good new year. (^-^)(__)

Bae Yong Joon


mrs a said...

You know I was deeply touched too that he took the time to send this. But then again, it shows how thoughtful, caring and considerate of his family he truly is. That is one reason I like him so much!

jaime said...

dear h,

I agree with mrs a, he's so considerate and love his family so much to remember sending us a NY message! Come to think of it, I didn't even send him any, shame on me! (Hahaha, as if he's tapping his fingers in front of the PC waiting for "You've Got Mail!" from me!)

Happy New Year to you too, h!

love .... Jaime

HeippieH said...

Hi Dear Mrs.A, he is a real gentleman. And a smart gentleman. Come and think of that family concept, it becomes so real now that I can escape from it. Hahaha...

take care,

HeippieH said...

Dear Jaime, how cute to think about him tapping his finger in front of a computer waiting for your email! Maybe it is a good idea for him giving us his personal email, then we can send him some really cool jokes to cheer him up everyday. Hahaha...

take care,