Saturday, January 27, 2007

Random Thoughts - BYJ Fans

Had an urge to write something while commuting, but once I got here, as always, I am side tracked, doing something not planned, re-org the postings, read fellow-fan's blogs, writing comments, doing more reading ... Now it's hard to get to my orginal point ... Really wanted to talk about the BYJ fans ...

Remember the granny in the drama HWRL, she always had something to tease about, she'd always group things/people into 3 types, the one type, the opposite type, and the one she is teasing about. Her teasing sounds quite funny, yet philosophically profound. I personally think the scriptor used granny as her own voice, did I tell you I love this scriptor, Noh Hee-kyung. Well, this is still not my point ...

Let's see ... I am not good at teasing people, so I can only think about two types for anything I care ...

There are two types of person in this world, selfish ones, selfless ones, and BYJ fans are the later. They would do anything to support him without seeking any return.

There are two types of happiness in this world, one comes from receiving, one comes from giving, and BYJ fan's hapiness is the later.

There are two types of lonliness in this world, one caused by not having people around, one caused by not finding one to share the feelings even though there are many around. BYJ fan's lonliness is the later.

There are two types of fans in this world, one screams out, one hides down, and BYJ fans are the later.

Thank goodness there is internet, these lonely souls now can all pop up to share their joy.


mrs a said...

Good analysis but mmmm... I'm a lonely soul...I always wondered about that part of my persosnality! hahaha

Well from one lonely soul to another - isn't this fun! Isn't he fabulous!

And you know I think it is good he has 2 types of fans (although I don't agree with them or could never do it) but it reminds him wherever he is going that he is loved!

HeippieH said...

Dear Mrs.A.,

Long time no talk. been there, heard ya, lonely soul, mee too, heehee...

you are right, no matter what types of fans he has, good will always come out of him, he is well loved, and his fans are learning and enjoying from knowing him.

Take care,