Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!


For flowers that bloom about our feet;
For tender grass, so fresh, so sweet;
For song of bird, and hum of bee;
For all things fair we hear or see,
For our beautiful prince HRH,
Father in heaven, we thank Thee!
Original by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Adopted by HeippieH

I am so grateful that I have you all with me on this Thanksgiving Day. Love you all this Thanksgiving Day. May your hearts and home be full of divine blessings on this Thanksgiving!

May your stuffing be tasty
May your turkey plump,
May your potatoes and gravy
Have never a lump.
May your yams be delicious
And your pies take the prize,
And may your Thanksgiving dinner
Stay off your thighs!

Wish you a very special Thanksgiving Day for you and your family.

A Message from KOB - General Gao Voiced Fans Heart

1 【原创翻译】官网留言-昨晚第20集高将军说出了粉丝的心声

Author : Joon-san
Translation : wonchum
Title : In Episode 20 Yoonjoon and Great King Dam Duk.

Repost from
Brief translation into English

After watching the conversation between General Gao and His Majasty Damduk, I am deeply moved.

It was as if General Gao said what we fans wanted to say!

It was also as if we heard the words of Bae Yong Joon from his own heart from he words of Great King Damduk in the drama,

General Gao: "You Majasty, Don't you trust your soldier"

Damduk: "It is not that I do not trust my soldier. It is that I do not trust myself. Because the one who makes the final decision is me, I am scared at every moment like that... because I may risk their lives!"

General Gao: "Death we used to be afraid of ... But did you know? If it is for Your Majasty, we would not afraid of death. So please would you stay with us".

From this scene, I could not help to recall the agony of the main actor Bae Yong Joon who went through the hardship of preparing and performing (in TWSSG) for 3 years and experienced many injuries.

I personally believe that this was made specially for Bae Yong Joon. Because of the most popular Asian star BYJ is in this drama... A Korean drama won the heart of many Asian countries... It is truly a drama that realizing a ambition.

- “我会让大家受到损失”-这或许是勇俊的想法。
If adjourn the shooting because of my injuries, that is unbearable! - "I will cost people loss" - This might be Yoonjoon's thought.

Yoonjoon, your decision, just as you offer great physical pain and mental agony, your sacrifice is worth it! Because you bring people ... hope.

Sincerely wish Yoonjoon recover health soon! "Please stay with us".

If there was no Yoonjoon, this would be just one of the many other dramas.

From Quilt: GQ Korea magazine, December 2007

Ah, to my heart's joy, I found this on today's Quilt. Thanks to Joanne and Style. I especially like these comments :

He embraced Kogooryeo as a model of good man, whom all women want and all people want.
Producer Kim Jonghak recalled that when BYJ brought out a little analytical theory on the Great King Kwang-gae-to, which he himself studied, there sprang out respect for him as a human being, beyond hearty confidence in an actor that a director would feel.

BYJ is more of a role model than just an entertainer in my life. As a workaholic, studying BYJ is a real piece 0f work in a lifetime.


Joanne []
[SCAN] GQ Korea magazine, December 2007

Style scanned and posted this on Freeboard of's byjgalleryCafe.
BYJ is chosen as one of Men of the Year by GQ Korea magazine.
Article on the photos were typewrited by zeze and posted on the same board.

[SCAN] GQ Korea magazine, December 2007

Men of the Year

Bae Yongjoon

At one time, stories about him all seemed to be superfluities.
However, in 2007 those stories are still inexhaustible fountains of wealth.

In 2007, leaving amazing businessman
who has astronomical stocks behind,
and standing aside shadow of old lover, who seems to always embrace by opening two arms even if one returns to him after making any kind of mistake,
he became an Emperor of our People.

Although it is a mythtical emperor who survives even after getting his heart stabbed,
we feel from him, quiet, lyrical, straight, and sensitive man,
not reminding us Zeus in Greek Mythology,
or Hyeokgeose, who broke out of an egg.

He embraced Kogooryeo as a model of good man,
whom all women want and all people want.
Producer Kim Jonghak recalled that
when BYJ brought out a little analytical theory on the Great King Kwang-gae-to,
which he himself studied, there sprang out respect for him as a human being,
beyond hearty confidence in an actor that a director would feel.

The 'Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi', which he made by devoting more than 3 years
had gathered viewing rate in and out of 40% and topic of talks.
That he injured a finger ligament burned into worries
which reminded even patriotic worries in Japanese fans,
and TV viewers, who had been captivated (melted down) by warm charisma in 'Damdeok', also
became indulged in him to the extent to pay attention to his finger on screen.

BYJ in the 'Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi' was not Hallyu star, very rich man,
, model having ideal image, nor businessman.
He looked as an actor who really acted well, a man whom we wanted to lean against,
and deeply trusted statesman who would better be a candidate in Presidential election.

He, who was flexible, daring, smart, and straight,
was exactly Bae Yoongjoon and Damdeok.
He treated himself harshly even in stormy schedule.
He was not lazy in doing exercise, and did not put down books, he had been reading in ordinary times, off hands.
He did not consider it troublesome to eat foods his body needed by separatingly preparing them,
and he also took care of conditions of his staff whom he thought about as if his own body.
Showing in the same character as 'Damdeok' even in filming sites, he was enough Emperor with that.

Having told that Emperor cannot do any kind of interview before wars are over,
he told as follows when he became Men of the Year.

"Thank you selecting me into a meaningful place.
I feel that (this year) will become an unforgettable year from many perspectives.
I will make more effort to be able to show good appearance in future."

We know reason why these 3 sentences are not heard as stereotyped greetings.
That is BYJ's power.

Contributing Editor/Cho Kyeongah

Copyright (c) GQ Korea

About BYJ as Korea's National Treasure

This is my journal dedicated to a person who has a special impact in my life - BYJ. I am happy that there are people who share the same interests come here to have some fun. It is nice to have communications with the people having the common values and interests, not necessarily agreeing with each other in every nitty point, but through conversing with common love, we found joy in life, this is the main purpose of this blog.

Somehow there is one (or a couple) Anonymous reader being angry with Fumi-san and also disagreeing about BYJ being regarded as "national treasure" of Korea. This all came from a Fumi-san's letter I posted after knowing about BYJ's neck injury during performance in TWSSG. Click here for the posting and the comments. I would like to repost my reply to the comments made by the second Anonymous, to express my take on the "national treasure" issue.

Anonymous said...

I'm BYJ fan. I'm a not Korean, but my korean friends told me that, in Korea they cconsider Lee Yong Ae and Jang Dong Gun as national treasures. They're both awarded Best Actor/Actress awards in the Blue Dragon Film Festival. CNN talk Asia did an interview on Jang Dong Gun and ABC broadcasting in America will air a special program on him as well. JDG does movie. I'm into drama not movie, so I don't know how good he is as an actor. But I watched one of Lee Young Ae's 'Dae Jang Geum", and she was good. Anyway, yeah that's the subject of national treasure.

H replied:

Hello the second Anonymous,

So besides Fumi-san, you want to talk about another subject - national treasure.

I do not care whether you are Korean or not, further more I do not care whether you are BYJ fan or not, so you do not need to declare those to me. To me everything about BYJ is universal, and everyone who comes here is because of BYJ.

As I said and I'll keep saying this, I am spending my time here is because of the virtues of this special person BYJ. I do not have time for any other actor/actress just because they have good skills in there professions or win so many awards. But on the other hands, BYJ does have good skills in his profession and he did win many awards including Blue Dragon. Yet his achievements are way beyond these earthly measurements. Please study more of BYJ's mind in the future if you really care.

One way of studying his mind is by reading his own words and evaluating the drama/movie works he has selected to perform. He is a very prudent person in choosing his words and works, that is why he has fewer works than most of the other actors and actresses, but that also reveals to us that the morals in those carefully selected works reflected the values that he agrees with. So again if you really care, please watch the drama Have We Really Loved, which he risked his career to insist on playing. And because of this action, he is my treasure in this world. (I would reword it here - because of this action, he became my treasure in this world and continues to be more and more of a unique treasure as I know him more through his new works and activities.)

As for national treasure for Korea, this "title" was given by its own people, if they want to pick JDK, why didn't they select him to be in the Hallyu Expo along with LYA. The Korean people chose BYJ and LYA, that said something about the national treasure. After all, BYJ is a treasure that exists in this world and in that country, it is up to the individuals to discover and value him.

Since I started talking, let me share my opinion on the actor and the actress you mentioned. Thanks to BYJ, I got to know something about Korea and Korean entertainers. With the limited time I have, I got to watch 2 works by LYA ("Papa" and "Dae Jang Geum"), and 2 works by JDG (drama "Fall in Love with the Hostess" 爱上女主播, and movie "Wu Ji" 无极). LYA is an excellent actress, she is pretty and have good performing skills. She is shrewd in selecting the drama "dae Jang Geum", even though she looked a bit old performing Jang Geum in her young age. As for JDG, although "Fall in Love with the Hostess" was an acclaimed drama, I do not fancy it, and JDG is just another supposedly attractive male in the romance, I could not find any special sparks about him. The hardest part is watching him playing in Wuji, I felt sorry for him in picking this disgracing work to play, I concluded that this actor might have the skills but definitely not the vision. I could not finish WuJi and that's the end of my time spent on JDG as well. After all, no matter what the world is saying, there is only ONE man I care to spend time on in the whole wide entertainment world, that is BYJ, his own country should be proud of him.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fumi's Letter To TWSSG PD Kim Jonghak

In the Bae world, everyone knows Fumi-san, the special die-hard BYJ fan. He regularly writes his analysis about wuri yong joon and his works, offered invaluable information and joy to bae fans around the world. Today Nov. 17, 2007, he wrote a letter to TWSSG Director Kim Jonghak after YJ's severe injuy during episode 17 shootings. It was posted on JOB and translated into English by Myonne and posted on Quilt. It very much said what I wanted to say, so here is a record of it:

(Trans.) From JOB No.78737: Mr.fumi's letter to Dir. Kim Jonghak nim

Mr. fumi put several postings on JOB abt. YJ's injury.
This is one of them. (fumi-san, i transed this w/o ur permisson. pls contact
if you mind, I'll delute. m(..)m

From JOB: Mr.fumi’s letter to Director Kim Jonghak nim

Title: Please read, Dir. Kim Jonghak nim!

Contirbutor: fumi-san

Date:2007/11/17 14:01:01


(First of all, to everyone : If it turns out to be all okay with Yongjoon’s health and he gets well after all, I don’t care if you say anything to me or about me. This time I want to do what I can do as a member of YJ family. My thought may be wrong, but if Yongjoon’s body has no more problem at all, let my matter be to anywhere. It is a matter of course.)

Dear Kim Jonghak nim, this is a letter to you. It’s a bit strange, isn’t it? I, a Korean, am asking you on this board of JOB.

I am not sure you know it or not, but I am a man of Bae Yongjoon’s family by HN fumi who is known to YJ’s world family. I am a middle-aged man, a little younger than you. My wife had been a staff of MBC since 1980’s (though she doesn’t work at present), and she had a number of chances to work with you. When you worked for MBC, I met you several times. Well, it was already some time before woori Bae Yongjoon made his debut.

I know you read neither HP nor e-mails. I heard one of your old friends who is now in U.S.A. says he cannot contact you. Therefore, I think if I write to you here in JOB, I might be able to reach you.

What I want to ask you now is please postpone your shootings for only 10 days. Otherwise, I would like you to curtail Yongjoon’s scenes as much as possible, and to try to use his stunt man as often as possible. ---In anyway, I want to ask you to take top priority to and think about the actor Bae Yongjoon’s physical condition and health.

As for the accident this time, there was a cause in little rehearsal and insufficient safe measures to be taken. I well know it was not your responsibility. As you know, there heard many voices which want the filming to be postponed.

If it should be 100% guaranteed that woori Yongjoon will never have aftereffects of this injury, it would be okay if you continue shooting. If so, Yongjoon has to endure his pains, but if thus it can be guaranteed 100% that he will have no aftereffects, it might be another story woori Yongjoon family could barely endure. It is a kind of judgment which professional doctors should do, isn’t it?

In case Kim Jonghak nim, you continue shooting under your judgment, and if there is any possibility of aftereffects left, even if a little, you should postpone the shooting and should do all the judgments primarily on the physical condition of woori Yongjoon who is an essential existence for our Korea.

Whatever conclusion you may come to, by giving the first priority to Yongjoon’s physical condition, Yongjoon fans all over the world will support you positively enough. I think, under these various conditions, it will be better for you to suspend the shooting for a little while, or to create circumstances for Yongjoon to have a good rest, so as to reconsider the further formation of TWSSG. In case you postpone the regular broadcasts, you can offer various make-up programs such as extra version, highlights, TWSSG special, etc. And if you tell them to, MBC will understand it. Please do not entrust this judgment to Yongjoon. As far as his physical condition is concerned, do not believe what he says. I think Yongjoon is considerably ill-conditioned.

Bae Yongjoon is an important person, far more times important than TWSSG. Not only for the global Yongjoon family, but also for Korea, Yongjoon himself is far more important than TWSSG. Anyway, there is a little more shooting left, but in the final judgment, you should take top priority to Yongjoon’s health, and you should decide yourself. I think you yourself should judge everything of Yongjoon’s physical conditions, and his future health.

If you judge any alterations of program formation based on top priority to Yongjoon’s physical condition, our world Yongjoon’s fans will powerfully support you. In case you continue shooting, please be sure to confirm there will be no aftereffects. If there is no aftereffect leftt, it will be barely okay. Please never fail to make it sure. I would like to ask you for it, again. It is a principle for the broadcast industry to protect actors’ health. I am afraid to say that this principle hasn’t been made much of so far in Korea. Isn’t it your role to confirm such a principle? Under present circumstances, you should be able to persuade MBC. Please judge and decide by yourself in order to protect our Korean treasure. Whatever kind of judgment I will leave to you, but please make it sure that there will be no aftereffects left. I ask you for immediate judgment, please, and please again. Thank you in advance.
Latest news from Quilt about Wuri Yong Joon:

[Trans] 17th of Nov 13:59 Latest from KOB


Author: Dam Deok Nae G
Source: KOB
Original: Autumn Girl (blog?)
Korean to Chinese : wonchun

Today YJ nim does not have to film.
But starting from tomorrow, they will film his parts.
According to the overseas families YJ found it strenuous to even hold up a sword yesterday, hence the filming was stopped half way.
What will it be like tomorrow?

In addition, most of the scenes in episode 22 and 23 will be filmed centering on YJ. I believe that his treatment will definitely be postponed.

(H : To me every episode was centered around our HRH, but if they say episode 22 and 23 are particularly centered around him, I am so looking forward to it, dear yong joon, pray pray that you are not injured again and pray pray pray that your neck injuries will not torture you too much and please recover soon. Actually I would expect episode 24, the last one will be even more centered around Dam Duk, so please be careful my prince, be well. Love you much much!)

No matter what, because YJ nim is a sensible person, I trust he will have a true sense of proprietary and be able to handle both filming and treatment appropriately.

Let us think on the bright side…

(H: I totally agree. I'll do my work to pray harder for YJ's safety and well-being)

Wonchun posted the following on 2007-11-16 22:05
[Express post from the filming site] Diary 16th of Nov

Author: Dam Deok Nae G
Source: KOB
Original: Autumn Girl
Korean to Chinese: wonchun

I am an actor (extra) from Jeju who is currently working in the Hotel of Korean Air (?).

Today we just completed the last part of TWSSG.

BYJ, LJA(Lee Ji Ah), MSR (Moon So Ri), YTY(Yoon Tae Young), LBL(Chero), WKR(Wo Kuang Rok) were there as well.

We were in the same scenes as BYJ, BYJ nearly had no NGs (retakes). His lines were performed perfectly. It appears that he has a thorough understanding of and has fully digested his character (the king).

(H: Since Episode 11, especially episode 15, 17 and 19, he is becoming more and more into a real king. His performance is getting better and better (not that it was not good before, but it was already very good, but after being a king, he is BETTER and BETTER), I truly believe that the role of Dam Duk is perfect for revealing HRH's true being. That's why he looked so real and perfect in these episodes. Love you more and more HRH!)

BYJ is truly a Hallyu star. Many Japanese and Korean fans were patiently waiting at the filming site with their cameras. When he appears, everyone waves to greet him, and loudly cheers with ‘I love you!’, ‘Wishing you the best of health’, ‘Please take care of your body!’, ‘He is so handsome’.

(H: BYJ is truly a Hallyu leader, a national treasure, well a world treasure to me)

BYJ also waves back to greet his fans. In my opinion, words simply can’t describe his cordiality and politeness towards his fans. (H: That's why we love him so much!) All the fans stretched out to shake hands with him. We had to call up security guards. Without them to maintain order, filming could not proceed promptly.

Today us, the extras were filming with 거믈촌黑水村,…. Omit.

Filming finished at 7:30pm. Filming in Jeju has finally come to an end. I don’t know when they will be back again.

If there is more in Jeju, I will let everyone know. Thank you very much.

He Is a True Baeutiful Treasure

I am out of words - this man always amazes me with his beauty, a rare beauty found in men, not simple handsome, but heavenly beautiful mixed with powerful manly expression, gesture and manner. In TWSSG, to me he becomes more beautiful than before. I can't resist to look at these pictures over and over again.

Newly Found "Papa" VOD

These I have never seen before. BYJ looked so cute. Admire his composure as always.

Repost from

Friday, November 16, 2007

More Rules for You HRH

Two days ago I had a thought that the Bae Land seems to be quieter than before. There were not many circlations of our HRH's old pictures, not many articles discussing about his old works like WLS, Hotelier, or HWRL, not many new fan fics emerging. Obviously it was because TWSSG has been airing, all the bae fans have been busy TVanting, veohing, downloading, translating, screen capturing and thirstily reading the story and discussing about the ending of the Legend. Literally, people, or at least me, have been obsessed by our prince/king and the legend and guess what, I just realized that I missed the most important part of this whole thing - I forgot to pray for the safty of our hero, our prince, our king!

At the beginning when we heard the news that he was taking up the main role in TWSSG, and during the long time that we were anticipating the shooting of this drama, we have been praying and reminding him to be careful in those fighting scenes. But once it started airing, as the story proceeds to be more and more interesting, and our HRH grows from a carefree prince to a honorable king, as his charms are becoming stronger and stronger, our focus shifted away from concerning his safety and well-being to appreciating his beauty, his skills and the story. So now you see what had happened, the least we expected - he got severely injured!

Sorry I made it sound like it is our fault, but is it us who are expecting to see him more and more, in various styles, enjoy his smiles and outburst, enjoy his kicks and sword fighting, enjoy his flying and spinning, is it us that he is trying so hard to pay back our love?

It hurt me when I heard the words cervical spin injury and ligament torn. I do not want to see him get hurt any more. No pain should ever touch this man any more. I am settled to see him only in CFs and melodramas like Winter Sonata or Hotelier, no, not even Hotelier, in which he was hurt by that Board-Director Kim.

No more 007-like spy movies, no more marshal art movies, not even any movies that require crying, the only acceptable showings are comedy only, please! And whenever you get hurt, get the treatment immediately, you take care of your body not just for yourself now, you do it for your family around the world, you know that right?

I tend to be a forceful mother at home. I see myself setting rules for wuri yong joon again. This reminded me of a posting I made into BYJ Official Site on June 21, 2005, when we heard that wuri yong joon was sent to the ER after shooting April Snow, caused by fatigue. I vividly remember that I wrote this emotional letter while I was at work (Sorry I broke the rule of focusing only on work while at work, but on that day, I could not help! Today I happened to be ill at home, so I am free to care for you, okay my prince!).

Here was that old message, to my surprise, it was translated into Korean and made into Newen and later on the report got posted on with English translation. 2+ years passed by, I think those rules still apply, plus the above rules I set for you when selecting your future works. Comedy, man, comedy and CFs, that is enough to please your fans than giving up your health. Thank you thank you thank you prince if you just listen to us once!

Or if you chose to be away from the screen and only take care of your business, I will still support you, remember my heart will be with you always.

'8 things 'Yon-sama' BYJ should no longer do!'

[Newsen]6/21/05 09:54

No more smoking, no work over 10 hours a day, no more smiling even when he
is tired....

As the news that BYJ was hospitalized due to exhaustion was reported all
at once on 20, the visits by fans who feel sorry about this are pouring
in like surf in homepages in Korea and Japan.

Numerous BYJ's fan, 'Family' are reporting BYJ's health state which is
reported by media one after another, and praying for his quick recovery.
In particular, on teh bulletin board of BYJ's Korean homepage, a fan who
appears to be a Japanere fan introduced herself as 'h' and posted 8
things 'Yon-sama' BYJ should not do from now on with the title of
'No. YJ ssi, NO MORE!', getting atention.

This fan opened her writing by saying "You are so young, only 33" &
"You should be healthier and happier." Continuing on, this fan said
"For the 'Family'(BYJ fans) in entire world, I felt responsibility
of creating several rules," and introduced 'No more' in 8 items.

According to it, the first do not smoke cigarrete any more, the
second is not to work more than 10 hours a day, the third is not
to sleep any less than 7~8 hours a day, the fourth is not to drink
alcohol too much, the fifth is not to lose weight any more and to
gain weight a little, the sixth is not to be any more perfect than
this, teh seventh is as there is nothing other than health that
gives joy to fans, no matter he smiles or cries, do no longer make
efforts to smile 'Yon-sama smile' even when he is tired. And as
the last, eighth one, she 'asked' that he should not go to ER in
a hospital like this time because that is exactly an event which
stops hearts of his 'Family' and shake the world.

On the other hand, the media in Japan including Sports Nippon, etc.,
also the news about BYJ's hospitalization in detail on 20 and reported
recent last shooting of the film 'Oe Chool(April Snow)' and dififcult

BOF, BYJ's agency, told in the morning on 21, "He got better a lot.
He ate and is taking a rest with comfortable heart ," and "He is thankful
for his fans' worries." Also the BOF added, "Whether he is going to be
discharged or not have not been decided yet."

Reported by Choi Yoonjeong,,,
copyrightⓒ NewsenPublish Post
Copyright by Daum Communications Corp. | Copyright by Newsen

The original message on

4 No! YJ ssi, NO MORE! [20] h 2005.06.21 313
Dear YJ ssi,

I can't stop thinking about you. You are so young, only 33. You should be healthier and happier. I think I am responsible to set some rules for you so that your family around the world will be at rest.

No more smoking.
No more working over 10 hours a day.
No more sleeping less than 7-8 hours a day.
No more drinking too much alcohol.
No more weight loss program - only build your body up, gain some weight, you look younger if you are chubbier.
No more harsh to yourself - allow yourself not being perfect. We love you no matter what!
No more forcing yourself to smile to people if you are tired - you give people joy when you are healthy, it does not matter if you smile, or cry, or just want to be alone.
No more emergency to the hospital - the world shakes when you family's heart sink. No! Please! No More!

God bless you! Get better! Stay well!

ki yo mi Dear h I really agree with you We can't bear up under misfortune of him,,,,,,Right ? Do we have to bear up ? NO NO MORE !! 2005.06.21
h Dear kiyomi,

Are you still up late at night? I know you are worried. I was shocked this morning when I read this sad news. I am still upset. I am very very very worried. I think our YJ should learn from this, he needs to learn to take care of himself first. He always takes care of other people and forget about himself. This is not allowed to happen any more! How can we get him to start caring for himself? No one is actually physically beside him everyday to remind him. Poor YJ, I hope he can have some quiet time for himself and refresh himself with more energy.

And you need to have some sleep as well.
meeho Very true h, I'm a new member from Egypt and was devastated to hear about such a young man collapsing despite all the health programmes he follows. It's inner equilibrium that he urgently needs. Giving too much a taking too little is not a well-balanced pattern of life. God Bless him and Grant him the strength and wisdom to treat himself fairly. 2005.06.21
h Dear meeho, it is very nice meeting you. I am a relatively new member too. Welcome to the what I called the "circle of love". Hope our prayers will reach him. I am sure they will.

p.s. I was thinking to have a rule for him to have "No more single life", because I truly believe he needs a wife to care for him. But I am afraid the fans will beat me or kill me if I said that. But you know, with true love, I think marrying a gentle loving wife will definitely be good for him both physically and mentally. I am prepared to be persecuted but I need to tell the truth. With much love!
Medove Dear H. I agree with you BUT!!! If only he would listen... I say let's make a demonstration... NO MORE... NO MORE... NO MORE hhahahaha may be then he'd listen:-) 2005.06.21
h Dear Medove, the demonstration is a fine idea to me! :-) :-) :-) Sometimes only protest will work. We have to be louder and noisier to make him hear our plead. Because he is a stubborn man, isn't he? He insists on making his family happy before considering himself. He insists on being a perfect man with all these sacrifices. So we are saying NO MORE, NO MORE, NO MORE, NO MORE pressure to yourself! Be easy to yourself !! Be nice to yourself !!! Treat yourself right, NO MORE sad news to your family around the world. Please, PLease, PLEase, PLEAse, PLEASe, PLEASE !!! 2005.06.21
byjbb Hi H, your rules are good reminder to YJ, but I don't think it will be much help because he is a man that sets very high standard for himself. He continuously pushes himself to surplus what he did before to reach his potential. This is evident from the improvement on his various acting roles in the past 10 years. In addition to this, he is also very concerned about people around him eg staff and familes around the world. His shoulders must be very heavier with all the responsibilities & expectations he put on himself. He must be very tried, mentally and physically because he is a perfectionist. I don't know if he would ever changed, otherwise he just would not be the YJ we loved. I do wish though that he will because his health is the number 1 concern of us. We love him as he is !

YJ - you have to learn to love yourself a bit more .... we love you and suppot you
always ....

Your family from Toronto, Canada.
h Dear byjbb, I have been sighing through all the time reading your notes. Can you say more? Can I say more? No, it is very clear, we all knew this, that this is very true, being YJ as a perfectionist is how it made him being who he is today. But can we just ask him to be a little bit easier to himself so that he stays healthy? He is killing himself !!! If the price of being a perfect actor is to ruin our YJ's health, if the price of being a smiling star in front of his fans eyes is to ruin our YJ's health, I would rather him being selfish a bit, being rude a bit, being imperfect a bit ... Yeah, I know it won't happen. That's why he won our love.

May God be with him always. May his guardian angel be watching him always.
namisomu 베욘즐씨, 안녕하세요.
NO MORE! (은)는 욘 쥰씨에게 있어 어려운 일(뿐)만이군요. 일이 시작되면(자) 어쨌든 노력해 버리는 성격인거야. 스스로 멈출 수 없다···주위가 세워도 (듣)묻지 않는다···모두의 싶은··(와)과 노력하는 욘 쥰씨. 매우 좋아합니다. 그렇지만 부탁입니다. 욘 쥰씨가 건강하고 행복하다라고 하는 것이 우리의 행복합니다. 그러니까 부탁해요, NO MORE···그리고, 확실히 먹어 확실히 자 주세요···몸조리를 잘하세요···
h Dear namisomu, I am terribly sorry that I am not ready to read Korean. I would love to understand you and YJ's language. Can you help me to translate it into English ? Thanks a bunch! With much love... 2005.06.21
가을산 Dear h, let me notify you that your letter has been introduced in an article of internet news named "뉴스엔 News -n. The article is posted here on #19396 2005.06.21
cyndy Hi, h, I was shock & felft awful when I heard this bad news. I do hope that after this incident, for his own health & his family, YJ will do the "No more" rules of yours. I also hope he can be a little less perfect, more selfish & being rude a
bit as you said...we love him no matter what !

YJ, please do take good care of yourself . And I hope you get well soon ....God
be with you !
delinnia Dear h, I have no idea how did I miss this precious posting of yours. I was a bit down so I retired early yesterday. I love your rulings including the most important one 'the ninth ruling'. I fully support you, dear'h'. Thanks for the beautiful thoughts. 2005.06.21
h Dear gaulsan, thank you very much again for laboring on translating for us. You are always helpful. Love you! I have been terribly worried about YJ's health condition. I am afraid I sounded rude to set rules for YJ but what else can I do from here in US? I hope one day YJ can live a simple, ordinary, quiet, peaceful life.

h Hi cyndy, nice meeting you. The love of YJ bring us here to love each other. This is the time he needs the spritual support. Love. 2005.06.21
h Hi cyndy, nice meeting you. The love of YJ bring us here to love each other. This is the time he needs the spritual support. Love. 2005.06.21
h Dear delinnia, thank God you are not going to blame me on that! I am amazed by YJ's fans/family members that have the sweet pure love for him! Thank you for your support! You need to get better so you have the strength to cheer up YJ. Love. 2005.06.21
joan Yes, Yong Joon more shocking news from you like this one....please please take care a family....we all care about you and love you ....We all stand by you no matter what....thanks h...for all these "NO MORE " rules.... 2005.06.23
h Dear joan, love to see you here. Is this our first time? I am new too. Take care. 2005.06.23