Friday, July 28, 2006

Have We Really Loved? - Lee Shinyeung

"Time to get up for camp! Sweetie!" When I rushed to his room to wake him up, I found him curling in the bed, eyes wide open, day dreaming. "Mom, Why can not a bicycle stand on its own?" "You see, you need 3 points to balance a plane ..." I started lecturing him on the physics,. "No", he cut in, "the correct answer is, it is two-tired (too tired)! and I am the same!". Oh, Okay ...

"Yeah, I am the same too! Too tired!!!" I won't tell him this but I AM exhausted. A series of "unfortunate events" have been happening one after another in the past few weeks, it has been a good struggle going about putting off the fires. Made me relate to Jaeho's life. Who said life is easy? Even, expect it to be worse than his - full of sufferings without loved one's support and comfort. At this hard time, the thought of Shin-Yeung gives me some courage and hope.

When Shin-Yeung asked Jaeho "Why do you love me?", he replied "Because when I am beaten down, you give me courage to stand up again."

Lee Shin-Yeung, Jaeho's wife. The luckiest woman in history. She has married Jaeho and accompanied him for the rest of his life.

Who else has been this fortunate? None! In Papa, she divorced him. In April Snow, she betrayed him. In Hotelier, she let him fly back to New York alone. In Winter Sonata, she decided to study in France even though she knew he was in US risking his life in brain surgery. In Love Greetings she distanced him because of her self-centeredness. In Barefoot Youth, she is a daughter of his farther's enemy. In First Love, she was chasing a young man who was overwhelmed by his family's misfortunes. In Untold Scandal, her love was not accepted by the society, she could only meet him in another world. In Sea Wind, in Sunny Place of the Young, in Seven Steps to Separation, none of these girls was fortunate enough to take vows with him in front of an alter. Except Shin-Yeung. No wonder she is my favorite female character. She made union with him based on mutual true love. What else can be more beautiful and satisfactory?

She won Jaeho's true love. She deserved it. Her love to Jaeho was motherly and womanly. Jaeho's love to Shin-Yeung was childish and manly.

He would say to her father "I love her. I want to have her. I do not want to give her up. Please agree to give her to me." The father was pretty impressed by his determination and his "greediness" towards her.

He would say to Shin-Yeung, "I can make a lot more money. I will feed you good food to make you fair and chubby."

He would promise her, "If it is just for money, you don't have to work. But if you don't like staying home, you can go out to teach. Or if you like to continue study, it is fine too. You can finish your thesis for doctoral degree. I can pay for your tuition. As long as I have this job, you don't need to worry about our living."

He would tell her, "I like to stay with you just like now. I did not know before, that this is the life I wanted - I work hard to make money, my wife stays home and cooks. We argue once in a while and make up in no time. Children are all healthy just like me. We watch our savings gradually grow in the bank. I just want to live the most ordinary life." (... 'mind you, before meeting Shin-Yeung, Jaeho's only purpose of life is to get rich.)

Shin-Yeung would smile sweetly back and praise him "You are such a capable man."... "No doubt I've chosen the right man." ...

Shin-Yeung is truly intelligent. She knows what makes a perfect man - strong, handsome and most importantly the ability and willingness to work hard. No matter what his current social status is, the future holds for the diligent man. She values Jaeho's quality regardless of his poverty. She is the luckiest woman who has chosen the right man - Jaeho.

And no doubt Jaeho has chosen the right woman, likewise.

Lee Shin-Yeung was a college assistant professor while Jaeho was a student taking the lecture she taught the first time as a substitute. She was 3 years older than him. She appeared not as smart, not as pretty, not as slim, not as wealthy, comparing to Hyun-Sue, a proud princess of a wealthy family, and also Jaeho's classmate. From the look of it, Jaeho should have chosen Hyun-Sue as his wife. And sure enough, this was his goal - marry a girl of a wealthy family to bid farewell to his poverty. He told Hyun-Sue straight in the face : this is why I want to court you - because you are wealthy, you are smart and you are pretty. You satisfied these 3 criteria. And you do not need to be responsible to me, and I do not need to be responsible to you either. (Hey, Jaeho, what kind of relationship is this? Jaeho? Are you so sure ...?)

Obviously, the relationship fell into a subtle war between the two. Jaeho determined "I can not guarantee that I will fall in love with you, but I can make sure that you will fall in love with me! Let's wait and see!" As smart as Jaeho can be, he knows his charm and he knows how to use it. Professor Lee who lives with Hyun-Sue in the same house would be a perfect flirting target to arouse Hyun-Sue's jealousy.

Apparently, Professor Lee is sophisticated in academic but she is as pure and innocent as a child in nature, in times naive. Throughout 30 years of her life, she might have been studied too much in the books and never learned the tricks of flirting between a man and a woman. She seriously thought if a girl goes out for a date with a man, they would go on the path of getting married. While she views Jaeho as a rude student, she would warn Hyun-Sue to be careful going out with him. While she found out Jaeho was cheating in writing the project report, she would not tolerate the behavior even though other professors did. As knowing Jaeho more and more through these conflicts with him, she becomes attracted to this young man just as a woman would do. While Jaeho was playing the flirting game between her and Hyun-Sue, knowing Jaeho's real intention was to use her, she still could not escape the fate of being a woman captivated by him.

Her heart was so soft and caring, which reminded Jaeho of his mother, who has abandoned him and his sister when he was 12. Since then he hated his mother, but deep in his heart, he has the painful longing for her. When he met Professor Lee, his yearning was fulfilled. He opened his heart only to her without knowing it and gradually realized his love for her. He would subconsciously call her up and tell her "Ever since I met you, my heart started becoming soft."

Before she discovered her love to Jaeho, she would behave like a professor or a mother. She would lecture him on how to save money and be a modest student. She would give him lessons on how to get honest grade with honest study. She would pick up the cigarette butt and told him "You should not liter.". She would listen patiently to his confessions. She would withhold her affection to him while wishing him to achieve his goal of gaining Hyun-Sue.

She could not hold her tears after Jaeho confessed to her the scars of his life. She asked him "Why do you want to tell me of all these?" Jaeho paused, puzzled, "I don't know, I just want to tell you..." She would cry out beside a tree on her way home. I believe she not only cried for Jaeho's misfortune, but mostly she cried for not being able to withhold her emotions to Jaeho.

Jaeho saw it, he learned at that moment that this woman had a gentle heart, and somehow I think he might very well realize at this time that she has fallen in love with him. It is intriguing to watch how and when the two started realizing and facing their love. I assessed that Shin-Yeung fell in love with Jaeho first, while Jaeho was busy pleasing Hyun-Sue. But she dismissed this feeling since it appeared so impractical - how can it be, between a student and a teacher, a woman 3 years older, with meek college salary, definitely not the type of interest to Jaeho. She tried to desert him and avoid him, which actions helped Jaeho realize clearly that he was actually in true love with her. He held her in his arms and craved, "Tell me you love me. As long as you love me, I do not want anything else, I do not want money. I do not love Hyun-Sue. I love you, only you!"

But in fear of hurting her relationships with Hyun-Sue, Kil-jin and her parents, afraid of gossips in the college, she denied "This is not love. I am afraid of choosing you. I am afraid of the gossips, I am afraid of fighting with Hyun-Sue and my parents, if I can not give up all these for your sake, how can this be love?!" Jaeho's heart was burning "I was not honest before, I was attracted by Hyun-Sue's wealth, I hated poverty. But because of you I want to give it all up. I do not want money anymore. I do not want anything. As long as you are with me, I will have the courage. I am willing to work around the hours. If this is not love, what is love?! If you do not love me, how did you make me like this today? If this is not love, what is love!?" Believe it or not, she stared at him and said "It's just an illusion!" Jaeho's heart is sinking in disbelieve. Shin-Yueng needs time to grow stronger.

It was not until she started preparing for the wedding with Kil-jin, did she realize that she could not live without Jaeho. She finally cried to him "I was afraid of Hyun-Sue, Kil-jin, my dad, my mom, I was afraid of fighting with them because of you. But now I found out, there is a more scary thing ahead of me - I am afraid of missing you, I am afraid you are not by my side... I love you."

Shin-Yeung, always remember what Jaeho said "When you said you love me, my dream has come true.". What can be more simple, yet more profound than these words. With Jaeho's love, Shin-Yeung started to become more courageous.

Shin-Yeung walks in slow pace, speaks with soft voice. She appeared to be weak and tender, but her mind was strong and determined. She could face up with the department head and 6 other senior professors in a meeting, argue with them about her right of private life. She would not give in to their accusations about her relationship with Jaeho. When the department head threatened to immediately end her job if she would not give in, she would fight for her legal right of continuing the teaching contract. She would bravely face Hyun-Sue's challenge. She would go on a hunger strike to protest against his parents' disapproval of Jaeho. She would secretly apply for professor jobs in another city, preparing for the run-away with Jaeho.

Shin-Yeung's love was forgiving. When Jaeho gave her up and turned to Hyun-Sue in need of money for his family, her heart was broken. But she said to Kil-jin " I can understand him ...".

Shin-Yeung's love was unconditional. "If I can not forget him, then I won't try to forget him. I'll keep him in my heart".

Shin-Yeung's love was hopeful and life-giving. When Jaeho gave up his true love and found out he has brain tumor, what could be the better excuse to gave up on this unworthy life. He refused to take medicine and treatment. He told Hyun-Sue that he want to die in front of her. When Kil-jin counciled Shin-Yeung, "What does a dying man need the most at this time?" Shin-Yeung answered "Hope!". Shin-Yeung came to Jaeho and insisted "If you want to die, that is fine, I will die with you!" Her determined love give Jaeho hope and courage to live on and take the treatment.

Shin-Yeung's love was sacrificial. She would quit her professor career, take a tutor job with more flexible hours, in order to take care of Jaeho in chemotherapy.

This woman is an ideal wife, ideal mother, ideal lifetime friend. She is quiet but strong. She is gentle. She is beautiful. She is love. I wish wuri yong joon will find such a woman in his life, and yes, marry her.

The last night, Jaeho was lying in bed with Shin-Yeung, he asked "I can not hear, I can not see. You must be very lonely." Shin-Yeung held his hand and said "No, it feels so good to hold hands with you every day.". Jaeho smiled "God takes special care of me. He told me I have too much treasure. I did not think before that looking at you and hearing your voice are so precious. Do you know how much I love you?" "I know." she wrote on his hand. "That's good. This is enough. I need to sleep. In sleep I can have dreams. I can see you and hear you in dreams. I am very tired. I am going to sleep." "See you tomorrow." Shin-Yeung wrote. "See you tomorrow." Jaeho smiled.

The next morning, Jaeho did not wake up. "I wish when you wake up again, you will feel pain no more. Jaeho, I will remember you forever."

Just started learning this song from my voice teacher two days ago. I am amazed by its lyrics. Is it Jaeho talking to Shin-Yeung? The melody is beautiful too. I wish I could share.

Sing me to Sleep

Lyrics by Clifton Bingham
Composer : Edwin Greene

Sing me to sleep, the shadows fall,
Let me forget the world and all.
Tired is my heart, the day is long,
Let it soon come to even song.
Sing me to sleep, your hand in mine,
Our fingers as in prayer entwine;
Only your voice, love, let me hear,
Singing to tell me you are near.
Love, I am lonely, Years are so long,
I want you only, you and your song;
Dark is life's shore, love, Night is so deep,
Leave me no more, love, Sing me to sleep.

Sing me to sleep, with you alone,
Stay with me and remain my own,
Gladly my heart will know no pain,
When I awake from sleep again.
Sing me to sleep and let me rest,
Of all the world I love you best.
Nothing is faithful, nothing true,
In Heaven or earth, but God and you.
Love, I am lonely, Years are so long.
I want you only, You and your song.
Dark is life's shore, love, Night is so deep,
Leave me no more, love, Sing me to sleep.

Reset in peace, Jaeho! I love you! Shin-yeung, you gave Jaeho new life, true love, you are my heroine. Where is wuri yong joon's Shin-yeung???


mrs a said...

Oh H - you're son sounds so darling. 2TIRED... being a wife,mother, working and doing all the other tidbits we stuff in our daily lives is exhausting. Try to take a me day or a couple hours for yourself. Please take care!

heippieh, wow great article. I am getting very anxious to see this. Nothing beats unconditional love, it's a rare treasured fine.

Is that song from the drama? It is absoloutely beautiful.

HeippieH said...

Hi Mrs.A.,

Like the song? I just added the author's info. tis a song i am learning. i wish i could find the lyrics for the songs for HWRL. They are beautiful beautiful too.
bb the encyclopedia may help too.

bb said...

errr... i have the HWRL ost, but i've no idea what it's all about, except that it's a beautiful disc, sorry.

actually... compared to WLS and hotelier, there really ain't as much info on the earlier dramas. i in fact love HWRL and FL even above WLS, but i know so little... guess in this sense, we got to know yong joon a tad late.

but doesn't matter, not knowing much about the ost, the background stories, not seeing the NGs or behind the scene pics doesn't take away the joy of watching the exquisite acting or the great storyline.

yea, like i've said before, even tho the clothes and even the people looked kindda outdated in these two dramas, some values are forever, and will not go out of date. that's why these two dramas still shine, after all this time.

thanks for sharing, H. it's a good read.... i wonder sometimes, i wonder if wuri yong joon does think about jaeho from time to time.

jaime said...

Dear h,

Haven't heard from you for a while? Busy with your work and kids right? Your son sounds so cute, reminds me of mine when I have to drag him up every morning to go to camp! I'll tell him the bicycle riddle when he comes home, I'm sure he'll have a good laugh. Sounds like your son is reading Lemony Snicket "A Series of Unfortunate Events" too?

H, you stir up all my emotions about Shin-hyung and Jaeho. Eventhough the dialogue between the two are not too much because there are so many other characters, but every line is so meaningful and deserved to be savoured. At first, I always feel that BYJ and Kim Hye-Su do not look like a couple, yet her character Shin-Hyung is the one I most admired and loved as Yong Joon's female counterpart. Her sweet, tender motherly love towards Jaeho is so selfless and unconditional. I agree with you, I hope Yong Joon will find someone who will love him like that.

Great post, always love to read it. BTW, sounds like you are really tired out. Please take it easy, ok? Like mrs a said, try to take a day off and enjoy the summer with your boys! Find a beautiful historical town nearby and stay overnight. Stroll down main street and browse some antique and gifts shops, have a nice afternoon tea in those pretty cosy cafes. You'll come back relaxed and refreshed, how's that?

ginnie said...

Hi H,
Here;s the link in Soompi for Yong Joon...

ginnie said...

Hi H,

Thank you for sharing. I saw a glimpse of you at Soompi, so you must have got in there already. Hopefully you are familiar with how it works (to post, reply) at the forum there... Do chat when you have time ya?

About Shin Hyung...I think you called her "naive" but I call her ridiculously sheltered. It is amazing that she could be in her 30s and be that sheltered from common sense. Ha! I don't get some of the things she has done. She would go to Kil-jin time and time again for love advice when she knows how he feels about her. She would ask, at times, silly questions that I don't get how come she doesn't know by now. I also was floored that she was grounded by her own parents. Having "house arrest" when she is after 30 years old! Unbelievable. The scripwriter created an incredibly "naive" female lead. I guess all these just goes to show how inexperienced she is with Life in general.

Maybe the script's intention was to contrast Shin Hyung at the beginning of the series to Shin Hyung at the end of the series, I suppose. She developed these "common senses" and then started to Live. She left her sheltered life to enter into Jae Ho's heart. (Am I making sense here, I wonder?) Anyways, perhaps the scriptwriter wanted to contrast how she went all out to be strong for Jaeho at the end.
This girl finally grew up and be the woman that she is.

I almost hoped that the scripwriter concentrated more on the storyline between Jae Ho and Shin Hyung at the beginning. How they attracted each other? I like the constrasting backgrounds and how they still attract each other. Does Jaeho appreciate her innocence? Her lack of experience? And, he was attracted to Shin Hyung because he saw something so pure about her heart? Shin Hyung doesn't deceive others but he in turn deceives everybody? Opposites attract? I wish the script will put in more work in this aspect.

I also got interested in Kim Hae-Su, the actress. At the Baek Sang awards when Yong Joon won his new actor award, I believe she was the Master of the Ceremony. I wonder how she felt about seeing her co-star again after so many years? I wonder too if Yong Joon thought back about Jaeho during that night?

I also found picturea of Kim Hae Su when she won the 2004 Best Actress award for her role in Hynotized. Also saw her in the Red Shoes trailer..Looks very different than HWRL. Very versatile. She has a kind of beauty that just catches attention.

ginnie said...

oopps..wrong award..supposed to be the 24th Blue Dragon, not BaekSang.

yokee said...

hi H...

i was crying towards the end ur post. jaeho has always been my favorite guy. believe it or not ive only watch hwrl ONCE from start till end. hv tried rewatching it once but when it gets to the part when he got diagnosed. i stopped. its too much pain. ive cried for so long after the last episode the first time which was n still too painful to bear.

but trying to watch it for the 2nd time n am at epi 18 now. im taking it slowly hoping to finish it n hv gold fish eyes for a week :p

till today jaeho stays right here in my heart.

thanks so much H for the writeup.

HeippieH said...

Hi bb, I did a little search and found some info about the HWRL songs/lyrics. I wish I have the master of languages you gals have, because often times I could not express myself well in these writing. I have to comprise for a discounted quality of writing. Hopefully the basic messages and values have been conveyed. HWRL left me such a deep impression, I really want to pour out my feelings. I love FirstLove too. I've watched it at least 3 times. But interesting thing is, I have more passion to spend more time to study the HWRL and write about it.

Interesting you mentioned about the clothing in HWRL. Sometimes I think Jaeho family's clothing looks too fashion and expensive, that does not look real for a poor family. But comparing to Winter Sonata, Jaeho's clothing was very simple. The stylist might purposely tone it down but she has to make our yong joon look good even as a poor student. :-)

HeippieH said...

compromise, I meant, not comprise. ;-)

HeippieH said...

Dear Jaime,

I was amused by that bicycle riddle too. :-) Kids read about the "A Series of Unfortunate Events" in the past. Now they are into "The Lord of the Rings". They would read Tolkien's other books as well. And they watch the movies over and over again. My husband observed the house is filled with "kids", including me, who watch a limited number of movies/dramas repeatedly.

A nice day like you described will be a real treat. Now after getting into this YJ thingie, seldom have time to think nothing and enjoy a day of wandering aroud. I see that I can do better of spending a relaxed day of not thinking about YJ now than a few months ago. Is tihs a good sigh or not?

HeippieH said...

Sign, I meant, not sigh. Am I too tired to type it right?

Actually things are getting better. Thanks Jaime and Mrs. A.

byjglobal said...

My dear H: Finally I have found someone who agrees with me that Prof.Lee is the kind of person wuri YJ should find and marry.She is the most beautiful co star our YJ ever worked with. Good healthy body, nice voice, pure, naive,but intelligent,wise, most of all beautiful caring warm heart with deep true love for JaeHo. If she was not an actress, she would have been a perfect candidate for our prince. I really hope hope hope our Yong Joon finds someone just like Prof. Lee, not an actress. H: your writing was so good and I enjoy reading good writing with skill. Thank you.

HeippieH said...

Hi Ginnie,

What had happened, I was just in the middle of some deep discussion (I was writing to this comment) with you, half way of writing a sentence, and the whole screen refreshed, and I lost all my writings. Aw, that hurts! Let me try again ...

Thank you for sending me the soompi BYJ thread link. Thank is really helpful. I remembered to save it to my favorite bookmark this time. I took Jaime's suggestion and went to the last page for the most current discussion (isn't it wierd for this type of ordering?). Boy, there are 370+ pages of messages, I have a lot to catch up. I don't know when I can ever get to the HWRL discussion part. Is there a search option I can use? I tried search but not successful. Is it me or soompi? Well now I can just read the messages back.

HeippieH said...

Hi Ginnie,

Think writing in shorter messages may avoid loosing my typing ... :-)

It's always interesting to read your long comments. Lots of points were raised worthy of discussion. Let's see ...

About Shin-Yeung and the script writer, I think you are right on the money. The script writer is intentially expose each charater's shortcomings in the beginning and develop them throughout the drama and try to show how love can change people. I found this script writer tends to write extra-dramatic events and dialogues, sometimes I think they were a bit too deliberate. I am not a fan of her, but I do respect her. Because of YJ, and the value she was trying to convey, I tend to tolerate these deliberations.

As for the actress Kim Hae Su, I know not much of her, I did see her in the BlueDragon Award ceremony in YJ's VOD, her dress was a bit over exposed, in my opinion, maybe I am too old fashioned. I heard that she was rated the No. 1 sexy actress in the past year or two. I did find some of her info, maybe you already knew them. Just in case, and if you read Chinese, here you go :


姓名:Kim Hye Su
血 型:A型
特 长:跆拳道
兴 趣:电影鉴赏,收集照片,跆拳道,游泳,网球,保龄球
别 名:石鲸鱼 wonder woman
毕业学校:美东国小 - 德星女子中学 - 百花女子高中 - 东国大学演艺系毕业 - SungKyunKwan University研究生在读


KBS 每日历史剧《师母之曲》
KBS 周末连续剧《顺心》、《熬过花开》
KBS 每日连续剧《三瑙亚》
MBC 最佳剧场《仁兄教室》、《关於地铁在地下的一份报告书》
MBC 星期日早间电视剧《一个屋檐下的三家人》、《对儿》
MBC 迷你系列剧《玫瑰色人生》、《女人的野望》、《飞行员》、《报仇血战》
SBS 电视剧特辑《魔鬼走了》、《牛肉汤》
MBC 周末连续剧《划拳》、《爱情与结婚》
MBC 星期三四电视剧《苹果花的香气》、《我们真的爱过吗》

电 影:
《蔑视》、《达特宝恩》、《对儿 》
1995年:《永远的帝国》、《男人的甜酸苦辣》(安成基、朴相民)、《Doctor Bong》(韩石圭)

1994年,第十四届青龙奖 最佳女主角(《初恋》)
1996年,第十六届青龙奖 最佳女主角

话 剧 :《新的阿可乃司》:



生 活



工 作

爱 情

I am sure you have read her comments about BYJ when they were shooting together for HWRL.

HeippieH said...

Hi Yokee,

Amazing we found so many Jaeho lovers. Try not to watch it too quick this time, do pace it out, it is a long drama, I know, but hold your pace , you can not avoid crying, but you should get enough sleep. Oh, I know, you can't fall asleep either ... only till the forth time I started to be able to watch it with a more analytical eye, paying attention to other charaters, paying attention to not just Jaeho, I suppose, still cry but love it . :-) I knew it would be painful, I knew what is going to happen next, the focus became understanding the implied messages from the script writer, so almost like watch it in the view of the script creator.

Enjoy it, the first 20ish episodes are still intersting to watch, to see how the 4 main charaters delt with their relationship. Hopefully after you finish, we can still see your amusing postings in your blog. They are so cute.

HeippieH said...
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HeippieH said...

Dear byjglobal,

Only after I starting babbling about HWRL, did I find so many more Jaeho lovers. It is not surprising that we started finding common views on Shin-Yeung after we start sharing. Shin-yeung will be an ideal lover to YJ. But it will be hard to find in the real life. Who is going to be compatible to YJ and also willing to give up her own career for YJ? It's usually easy to find some charming girl to marry when times are good, but only during hardship can one find the true color of a person. Our YJ is not going through any hardship and we don't want him to. It is his blessings if he can find one like Shin-yeung during his prosperous times.

Thanks for your persistant encouragement.

bb said...

kim hae soo is an interesting character, at least she is to me.

haha, think we're all quite shocked coz most of us got to know her thru HWRL where she played something she's quite the opposite of in real life.

i believe professionally, she's an accomplished actress, really good. and she's been the host/emcee for quite many awards presentation events all these years, showing her ability to handle crowds and her wit and all.

image-wise, yea, she's always been known as the sexy siren.... i do like how she's sexy not in the pencil-slim sense.

even her voice is kindda cute, i thought.

personally, i like this woman. i believe she's smart, independent and knows what she wants. i like that in a woman. haha, too bad some men get threatened by women with their own minds :p

ginnie said...

Agree agree bb,

She is not the pencil-slim kind which makes her very sexy i my eyes. Even in HWRL, she's not really small-sized. so, she is one of those rare beauty that has been accepted eventhough she isn't the size 0 kind that we see so often in celebrities these days.

She also did her graduate studies at Sungkyunkwan University. Read somewhere that she is/was teaching classes at the U. Yong Joon took undergrad classes there, so maybe there is a chance of them reuniting as a real "student-teacher" pair in the future. Wouldn't that be surreal? ha!

To see Kim Hae Soo, Moon So ri, Jeon Do-Youn, Lee Young Ae etc at the lastest Grand Bell.

--These actreses are greatly respected in the industry. I am so happy that Yong Joon will work/worked with them. They are all gorgeous that night. Moon Sori looked very sweet that night, different from her movies. Kim Hae Soo was as usual sexy and elegant.She was so cute to pout at the camera. Lee Young Ae was innocent looking with simple jet-black hair and lush green gown. Jeon Do-Youn was also glowing that evening after she won the Best Actress award. I am so happy she won because she is a great actress and of course, she is Yong Joon's good friend, ya? ha..

HeippieH said...

Hi Ginnie,

Thanks for sharing. Is she Yong Joon's good friend? I did not know much. She has very soft, female voice. Jaeho-ya ...

HeippieH said...

Hey bb,

Agree with what you said, "too bad some men get threatened by women with their own minds", it's the struggle for power that is playing the trick, isn't it? Not enough love, sad world. But we need to be strong to face it, play it, hopefully all will learn to respect after some struggle.