Saturday, January 27, 2007

Random Thoughts - BYJ's Luck

Now is 12:50pm, remember read some interview of BYJ and got to know that he usually goes to be at 12:50pm. Trying to follow this model, but still got something to say ... about how BYJ could be so successful ...

This got to be very shallow, just something popped up here and there ...

If BYJ was born in any other country other than Korea, will he be as successful as today? I figured only Korean's scriptors can write sobbing stories that touches people's most tender part of their hearts. I guess only the Korean PD's can be completely supportive and patient to his quests to perform perfectly by doing tens of NGs. I can tell Korean producers value quality much more than those of some other countries.

If BYJ picked other countries than Japan as the major foreign market, will he be this successful? I think he is very smart in picking Japan. You can name the reasons why it was the right decision. I can tell it after the fact, but for him to be able to analyze, forsee and make the right decision, he is a visionary.

If BYJ's voice sounds different, if his words are not as insighful and comforting, will he be taking so many of our hearts?

If BYJ did not look so childish at one time, and was not serious and mature at other times, will we love him this much?

If BYJ performed more dramas and movies, we'll be happier, but will he be as successful as today? Will the quality of his work decrease?

If BYJ did not play Winter Sonata, will he be known to us?

If BYJ did not play Untold Scandal, will we be looking at him as being sexy?

If BYJ did not play HWRL, will I love him this much? Have We Really Loved? Yes, after watching this one, I Have Really Loved BYJ.


byjglobal said...

Dear h: So good to see your blog writing again.

Wuri Yong Joon is one and only in many ways, not because of drama, not coz of being a Korean, not choosing Japanese market.

He is the handsomest with the wonderful voice, Ohhh!! the way he walks, sits, runs, .... smiles,.. beyond humanly things... so perfect, so wise, yet humble

The charisma he possess seems that it came from the high above.

Whenever I think of Yong Joon is like reading the Bible - the King Solomon - who had all the wealth and love bestowed by God.
That much of phenomenal power can only come from the above, not possible by human energy.

I really really wish the God's blessings continue upon him abundantly.

mrs a said...

I agree with byjglobal - he has been blessed by above. God gives us talents and then it is up to us to do with them what we can. Well, wuri YongJoon is using them wisely. Some has said he is not gifted but he certainly is. I pray that he continues to have success and most of all be happy! He certainly deserves it.

HeippieH said...

Oh byjglobal, you are so sweet! I agree with you and Mrs.A. that yes, this man is blessed with many gifts. You said it all, his charm is just beyond my comprehension. The way he walks, sits, runs, smiles, his hand gesture, and the way he talks ... he is extremely charming when he talks, sometimes I want to open up his pretty head and get a peek of that smart smart brain, but I guess I should NOT touch his head ... I'll just sit here and sigh, be amazed ...

HeippieH said...

Mrs.A., you are darn right, he IS gifted, I think wuri yong joon is so humble that he keeps telling himself and us that he is not talented. Can we all yell at him - YES! YOU ARE TALENTED! Ha Ha, I hope he can here us. I pray that he will be with us longer. But most importantly, may him be happy first. I pray that he finds his true love.