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All About Him - Hardware Side

From his top down, his fans has been screaming about, here I compile a list, please help me to fill in the gaps -

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English translation by Joanne from quilt, posted at (Quilt has lost it, I guess)

Chinese translation by Kokoo from

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Sometimes I found it hard to load articles from If it is too hard for you, here is a copy of it, but I can't load photos tonight from, the first time I've experienced what bb complained many times in the past. So, for now, only the text, later I'll try to fill the photos. For now, use your creative imagination!


from quilt by joanne
Haebi posted this on the Freeboard of's byjintoronto Cafe.
Esthetics of that man's (sexy & ascetic) 'NECK'


It is all because of excessively handsome you!!!!(...)

I have been charmed by force of Donghyeok which returned, by force of BYJ, which was upgraded 16543 steps;; from Donghyeok for two days..

Out of blue, I got to think about that man's neck frequently.(Ah..I am not a pervert. -_-;;)

Mr. BYJ's overwhelming force, having all of us frantic is a matter of course..Hm..

The matter is force wrapping entire body and that man's 'NECK' which one can easily miss as it is hidden behind beautiful face♡

Milky white skin taking make up well(;;), have you used elastin+_+ texture of hari, neat chin line that almost nearly recovered original appearance.
In addition to.. sexy lips, straight nose, handsome forehead-why has he been hiding it,
shoulders with proper angle, and sexiness of angle of putting hand into pocket..
This man's NECK which shows slightly between shirt is wow


However, after all, NECK of this man, Mr. BYJ is implicated expression of ascetic as well as sexy image that I really love among his countless charms.

First of all, this man's NECK is thick;;
If it were short, thick and short rather not attractive..., however!!

That gene of length is fortunately applied to the NECK so that that person's Neck, which is even adequately long in addition to be thick+_+
arouses synergy effect so that it becomes a base of joining together sexiness+asceticism+solidness+cleaniness+neatness+charm(?)...etc.etc.

Because he does not have very long neck like deer of course, for people who would object to me
I (cautiously) remind you that I clearly told you that it is adequately long;;;;

For me who view that this long and thick neck contribute in pretty major portion to bright look of suits shown by Donghyeok and polo neck(sweater) of Joonsahng, The length and thickness;; of NECK of Mr. BYJ is completely precious.

That thick and long NECK that would not lose luster even in this poor picture quality

The look of wearing suits is killingly attractive~

If one has short neck, it looks ugly~ Polo neck tee!

Moreover, when he unbottons even one as in this wedding, it will become very much really sexy.
What a shily sexy appearance as all of long and smooth NECk line is barely visible between brightly white shirt colllars..♡♡

Also, long necks also different among them...If they are turtle's neck, they are not attractive;;

As he has habit of proper posture and as he would never have turtle's neck because he did not fall into marsh of reading byjintoronto Cafe (H's note - this site is where the original author Haibi is active on), the straight neck line which vertically goes up from shoulder line is really desirable.

Don't you think that perfect look of suits by Donghyeok was due to straight neck line which follows down from perfect back of head to shoulders?
(You've told previously it was due to length and thickness, haven't you;;;;;)

Mr. BYJ, even when you fall into marsh of reading byjintoronto Cafe, I recommend you to maintain proper distance of about 60-cm between eyes and monitor, and to read in proper posture.
Please do not forget to stretch for a while after doing it for 30 minutes!

I hate, hate for that perfect neck line to become turtle's neck~;;;;;;;;;;

The charm of 'NECK'-nim;; which I cannot handle like this even when it is caged inside shirt,
would be full-blooming at last with V-neck, of by unbutton 3 buttons, or by taking off all;;
By completely Adam's apple and neck bones and, more than any, by revealing clavicles finally, exthetics of BYJ's NECK will reach competion stage;;

Neck almost as thick as the width of face;;
is streching very refreshingly.


That sexiness despite stretching his neck forward.+_+

Here, as an extra, dignity of left hand holding an envelope..

Adam's apple with rightfully desirable;; shape and size, barely revealing neck bone and clavicles shown slightly+_+

When those become more exposed..

Handsome look of that neck bone that nakedly reveals when he turns his neck and hollowing center of clavicles-wow wow

Although I am charmed only by this posture

Oh My~What shall I do with this wow wow

very much sexy. wow wow

By the way...

the cleaniness(neatness), the representative image of this man is also applied to his NECK.

Is this the neck of man in his middle of 30th~
I imagine for a while the appearance of massaging pushing upward over 20~20 times with neci cream every day..
Although one can see a little wrinkles on close-up of course, most of us have that much wrinkles and those do not mar at all for this smooth skin and neck line.

I feel whenever I see such a smooth NECk of this man, that aloong with very neat and clean feeling, I can feel sexiness mysteriously even in that cleaniness.,br>
That is besides much talked about sexiness felt from thickness of neck, Adam's apple, and clavicles, etc, etc,
That is just as if feeling sexiness from straight up white collar or neatly buttoned cuffs when wearing suits properly(Do I alone feel that way..).

That is intactly the atmosphere of Mr. BYJ himself that I like.
Sexiness emitting quietly in neatness which is restrained and clean to the degree he looks very much ascetic..

Someone told it intellectual sexiness..

Yes, exactly that is felt also from that smooth 'NECK'. (At least to me..)

I wonder if Mr. BYJ finally realized the charm of that handsome 'NECK' (or if Ms. Hong Eunkyeong realized it) he has been exposing his NECk a lot lately and it is very desirable+_+

Because NECk is smooth, necklace are very well becoming on.
(Come to think about it, while you did not like accesorries in the past, you've changed a lot^^)

Donghyeok's white gold necklace was very pretty..
I wanted to become that cute necklace which tightly fit on that thick NECK;;;

A cross necklace..

This kind of necklace with clusters..

Hooray for that man's NECk where all kinds of necklace are all becoming on!!!!!!!!!!!
(Please take care of it well~;;;;)

Would only the NECK be perfect ? Below it I am there too!! That'man's straight clavicles...

Clavicles! Clavicles! Hooray!!!!!!



bb said...

hey h,

know what? i'm still having problems uploading pictures onto blogger via internet explorer even now... it's been months.

but, firefox's okay tho. so h, if you continue to experience problems with internet explorer, try mozilla firefox. just go to mozilla to download firefox, an alternative browser.

HeippieH said...

Hi bb, thanks a lot. I got the firefox and it worked! Wow, this could also be the reason I could not get on to Quilt. You are always helpful. Are you back home or still in Australia? Have a nice trip!

mrs a said...

Hi Heippieh - glad Quilt is back up!
Ok I admit I had to reread all the pieces as I love EVERYTHING about this guy. But that Neck piece is funny. Enjoyed the reading!

jaime said...

hi h,

same with mrs a, have to go and re-read all of them as I remember they are all so funny and good.

Yeah, BYJ is a walking example of elegance and refinement. He has perfected every move by a human being - smile, pout, frown, walk, turn, sit, tilt, wave, bow. Thanks for consolidating them all.

HeippieH said...

Hi Mrs.A and Jaime, glad to see you gals like the NECK piece, it was hilarious, I couldn't forget it. If you gals see more articles about his body parts, please let me know, I want to gather them all in this page :-)

Jaime you are right, he is a walking example of elegance and refinement. BYJ must have exceptional taste of beauty and self-control, or else he could not achieve it. That kind of self-control, no one comes close to his. One may think it is easy and it is just because he is handsome, but I think he must have put in extensive hard work behind it. That's why it bears much value. I respect it very much.