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The People Letter - HeippieH

I emailed my letter to the People Magazing on Nov. 15, 2006. Thanks Jaime for pointing out various errors and giving out suggestions. Honestly we all agreed that these letters may not be able to make BYJ appear on this year's Special Edition of the People Magazine. But we are hopeful that these letters will at least bring the editor's attention to look into this nice young man. We believe that he deserves to be known in the Western world as much as he is known in Asia and by Asians. Hopefully the sisters in the Bae family will continue supporting him and making efforts to publicizing him all over the world.

I am not so sure about the way I convinced the editor about BYJ being the sexiest and most beautiful man alive, I have rather been proving to the editor that BYJ is popular and influential. But hey, this is all I could do, and bottom line is, if BYJ is able to attract millions of intellectually proud women in such an intense degree, what else he is other than being powerfully sexy?


Dear Editor,

I would like to take this opportunity to bring your attention to an outstanding man who is deserved to be known as the most beautiful and sexiest man alive.

Everyday around the clock, in every continent of the globe (might excluding Antarctica), there are tens of thousands, sometimes millions of women getting on this man's related websites, fixing their eyes on his sensual pictures or video clips. This man's name is Bae Yong Joon (BYJ), today's No. 1 superstar in Asia. Born in Seoul, Korea, this 34 year-old young man has been famous for driving otherwise mature, highly educated, intellectual women into madness.

What is unique about this superstar, is that his fans are well known for their high level of maturity. Statistics have shown that the majority of his fans have graduate or post-graduate degrees, they are either well educated, dedicated housewives, or professionals working in various fields, including art, finance, business, engineering, designing, medicine, science, education, etc. Most of them claimed to have never been a fan of anyone before, and will never be to anyone else, except for this special man called Bae Yong Joon. They call him the "Prince from Heaven". Already occupied with their busy day job, be it taking care of the family and household or pursuing their career, these talents created themselves second jobs of publicizing their ideal man to the world - they setup and maintain the websites and forums about him, creating artworks featuring his charm, writing articles and fictions praising his beauty, making videos, composing musics and poems, creating drawings and paintings to express their love for him. When asked why they are so crazy about this man, their answers can be summarized as : Bae Yong Joon brings to live their life-long dream prince - a perfect combination of a gentle and masculine man.

With the steady loyal support of these dedicated women who possess strong purchasing power, anything labeled BYJ sells as handsome as he looks. This has been well identified as the BYJ Phenomenon. Ever since the release of the Korean television serial "Winter Sonata", a beautiful love story starred by Bae, the BYJ phenomenon has spread across the entire Asia, especially Japan, then Middle East, and has quickly expanded to North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Africa. Just in the year of 2004 alone, the BYJ phenomenon caused the upsurge of US$4-billion in business between Japan and South Korea. He has been accredited the "national treasure" of South Korea, and has been widely recognized as the "culture ambassador" who has contributed to the improvement of Korea-Japan relations, which some commented as more than 10 ambassadors combined could ever achieve. Whatever businesses he gets involved, such as entertainment, tourism, commercials, magazines, stock investment, restaurant operations, just to name a few, are deemed to be successful. The L.A. Times reported "popular actor Bae Yong-joon, nicknamed 'Yonsama' in Japan, is like a one-man corporation worth billions of dollars."

A man with such economic influence and charismatic power, who attracted so many women's attention, is superiorsly sexy. However his sexual appeal does not simply come from his gifted appearance alone. It is widely acknowledged by his fans that it is initially his heavenly appearance that drew their eyes, but most importantly it is his virtuous quality that tugged their hearts and have kept them supporting him for years and the years to come.

As an actor, Mr. Bae challenges himself to bring various images to his viewers. He is prudent in selecting scripts, so that every role he played in a dozen of his dramas and movies are significantly different. The viewers were amazed at his ability to transform from one role to a completely new other.

As a professional, he strives to achieve perfection in every one of his endeavors. He sets his professional and business goals to challenge himself as well as to bring benefit to the commonwealth of the society. He pursues his goals with confidence, determination and fortitude.

As a celebrity, he takes leadership to promote returning ones fortune back to the society. He made generous donations to the needy and unfortunate, hence becomes a role model for his peers.

As a superstar, he interacted with his fans with humbleness and courtesy. He addresses his fans as "family" and treated them warmly and genuinely, as one would truly do to his family members.

As a public figure, he exemplify a strong mind with extraordinary self discipline. His personal life is free of scandal, his manners and speeches in the interviews are impeccable, humorous and insightful, all attributed to his virtues of prudence and temperance.

A man with these virtues, wisdom and princely manner rested in such a masculine body and handsome face, has inevitably become an inconceivable, unreachable ideal man in all women's mind. This man is setting the bar as the sexiest man alive.

Here allow me to share a few photos of Bae Yong Joon with you :

0. Piercing Eyes

1. Mesmerizing

2. Intoxicating

3. Red Hot

4. Sweet Summer Sweat

5. Muscle Man

6. Pure and Clean

7. Adam's Apple

8. The Playboy

9. Cold and Lust

10. To His Family

11. Power Sit

12. Stretching Leg

13. Sweaty Rest

14. Dressed Up

15. Handsome Him

Here are some of his websites. This list is not meant to be complete, just to serve as a reference for you :

BYJ Official Website:

English :


Japan :

Mainland China
baidu.BYJ Forum


Hong Kong




Mexico :

Best Regards,

HeippieH from MA, USA.

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Translation - Gosijo's Letter

Here is the Chinese translation of Gosijo's letter to People Magazine ......




为什么People杂志要选裴勇俊, 一位在贵杂志的主要发行市场中几乎无人知晓的人, 当今最性感的男人? 因为这将成为您至今发行最成功的一期杂志, 您将会收到大量海外订购, 尤其是从日本和中国,还有其他一些贵杂志市场占有率还不高的国家. 由于对这位演员的热情高涨, 很多女士们将要购买许多份, 或是立即送给她们的朋友, 或是留给肯定将会出现的未来裴迷. 这位已经取得巨大成就的演员的知名度还在继续增长, 当明年春季他主演的历史连续剧<太王四神记>在九十个国开始播放时, 他的知名度将会达到新的高峰. (请看电视节目预告图片). 我本人就要买十份或更多份.

为什么要选裴勇俊? 我只附上几幅照片, 因为我知道其他人已经给您寄去了很多.我倒想在此试着描述一下裴先生在世界各地所引起的几百万女性们对他的热爱程度, 其中包括美国和其它北美国家, 南美, 和欧洲. 这种热爱达到如此惊人的程度, 他使得所有国家, 所有年龄, 所有生活方式的精明, 忙碌和通常是头脑清醒的女人们总能找到时间关注他公众露面的每一篇报道., 并且她们还在网络上联络起来, 这好象是她们以前从来没有做过的事. 有些人甚至走出了不同寻常的一步, 长途旅行, 有时是环绕半个地球的旅行, 去亲身体验他出色的磁性般的男子气概. 根据我读到的所有报道, 无论他的照片如何迷人得令人窒息, 这个男人在照片中的吸引力都无法与他在银幕中的形象相比. 然而, 无论他在银幕中如何耀眼, 他本人却又是几倍地更加光彩夺目! 这种男性的吸引力还包括他对周围所接触的每一个人都格外的和蔼和关爱, 他对自己的能力却持有非常真诚的谦虚态度, 他总在不断地努力进取. 尽管名望使他享受日常生活的自由受到严重的限制, 裴先生却称他的影迷们为家人”, 他以深深的尊重和感激对待她们(我们), 就象对待真正的家人一样, 尤其是在韩国本土.这也许听起来象老调重弹或有些操纵性, 但是他多次向我们显示了他对此是绝对的完全彻底的真诚.

裴勇俊是何许人? 生于1972年南韩首尔,裴勇俊作为一位演员已经受到公众注目有十二年之久. 南韩电视网建立了出产高质量连续剧的坚实的传统. 而裴先生就出现在其中十部这样高质量的连续剧之中.在一九九六到九七年期间,他是<初恋>中的第二男主角.这部六十六集系列剧在韩国电视史上至今持有最成功的收视记录, 创造了五十集收视率百分之五十或更高,最后一集竟达到65.8%的惊人记录! 在当时, 裴勇俊被誉为韩国的James Dean, 并且赢得了多项表演奖项, 还有他本国几乎每一个女人的心.(请看下面他骑摩托车的照片).

对于韩国国外的观众, 特别值得一提的是<情定大饭店>(2001), 他在里面扮演了一名哈佛大学毕业的并购专家, 主人公发现自己的生活缺少了非常重要的一部分: 爱和激情. 这部二十小时从始至终都很精彩的连续剧, 前几集是在拉斯维加斯和洛杉机拍摄的, 剩下的部分是在首尔制作的 (以下的照片是在<情定大饭店>的制作过程中拍摄的幕后场景.)

他最近的电视连续剧是<冬日奏鸣曲>(2001-02), 也称<冬季恋歌>. 这部精心制作的连续剧无论在哪里放映, 都一直保持着不同凡响的成功, 并被称为是几部引发韩流现象的娱乐产品之一. 这股韩流正在席卷亚洲, 并正在向世界其它地区扩展. 这是一部极其纯洁的爱情故事---事实上可以说是大胆的---裴先生饰演的男主人公是如此的迷人, 以至于融化了每一颗心, 甚至征服了那些觉得故事情节对于我们这个时代和文化过于戏剧化的人. 他那几十万伏的高强电笑容在每一位观众的记忆中留下了深刻的烙印, 使他们永远不会忘记. 他所表现的美感和性感, 更因着故事的纯洁和自然而得以加深. (请看如下三幅照片).

这部连续剧之后是两部影片. <丑闻>(2003)是根据法国小说<危险关系>改编的影片. BYJ在其中扮演了同近期改编的影片<危险关系>中约翰.马可维其所扮演的相同的角色. 这部成年影片中的角色与裴先生在<冬季恋歌>中的主人公截然不同, 给了世人们一个机会来领略这位演员的戏路之宽, 并让我们欣赏到他那在前一部戏中藏在厚重的冬装下的令人惊叹的裸体.

最近, BYJ又主演了<四月雪>(2005), 影片讲述了两个已婚男女在不常发生的某种特殊情况下发生的恋情. 这部影片曾在西方半球的几个电影节放映, 并因其对这样一个普通的故事情节所采取的创新处理手法而得到高度的赞赏. 值得注意的是, 由于广受赞扬,这部影片在今年四月至九月期间在巴黎及法国其它地区的影院连续放映了五个月, 并在法国其它省市又多放映了一个月. 另外, 2006年九月份发行了<四月雪>完整版, 不同一般的是, 这种类型的发行版在日本影院还放映了一个多月, 有的影院早晨七点半反映, 入座率与平时一样的高!

裴勇俊为什么令女人们如此心醉神迷? 这位高大的, 戴眼镜的三十四岁单身男人展示了“gentleman”这个字中”gentle” “man”这两个方面在他身上非常均衡的并存. 他真的是温文尔雅, 甜蜜, 彬彬有礼, 有爱心, 慷慨大方, 感性, 与此同时又极具男子气概, 性感, 并对女人们有着摧毁性的吸引力. 他的个人魅力是如此之强, 有的人甚至用神灵气氛这样的词来描绘当他与男人, 女人 (和马, 请看下图) 相遇时所带来的愉悦气氛. 另外, 他富有表达力的嗓音更是如此的令人心怡, 即使他演的电视剧和电影有配音, 大部分女士们都更愿意借助字幕来听韩语原声, 好欣赏他的声音, 更不用提她们要仔细欣赏他那性感的嘴唇是怎样将那些令人无法理解的音节一个又一个地发出来的. 下面两个图片是裴先生在准备<太王四神记>时骑马训练的照片.

您在哪里能找到有关裴勇俊的信息? 这里例举了一些有用的网站:, 也称BYJ Quilt; 注意在写此信时这个网站的服务器正在出现故障. (注意,这篇介绍有诸多错误, 而且很多人对撰写人的初衷还有争议) (包含很多出色的英文翻译, 都是法国报界和评论家对<四月雪>的影评; 特别请看四月十二日到十月十二日的贴文). 尤其请看网页右侧”bb追踪YJ的足迹的连接, 那里有十六篇精心研究和图示的追忆录. 再请看一篇题为另我心凝结的嘴唇”, 展示了裴先生让很多女人们感到性感的嘴唇.

此信的作者是谁? 本人是一位生于蒙特利尔的法裔加拿大女士,居住在说英语的多伦多已有二十五年之久. 我是不可知论者, 职业是信息分析工程师. 不到一年前亲友们向我介绍了韩国影视. 我认为自己是裴氏影迷家族的一员..


Gosijo 于多伦多, 安大略省, 加拿大.

The People Letter - Gosijo

What I learned was, a Bae fan named Yee started sending a letter to the People Magazine nominating Bae Yong Joon as the Sexiest Man Alive in this year's special edition. Then a Canadian fan Coco pushed it further by encouraging all sisters in Bae Family to pursue this effort, aiming to bring awareness to the Western media of this special outstanding young man. Here another Bae sister from Toronto, Canada named Gosijo composed a powerful letter to showcase our prince's charm. I am thankful that Gosijo gave me permission to post it here and translate it into Chinese. I usually post it on the Bae Yong Joon bar ( and, the two major Chinese sites that I can easily get on to. I am happy that these letters are very well received, they can be served as a nice introduction to the new Bae-bies in the family. Thank you very much, Coco, Jaime and Gosijo, and Yee and all the other sisters who made an effort to write these beautiful letters out of pure love and support for BYJ.


6 November, 2006

Dear Editor,

I am writing to nominate South Korean mega-star Bae Yong-Joon as the Sexiest Man Alive for your upcoming special issue of People Magazine.

Why would People magazine select Bae Yong-Joon, a virtual unknown in its prime markets, as the Sexiest Man Alive? Because this could be your most successful issue to-date as a result of massive orders from overseas, especially Japan and China, but also several other countries where your magazine may not have quite the market shares you would like. The passion that exists for this actor is so high that many women would buy multiple copies to give to others right away and also to give future fans, which are sure to come along. The popularity of this hugely successful actor is still rising and likely to reach new heights when the serialized historical drama in which he’ll be starring, The Legend, starts broadcasting in 90 countries next spring (promo picture shown below). I would certainly buy ten copies or more myself.

Why should Bae Yong-Joon be chosen? I have included only a few pictures as I know that others have already sent you several. I would like, rather, to attempt to describe the level of passion Mr. Bae elicits in several million women around the world, including the U.S and the rest of North America, South America, and Europe. This passion is so astonishing that it drives smart, busy, and normally level-headed women from all nationalities, all ages, and all walks of life to find time to keep up with every report of BYJ’s public appearances, and network on the internet like they have never done before. Many have taken the unusual step of traveling, sometimes half-way around the world, to experience first-hand his phenomenal masculine magnetism. According to all the reports I have read, and however breath-taking they may be, pictures of this man fail to fully convey how attractive he is compared to seeing him on the screen. In turn, no matter how gorgeous he appears on-screen, he is several times more so in person! This masculine magnetism is accompanied by an exceptionally gentle and caring attitude towards everyone whose lives he touches, and very sincere humility about his own abilities, an area he constantly strives to improve. Despite the severe limits fame has put on his ability to enjoy everyday life, Mr. Bae refers to his fans as “Family”’ and treats them (us) with the deep respect and appreciation this term implies, especially in his native Korea. This may sound trite and manipulative, but he has shown, repeatedly, that he is utterly and absolutely sincere in this.

Who is Bae Yong-Joon? Born in 1972 in Seoul, South Korea, BYJ has been in the public eyes for the past 12 years as an actor. South Korean television networks have developed a strong tradition of producing high-quality serialized dramas and Mr. Bae has appeared in ten of these. In 1996-97 he was the second leading man in First Love, a 66-episode series that still holds the record as the most successful in Korean television history, garnering viewerships of 50% (!) or more for 50 episodes, and an astonishing 65.8% for the final one! At that time, BYJ was dubbed the James Dean of Korea and won several acting awards along with the hearts of just about every woman in his native country (see picture below on motorcycle).

Of particular note to audiences outside Korea, in Hotelier (2001), he played a Harvard-trained mergers and acquisitions specialist who discovers that his life is missing a very important facet: love and compassion. The first few episodes of this uniformly excellent 20-hour drama were filmed in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, while the rest was made in Seoul (the picture below was taken behind the scenes while making Hotelier).

His most recent serialized drama was Winter Sonata (2001-02), also known as Winter Love Song. This exquisitely shot series continues to be exceptionally successful wherever it is shown and is always cited as one of a handful of entertainment products that have sparked the phenomenon known as hallyu, the Korean cultural wave that is sweeping Asia and making its way through the rest of the world. It is a very pure love story – daringly so, in fact – and Mr. Bae’s portrayal of the main character is so mesmerizing that it melts every heart and conquers even those who find the plot too melodramatic for our time and culture. His hundred thousand watt smile is burned in every viewer’s memory and will be remembered until the end of our days, as will the underlying sensuality he projected, heightened all the more by the pure nature of the story (see next three pictures).

This series was followed by two films. Untold Scandal (2003) was an adaptation of French novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses, in which BYJ played the same role as John Malkovitch in another recent adaptation, Dangerous Liaisons. This R-rated movie role was in complete contrast to the character Mr. Bae played in Winter Sonata and gave the world a chance to appreciate this actor’s amazing range, along with seeing the equally amazing buff body that hid behind the bulky winter clothes worn in his previous screen appearance.

More recently, BYJ starred in April Snow (2005), a movie about the love that develops between a married man and woman who would not normally have met but for somewhat unusual circumstances. It was shown at several film festivals in the western hemisphere and received very high praise for the innovative way in which it treated this otherwise familiar story line. Notably, and as a result of this praise, it was shown continuously in cinemas in Paris and elsewhere in France for five months between April and September of this year, and a further month in the French provinces. In addition, a Director’s Cut version was released in early September 2006 and, exceptionally for this type of re-release, was shown in theaters in Japan for over a month, with the equally exceptional measure of showings starting in the morning as early as 7:30 a.m.!

Why does Yong-Joon make women swoon? This tall, bespectacled, thirty-four year old single man embodies with equal strength the two terms in the word “gentleman”. He is indeed gentle, sweet, polite, caring, generous, and sensitive, all the while being extremely masculine, sensual, and devastatingly attractive to women. His charisma is so strong some use the word ‘aura” to describe how delightful he is to both men and women (and horses – see below) who meet him in person. In addition, his expressive voice is so very pleasant to hear that, even when his dramas and movies are available with dubs in some of the Asian languages, most women prefer to listen to the original Korean and rely on subtitles just to enjoy it, not to mention to fully appreciate the way his sensual lips wrap around each syllable, however incomprehensible. The next two pictures are from Mr. Bae’s horseback riding training in preparation for The Legend.

Where can you get more information about Bae Yong Joon? Here is a small sampling of useful websites:, also known as BYJ Quilt; note that this site is experiencing server problems at the time of writing. (beware, as this seems to contain several errors and has raised a controversy about a contributor with less than honorable motives). contains numerous excellent English translations of reviews of April Snow, as seen by the French media and French viewers; look between April 12 and October 12, in particular. see, especially, the right side-bar for links to 16 superbly researched and illustrated retrospective posts where “bb follows YJ’s trail”; see also a post entitled “those lips , be still my heart” showcasing what several woman think about Mr. Bae’s very sensuous lips.

Who is the writer of this letter? I am a French-Canadian woman born in Montréal but living in English in Toronto for the past 25 years. I am skeptical by nature and work full-time as an information analyst. Korean movies and serialized drama were brought to my attention by friends and relatives less than a year ago. I count myself as a member of Mr. Bae’s fan Family.

With very many thanks and best regards,


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Translation - Coco's Letter

Hope my translation is close enough.



我今天写信给您是想向您介绍当今最性感的男子. 他的名字叫裴勇俊, 他是当今这个星球上最有天赋的男演员之一.

裴勇俊来自南韩首尔,他多年来一直是全亚洲最受欢迎的演员. 他参与了诸多优秀南韩电视剧的演出, 其中最著名的是"冬季恋曲"(2002). 他还曾主演了两部韩国影片, 最新的一部是"四月雪". 这部影片在2005年秋季多伦多国际电影节(TIFF)和温哥华国际电影节(VIFF)上映,影票销售一空.您可以在他的官方网站(找到他迄今为止获得的所有的成就和荣誉. 这个网站支持英文和韩文.

裴勇俊不仅仅是凭借他惊人俊美的外型而成为当今最性感的男人. 他还是一位非常温文尔雅和富有情感的男人. 他深切地关爱他的影迷们,并称他们为"家人". 同样,他也深深地关心着那些不幸的和需要帮助的人们. 他在亚洲多次的慈善捐助是有目共睹的.他在工作中的正直和奉献精神也是广为人知的. 他是一位异常刻苦的完美主义者,总是尽力将他最好的作品呈现给观众.与此同时,他却保持着对周围的人们无尽的体贴和谦逊.他对影迷,家人和同事们的慷慨是传奇般地令人惊叹.

随此信我附上几张裴勇俊以不同的姿势和布景拍摄的照片. 以此您可以了解他那令人难以置信的多才多艺和天赋.我希望您能够看到成千上万他在世界各地的影迷家人们眼中的形象.

我是一位居住在加拿大的白种女性. 我从未想到过我会给您写信谈及一位韩国演员! 即使是认识裴勇俊也是令我自己吃惊的一件事 --- 那是由于我们城市的多文化频道在日常节目中播放了韩剧.事实上,在世界上每一个通过电视网放映过他的电视剧的国家中,裴勇俊都有着众多的影迷和崇拜者.这些国家包括加拿大,美国,日本,菲律宾,新加坡,马来西亚,中国,香港,台湾,埃及,法国,和南非,我只列举了其中的一些国家. 无论是男人们还是女人们, 他们都被他温文尔雅和男子气概的独特结合所吸引.他真的是独一无二.我坚信他是当今社会最性感的男人!请您对此做更多的调查,然后您会发现 --- 全世界家喻户晓裴勇俊只是时间的问题.


coco 于温哥华,加拿大.

The People Letter - Coco

I am grateful that coco, a longtime loving Bae fan from Canada permitted me to post her letter to People magazine and let me translate her work. Here is the original letter.

Dear Editor,

I am writing to you today to introduce you to the Sexiest Man Alive. His name is Bae Yong Joon, and he is one of the most talented actors on the planet today.

Bae Yong Joon (BYJ) is from Seoul, South Korea, and he has been the most popular actor in all of Asia for several years. He has performed in a number of wonderful South Korean dramas, most notably "Winter Love Song" (2002). He has also starred in two Korean movies, the latest of which, "April Snow," was shown to sell-out crowds at both the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) last Fall, 2005. A complete list of his credits to date can be found on his official website at This website can be accessed in both English and Korean.

Bae Yong Joon is not the Sexiest Man Alive solely because of his amazingly handsome physical features. He is also a very gentle and compassionate man, who cares deeply for his fans (whom he calls his "Family") as well as for those who are less fortunate and in need. His charitable contributions to many causes in Asia are a matter of public record. His integrity and dedication to his craft are also well-known and documented. He is an exceptionally hard-working perfectionist who strives to give only his best work to his public, while at the same time remaining humble and unfailingly kind to the people around him. His generosity toward his fans, his family, and his colleagues is both legendary and astonishing.

As you can see, I have included a number of photos of Bae Yong Joon in a variety of poses and settings, to give you an idea of the scope of his incredible versatility and talent. I am hoping that you will see what thousands of his Family all over the world see!

I am a Caucasian woman living in Canada, and I never expected to be writing to you about a Korean actor! That I even know of Bae Yong Joon is amazing to me -- it is due to the Multicultural Channel (Shaw) in our city that shows Korean dramas as part of its regular programming. BYJ now has fans and admirers from virtually every country in the world that has shown his dramas on their television networks; some of these countries include Canada, US, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Egypt, France, and South Africa, to name but a few. Men and women alike are attracted to his unique combination of gentility and manliness. He is truly one-of-a-kind, and I believe him to be the Sexiest Man Alive! Please feel free to do more research, to find this out for yourself -- it is only a matter of time before the entire world will know the name "Bae Yong Joon."


coco in Vancouver, Canada