Saturday, December 30, 2006

The White Christmas on New Year's Eve!

No snow on Christmas Eve. No snow on Christmas Day! "Global warming", kids said. This is the first Christmas with no snow in 14 years. No snow on December 29th, my son crossed out the day on the calendar and announced "I guess there will be no snow this year!". "Agreed, there are only two days left for this year.", I concurred. But It was too early to say that. I should have remembered never to predict the weather in New England.

Today the New Year's Eve, the long expected white stuff finally came down from heaven, making one feel that it is finally Christmas! Here let's enjoy it with our artistic Jaime's creative work - the Christmas ornament made by her own elegant hands, and they are on my humble Christmas tree. When kids saw it with a picture of a handsome man inside, they hailed "It's Daddy!". Hubby thought I should be ashamed of it! And he wished that the picture inside the ornament would be him! Following Jaime's example, I think I am able to make an ornament with hubby inside, and I hope I can find a container in a shape of a heart, just for my beloved husband. :-)

Front view - she made it for me, H. Thank you so much! God bless your heart!

Back view - YJ holding a rose smiling. Angels and stars are surrounding him. Nice work Jaime! Wish that rose and smile are just for me. :-)

An now they are on the tree. Christmas season should be over Jan. 10th. So I am still enjoying it.

This one is more clear to see YJ.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Wish everyone is having a wonderful holiday!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Translation - 经典勇俊 – 影相艺术系列(一)

It comes in a bit late, I have been working on this a bit a day, enjoying every bit of it, the only problem is I have not learned how to post the music properly. Jaime picked a sentimental song to go along with these beautiful artworks and wonderful writings, I am sorry I could not make it to work. Hopefully one day I can learn to fix it. Until then, just imagine that nostalgia song 'Interlude" sung by Morrissey & Siouxsie.

Here is what I found on Quilt JaimeZ's Vintage BYJ I posting, the orginal "Interlude" version by Timi Yuro (1968), I love her voice too.

This link used to work, but if it does not work now, here is the lyrics, it seems was written just for YJ and for us.

Performed by Timi Yuro

*Time is like a dream
And now for a time you are mine
Let's hold fast to the dream
That tastes and sparkles like wine

Who knows if it's real
Or just something we're both dreaming of
What seems like an interlude now
Could be the beginning of love
Loving you is a world that's strange
So much more than my heart can hold
Loving you makes the whole world change
Loving you I could not grow old
No, nobody knows when love will end
So till then, sweet friend

(Repeat *)

Thanks to Jaime that I learned about Timi Yuro since I loved her voice a lot. Here is what I found about her on the web.

In this article the author also mentioned that "In 1994 Morrissey and Siouxsie made the UK Top 30 with a revival of 'Interlude'. ". Morrissey and Siouxsie's Interlude version is what Jaime had shared with us in her article, unfortunately I have yet to learn how to get it to play here. It's anoter thing I shall learn.

Now since we never stop learning, let me share with you what I found on the web about Zeva Oelbaum and her work "Flowers in Shadow"



经典勇俊 影相艺术系列()

亲爱的姐妹们 …… 最近我在研究一些古典植物照片. 我被它们的典雅和简朴所深深地痴迷, 情不自禁地想同大家分享.为什么? 呵呵, 因为我在生活中遇到的每一个美丽的景象和精雅的细节都会令我想起那有着让人无法抵御的吸引力的勇俊. 希望你们喜欢这些艺术作品.

静物写生摄影家泽娃 欧邦慕(Zeva Oelbaum)在新英格兰沿海的一个海边小古董店发现了一部维多利亚时期的腊叶标本集(植物学札记). 唯一能够让我们追溯这位艺术创作者由来的线索是一条书写优美的题名” May 18, 1896, Randolph, VT” (一八九六年五月十八日,兰道夫,佛蒙特州). 这个拥有百年历史的珍宝有着黄色皱褶的羊皮纸, 用已经磨损的白缎带扎纪起来. 在一个多世纪之前, 经过一位年轻女子灵巧的双手, 这些脆弱的植物被用亚麻细线以奇妙的布局仔细地安排好. 时间也在创造着奇迹, 这些被压紧的植物在相邻的书页上形成了反射自身的影像压痕. 这部札记是实现创作欲望的一种形式, 使这位年轻姑娘在她平静的生活中沉浸于这些美丽的花卉而流连忘返.

一个世纪之后, 通过一位摄影师精妙的镜头, 这些植物的美学价值又重获新生. 运用自然光线和投影作为基衬, 这些花瓣,枝叶和羊皮纸的精细纹理在照片中光彩夺目. 摄影师的意图是以现代艺术的多彩影膜与这个古典札记微妙的美层叠交织就此产生共鸣.

也许是因那挥之不去的淡淡的怀旧情思, 亦或是对那已逝岁月的神秘情感, 或许仅仅是想到一位艺术家的创作几乎被遗忘而又被重新发现, 加之对这些精细的花瓣和脆弱的根茎能经受住时间的考验, 对它们这般彻底的耐久力, 我真的是着迷得神魂颠倒了. 同时又有一种心愿想要以此来反映出我们勇俊刚毅而文雅的两重性, 看起来这种欲望彻底地征服了我. 这个天使般俊美的王子以他真诚和高贵的吸引力轻而易举地浸入了我们的生活和我们的心灵, 在亚洲文化史上写下了精彩的一部篇章. 这些好似梦境却又是真切的现实. 世人目睹了他作为韩流运动的文化大使所承担的关键角色, 和他统一和加强亚洲艺术文化的理想. 百年之后, 他的才能和优雅会如何载入史册?对裴勇俊的美好记忆会象这个维多利亚时期的腊叶标本集一样得到保存和欣赏吗?时间会为他在历史中的地位和成就作出最好的评判. 但有一件事我可以确定, 那就是他将会永远地留在爱他的家人们的心灵中, 脑海中, 和精神中.

鸣谢 :

我衷心地感谢我们美丽的姐妹jill4byj为我创作美术作品和音乐提供了无尽的知识.谢谢你对一个无知的姐妹如此的友爱和宽厚. 这篇文章是专献给你的!

参考书目 :

1. 影中花 一位摄影家重现维多利亚时期的植物札记, 泽娃 欧邦慕(Zeva Oelbaum), 瑞左礼(Rizzoli)国际出版社, 2002

2. 蓝图 氰版摄影手法中的自然世界, 泽娃 欧邦慕(Zeva Oelbaum), 瑞左礼(Rizzoli)国际出版社, 2002

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Jaime's Den - Vintage Yong Joon – Photographic Art Series I

Ah, our good restless Jaime started another art series, putting her creative talent into perfect use. Love your work, love you Jaime! Hold it! Translation job is on mine!


Vintage Yong Joon – Photographic Art Series I

Dear sisters ….. I’m recently studying some antique botanical prints and am deeply enchanted by their elegance and simplicity that I love to share them with you. Why? Haha, because every beautiful scenery and exquisite detail that I encounter in life now reminds me of our irresistibly attractive Yong Joon. Hope you’ll like the artworks!

Still-life photographer Zeva Oelbaum discovered a Victorian herbarium (botanical journal) in a tiny seaside antiques shop along the coast of New England. The only trace to its artistic creator’s origin is an inscription ‘May 18, 1896, Randolph, VT’ in graceful penmanship. This century old treasure has yellowed rippled parchment paper tied with fraying white satin ribbon. Through the delicate hands of a young woman over a century ago, the fragile botanicals were diligently arranged with strings of linen in an artful and whimsical composition. Time has worked wonders too, the pressed botanical has created shadow impression of itself reflecting on the adjoining page. The journal was a means of creative fulfillment, letting this young lady to escape into the beauty of flowers in her peaceful surroundings.

A century later, through a photographer’s refined lenses, the aesthetic quality of these botanicals comes alive again. Using natural light and shadow as matrix, the subtle textures of the petals, leaves and parchment shine through the prints. It is her intent to resonate the subtle beauty of this antique journal by layering it with a contemporary artistic sheer.

Maybe it’s that light touch of nostalgia lingering in the air, that mystical sensation from a bygone era or the mere thought of an artist’s creativity narrowly forgotten and rediscovered. I am fascinated by the sheer endurance of these delicate petals and fragile roots, withstanding the passage of time. The strong desire to mirror this vitality to our Yong Joon’s duality of strength and refinement overcomes me. This heavenly-handsome prince drifts into our lives and our hearts effortlessly with his sincere and noble magnetism, writing an elegant chapter into Asian cultural history that seems to be a dream, yet so real. The world has witnessed his pivotal role as the Ambassador of the Hallyu movement and his idealism to unify and strengthen Asian art cultures. 100 years from now, how will his talents and grace be remembered in history? Will the beautiful memory of Bae Yong Joon be preserved and appreciated like this Victorian herbarium? Time will be the best judge of his position and triumph in history. One thing I am certain of, he’ll be in his loving family’s hearts, minds and spirits well beyond the end of time …….

Acknowledgement :

My heartfelt thanks to my beautiful sister jill4byj for sharing her immense knowledge on creating artworks and music with me. Thank you for being so kind and generous to a clueless sister. This one is dedicated to you dear!

References :

  1. Flowers in Shadow - A Photographer Rediscovers a Victorian Botanical Journal, Zeva Oelbaum, Rizzoli International Publications, Inc. 2002
  2. Blue Prints - The Natural World in Cyanotype Photographs, Zeva Oelbaum, Rizzoli International Publications, Inc. 2002

Jaime's Den - In Search of the King III

Now that we have to spend the next 10 hours cruising together, I decide to get acquainted with my yak-ky thing – under those sharp curved horns, actually lies a gentle face with droopy eyes. Its thick brown hair extends all the way to the ground just like a long fringe skirt, perfect for sweeping fallen autumn leaves in my garden. Haha, if it behaves, maybe I’ll consider adopting it home! The problem is it seems that any sorts of flying insects and creepy-crawlies that possess more than 2 legs are invited to converge on Mr. Flea-bag for a party. I start flapping its bushy pom-pom tail like a flyswat and viola, it’s working like a charm!

My heart is blooming like spring flowers as I admire the serene natural beauty of the snow-capped mountains thinking about Yong Joon’s princely appearance. Yakky and I are wandering in the wilderness aimlessly with no other human beings in sight. The scorching sun and the swaying motion are making me sleepy. I don’t know what kind of Navigation System yakky has registered itself with (maybe the REINDEER channel?), it sure doesn’t seem to be taking me anywhere near our King. By nightfall, total darkness descends and howling winds add to the eeriness as I am getting cold and frightened. Should I even entertain Mr. Upside-down-flowerpot’s suggestion of burning yakky’s dung to keep myself warm?? “No no no no NO! …….. burning scented candle is one thing, burning yak dung’s totally something else! There’s got to be a better way out than resorting to this!”

I start to think about the warm sunny smile and big strong arms of Yong Joon, and my heart is filled with hope and strength. Suddenly from afar, I vaguely hear the soothing sound of gentle waves and spot glimpses of burning lights. Can this be where our smiling Yong Joon is? My heart starts racing as blood (and hope) rushes back to my heart and every body parts. This is it, you made it, yakky! Oh, I’d better make myself look decent and smell pretty when I see the gorgeous King. I start scrambling for my favourite perfume and sprinkle all over myself. Oh my gosh! My yak-ky smells like it hasn’t taken a bath for 10 years! Well, I figure while I am at it, I might as well sprinkle my precious Eau de Parfum on yakky from its head to tail. We Bae sisters (well, Bae yaks too) share, right? All of a sudden, yakky emits a loud grunt and before I know what happens, I am thrown up in mid air! I let out a loud shriek and land flat on the ground, still clutching to Yong Joon’s gorgeous picture …….

When I regain consciousness, I hear the sweetest language ringing into my ears - Korean! I moan to myself, “I’ve arrived, I’ve finally arrived!” I ask these familiar looking Korean faces where I can see the sweet handsome Yong Joon. They reply, “Well, where else? Korea! You didn’t read the news? Yong Joon-ssi worries too much about the safety of his family and decides not to shoot in Kyrgyzstan after all! All his family has turned back and gone to Jejudo now. Ahhhh ….. you’re from that Siberian no man’s land in Canada, To-Ron-To, right? Maybe your travel agent didn’t warn you??” ..…. Dear sisters, I’d better stop here as you don’t want to know what state of hysteria I am in after this ……..

Disclaimer : This story is entirely fictitious and I do not mean any disrespect for the good-natured Kyrgyz or gentle yaks (for that matter). I am further instructed by the Kyrgyzstan government that I am never to be within 30 feet of a yak in fear of me causing any more trauma to this tame and sweet species.

Jaime's Den - In Search of the King II

After 36 hours of being thrown up and down and around (like a chopped-up lettuce being tossed in a salad bowl) in a cramped junkyard-worthy propeller plane, I finally land at Manas Airport in the Capital City Bishkek. My top priority is, NOT to look for my King yet, but to untangle all my TWISTED internal organs back to their rightful positions. I comfort myself that in a few minutes, I can stretch out in my ultra-luxury limo, sipping champagne and switch on CNN/TSN/MSN or whatever ‘N’ for some news from modern civilization. Little do I know what is installed ahead of me…….

I am greeted by this tiny old man with white moustache wearing a beautifully-embroidered costume and a flowerpot(?) upside-down on his head, coming right out of a fairytale. He introduces himself as my tour ambassador, speaking with a funny accent at a super fast pace.

** I show him a picture of my handsome King, attempting to confirm, “To Bae Yong Joon, OK?”

* He keeps nodding his head and repeats after me, “Ahhhh! Bae Yong Joon, vvver-ly famous, vvver-ly handsome!”

He then brings out a humongous horn and blows (with all his might, and his saliva too!) right to my face, it screeches so loud that my 2 ears and 1 nose almost fall off. Then I hear the deafening sound of roaring distant train and the whole floor starts to tremble. Before I can figure out what level on Richter Scale this earthquake measures, I see a fleet of ‘half-buffalo, half-rhino’ type of beasts stomping at my directions as he signals them to charge towards me! When those ‘beasts’ brake right in front of me, my eyes are as wide as ping-pong balls but I dare not make any sudden movement or sound to agitate them.

** I open my mouth gently and ask him, “Excuse me sir, what’re these?”

* He replies proudly, “Madam, your limo has arrived!”

** I am in disbelief, I explain, “No no no, there must be some mistakes. You see, I am expecting an automobile with 4 wheels, white and long with tinted windows, air conditioning and a mini bar, soft comfy seats with soothing music, maybe even a high-definition TV! I don’t see these guys resembling anything close to THAT!”

* The man continues to smile contentedly and repeats, “Madam, this is our ‘limo’ for visitors to Kyrgyzstan. These yaks are the most honoured animals here and can carry you anywhere to see anyone you want.”

** I murmur to myself, “I thought Reindeer can take you anywhere to see anyone you want, I don’t remember seeing these YAK-KY things flying over my chimney on Christmas Eve??”

* He ignores me and continues, “So madam, which model will ya be taking today : deluxe or economy? You do have your choice of a single or double humps.”

** I stare at him and respond with my ‘very-little-left’ strength, “Enlighten me sir, what’s the BIG difference between a single or double humps??”

* Now the man gets very enthusiastic and explains in his funny accent, “Oh, bbbiggg difference! U see, you can choose the ‘economy single-hump 2-seater’ OR pay premium for our ‘deluxe 2-humps private seat’ which you’ll have the exclusive comfort of front and back support.”

** I am totally baffled, “What?! How on earth can you put 2 people on a single hump yak?”

* “Well, vvver-ly easy. The FRONT guy just have to lean BACK a little while the BACK guy has to lean FORWARD a bit, then everybody is happy!”

** Now I am ‘certified’ confused. I roll up my eyes and give up, “I can’t believe this is happening to me. OK, I’ll take the 2 humps. All to myself and no leaning, right?”

* “Fine choice madam, fine choice. Since you’ve been so patient, I’ll throw in a bonus for you at no extra charge. If you are thirsty, you can squeeze at the yak’s bottom like turning a tap and have instant hot yak’s milk right to your mouth. If you feel cold at night, you just burn the dried-up yak’s dung to keep yourself warm and toasty!”

** NOW I totally feel like throwing UP all my meals from the past month! I exclaim, “You’ve got to be joking! You don’t mean I have to touch this yak-ky thing’s bottom and scoop up its dung! Not in a million years!” I shake my head and just hand him my credit card.

* He refuses, “sorry Madam, we don’t take this! Do you have anything valuable with you?”

** My patience has almost run out, “Well, everything that I brought is valuable. Let me see - I have my Cartier watch, Hermes scarf, Gucci bag, Chanel coat, Dolce and Gabbana dress and Manolo Blahnik stilettos. Which one do you want?”

* He frowns, “Madam, in this part of the world, these impractical material things are of no use to us. We are very basic and simple people, we need things that we can put into our mouths! Do you have anything like that?”

** I try to think hard, “Well, I don’t have any food, the closest thing that I can think of that touches my mouth is my lipstick.”

* He appears interested, “Is lipstick edible?”

** I ponder, “Ummm ….. I started putting lipstick on since I was 18, by now I must have swallowed over 100 lipsticks into my tummy and I’m still living?! My stomach may have shades of sunset rose, sweetheart pink, princess coral and forget-me-not mauve ….., but I haven’t died yet!”

* He is convinced, “Ok, I’ll take the lipstick.”

** I am relieved and can’t wait to leave, “Thank you sir, thank you!”

So I wave ‘au revoir’ to Mr. Upside-down-flowerpot and head straight for the mysterious Issyk-Kul Lake/Jewel of Central Asia/Blue Pearl of Tien-Shan to search for wuri King Charming.

Jaime's Den - In Search of the King I

Jaime posted this on Quilt and sent it to me, oh, weeks ago, what have I done to post it so late? Whatever excuses they are, don't bother, let's enjoy Jaime's humor and creative writing once more ...


In Search of the King - into Kyrgyzstan??

As soon as I read that Yong Joon might be shooting in Kyrgyzstan, without wasting a single milli-second, I make a world record 10-meter dash to my closest phone and book myself the next flight out :

* My travel agent’s first response is, “Huh, Ky what?”

** I raise my volume and repeat patiently, “KY-R-GYZ-STAN!”

* She gets a bit annoyed, “Yeah yeah, I hear you, I’m not deaf, you know! Now, what is it? a city? a country? or a PLANET??”

(Normally I would have given her a lecture on “Told you to study the maps more often instead of wasting your time daydreaming about those hunky Korean actors, of course, unless if it’s wuri Yong Joon!”)

** But I bite my tongue this time, “Very funny, lady! Now, are you ready to book that ticket for me or do I have to wait until the NEXT CENTURY to go?”

* For someone who hates my guts, she sounds a bit concerned, “Are you sure you can handle this trip? After all, this ain’t exactly sipping high tea at the Ritz in London or savouring palace cuisine at Gosireh with Yonsama, you know?”

** I confidently dismiss her, “Don’t you worry, if I could manoeuvre my way inside the maze of winding laneways and smelly canals in Piazza San Marco of Venice, survived weaving in and out of rush-hour cabbies in downtown Manhattan AND emerged with my arms and legs intact out of a Tokyo Subway train after being packed like a sardine, this lady can handle anything!”

So my trip is set and off to Kyrgyzstan I go to search for wuri King Charming! (Does my obnoxious travel agent know something I don’t know??)

Translation - Camille's Letter

Here is the Chinese translation I've done days ago, sigh! just got a chance to post it.


裴勇俊, 世界上最性感的男人

最近, 有些裴氏姐妹们开始了一场为我们的勇俊竞选People杂志世上最性感男人的宣传活动. 1985年开始, 人物周刊(People杂志)每年的特刊都要选出当今世上最性感的男人. 最初于1985年由演员Mel Gibson 获选, 接着是著名的影星如Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Richard Gere, Brad Pitt, 最后两名演员曾获选过两次, Richard Gere Cindy Crawford 曾在1993年作为一对入选, 然后他又于1999年得选. Brad Pitt 1995 2000 年获选. (今年George Clonney 获选, 所以他也得了两次)

(H 插话啦 -- 很明显,他们可选的人并不多, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, 看看他们选的这些的演员, 并不怎么精彩嘛! 人们能不能将眼睛睁大一些, 将观念放宽一些, 将思想纵深一些, 他们将意识到他们错过了什么 --- 一颗王冠上的明珠 --- 裴勇俊!)


1985 : Mel Gibson, 29

1986: Mark Harmon, 34

1987: Harry Hamlin, 35

1988: John F. Kennedy Jr., 27

1989: Sean Connery, 59

1990: Tom Cruise, 28

1991: Patrick Swayze, 39

1992: Nick Nolte, 51

1993: Richard Gere, 44and Cindy Crawford, 27

1995: Brad Pitt, 31

1996: Denzel Washington, 41

1997: George Clooney, 36

1998: Harrison Ford, 56

1999: Richard Gere, 50

2000: Brad Pitt, 36

2001: Pierce Brosnan, 48

2002: Ben Affleck, 30

2003: Johnny Depp, 40

2004: Jude Law, 31

2005: Matthew McConaughey, 36

现在让我们以最客观的角度更仔细地看看我们的勇俊. 对我来说, 他在任何方面都不比所有这些演员有欠缺, 有的地方他还轻易地胜过他们.

外形上, 他有着高大健壮的身体, 有着精致特色的俊美的脸, 挺直的鼻梁, 有神采的眼睛, 他深邃的凝视能深深地触动到你的内心, 他还有着性感的嘴唇.

谈到他的魅力, 他有着被广泛称誉的杀人的微笑”. 这里我想分享一位裴氏姐妹的话: “当他微笑的时候,整个房间就象被阳光照亮,可以温暖最寒冷的心.

谈及品德, 他睿智, 礼貌, 慎重, 慷慨, 总是非常和蔼, 尤其是对待他称为家人的影迷们, 总是真心诚意地对待她们, 最重要的是, 虽然他是亚洲巨星, 他却总是保持着谦逊的态度.

长话短说, 他整个人都闪烁着男性的气质和魅力, 同时又有一些女性的温柔, 再加上他那无法令人置信的非凡的领导力.

现在, 关于他的性感 (我们的主题), 我只提供几幅他的照片, 你可以自己作评判.

这样看来, 我们的勇俊比去年的得主Matthew McConaughey 强多了, 对不对? 更不用提Nick Nolte, 在我看来他可能是一位好演员, 但不管怎么看他都不是世界上最性感的男人.

坦率地说, 上面列出的这些演员,有多少可以说他们能象我们勇俊一样有无可挑剔的外形和品德, 更不用提他神赐的领导力和气质.

我希望人物周刊认真考虑我们裴氏姐妹们的信, 仔细调研勇俊的情况, 这尤其对他们的经济收入有益处.

他们知道我们勇俊是亚洲的超级明星, 是在日本最受欢迎的外国演员吗? 试想如果勇俊获选当今世界最性感的男人, 人物周刊将象热门蛋糕一样在亚洲销售一空, 比如在韩国, 日本, 中国, 新加坡, 台湾, 香港, 菲律宾, 马来西亚, 还有美国, 加拿大, 欧洲, 中东, 南美, 澳大利亚 而且注意, 勇俊的粉丝们大都是经济独立的知识女性, 她们有着强大的购买力.

出版杂志的最终目标是获取最大限度的发行量和销售额, 我们就期待 人物周刊的人们有足够的智力不要错失这样一个超好的机会.

作为总结, 我想引用另一位裴氏姐妹的话: 裴勇俊是近期亚洲历史上的一个真正的现象 正是前无古人, 后无来者!

所以, 让我们在一起为了-

裴勇俊, 世上最性感的男人!

The People Letter - Camille

Know Camille? a Bae sister from France, sharing a blog named Toujours_BYJ , which means always_byj, posted her "People Letter" on her blog. She was kind enough to translate it into English to share with us. Again, each letter sheds light on different aspect of our prince's charm, it is enjoying to read them all and be enlightened by different angles and views. What interests me from Camille's letter was the list of each crowned man of each year's special edition. Thanks Camille for the research work, the list gives us an idea what kind of man are popular in the Western people's eyes. I admit that they are all handsome attactive man, but to me, (you kow that "but" is coming ... and you know that "to me" means), Haha, to me, they are like the moons to the sun comparing to wuri yong joon. Trying to be nice, enough said about them, now let's look at wuri yong joon in Camille's eyes ...


BAE YONG JOON, the sexiest man in the world

Recently, several Bae sisters started a campaign for our Yong Joon as the sexiest man in the world to People magazine. Since 1985, the weekly magazine People elects in its annual special edition the sexiest man in the world. Actor Mel Gibson began in 1985,, followed by famous actors like Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Richard Gere, Brad Pitt, these last two actors are the only ones to be crowned twice, Richard Gere in duet with Cindy Crawford in 1993 and 1999, Brad Pitt in 1995 and 2000. (and now George Clonney too, as he is chosen this year)

(H chirps in : Obviously they don’t have many choices, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, look at the men they have chosen, not very impressive! Can’t people just open their eyes a little bigger, open their mind a bit more wider and open their thoughts a bit deeper, they’ll see what they have missed – a jewel on the crown – Bae Yong Joon!)

Here is the list:

1985 : Mel Gibson, 29

1986 : Mark Harmon, 34

1987 : Harry Hamlin, 35

1988 : John F. Kennedy Jr., 27

1989 : Sean Connery, 59

1990 : Tom Cruise, 28

1991 : Patrick Swayze, 39

1992 : Nick Nolte, 51

1993 : Richard Gere, 44 and Cindy Crawford, 27

1995 : Brad Pitt, 31

1996 : Denzel Washington, 41

1997 : George Clooney, 36

1998 : Harrison Ford, 56

1999 : Richard Gere, 50

2000 : Brad Pitt, 36

2001 : Pierce Brosnan, 48

2002 : Ben Affleck, 30

2003 : Johnny Depp, 40

2004 : Jude Law, 31

2005 : Matthew McConaughey, 36

Now let us see our Yong Joon more closely and trying to stay the most objectively possible. For me, he doesn’t have anything to envy all these actors, sometimes he exceeds them easily.

Physically, he’s tall with a muscular body, a beautiful face with fine features, a straight nose, expressive eyes with a deep gaze which moves you deep down in your heart and sensual lips.

Talking about his charm, he has a smile named everywhere as a “killer smile”. Here I would like to share a sentence written by Bae sister: When he smiles, the whole room lights up like rays of sunshine and warms even the coldest of hearts.

Morally, he is intelligent, courteous, discreet, generous, always very kind especially to his fans whom he calls his family and consider them really as his and the most important of all, always remains humble in spite of his position of a superstar in Asia.

To make it short, all his person shines virility and charm and a certain femininity at the same time, in addition to an incredible charisma.

Now about his sexiness (our principal subject), I will only show some of his photos and let you to judge by yourself.

So, our Yong Joon is as better as Matthew McConaughey last year winner, isn’t it ? I don’t even want to talk about Nick Nolte who for me is perhaps a good actor but not the sexiest man of the world in any case.

Frankly, how many actors in the list above are able to say that they have a physique and moral as irreproachable as our Yong Joon, without mentioning his charisma and his natural aura ?

I hope that People magazine will take in consideration our Bae sisters’s letters and will examine Yong Joon’s case, especially for the financial aspect.

Do they know that our Yong Joon is a superstar in Asia and the most popular foreign actor in Japan? Imagine Yong Joon winner of the sexiest Man alive of the world, People magazine will be sold like hot cakes everywhere in Asia, as in Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Hongkong, Philippines, Malaysia, and also in the United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East, South America, Australia…

Moreover, as Yong Joon’s fans are mostly cultivated women, financially independent with a considerable purchasing power.

So as the ultimate purpose of a magazine is to sell maximum magazines to gain a maximum of money, we have just to cross our fingers and wait until people of this magazine are intelligent enough and not to let this superb opportunity to be over.

In conclusion, I will quote another Bae sister’s sentence : Bae Yong Joon is a true phenomenon in recent Asian history - there was no one like him before, and never will be after!

Then, let us be together for

BAE YONG JOON, the sexiest man in the world!