Saturday, January 13, 2007

BYJ's Virtues 101 - Temperance

Might have watched this one before, but watch it again, will be amazed again about this person, is he real? How come I can not find anything unpleasant with him?

Got some time and watched the Image Vol. 1. I have not been watching anything BYJ related for quite a long time, got sucked in the day to day life, once in a while thinking about this person, and wonder if that passion is still there. I know the love is always there, but it becomes more of a quiet steady stream now. Now, let's see, watching Image Vol.1 stirred up the passion again. Again, this guy is not just simply handsome, he really does have something deeper to offer. That is probably why his charm to me is a lasting one. Here is one of the many words he said that struck me ---

When asked what he was doing to keep in shape after the extensive training for shooting Image Vol.1, he described that he was still controlling his diet and exercising every day. "Once I heard this saying... 'If a person allows loosening up once, he is most likely to allow lossening up twice.', I thought I might do the same. I am afraid to see that happens, so I have always been trying to refrain myself from lossening up..."

Talking about self-control, we all knew that he is especially famous for it. Here is another instance that showcased his strong mind on self-management and self-discipline.

"If a person allows lossening up once, he is most likely to allow lossening up twice." I am sure that I've heard this before, but since it came out of his mouth, I sure will remember it for good. I am a good excuse finder, always able to find some good reasons to give up. If his words worked miracle on me, I guess I really should be in bed resting by now, it's over 2am in the morning, can't function if keep sleeping this late...


Ok, got some good rest and work done today, feeling like savouring more on this subject matter. Here let's enjoy his cute lips oooing out these wise words ...

One might be so used to BYJ's manner and wit during his interview after seeing many of them. Yet I am still amazed at every time I watch his interview. How can he be so calm, so deep in thoughts, so clear in expressing himself. He speaks in a pace and manner that convey deep respect to the listeners, complete self confidence and at the mean time modesty. Reacting to an interview question like this, he usually pauses a little, it looks slow on surface, but what comes out after the pause will be sayings like this, well organized, steadily presented, only great minds can give a speach as deeply, clearly and eloquently as his.

How many more of these wise sayings does he hold in that pretty pretty head of his? And he is not just remembering them, he applies them with great success.

Again, that extradinary self-awareness. We all know our own weakness, but most of the time we ignore it or let it be without doing anything to prevent it or correct it. Just the same as every human being, Mr. Bae knows himself too well of his tendencies, but he is not going to let it control him ...

Yes, temperance, one of the four cardinal virtures, he's got it! I have always been wondering if I can get some exposures of how his parents taught him all these virtures. I remembered reading something about his mother is a very gentle woman and his father is very manful, I wish I could know more. I look at Mr. Bae and always wonder, boy isn't he the perfect combination of masclineness and gentleness, this quality must have come from the successful education and role modeling of his parents.


joycebay said...

Hi Heippieh

Thanks for dropping me a line.
Happy New Year :)

mrs a said...

I like this youtube because it has so many natural smiles and laughs on it. We all know how hard he works but in reality he must enjoy what he is doing and that makes me happy to know he is happy.

About his self-descipline - he is truly amazing. Wish I had that!

HeippieH said...

Hi Joyce, haven't seen you blog lately, wonder how things are going, having some time to hop around the byj blog sites, just thought a good time to say hello.

Take care and have fun!

HeippieH said...

Dear Mrs.A., nice to see you again! Still excited about the meeting with HollyBeth?

He is good at work, isn't he? After knowing BYJ I realized how hard it is to work in the entertainment business. (Never paid attention to the work side of the entertainment world before BYJ). I believe it is much more stressful than our regular job. Yet he has the strength and strategy to maintain his mental health. Constantly smiling, performing in front of the camera is such a painful job, but he strive to do a great job, showing the best side of him and radiating the genuine smiles for the viewers persistently, that requires a lot of strengh, energy and immense reservoir of love.

mrs a said...

Yah, still smiling from it. Nice to findly meet someone in person that has the same feeling about this wonderful guy. And thank goodness I have you all - my bae-sisters or I would probably go nuts!

But it still seems so strange for me to feel this way but then again it doesn't. Just not like me... Hahaha

Hopefully AZN will show more of his works and more US will be aware of his wonderful talents.

byjglobal said...

Dear h: It won't take my comment

byjglobal said...

Dear h: Thank you for your saying exactly what I've been thinking about, yes, yes, he is always saying the right thing all the time with eloquent and appropriate way & that's another reason I love his pretty head.

His aristocratic and viruous impeccable mannerism can only come from his good upbringing of his great parents. That's why I would like to know about his parents also.

I've been thinking about him a lot, I mean a lot. I serious think that his extra ordinarily good looking, very much beloved personality, noble behavior, deep velvety voice, etc.... all these combination of perfect human being can only come from the high above.

God may have some pupose for this gorgeous being in the future - maybe trying to spread true and pure love in this bellicose world? Wait and see.

HeippieH said...

Dear Mrs.A., same feelings, life with bae and bae-sisters are more colorful and joyful. Take care and have fun!


HeippieH said...

Dear byjglobal,

I agree with you. As a matter of fact, today's second reading was from the "Letter from St. Paul to the Corithians", he talked about all the different gifts are from the same spirit, for the good purposes, which reminded me of what you just said, his gifts are from the heaven above, he is making good use of it, that is good. That's how he attacted us here to be with him.


jaime said...

thanks h for bringing his wise remarks to our attention. That was such a heart-to-heart interview from him to his family. I wish BOF will release more of his works with different subtitles, just like this high quality one from Image so we have a deeper appreciation of him.

love .... jaime