Wednesday, January 24, 2007

More Winter Sonata Analysis

Following my silly silly answer to Jaime's question "Would Yu-jin and Sang-hyuk break up if it was not because of Jun-sang as her first love?" Jaime and Mrs.A actually came back with some more serious, deeper answers. Can't let them hide in the comment space, here we must have them ...

jaime said...

dear h,

thanks for taking the time (and space) to answer my out-of-nowhere question. Actually it's not really out of nowhere, remember what we talked about ur hubby and my ex BF ~*^*~. U know, I miss Yong Joon so much that I started watching Winter Sonata again this week (when bb blogged about her favourite WS soundtrack). I always love Yujin when she was in high school, she was this cute, mischievious girl who's so warm and passionate to help others. I do notice a change after 10 years, she seems to be calmer, sadder, less excitable and unsure of her feelings. Maybe that 10 years of mourning has eroded this happy, innocent girl into a more serious and cautious woman whose emotions become very vulnerable. (h is saying - yes, we noticed that change in Yu-jin, now that you mentioned, it is ironic to think that after 10 years, both Yu-jin and Jun-sang changed into completely different persons. Yun-jin from a lively girl into an overly serious woman, always over-shadowed by a sad cloud, and precisely as you said, unsure of her feelings, because she has to go along with what everyone else wanted her to do, these people are her closest people in this world, what is the right thing to follow, her own feelings or the expectations of the people who care for her? Of course she is confused! And on the other hand, Jun-sang just being the opposite, changed from a melancholy depressed high school student into a pleasant, confident charming young man. Light-hearted on the surface, he was actually very mature. If Jun-sang was suffering from memory loss, I think Yu-jin was suffering memory bigotry. HaHaHa..... Kidding again. I just admire the scriptwriters of this drama)

Like what you said, what she has developed with SanHyuk is not really a passionate man-woman love, but more of a steady old friendship and brother-sister kind of relationship. Those monotonous dating activities like eating, movie-going that you described are really not adding much value and excitement to their stagnant relationship.

We know SanHyuk has always adored YuJin ever since he was young, so he respected her thoughts and allowed her a lot of 'space' in these 10 years to do her own dreaming and mourning. Therefore in YuJin's mind and heart, JunSahng has never left but even clouded over SanHyuk all these years without her showing it out. So when Yujin first love JunSahng reincarnates into MinHyung, coming back as a confident, flamboyant and of course gorgeous man, all her buried love and subconcious desire to see him again are all waken up. The so called 'fiancee' relationship that SanHyuk built with her crumbled down like a sand castle. (Agreed, you always get down to the key point, San-hyuk adored Yu-jin and respected her thoughts and wishes, but sometimes on the other hand, his attitude toward Yu-jin was a little forceful, it may very well be caused by his insecurity of their relationship, deep down in his heart, he knew that Yu-jin did not love him as a woman to a man, but rather more of a good old childhood friend. To be honest with you, I think San-hyuk is very well portrayed as a regular nice young man in the reality. I think he is probably nicer than most of the average nice guy in this world. Sometimes I wonder if all the Korean guys are this nice. The fact that he could be so patient and respectful to Yu-jin for such a looonngg time, is considered to be out of this world. Maybe it is just me who have not met such a nice guy. Another credit I would give to the scriptwriters is that they portrate San-hyuk as a good natured gentleman but with some human defects, from time to time his selfish thoughts would overtake him and drive him to behave stupid. Isn't that what happened to the real world average men? And from time to time Jun-sang/Min-hyung's realm of selfless spirit surpassed San-hyuk's narrowed mind, struck Yu-jin with such a huge contrast, look, come on! who would not fall to such a gorgeous, gracious gentleman, let alone he was Yu-jin's first love!)

Hahaha, just my silly babbling. I agree with you, Yujin and SanHyuk's relationship hasn't really blossomed into 10 full years of passionate love. Thank you for answering my question. (Hey, just enjoy the conversation as much as you do. We are equally happily being silly like this, why not!)

Now, Mrs.A. gave her 1.5 cents on this very issue, I think it was very insightful ...

mrs a said...

I will give my 2 cents okay maybe 1.5 cents to it. (I think it worth more than a million!)

I think Yu-jin was so hurt that she never allowed her heart to open to anyone else. I do think also that she felt like a sister to Sang-hyuk for so long. I don't think it ever developed as he wanted it to and deep down she realized that. Even though sometimes she was trying to think otherwise. To satisfy everyone else. But she had to be true to herself. So much that she couldn't love him the way he wanted her too or she at one time thought she might. (This is very true, she shut down her emotion, but trying to be nice to San-hyuk, which she really viewed as a good brother. But San-hyuk has different expectations, most of the time Yu-jin was just passively accepting San-hyuk and friends and family's push. This delimma is sure very confusing to her, no wonder she is unsure of her feelings. As our delightful wise Min-hyong pointed out, she is trying to be nice to everyone, she is trying not to hurt everyone's feelings, but her uncertain attitude actually made it diffult to everyone involved. Only after knowing Min-hyong, did she gain courage to face her true self and be truthful to her own feelings. How can you not fall in love with such a dependable man, and super handsome too, huh?)

And after what Sang-hyuk did to her that one time, how could you think of having a relationship with someone who would abuse you? (Poor Sang-hyuk, selfishness drove him out of mind and control, I think Yu-jin did forgive his misbehavior, but she would not be able to love him as she loved Jun-sang, she did not before, after this hurtful incident, she could not even more, AND with Min-hyong's encouragement, that she needs to take a clearer stand, and no matter what decision she made, he would always be supporting her. Wasn't that gracious! At this point, it became clear to her that she would not be able to marry San-hyuk.)

Now don't we all remember our first love and keep them treasured in a pocket within our hearts. oK, maybe just sentimental me - silly girl! (I didn't know we could have pocket in our hearts. Thanks Mrs.A. for the idea! I did marry my first love, so I sew a pocket for Bae Yong Joon within my heart. I hope that is legal.)
But possibly she made a decision not to love anyone else. (She can't possibly have space for anyone else, she was all consumed up. Look at us, no one got a touch from him, we are all fall to him like crazy, she got his first pure sweet kiss, how can she escape his spell?)

The bottom line is - Who wouldn't wait for Jungsang? (Heehee, I don't need to wait for Jungsang, hahaha, I am waiting for our Great King! )


mrs a said...

As I think you all did, I felt extremely sad for Sang-hyuk. We all know at one time what it feels like to like someone and it isn't reciprocated. Now you make that a passionate love for someone, one where you put them on a pedestal it would be deafening. But although it did consume him, I really think that that was a major wakeup call for me and wiped out any possibly of that union to happen. I really liked Sang-hyuk, didn't you all?
I mean, he seemed like a decent person,just had bad luck in falling for someone who was totally swept off her feet. Of course, who wouldn't be it was Junsang!

jaime said...

hehe h, how cute, you sew a pocket in your heart for Yong Joon. hahaha, we are not as lucky as you who can marry your first love. so both mrs a and I have multiple pockets now for our first love and 'last love' - Yong Joon.

Last year when I first started out as a fan, I kept thinking I got to see this man in real person during my lifetime. You know now, it really doesn't matter anymore. I learn more and more about him, his work, his life, his person, that love has elevated to admiration (and even fascination) of his very deep and respectable character. As he revealed more and more of himself, his thoughts (acting, fans), his likes (music, art) and dislikes, I feel like there are so many channels to show my love and support for him. Even staying quietly at a corner and silently say a prayer for him will make my heart flutter already.

(oops sorry for the babbling, how did I get side-tracked like that?) I started re-watching WLS last week for the 23rd time, haha, mainly doing a lot fast forwarding to YJ's part. I'll write again if I have more questions, thanks h and mrs a for sharing your thoughts.

mrs a said...

I know how you got side tracked... just like I and many others do when we talk about HIM - we all get that way.... bONkeRs!

Yeah, I got a few pockets in my heart, one for my best friend who happened to be my Mom and one for my first love :) and one for BaeYongJoon... Wow - 3 pockets... gotta make sure there is enough room for hubby... hahaha

Yeah, must be nice to marry your first love! You are so lucky! Must be a special person, huh Jaime for that to happen to her! I knew that about Heippieh tho :)

HeippieH said...

Mrs.A, you started the "pocket" idea, now you let us start counting, let me check, how many pocketeses do i have on my feeble heart? better check every side, inside and out, one for him, one for her, one for ... starts sounding like "Quilt" :-)

HeippieH said...

23rd time!!! You beat me! Now you are gonna be the expert to answer our questions. How many times did Jun-sang/Min-hyong hugged Yu-jin? How many times did he tease her? What is the most catchy words you heard in that drama?

You just started the BYJ journey last year? Wow, it seems i have known you for so long. Guess there have been so much happening in the past year. Oh, can't remember how long I have been shot, 2+ years? I have never been liking someone or something for such long.