Monday, July 17, 2006

Now you have his eyes

Never tired of reading people praising wuri yong joon's eyes. Now we have Mrs A's review of his eyes. Just translated it into Chinese. There are so many photos showing his powerful eyes. Here I'd like to add some more of his photos that struck me.

Posted it before? I'll post it again. That first black and white pic is my all time favorite. Who can escape this pair of crystal eyes, these laser beams ???!!!


我们很多人都记得这句话,"情人眼里出西施",我们也都从裴勇俊身上看到各式各样的美.最显著的美就是他吸引人的外表.我同意有些人的看法,他不是绝对的最英俊的男子.有些男人长得更漂亮,但是他们对我来说没有魅力.他们看着不错,但是对我来说他们很无聊,没有内涵.我喜爱多才多能的,更富有男子气概的,并且相貌好一点的类型. 可以说那是成熟,或是知性的长相.很象已逝的美国著名演员迦里.格兰特(Cary Grant). 成熟洋溢于外表,展现优雅,决断,以及他勇于对关心的人坦诚地揭示内心情感. 对我来说这就是真正的男人.

对于裴勇俊的气质,我们每人都有自己的想法.世界便是这样运行着.虽然要指出裴勇俊身上的某一个独特的品质非常困难,但是我们每个人都能从他身上的某种品质发现某些乐趣. 有些人感到他著名的优美的微笑很亲切,有些人喜欢他完美的嘴唇,有些则是眉毛,他纷乱的或是修饰整齐的头发,那练就健美的身材, 他的下巴,当然,还有他的眼睛. 虽然我百分之百地同意裴勇俊的外表有许多出众的地方,但是他锐利的眼睛是我最为喜爱的.当我看到他的眼睛时,我不会去想他是否带眼镜,也不会去想他是亚洲人,不会去想他的肤色,睫毛,或是眉毛. 我看到的是那双迷惑我,拥抱我的眼睛.那双眼睛背后蕴藏着一个他要对观众诉说的故事.有时他的眼睛可以默默地诉说人物的情感.

不幸的是,我只看过他的三部作品.作品中的每一个角色,他的眼神都起到了重要的作用. (也不能排除他运用面部表情的作用)

在”外出”中, 裴勇俊饰绎了一个另人痛苦的英书. 他的眼睛帮助我们了解了一个复杂的故事 -- 由于他的妻子和她的秘密情人的车祸给英书带来的混乱,不信任和痛苦. 他的表演非常的引人注目和有力度. 如果你还没有机会观看这部优美的影片, 你可以从 jillc838 制做的MV窥见一斑. 这部美妙的MV 是为英书和外出制做,名为”再一次裴勇俊”. 点击此处 . 这部MV真正表现了他的眼神, 以及同样优美的音乐和图象. Jill, 向你致敬.

“冬季恋歌”, 一部美丽的杰作, 向我们介绍了痛苦和愤怒的俊尚. 他的眼睛向我们表述了一个私生子多年隐藏内心的痛苦和愤怒. 一人饰两角,裴勇俊的眼睛又向我们展示了民亨这样一个愉快而充满活力,又伴有爱,绝望和忧虑的男人. 裴勇俊灵巧地扮演了这一角色.

我很清楚地知道,这位杰出的演员会运用他所有的能力来展示他的表演. 但是他的眼睛是他表演素质的精华. 所以下次你看他的表演,集中注意他的眼睛,因为它们会帮你了解勇俊要与你共享的故事. 他的眼睛说明了我们的裴勇俊是他这一行业的大师.

Scandal :

Winter Sonata :

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Ordinary times :


bb said...

ah, you did it again!

thanks much much for the translation effort... another nice piece of work :)

jaime said...

Hi h,

I love your translation. I find it flows so well that I actually enjoy the passage despite some unknown words. The pictures you chose are always tasteful. WHere do you get all these nice pictures of his?

Thanks to you and mrs a for another piece of Yong Joon. I wanted to leave a comment at mrs a's blog, but sigh again, it won't allow a non-blogger.

HeippieH said...

Hey bb, your encouragement is always my souce of strength. This means I can keep trying :-)

Hey I love the trails you have been doing ... will be really nice read .

HeippieH said...

Dear Jaime, nice to see you back. I searched on the web for byj images and saved some photos I like through the time browsing BYJ sites. but I have far less than some of the pros, I did not work hard enough :-) , but you know, i don't need to work hard, YJ himself looks so good, all i need to do is to stare at it for as long as i can remember and then click "save to disk" :-D

you said you could not add comments to mrs a's page? how come? would you mind if i let her know about this ? must be some settings that i don't know of that stop people other than blogger to sign in. I thought they always have "Other" for people sign in with a name.

byjglobal said...

Hey! H: I love the photo of FL & I watched that scene over and over. Young YJ has the guts to walk in Tiger's den and punch tigers face. I really loved it, loved it, loved it. So cute too. Thank you.

mrs a said...


GREAT PICS! I too share your favorite, I love that black/white one. I love the look in his eyes - of course!

Dear Jaime, I am new to blogging and didnt' realize I should change any of the settings that were there. But, I think I found it and made the correction. So hopefully, you can next time you feel the spirit. Sorry. this wuri YongJoon newbie is also a newbie to blogs...thanks for your patience!

jaime said...

thanks h, nice to talk to you again. Notice you have added a few new posts recently. Hopefully work has eased off a bit for you, so we can enjoy more of your fantastic blogging!

Thanks for asking mrs a about "adding comment". She just addressed that in her comment here, thanks to both of you! (now she'll never hear the end of me, hehe)

HeippieH said...

Hey! byjglobal! Sounds like you LOVE First Love. I love it too. It's such a looong drama but I managed to watched it at least 3 times. There are lots of excellent scences of young YJ in that drama, the punching scence is one of them. I love it too! Chan Woo is such a nice strong, smart kid. Young YJ played it so well. He was just 25 years old but he already became such a childish mature man! I know it sounds conflicting but YJ is just so charming because of this perfect mixing of charaters.

HeippieH said...

Hi Mrs.A., glad you found the way to fix that for Jaime. Hey I would like to learn how to make that black and white pic for my logo. There is a lot to learn here. :-)

HeippieH said...

Thanks Jaime. Work did not ease off but I delayed the work. Shame shame! I promise I'll correct myself!