Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The World's Most Glorious Death

Also about a year ago in June, I came across a Chinese sister 胡图图's posting on baidu.com BYJ Forum, with a cute list of "glorious ways of death for BYJ". Many other YJ's fans including myself chimed in with many hilarious additions. I thought it would be interesting to compose them together and translate into English. Hoping that it would bring some laughters to YJ himself and his family members all over the world, I posted my translation on KOB. I regret that I did not learn English enough to be able to translate this better. Reading this in Chinese, it really made me laughed for a few days. I am also appending in Chinese a complete list of death styles baidu sisters desired from that posting. As the list may expand in future with more contributions, I'll make additions to this entry. However, just a warning, this is truly joking, since it mentioned "death" in every sentence, I'd like to make sure that every one of us laugh a lot and live happily ever after to support our prince.


While we were young in schools, our teacher taught us "Some men die for the cause that is weightier than Mount Tai, some lighter than a feather". Here I recommend several ways of heroic death for our friends :

- Listening to music of YJ's Drama Album, it sounds so beautiful, die from rejoicing;

- Looking at YJ's photo, he is so handsome and manly, blood bursting out, die from excitement;

- To protect YJ Forum's dignity, gloriously die from fighting;

- Always missing YJ's CF while watching TV, die from madness;

- Do not want to wash the hand shaken by YJ, die from lack of hygiene;

- Classmate can buy YJ's DVD while I can not afford it, die from heartbreak;

- Attending YJ's concert, die from screaming or killed by fan's scream;

- Wishing to be a woman stays with YJ, murdered by fellow fans' jealousy;

- Downloading YJ's VOD after going through all kinds of hard work, deleted it by accident, die from self blame;

- Because of electric power loss, can't get on BYJ's web pages (loveyongjoon.com, baidu-BYJ, BYJ's Quilt), die from grief;

- Knowing YJ finds his true love and happiness, die from gratification;

- Hearing false news and accusations about YJ, die from disappointment;

- After going through all the troubles and finally get the Winter Sonata, the DVD player is broken, can't watch it, die from depression;

- some said, the best death is to be embraced by YJ and die of happiness;

- watching YJ's drama day and night, die from lack of oxygen in brain

- looking at YJ's electrifying eyes, die from electric shock;

- killed by YJ's smiles

- looking forward to seeing YJ, die from hunger;

- thinking of YJ, die from missing him;

- wandering in YJ's Forum at midnight, die from sleepiness;

- murdered by husband's jealousy eyes;

- amazed by YJ's graceful manner, die from obsession;

- Willing to be killed by Yong Joon's smiles;

- simply died from thinking of him day and night;

- watch intimate scences of the actress with YJ, die from jealousy;

- look at pictures of YJ and his fans, die from envy;

- found BYJ treasures on the internet, die from delight;

- Ignored by fellow fan sisters who are constantly looking at YJ, die from loneliness;

- Longing to meet him in September (April Snow Tour), die from eagerness;

- Did not get to read this article, died from regret;

- reading so many fan sister's beautiful articles, regretting not studied well before, die from embarrassment;

- Reading this list, die from having great fun;

- Many readers already died from laughing too much by reading this list, before logging on to contribute;

- Sharing the true love and genuine friendship with our family members of YJ, die from gratefulness;

- Some warned us that if you want to be YJ's fan, you'd better take care of yourself from dying.

*** 世界上最壮烈的死法 ***


























天天想、夜夜想, 光是想他都想死了。








Monday, June 26, 2006

BYJ the Builder

My days are filled with mysterious "coincidents". The fact that I was not able to surf bae sites (except occasionally bb's blog) for a few days, actually put me in a mode of recollection. I recalled the many "first-times" in my life after knowing BYJ and realized that I actually have tried some translation work. Today I was looking for one of my translation works and accidentally found the other - an English to Chinese translation of Gaulsan's posting on KOB about a year ago. With Gaulsan's agreement, I posted it on KOB and baidu.com BYJ Forum. Gaulsan posted a VOD of YJ participated in a charity program and worked as a construction worker. She posted this for a Japanese fan kiyomi, who is very loving to our YJ. Interesting enough, as I was digging through these old files, I came across a new posting on baidu about this VOD. Apparently, a girl called Sister LittleCherry (小樱桃姐姐) spread bb's VOD posting on youtube.com onto baidu.com. I love this type of "coincidents". Life becomes more interesting and dramatic because of these conincidents.

Here is Gaulsan's English version of the VOD

Demolishing a Model House - Bae Yong Joon

[ "Experience Real Life" - is the title of this program. In this program, actors or singers who are in popularity work at 3D (H: Gaulsan explained to me, 3D means dirty, difficult and dangeous) workplaces for one day, and donate what they earn that day. ]

N: narrator
YJ: BYJ on the screen
YJv: voice of BYJ (who is speaking in the studio)
A: man's voiceB: woman's voiceW: workers

N: The workplace that actor BYJ challenged with his energetic youth is located in the middle of Seoul. His work is to demolish a model house.

W: You should wake up at 5:30 and be here by 6 o'clock in the morning.

YJ: Oh, I'm sorry that I'm a little bit late.

W: This is a dangerous place. Have a try.

YJ: It seems difficult.

N: The object he is facing is a model house of about 800 square meter. His duty is to demolish this building, that the role as a model house has ended.

A: They should demolish that, huh?

YJv: The noise was very loud.

YJv: I retreated when the wall was falling.

B: Just looking on the screen here is so scary. You must have been more threatened at that place.

A: I thought that house was collapsing.

N: It takes two months to build this model house, and it disappears within a week.


N: BYJ looks tense, and yet, he is put into the main demolition process.

YJv: I came down soon after I first went up there. I was afraid.

YJ: Wow, this place is to so high.?? It's dangerous up here.

N: One who are surprised by a snapping turtle can feel the same when they see just a lid. (a Korean proverb, meaning that one could be surprised with a small alarm if he/she has a memory of previous alarming experience.)

YJv: In that 2-story building, there is nothing left from the roof to the floor.

N: On the roof, BYJ is about to start a strike!

W: When you are at a high place, think as if you are on ground. There is no difference being here and the ground.

YJ: But the hight is different!

A: That's a golden saying. B: It's easy to say! Maybe he means it's upto one's mind.

N: With the help of the hypnotism of this 30-year experienced master, he trys again!

YJ: It's low. It's low.

YJv: It was really high up there.

YJ: It's really high up here! ? ........ It's low.

A: Wow, the thrill is making us sweat! It's dangerous.

N: As BYJ arrive to his position, difficult task is given to him. The task is to remove the woods of the roof and the ceiling.

B: Are you up there with only a claw hammer? A; Oh, Oh, what if you look down? Wow...

YJ: Hm, this doesn't move! Let's try this way.

B: That requires skill, doesn't it?

YJv: Yes, it does. They are all technical experts.

B: As I mentioned before, you should be careful of nails. There are nails everywhere.

YJv: I sweat a lot that day. When I was up there, it was cold sweat that came out.

A: The nails are very large.B: Yes, they are.?


YJ: Oh, the wood is thin here!

YJv: The wood was too thin to step on.

N: The roof of a model house should be removed by hand for safety reason. ? As the work more difficult than 'the feat of parallel bars' go on, the place to stand on gets scarce.?

A,B: The space between bars is getting wider and wider!

YJv: We should move backward as we do the job.

A: And yet you didn't fall. YJv: (laugh)

B: Mr. Cho Young Nam (person A) cannot go up there, 'cause your legs are short. (laugh)? Your legs won't reach that far.

A: Yeah....


YJ: (laugh)

A: The tone of your laughter is not natural, huh.

YJ: Be careful!

YJv: I've got used to the job by then.

B: Ah, Now you're down.

N: You might thought that this would be the end of the space-work, but there is endless timber to be removed up here.

B: Is a model house made mostly of timber?

YJs: Yes.

N: The timber must be separated one by one. Battle of the claws and nails!

YJ: One, two, three!

B: Lots of nails.

YJv: That part cannot be done alone. Several men are needed.

YJ: One, two, three!

A: Are they disintegrating the timber one by one?

YJv: Yes.

B: Is that timber recycled?

YJv: Yes. About 70-80% of the timber is recycled. That's why they are working that way.

A: Timber is very expensive, isn't it?

B: Yes, it is.

N: The enormous amount of timber that came out of this model house is to be recycled.

YJ: laugh

B: Even though you're giggling, it seems painful.

YJv: That's also a technique that the master taught me.


W: Let's see how much time you need to remove this pannel.

YJ: Yes!

N: Though he thought that he was good at removal by now....?

A: It's not easy!

YJv: I couldn't remove it after all, while my master did it in 5 minutes? 3 minutes? ?? It was not easy. My force was of no use in that job.

N: They seem to be same pannels, but why are the pannels removed by master so easily pealed off?

YJv: I was really angry.

A: You're trying every point that you can.....?(laugh) B: The master is doing it so efficiently.

YJv: He is experienced 30years.

A: He knows where to pull.

N: He could stay untill dark, doesn't he? Now the master came to help.

A: Look at that. The pannel gets off as the master touches. B: You must have felt embarrassed.
The wall falls out - all laughs

B: You look prostrated.

N: In this world, there are lots of walls to be pulled down.? This wall cannot bear the united effort of the workers.

YJv: It was a dangerous moment.

B: Why?

YJv: There were three nails very close to where I fell on.

A: Oh, They could have penetrated your hip??


YJv: That was the most joyful part. ??? But I felt sorry to detroy that all.

YJ: Does that wall fall down if we pull this rope? The entire wall?

N: Today's work will end at last, if the wall falls down.

N: With his sweat he dropped today, may he be a better actor.

YJ: Wow, it really falls!

W: Thank you for your hard work. YJ: Thank you.

W: As you risked yourself at the roof, and did the job that needs technique, I put 70,000 won in this envelope.

YJ: As much as 70,000won? Thank you very much.

YJv: They payed me a lot, didn't thy?

W: Thanks for your work.

And here is my Chinese translation. I reviewed my translation a year ago and found so many mistakes. I try to correct them here.



[这个节目的名字是<体验生活>. 在这个节目中, 当红的演员或歌手在脏乱,艰难,危险的工作地劳动一天,然后捐献所得收入.]

解: 解说
俊: 画中裴勇俊
俊音: 画外裴勇俊的声音 (他在演播室中的解说)
男: 男画外音
女: 女画外音
工: 工人

解: 年轻而有活力的演员裴勇俊选择的挑战是在首尔市中部的工作地点,他的工作是拆卸一座模型屋.

工: 你应该早晨 5:30起床, 6点来这里工作.

俊: 噢, 对不起, 我来得有点儿晚了.

工: 这是个危险地段,试试吧.

俊: 看起来是挺难的.

解: 他面对的是一个大约八百平米的模型屋. 模型屋已经用完了,他的工作是将它拆掉.

男: 他们得拆了它,是吗?

俊音: 这噪音特别大.

俊音: 墙倒的时候我就推了下来.

女: 只看画面就觉得害怕. 你在现场一定觉得更可怕.

男: 我觉得那房子在倒塌.

解: 搭建这模型屋花了两个月的时间,一个星期它就消失了.


解: BYJ 看起来有点紧张, 他被放在了主要的拆卸步骤中.

俊音: 我第一次上去后就马上下来了, 我有点儿害怕.

俊: 哇, 这地方太高了, 很危险.

解: 一个人要是被咬人的乌龟吓到了,看到锅盖都害怕. (韩国谚语, 意思是一个人记地以前的某种惊吓,以后就很警觉) (H: 类似的中国谚语: 一朝被蛇咬,十年怕井绳)

俊音: 在这两层的房子里,从房顶到地板,什么都没剩下.

解: 在房顶上, BYJ 马上就要砸第一锤了.

工: 你在高处的时候, 就想像好像在地上. 在高处和地上没有区别.

俊: 可是高度是不一样的!

男: 那是金玉良言.

女: 说的容易! 可能他的意思是你要这样去想.

解: 在这位有30年经验的师傅的帮助下,他又试了一次.

俊: 这儿很低. 这儿很低… (H: YJ试图这样想象,so cute!)

俊音: 其实那儿真的很高.

俊: 这儿真是太高了! 这儿很低…

男: 哇, 我都吓出汗来啦!很危险.

解: BYJ 到达了他的工作位置后,就接到了一个艰巨的任务. 这任务就是将房顶的木头卸下来.

女: 你在上面只用一个带起子的锤子吗?

男: 要是你向下看怎么办? 哇…

俊: 嗯, 这个弄不动!咱们再这样试试.

女: 这有技巧, 是不是?

俊音: 对, 是这样的, 他们都是技术专家.

女: 我以前提过, 你得小心钉子.到处都是钉子.

俊音: 我那天流了好多汗. 我在上面的时候,出的是冷汗.

男: 钉子很大.

女: 是很大.


俊: 噢,这里的木头很薄.

俊音: 木头太薄不能踩上去.

解: 由于安全的原因,模型屋的房顶要由人工拆除. 随着”如履双杠”的工作的进展,能踩的地方越来越少.

男,女: 木杠之间的距离越来越宽.

俊音: 我们应该边干边向后退.

男: 到现在你还没掉下来呢.

俊音: (笑)

女: 赵勇男先生(画外音的男士)不能到那上面去,因为你的腿太短. (笑) 你的腿够不到那么远.

男: 是啊…


俊: (笑)

男: 你笑的声调有点不自然, 哈?

俊: 小心!

俊音: 我这时已经适应这份工作了.

女: 啊, 你现在下来了.

解: 你可能以为这项太空操作已经结束了, 但是上面还有无数的木条要拆除.

女: 模型屋是不是主要由木条建成的?

俊音: 对.

解: 木条要一个一个地被分开, 起子和钉子之间的战斗.

俊: 一,二,三!

女: 这么多钉子.


俊: 一,二,三!

男: 他们在一个一个地拆木条吗?

俊音: 是的.

女: 木条要回收吗?

俊音: 对. 大约百分之七八十的木条都要回收.这就是为什么他们要这样干.

男: 木料是不是很贵?

女: 对. 是很贵.

解: 从模型屋拆下的大量木料都要回收.

俊: 笑.

女: 既使你在咯咯笑, 可是听上去很痛苦.

俊音: 这也是师傅教我的一门技术.


工: 咱们看看你花多长时间拆掉这个木板.

俊: 好!

解: 虽然他觉得现在已经能拆得很好了…

男: 这可不容易!

俊音: 最终我还是拆不了它. 可是我的师傅只花了五分钟? 三分钟? 这活不容易, 我的劲使不上.

解: 好像还是同一块木板,但是师傅一下子就拆下来了?

俊音: 我真的很生气. (H: oh oh Our YJ is angry ... our prince can not stand for any failure)

男: 你试了所有你能用的姿势… (笑)

女: 师傅干得很有效.

俊音: 他有三十年的经验了.

男: 他知道从哪里拉.

解: 他能一直干到天黑, 是不是? 现在师傅来帮忙了.

男: 看那儿. 师傅一碰木板就下来了.

女: 你一定觉得很惭愧. 墙倒下来了--- 所有的人都笑了.

女: 你看上去很沮丧.

解: 在这个世界上,还有很多墙等着被拉倒. 这个墙经不住工人们的共同努力.

俊音: 那是个危险的时刻.

女: 为什么?

俊音: 在我倒下的附近有三个钉子.

男: 噢, 它们可能穿破你的PP.


俊音: 那是最令人高兴的时刻. 但是我还是为拆毁所有这些感到遗憾.

俊: 如果我们拉这绳子, 那墙会倒吗? 整座墙?

解: 如果墙倒下来, 今天的工作就终于可以结束了.

解: 希望今天掉下的汗水, 使他成为更好的演员.

俊: 哇, 真的倒啦!

工: 感谢你努力地工作.

俊: 谢谢你.

工: 由于你冒险在屋顶做了需要技术的工作, 我在这个袋子里放了七万元.

俊: 七万元, 这么多?非常感激. (H: YJ is always charmingly humble. Love ya!)

俊音: 他们付我很多, 是不是?

工: 谢谢你的工作.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

That "family" concept

I have been listening to Mother Angelica biograghy CDs for about 4 days in my commute to work. Today I ran across the story when Mother Angelica was raising funds for her new monastery by making and selling fishing lures, she called the sisters who were involve in this work, as well as the buyers who were supporting this business, the "family". With a mind always ready to link anything to BYJ, this story certainly did not escape the radar screen. Catholic teaching has always been putting extra stress on the concept of love and family. Being raised as a Roman Catholic by his devout mother, I have always been wondering whether BYJ calling his fans "family" a trait of his religous upbringing. People may argue that he jokingly referred this "family" more of a "mafia" type. But if I look at the bond that keeps the "mafia" together, is mostly loyal obligation, whereas the bond that keeps a "family" together is love, I would rather believe that he actually meant "family" as a loving family.

Just my random thought. Putting the heavy topic aside, lets go watch the World Cup - Korean has been playing extremely well. I've never paid much attention to Korean before, now everything about Korea is good ever since I met BYJ (I tend to generalize when I get crazy about something, so everything about BYJ is good!!!). Korean food, electronics, semiconductor, automobile, showbiz, soccer, ... Just had Bolguki today! Kids love it! And they scream for Kalbi too!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Jaime's Den - On Quilt

HappieBB brougt my attention to Jaime, a relatively newer BYJ fan. Since then it became a common appeal that Jaime should have her own blog. Jaime's writings must not be missed. They bring cheers to your heart. This entry servers as her virtual blog until she has one. I love her witty writings so much. It brings me to chuckles each time I read it. I want to gather it all here for reader's convenience.

Let's see - On Quilt,

JaimeZ analyzed our BYJ fan's behavior as BYJ Syndrom. Before I knew anything about Jaime and her postings, I described to bb a rather plain version of my BYJ Syndrome - "I call it BYJ Syndrome - surf Bae sites everyday, sleep in late nights or early mornings, dried eyes, chronic fatigue. Soon enough, you'll find yourself looking older than you should be." A few weeks later, to my delight, I found Jaime actually gave a comprehensive diagnosis almost a month before me. And she even prescibed some daunting cures. If you doubt you have similar syndrome, go check it out immediately with Dr. Jaime.

After seeing so many patients with BYJ Syndrome, Dr. Jaime realized that so many talented sisters are eager to make some contributions to BYJ's daily work. Here Director Jaime gave us some coaching for our career development - Thinking of a Life-Altering Career Move, Anyone? I guarantee this is inspirational to generate new business ideas.

When YJ revealed his sufferings in the "GQ Interview", just as another million sisters, Jaime too is worried, she pondered "Yong Joon, are we too much of a burden?" In her unique humorous way Jaime shared her self-training process on internet awareness program, and brought laughter and comfort to BYJ and his fans. One day Jaime assured us, one day, she would become CIO of Microsoft. With Bill Gate stepping down lately, I think that opportunity is presenting earlier than she thought.

But our future CIO's mind can never stop thinking. The next day she put on her doctor's coat and comes to YJ's rescue. That plan A is perfectly designed, except there is only one caveat. Sure enough our beloved YJ caught it and hinted her for a plan B. Jaime, since our boss asked for plan B, we got to have it, I wouldn't mind if you make plan B a revised version of plan A, just change that rotation in a reversed alpabetical order. Yes? No? I don't mind you Z people go first, I am coming along right after you.

Jaime then put on her hat as a financial analyst and shed her light in the BAELAND FINANCIAL POST, where our Bae sisters got first hand information on what stock to pick. Isn't it rewarding to be a BYJ fan? Free financial advices and tripple digit growth of our portfolio.

By now you see Jaime wears many hats. Lately Jaime purchased our YJ's Image Vol. 1 and that turned her into a market psychologist, particularly specialized in BYJ customer psychology. Here I confess, in general my buying habit is between descriminator and selector, but when it comes to YJ's product, I am wishing to be a collector, but with my limited buying power, I settled in between selector and collector.

Talking about that Image Vol. 1, I can't help enclosing Jaime's comment in bb's posting : jaime, pls come in", there she listed her rules of handling that precious package. bb, I hope you don't mind that I copy/paste Jaime's comment here :

jaime said...
O bb, what did I do this time? Ah … I said that controversial ‘E’ word! Yeah, shame on me, how could I ever doubt my dear man’s noble intention? (my punishment : have to look at the album over and over again until I memorized every single page in the correct order)

Thanks for sharing this heartfelt evaluation, both personal and professional, about the Image. It surely was an eventful year for Yong Joon in 2004. He is so admirable for his determination and constant strive for personal best. Quite a bold statement about his “unprecedented training regime that was never seen in the Asian entertainment industry“. I never read about other Asian stars – a big question always on the back of my mind – should I? Not because I’m interested, but learning about the industry and other entertainers around him might help me to appreciate his qualities even more. But sigh, who has time for anybody else when all our sleeping hours have already been devoted to him? (let me see, he wants to but he can’t sleep, we can sleep but we don’t want to. Frankly, I don’t know which is better?)

Now, I even treasure my Image album more, if that’s at all possible. It’s already widely known among my friends and family that no one can come within 3 feet of my precious album. If I decide to grant them that privilege of viewing my dear Yong Joon’s sexy pictures, there are a few rules that have to be strictly observed!

1. No touching or I cannot be responsible for any loss in fingers or limbs.
2. No heavy breathing in case it pollutes the fine quality paper that my obba has meticulously chosen.
3. No talking in case any tiny speck of saliva might land on my beautiful baby’s face
4. No criticizing or their tongues will never speak again (ok ok, I am not that mean. I just escort them nicely to my garden and let them enjoy a 'wrestling match' with my 2 attack dogs.)

Sleep well bb .... jaime

13 June, 2006 23:54

Instantly, these became my rules to all my BYJ belongings. Thank you Jaime!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Chin's up - THIS, is called sexy!

Staring at it for the longest time ......

Life before BYJ, the word "sexy" has meant no more than four letters. When people were screaming for their "sexy" stars, I just couldn't get it. I still don't, except for BYJ. To me, the whole being of BYJ is sexy - a man with the appearance and quality every woman dreams of. He does not need to expose his body or make provocative gestures, all he needs to do is to slightly lift his chin up and gently close his eyes, oh, that pair of glasses casted a mysterious shadow on his slanting eyes, (I am esspecially attracted to man with downwardly slanting eyes). Oh, when I am not burned by his flaming gaze, I am free to scan through every micorn of his face - his hair, his forehead, his eyebrows, his eyes (Thank God he closed them the two laser beams), his nose, his lips, his ears, his cheeks, his chin, his throat, his neck ... When his chin is up, my blood pressure is peaked - I am breathless. When his eyes are closed, my mind is emptied - I am speechless. This portrait with that indulging expression on his face, is by far the sexiest one I have ever seen. And the next ...

Oh, I love these black and white photos. What was on his mind when he lifted up his head and closed his eyes, with such a deep, solemn expression.

Oh, my, Oh my, that Adam's Apple, with that musculine hand suggestively hinting towards it, what adjetive can I use other than sexy, hummmm?

The best job ever - BYJ's hair dresser. He is gonna lift up his chin and slightly close his dreamy eyes every time she works on him, I don't know how she can concentrate.

Look! Look! that slender hand is pointing to that apple again! Can you be less sexy when you shave? I need your mercy!

Oh, that expression ... when he is not smiling, he is killing ...

and when he does smile, I am pulled back to life again! Let me just DIE!!!

Hey wait a second before I die, was that a girl or a boy messing up his hairs? I demand every hair dresser of him be a male.

Some standing poses ...

Did I say his hands are sexy too? And he knows how to arrange each finger to make them soooooo appealing. I want to kiss those hands, can I ????

Oops, this is red hot, corrupting ...

Now he is clean, innocent, pure, a bit of sadness on that wondrous face ...

When he is operating his laser beams, I am lost in la la land ... ...

my eyes are fixed on his lasers ...

I am amazed by his stylist, this color orientation is extraodinary. Look at the matching color of those bracelets and his lips, and that undershirt.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Chitchat with BYJ - U d'a Man!

How many times have you told me that you are not the best looking actor. But guess what, I have the highest taste of beauty, and I just like to look at your images, and only your images!

How many times have you told me that you are not a gifted actor, or you have to work extra hard to perform the role that may be a piece of cake for some other actors. But you know what, I am the pickest movie/drama viewer, and I just like to watch your works, and only your works.

You may not be the most mesmerizing man on earth, but I am the most incorruptable woman ever lived, and I think you are the one and only sexiest man I have ever encountered.

You may not be the deepest thinker in the universe, and I am the highest seeker for widsom, but I just long to listen to your words.

You may not be the puriest honest man in this life, and I am the most strict mom to honesty, but I just love to trust you without doubt and forgive you if any descrepency comes about.

You may not be the person with perfect moral, and I am the most impractical girl with loftiest ideal, but I just love to take you as my role model and admire you.

You may not be the most successful brand name in the business world, and I am the meanest pinchfist, but I just want to spend my money on products of yours.

You may not be the best CF performer, and I am the harshest protester to commercials, but I just want to watch your CFs and never tired of it. I want you to make more CFs with stiff smiles or expressive look, I don't care, I just want to know that the fortunes are going to your direction.

You may not be the greedist businessman on earth, and I am the most sarcastic being who despise the businessmen whose goal is solely on gathering wealth, but I just wish that you come up with the most strategic plan to make all the money in the world, for I trust that when power is in your hand, you will use it for good causes with prudence and charity.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Chitchat with BYJ - Dream

Finally you came to my dream. From the first time I watched your drama 'Hotelier" till now, it's been almost 2 years. Oh, since then, how many times have I watched 'Hotelier'? More than the number of my fingers, hmmm, I can only count with one hand. The number above that is too big for me. How many times have I watched 'Winter Sonata'? 5+. How many times have I watched 'Have We Really Loved'? 5+. How many times have I watched 'Untold Scandal'? 5+. How many times have I watched 'April Snow'? 5+. How many times have I watched 'First Love'? 5+. 'Sea Wind', 'Love Greetings', '5 Steps to Separation', 'Barefoot Youth', 'Papa', 'Sunny Place of the Young', 'Goodbye My Love', 'Super Sunday', each of these I watched more than thrice. How many articles have I read about you in newspapers, from our fan sisters writings, fan fictions written by our sisters inspired from your works. How many VODs have I watched about your interviews, your NGs, your CFs, fans made art works. For such a person who occupies all of my mind and all of my spare time in daily life, whom I know almost inside out (well just the degree you want us to know), how come, I have always been wondering, how come, I have never dreamed about you.

Maybe I am not having enough sleep to allow dream to start. Nights after nights, after kids fall asleep, after finishing my work due, after spending time with my dear husband, it's BYJ hour till the bird start singing. Do you know when birds start chirping in the morning? 4am. The song of bird tells me - time to bed! There is work to do in the morning (it's already morning!).

It's been 1.5 years like this until today, to my surprise, you appeared in my dream. Manager Yang was with you too. He has to be with you always, whereever you go, right? How lucky I am to have two of you, the most desirable men in the whole wide world to visit my dream. bb and yokee must be jealous to death by now. They might have met you and Mgr. Yang in persons but I bet they've never got you guys in their dreams.

Well, you see, I was not prepared at all. You and manager Yang visited our house with all of my extended family there, my aunts and uncles are all your fans (that's my dream), my first, second, third aunts are all excited about you coming, but where was I? If I knew you would come, I could have prepared some delicous dishes or some presents or at least some skits, but what was I doing? Walking around plainly being excited. YJ ssi, Mgr. Yang and all who is reading this, Easy! Easy! Nothing dramatic happened at all in this dream. It was just too short.

Alarm woke me up. I was amazed, and satisfied. I know 99.9999999% that in this entire life, I may not be able to see you in person. But that's fine. I am totally happy that I am able to watch your works, read about you, share love among fan family, and even write to you. Your visit to my dream is such a nice bonus.

Do I sound like a sane person? Where did that clear-minded career woman go? To me every thing should have its meaning and everything has to have a purpose. What is it that I am experiencing? Is there a meaning and purpose for all these? YJ you tell me, what did you do to enchant me? I have a lot of guilty feelings being like this.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Chitchat with BYJ - Work

I've been exhausted lately. Work, work, work, inside home and outside. Have I heard "Work is for man, not man for work?" Why is it so hard to balance life and work? When things are going well, I am happy,hmm ... looks like all the work has paid off. When things are rough, I am pondering, is it worth it? From time to time, I ask myself, why am I here? Why do I work? Do I enjoy my work? What is the purpose? YJ ssi, being a serious person like you, you must have meditate on the similar questions. For us the serious type, everything should have its meaning, everything has to have its purpose. So why do I work?

Work brings my family bread and shelter. You had this need to survive when you just started working as an actor. But you soon reached your financial goal. Why are you still at work?

Work gives me joy. Do you feel the same way? You face up the challenge and you work hard to master it. You set a goal and you are joyful when you achieve it. Are you working hard for GKFG? You are determined to give us a new look in GKFG, right? Do you feel challenged for this role? This is your first time playing a king. I am looking forward to seeing a powerful hero from you. I am sure your inner power will burst out as a king this time through and we'll all be strucked flat out. I've watched all of your works and in each one of them you are different. Isn't this amazing? Isn't this a big achievement? Isn't this telling you that you are a great actor?

Work brings reward and also responsibility. I love the way you treat your fortune. You enjoy it, you share it, you spend it with prudence, you re-invest it with careful strategy to bear more fruit, you donate it to good causes. You deserve these fortune and fame and I wish you have more.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Chitchat with BYJ - Health

Do you know HappieBB? or happiebb? or bb? You should remember her. You took pictures with her and she stood right beside you on your right. Well she is an active translator and productive writter about you. And me? I am a fervent reader about you, so I read her blogs almost everyday. Then today, I found that she did a complete English translation of your GQ Interview after fumi's English translation was available days ago. I am such a poor web surfer, that for some reason I can not read any of Quilt postings for weeks, months! It's a shame as a senior engineer, I do not know how to fix this problem. The next thing you know is, I did NOT get to read fumi's translation! What a scary thing! All right! What I want to say is, if I can get hold of fumi's translation, I would love to read it again. And if I can get hold of a complete Chinese translation, I would love to read it yet again. Anything about you, I would like to read it over and over, in different languages, in different translations with the same language, you name it.

Talking about Chinese translation, I did get to read a translated piece initially and after that I got to read many discussions and Chinese newspaper clips about this interview and I formed some impressions about this interview based on this stripped down version of Chinese translation and people's discussions. The most troublesome issue I have been having in mind for days after reading that Chinese version was the mentioning of you going to see a doctor, direct English translation from Chinese would be a psychiatrist. And there I have pondered on it, pondered on it... A psychiatrist! Huh? It can NOT be a psychiatrist! By definition, a psychiatrist is a physician who specializes in diagnosing and treating people with mental illness and behavioral disorders. Our BYJ, well mannered, wise and disciplined prince, needs to see a psychiatrist? I am pretty much concluded that it was a translation problem. I guessed the it should be translated as a neurologist. But in Chinese, the two terms are so closely pronounced, that they are often mutually misused. Finally today I got to see bb's translation . First thing I went to check, was the term she used for the doctor you saw. It was a neurologist! Yes! A neurologist is a physician specializing in the field of neurology, trained to diagnose, treat, and manage patients with neurological disorders, such as migraine, sleep disorders, etc. And sure enough, it did mentioned that you were suffering from insomnia, which is a symptom of sleep disorder. This confirmation is a huge relief to me, for I believe, insomnia is a much happier problem than a psychosis problem to deal with. Phew, just a little confusing translation can stir up such anxiety in me. I hope it is just me, the scrutinized one.

Now that I read quite a few discussions, including bb's translation, I am happy to learn that you have overcome the insomnia with the help of medication. I would like to request you that, please, please, please stop using any medication if you can. I am afraid you will develop a dependency on those pills. Take them for 10 days is fine, but you are done with it, right? no more, right? I dislike medicines. Maybe I am too strict on certain things. Maybe I am too old schooled. Maybe I am too absolute. I just avoid using medicine as much as I can. I believe the natual healing power of the human body. Once the medicine you took broke the insomnia cycle, you want to stop that and try to recover by yourself, right? Would you do a self examine to access the cause of your sleeping problem? Was it from worries? stress from work? stress from life style? fears? anxiety? loneliness? As a human being, married or single, young or old, we all have experienced to certain degree all of these stresses in life. For you, the stress must be much more intense. I wish I can help you a bit in some ways. Would you be able to find a private playground so that you can do some jogging in the fresh air, or play some ball games in the fresh air in the morning? You need sunshine and fresh air to keep your healthy and happy feelings. Do you live in a place where you can have a private garden? Can you grow something in the gargen? You and your plants will enjoy sunshine together and grow together. If you talk to them, they will grow faster. What about the bushes and grasses? Would you be able to take care of them yourself once a week? I was joking with Michelle about loving you mowering your lawns. Using a riding lawn mower, you can relax from a hectic day's work, enjoy the smell of that fresh grassy air. It will be such a nice change of the day.

You are interested in providing healthy food to people through your kitchens and future farm. Are you taking time to take care of yourself? Are you taking variety of healthy food? Are you being nice to your body in the training? I do NOT want to see you gaining weight one month and shedding it off the other. Please check your weight regularly and maintain it at a stable level with balanced exercise. Please do not purposely gain weight for the sake of some charater in your performing. Let's not pick that role if it requires you to gain weight. For it is easy to gain that weight, but 10 times harder to shed it off. That sudden weight loss program will put too much strain on your health. Let's NOT take bodybuilding supplements, let's eat natual food to keep our body in shape. The other day I read an article for 10 best foods for flat abs - almonds, eggs, berries, leafy greens, salmon, quinoa, soy, apples, yogurt and veggie soup. Let's try to make these folks into our menu.

I believe by nature you are a strong and healthy man, both mentally and physically. But since April Snow time, I heard more complaints of your body than before. Are you listening to your body lately? Your body is trying to tell you something. Are you having too much work? Are you trying to do everything perfectly? Are you being too harsh to yourself? Is there too much stress to do many different things at one time? You need to study the new drama GKFG, study your role, take care of your businesses for Cafe-B, Gorilla Kichen, the new A Kitchen, BOF, Key East, etc. , I believe you can do all these well, just please monitor the priority, your health should always come first.

Am I being helpful or nagging too much? I am asking many questions not trying to get an answer. I am trying to get you to ask yourself and analyze it. Hopefully that can start you examing your options and ways to improve the situations that you are currently not happy with. I am hoping the next interview I read about you, you will tell us you have more freedom and time to enjoy this beautiful life.

Till the next time,

Love, Peace and Joy!

and Oh, here is a little baby poem for you :

Good night, sleep tight.
Wake up bright, in the morning light.
To do what's right, with all your might!