Friday, October 20, 2006

(Translation) 马奈 (五)

Finally got around to translate this. Feel sorry for being so late. Feel relieved for finishing this. Feel more cultured after going through the learning during translation.


亲爱的姐妹们 …… 正如以前许诺的,我将以此最后一篇结束马奈系列.当A女士在前次的评论中探询有关”酒吧女郎”的油画时,她使这位Z女士得到了灵感,”让我们来以欣赏这样一幅如此非凡的油画来结束这个系列吧!”. 希望你们喜欢 ……

马奈的最后一幅名作”女神游乐厅酒吧” (又译 "恋人游乐园酒吧”) 于1882年完成, 他注入了动人和真诚的努力,作为他一生最终的重大声明。






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5. 第四幅艺术作品中的紫色图来自名为"flower"的姐妹,请告知我你是否同意我这样引用.谢谢.


jaime said...

dear h,

thanks for translating this last piece . You know what, I actually enjoy reading your Chinese version better than my English one. Haha, maybe next time, you can write in Chinese and I'll do the translation to English! hahaha, just kidding!

You know a few times, when I read yours and bb's translation, I would imagine mentally how I would translate the same piece. My conclusion is there's no way I come even close to the level that you two ladies are capable of. So, I am perfectly content just enjoying the result of your excellent work and leave the work to the experts!

BTW h, remember you showed me the direct link to freeboard? I didn't need to register just to read the articles. I haven't been there for just a month, now when I go back, they deny my access to any article. The farthest I can go now is seeing the list of posts inside 'WORLD". Wonder if I need to register now? How come they recognize me as Jaime before but now only as a 'guest' (in chinese)? Appreciate any advice you can give me. thanks!

HeippieH said...

Hi Dear Jaime,

I am trying and I am getting better, ya? At Manet V, I feel like I am getting used to this writing style, that I am actually enjoying the translation process better, not that painful as before. But again, without the excellent original article, I can do nothing. So we should thank you for sharing your knowledge about Manet and your artwork with us.

You want to do some Chinese articles into English? Imangine how much we can benefit from that? There are lots of nice articles on, I am not capable to translate them into English, but if you want to try, that will be great! bb would know the history of these articles, have they ever been translated into English before? Since you are a Winter Sonota lover, you may be happy to translate the WS related articles written by some Chinese fans in ESSAYS Forum. They wrote really well.

As for getting on loveyongjoon "WORLD" forum, I registered as heippieh and always log in to read and write there. I realized that if I am a guest, I won't be able to read some of the articles. I think you are right, before I was able to read some of the articles, but not always succeeded. Since it is not that hard to log in, I always do to avoid any unexpected behavior. Good luck!