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Quilt Once More

Hit the wrong button and got myself upgraded to the blogger beta version, lost all my links and scripts. Today finally got around to clean them up, still there are work to be done.

Ever since I got the news that Quilt will be closed, I started going to various blogger's sites to "touch base". Today saw Yokee's heartfelt message about Quilt. Let me make the link to it once more, even though I knew it will be gone in the near future. I was able to see and comment yesterday on Quilt, today it happened to me again, the freeboard was just blank on me. Before when I saw this, I just said to myself, what the heck, I'll come back sometime later, it might just come back up again. But this time, tears welled up - is this a pre-taste of what it will look like when Quilt is really gone? I just can not face the reality. Well Quilt will never leave my heart. Technically I also hope that the archive will be kept safely and can be restored if there is a chance.

Also saw an interesting posting from marissa about BYJ 2206 Performance Review. From the experience of Quilt, I am more convinced that I should keep all these treasure on my own blog so that I can always come back to it. Comparing BYJ's performace review with mine, I can tell he is an outperformer. Isn't there ALWAYS that something we can learn from him. Rest assured, you can always find charity in his yearly activities. I love him!

source: Nikkan Sports
japanese to english translation by tomato99 of KOB
photo by makiko @byj’s gallery

★ Looking back Yon-sama’s year 2006 with Nikkan Sports ★

☆ January ☆
◆ DVD”April Snow” record sales of 89,000 copies.
Hits number one on Oricon DVD chart on its first appearance on 16th.
April Snow making DVD sold in September 2005 also won number one,
it was first time in history to double top one’s.

☆ February ☆
◆ Invest in Kosdaq listed software company with 9billion won and owns 37.5% of its stocks and becomes its largest shareholder.
Company changes its name to “Keyeast,” and changes its business to producing movies and drama contents and its distribution.

☆ March ☆:
◆ IMX in Japan opens ‘café-B’ at Shibuya, Tokyo.
Yons-sama sends message, “I hope this place will be loved by everyone and that it will give comfort in everyone’s busy life.”
◆ As beginning of TWSSG shooting starts, traditional ceremony was held in Jeju.
Yon-sama attended the ceremony with Director Kim Jon- hak and other staff.
BYJ gave his words, “Everyone attended and determined our minds.
Now I am looking forward to and getting tense.
I hope everyone will be safe and healthy till the shooting ends.
I will do my best for this work.”
◆ Some geography text books for year 2007 high-schools will be using BYJ’s Japan visit photos as a symbol for Japan- Korea cultural exchange.

☆ April ☆
◆ DVD sales and DVD showing for fan event of 31 August 2005, “April Snow –reunion-” was announced.
◆ it came to known that Hong Kong’s wax museum Madam Tassau’s will exhibit Yon-sama statue.
Experts from London head office visited Korea to measure Yon-sama’s body size and took 8 months to make the statue.

☆ May ☆
◆ selected to be media diplomat for “Hallyu Expo” wih Lee Yong Ae.
◆ co-stars with Yuko Ogura for Lotte Almond Chocolate,.
Yon-sama shows a confused look with a smile when Yukorin (Yuko Ogura) acts as a convenience shop clerk and replied with her “Korin language.”
“I am not able to go shopping at a convenience store in Korea,
but when I am abroad I do shop for sweets.”
◆ House in Seoul has caught fire and burnt his bed and some of the furnitures.
No injuries for Yon-sama. Cause of fire was short circuit.

☆ June ☆
◆ Movie “April Snow Director’s Cut” to be shown in theaters from September.
People lined up all night to buy advance tickets, and theaters were expanded to several big cities and
showed remarkable phenomenon.

☆ July ☆
◆ Donated 200million won to Korean heavy rain disaster victims
◆ Visits Japan on 20th for CF shooting and press conference for restaurant “Gosireh,” which he had produced.
To avoid confusion, schedule was hidden but some of the fans gathered around Gosireh,
IMX had send out message for fans soon after his arrival to calm down the situation.


★finally we can reveal his schedule during his Japan visit ★

20 July
◇ am11:15 depart Incheon Airport, Korea
◇ pm 1:30 arrive Narita Airport
◇ pm 3:00 arrive hotel in Tokyo
◇ pm 7:00 dinner

21 July
◇ am 10:30 breakfast
◇ pm 1:00 leave hotel
◇ pm 1:30 arrive at restaurant Gosireh at Shirokane (have catering lunch)
◇ pm 2:10 start shooting for Lotte CF
◇ pm 6:00 finish shooting, other shootings
◇ pm 7:00 leave Gosireh
◇ pm 7:30 arrive hotel
◇ pm 8:00 dinner

22 July
◇ whole day off physical exercise at hotel gym etc.

23 July
◇ am 9:30 breakfast
◇ pm 12:30 lunch
◇ pm 2:00 hair and make up
◇ pm 3:10 leave hotel
◇ pm 3:45 arrive at Gosireh
◇ pm 4:20 press conference at Gosireh
◇ pm 4:45 leave conference
◇during press conference at Gosireh,
Yon-sama commented, “I wish to do more activities for Asian culture exchange.”
later attended Korean traditional ceremony ‘Gosa.’
He sent message to fans, “I feel sorry for not being able to greet you directly.”
◇ pm 6:00 Opening party at the restaurant. Mr. Shigeo Nagashima also attended the party.
◇ pm 7:30 leave Gosireh, stopped by for shopping on his way

note: Yon-sama stopped by at a well-known jewelry shop in Tokyo.
His stay was only about for 20 minutes but he did buy several jewelries that he liked.
During his 5nights-6days Japan visit, this was only time he enjoyed his private time.

◇ after pm 8:00 arrive hotel
◇ pm 8:30 dinner

24 July
◇ am 9:30 breakfast
◇ am 10:30 hair and make up
◇ pm 1:30 arrive at studio in Tokyo
◇ pm 2:00 shooting for Secom CF’s steels
◇ pm 5:00 finish shooting. costume change, hair and make up.
Photo shooting for photo book and CD jacket etc.
◇ pm 10:00 finish shooting
◇ pm 10:30 arrive hotel and dinner

25 July
◇ am 10:00 breakfast
◇ noon leave hotel
◇ pm 1:00 arrive Narita airport
◇ pm 1:55 leave Japan
◇ pm 4:20 arrive Incheon airport


☆ August ☆
◆ Sends video message to Nihon TV’s program “24hours TV” to support its charity.
“Family and ‘Kizuna(bond)’ with family(fans) in Asia is important,
I hope that this warm heart will last for long time.”
◆ On his 34th birthday(29 Aug), he concentrates on drama shooting.

☆ September ☆
◆ His costumes for new drama was revealed for the first time,
“I am looking forward to shooting after long period of preparation.”
◆ Appears in new CF for SECOM, short hair and dressed up in security uniform
BYJ commented “(wearing uniform,) I feel I have to go out and guard someone.
Family in broad meaning is everyone you love.
I sympathize with the commercial message.”

☆ October ☆
◆ To commemorate sales of charity photo book ”Super Stars,” photo exhibit is to take place at Omotesando Hills, Tokyo in November.
Project was planned by Singapore photographer Mr. Leslie Kee, photo book will feature more than 300 Asian stars from various quarters.

☆ November ☆
◆ Announcement of First Classic music selected album “BYJ Classics / Hero” to be on sale from 25 December 2006.
Two types of album, special edition and regular edition will be released.
It will feature photo book and booklet with original essays.
Essays will explain how he has selected Mozart or Beethoven and also writes how and when he listens to these music.
Photos were taken by Mr. Leslie Kee.
Album recorded 20,000 sales just after 10days it has started to accept reservation
This record sales is equivalent to ranking 10th at Oricon weekly album sales chart.
◆ Attended opening ceremony at “Hallyu Expo.”
His appearance to Korean public event was first time after two years absence.
He joined the tape cut ceremony.

☆ December ☆
◆ With his wishes to “help out children who need hope and courage.”
Collaborated with natural cosmetic company KohGenDo and sell “BYJ deep moist lip & gloss set.”
Part of profit will be sent to charity.


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Hi Heippieh
You got yourself upgraded to the blogger beta version ?
I always think that you need to have a g-mail to get to this version.

PS : I can't sign in with my blogger ID here, maybe because you're now on beta version ?

jaime said...

dear h,

Oh you're so diligent. I see you are already preparing for the end of Quilt and start gathering some of the precious information. I enjoy that 2006 performance review very much. You know what it reminds me of? An employee performance evaluation. Yes, he's definitely a super-achiever, I bet you're not doing too bad yourself! Boy! How come this man has so many achievements to show for every month? If it's my performance review? Simple : Fired! Only knows how to eat and sleep!

Oh, please don't be so sad, I know Quilt is so precious to us all. It's really not easy to accept it, right? Hopefully, we can comfort and support each other throughtout this difficult time.

love ... Jaime

HeippieH said...

Hi Camille,

I finger did not follow my mind, I guess I did not know where my mind was when I clicked certain button and got me upgraded to this "beta" version, I tried to avoid the upgrade but I still got tricked into it. Actually the beta version is not too bad, just if I knew I want to upgrade, I would have saved all my settings and templates. I am still not where I was before, still have some work to do to get at least back to where I was, but the beta version did make the work a bit easier.

I am not sure if you have to have a gmail account to sigh in, I though you could still have an option to use your blogger account. I am sorry this caused you trouble. But thanks for dropping by, I love your translation, I am inclined to save a copy here in my blog, I hope you are ok with it. I think it is better to keep my own copy so will never lose it. :-)

HeippieH said...

Hi Dear Jaime,

That is precisely what I was "joking" about - an employee's performance review, you got to do that every year, huh, boring! but not with BYJ's, he got real things done! that's how he got paid big bucks, haha... we wish him a nice new year with superb performance again, then we got to see him more!

I am glad I have saved many good postings and articles locally, including yours, if I had more time, I would collect and post more. I hope Quilt will not go to an end, is it possible to open another one and move Quilt's archive over?


p.s. Jaime, you are always good at trashing yourself, I don't agree with what you said about yourself, I think you should be hired by BYJ as his art director when he is a producer or movie director, then his performance will be over sky-high, we can't see an end of it.