Monday, September 29, 2008

Sorry for MIA

Have been away for a while, and will be away for another while. Will need to straighten out some real issues in life before I can come back and truly enjoy the leisure.

Have been studying these musics with children lately, please enjoy:

Mozart Piano Concerto K.488 Adagio

- particularly suiting my emotion at this moment - one of the most beautiful, emotional and peaceful pieces of all time. Son just learned the Allegro (Movement 1), can't wait to hear him play this Movement 2.

Beethoven Spring Sonata

- All time favorite violin sonata, Beethoven rocks! I still love you even though I favor Mozart's beauty and simplicity a bit more as I am getting a little older.

Mozart Violin Sonata K.302

- Written by the young Mozart at age 23, this piece is youthful and energetic.