Sunday, November 26, 2006

The People Letter - HeippieH

I emailed my letter to the People Magazing on Nov. 15, 2006. Thanks Jaime for pointing out various errors and giving out suggestions. Honestly we all agreed that these letters may not be able to make BYJ appear on this year's Special Edition of the People Magazine. But we are hopeful that these letters will at least bring the editor's attention to look into this nice young man. We believe that he deserves to be known in the Western world as much as he is known in Asia and by Asians. Hopefully the sisters in the Bae family will continue supporting him and making efforts to publicizing him all over the world.

I am not so sure about the way I convinced the editor about BYJ being the sexiest and most beautiful man alive, I have rather been proving to the editor that BYJ is popular and influential. But hey, this is all I could do, and bottom line is, if BYJ is able to attract millions of intellectually proud women in such an intense degree, what else he is other than being powerfully sexy?


Dear Editor,

I would like to take this opportunity to bring your attention to an outstanding man who is deserved to be known as the most beautiful and sexiest man alive.

Everyday around the clock, in every continent of the globe (might excluding Antarctica), there are tens of thousands, sometimes millions of women getting on this man's related websites, fixing their eyes on his sensual pictures or video clips. This man's name is Bae Yong Joon (BYJ), today's No. 1 superstar in Asia. Born in Seoul, Korea, this 34 year-old young man has been famous for driving otherwise mature, highly educated, intellectual women into madness.

What is unique about this superstar, is that his fans are well known for their high level of maturity. Statistics have shown that the majority of his fans have graduate or post-graduate degrees, they are either well educated, dedicated housewives, or professionals working in various fields, including art, finance, business, engineering, designing, medicine, science, education, etc. Most of them claimed to have never been a fan of anyone before, and will never be to anyone else, except for this special man called Bae Yong Joon. They call him the "Prince from Heaven". Already occupied with their busy day job, be it taking care of the family and household or pursuing their career, these talents created themselves second jobs of publicizing their ideal man to the world - they setup and maintain the websites and forums about him, creating artworks featuring his charm, writing articles and fictions praising his beauty, making videos, composing musics and poems, creating drawings and paintings to express their love for him. When asked why they are so crazy about this man, their answers can be summarized as : Bae Yong Joon brings to live their life-long dream prince - a perfect combination of a gentle and masculine man.

With the steady loyal support of these dedicated women who possess strong purchasing power, anything labeled BYJ sells as handsome as he looks. This has been well identified as the BYJ Phenomenon. Ever since the release of the Korean television serial "Winter Sonata", a beautiful love story starred by Bae, the BYJ phenomenon has spread across the entire Asia, especially Japan, then Middle East, and has quickly expanded to North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Africa. Just in the year of 2004 alone, the BYJ phenomenon caused the upsurge of US$4-billion in business between Japan and South Korea. He has been accredited the "national treasure" of South Korea, and has been widely recognized as the "culture ambassador" who has contributed to the improvement of Korea-Japan relations, which some commented as more than 10 ambassadors combined could ever achieve. Whatever businesses he gets involved, such as entertainment, tourism, commercials, magazines, stock investment, restaurant operations, just to name a few, are deemed to be successful. The L.A. Times reported "popular actor Bae Yong-joon, nicknamed 'Yonsama' in Japan, is like a one-man corporation worth billions of dollars."

A man with such economic influence and charismatic power, who attracted so many women's attention, is superiorsly sexy. However his sexual appeal does not simply come from his gifted appearance alone. It is widely acknowledged by his fans that it is initially his heavenly appearance that drew their eyes, but most importantly it is his virtuous quality that tugged their hearts and have kept them supporting him for years and the years to come.

As an actor, Mr. Bae challenges himself to bring various images to his viewers. He is prudent in selecting scripts, so that every role he played in a dozen of his dramas and movies are significantly different. The viewers were amazed at his ability to transform from one role to a completely new other.

As a professional, he strives to achieve perfection in every one of his endeavors. He sets his professional and business goals to challenge himself as well as to bring benefit to the commonwealth of the society. He pursues his goals with confidence, determination and fortitude.

As a celebrity, he takes leadership to promote returning ones fortune back to the society. He made generous donations to the needy and unfortunate, hence becomes a role model for his peers.

As a superstar, he interacted with his fans with humbleness and courtesy. He addresses his fans as "family" and treated them warmly and genuinely, as one would truly do to his family members.

As a public figure, he exemplify a strong mind with extraordinary self discipline. His personal life is free of scandal, his manners and speeches in the interviews are impeccable, humorous and insightful, all attributed to his virtues of prudence and temperance.

A man with these virtues, wisdom and princely manner rested in such a masculine body and handsome face, has inevitably become an inconceivable, unreachable ideal man in all women's mind. This man is setting the bar as the sexiest man alive.

Here allow me to share a few photos of Bae Yong Joon with you :

0. Piercing Eyes

1. Mesmerizing

2. Intoxicating

3. Red Hot

4. Sweet Summer Sweat

5. Muscle Man

6. Pure and Clean

7. Adam's Apple

8. The Playboy

9. Cold and Lust

10. To His Family

11. Power Sit

12. Stretching Leg

13. Sweaty Rest

14. Dressed Up

15. Handsome Him

Here are some of his websites. This list is not meant to be complete, just to serve as a reference for you :

BYJ Official Website:

English :


Japan :

Mainland China
baidu.BYJ Forum


Hong Kong




Mexico :

Best Regards,

HeippieH from MA, USA.


Toujours_BYJ said...

wow, Heippieh, what a letter !
I love love it. If after reading this, the staffs of People magazine still ignore him, arghhhh I don't know what to say then.
Btw, may I add the link of your blog to mine ?

HeippieH said...

Ah Camille, nice seeing you here. No one will be able to ignore him, as Coco said, it is just time before BYJ is known to the whole world.

Feel free to link it. It is my honor. What does toujours mean, it is French, love? I can babble fish it, Ha!

Toujours_BYJ said...

Thanks Heippieh, I already did it.
Toujours means always, so toujours BYJ means always BYJ.

HeippieH said...

Ah, always it means, thank you Camille!

gosijo said...

Dear Heippieh,

Love your arguments, very persuasive! Love all the links you provide. Most of all, loved the titles you gave to the pictures.

mrs a said...

Hi dear friend, sorry I am late in responding to this but I had to tell you what a grand letter that was. Bravo. Mine was nothing as fantastic as that. You deserves many kudos for that. Well written! If that doesn't get him mentioned nothing will!

HeippieH said...

Dear gosijo,

Thanks for dropping by. Look how many "love" words you used, obviously you are a loving person. This is the specialties of the bae sisters - loving and giving, every one of them I have ever met has been this way.

So he did not make to this year's issue, nontheless, this is a good start for us all. We are well prepared for the next campaign. :-)

HeippieH said...

Dear Mrs.A.,

How have you been? How is your health? How is work going? Have been thinking about your health frequently. I hope everything goes well with you. Did you write a letter as well? Could you share with me? I have translated a few sister's letters, will be glad translating more. Do you have my email address? or, I guess you have posted on your blog already. Let me go check. I enjoy every letter our sister wrote, each one shares insights from a different angle, complement each other, emphasize on different aspects of wuri yong joon, just like a nice chorus. So please share. Thank you and take care!

Patty Ko said...

I'm reading all above made me so
behind. I was in Korea for couple
of months, and just returned home
on 6 Dec. Some unknown reason my
computer was out. It took me for
a few days to finely got it fixed and working. I'm trying to catch
up with everything. One of thing
I want to do is write a letter to the People's magazine.
I also like to write about my trip
to Korea and saw our hero, BYJ, at the Jeju Hallyu Expo Opening Ceremony. What an experience just seeing him being there with him!
I was there closed enouogh to see him well if every one was sit down
and the photographers stands were not front of us and blocked the view. I was so frustrated with the photographers, almost scream at them. I will come back with more
story when I can sort things out
in a way that not so much of jumbo
mumbo, ect. Thanks, Patty

Patty Ko said...

I'm not sure what happen to my

HeippieH said...

Dear Patty Ko,

Nice meeting you here. Are you new to us or you have a previous name that we should know of? Sounds like you are a long time fan of YJ so we should have known each other before.

I am glad everything is back to order again. I just got my laptop fixed a few days ago, so I can understand what you have gone through. So you have seen our prince, wow! I am looking forward to reading your impression about him, I am sure it will be extrodinary. You reminded me about BYJglobal, she has been there too. Did you gals happen to meet? Or are you one? :-)

Do write the letter if you want to, and I'll volunteer to translate it into Chinese if you don't write Chinese, or if you allow me. I'd love to gather all the "People Letters" here, and I enjoy doing the translation work for these beautiful letters.

Think about starting a blog? :-) Again, nice seeing you here Patty! Take care!