Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The World's Most Glorious Death

Also about a year ago in June, I came across a Chinese sister 胡图图's posting on baidu.com BYJ Forum, with a cute list of "glorious ways of death for BYJ". Many other YJ's fans including myself chimed in with many hilarious additions. I thought it would be interesting to compose them together and translate into English. Hoping that it would bring some laughters to YJ himself and his family members all over the world, I posted my translation on KOB. I regret that I did not learn English enough to be able to translate this better. Reading this in Chinese, it really made me laughed for a few days. I am also appending in Chinese a complete list of death styles baidu sisters desired from that posting. As the list may expand in future with more contributions, I'll make additions to this entry. However, just a warning, this is truly joking, since it mentioned "death" in every sentence, I'd like to make sure that every one of us laugh a lot and live happily ever after to support our prince.


While we were young in schools, our teacher taught us "Some men die for the cause that is weightier than Mount Tai, some lighter than a feather". Here I recommend several ways of heroic death for our friends :

- Listening to music of YJ's Drama Album, it sounds so beautiful, die from rejoicing;

- Looking at YJ's photo, he is so handsome and manly, blood bursting out, die from excitement;

- To protect YJ Forum's dignity, gloriously die from fighting;

- Always missing YJ's CF while watching TV, die from madness;

- Do not want to wash the hand shaken by YJ, die from lack of hygiene;

- Classmate can buy YJ's DVD while I can not afford it, die from heartbreak;

- Attending YJ's concert, die from screaming or killed by fan's scream;

- Wishing to be a woman stays with YJ, murdered by fellow fans' jealousy;

- Downloading YJ's VOD after going through all kinds of hard work, deleted it by accident, die from self blame;

- Because of electric power loss, can't get on BYJ's web pages (loveyongjoon.com, baidu-BYJ, BYJ's Quilt), die from grief;

- Knowing YJ finds his true love and happiness, die from gratification;

- Hearing false news and accusations about YJ, die from disappointment;

- After going through all the troubles and finally get the Winter Sonata, the DVD player is broken, can't watch it, die from depression;

- some said, the best death is to be embraced by YJ and die of happiness;

- watching YJ's drama day and night, die from lack of oxygen in brain

- looking at YJ's electrifying eyes, die from electric shock;

- killed by YJ's smiles

- looking forward to seeing YJ, die from hunger;

- thinking of YJ, die from missing him;

- wandering in YJ's Forum at midnight, die from sleepiness;

- murdered by husband's jealousy eyes;

- amazed by YJ's graceful manner, die from obsession;

- Willing to be killed by Yong Joon's smiles;

- simply died from thinking of him day and night;

- watch intimate scences of the actress with YJ, die from jealousy;

- look at pictures of YJ and his fans, die from envy;

- found BYJ treasures on the internet, die from delight;

- Ignored by fellow fan sisters who are constantly looking at YJ, die from loneliness;

- Longing to meet him in September (April Snow Tour), die from eagerness;

- Did not get to read this article, died from regret;

- reading so many fan sister's beautiful articles, regretting not studied well before, die from embarrassment;

- Reading this list, die from having great fun;

- Many readers already died from laughing too much by reading this list, before logging on to contribute;

- Sharing the true love and genuine friendship with our family members of YJ, die from gratefulness;

- Some warned us that if you want to be YJ's fan, you'd better take care of yourself from dying.

*** 世界上最壮烈的死法 ***


























天天想、夜夜想, 光是想他都想死了。









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yes, i read it in Baidu, laughing at each postings. and now i'm still smiling, reading them second time in eglish.

marissa said...

Thanks for making me smile while going through your list.

HeippieH said...

Hey bb, Joyce, and marissa, glad this old piece made you gals happy for a moment. In these quiet days, just good time to dig the good old stuff and refresh our memories.