Monday, July 03, 2006

Check this out - Mrs A is speaking!

By sheer luck, I clicked on Mrs A tonight and got a first hand freshly baked cookie just out of her oven - ME IN A FAN CLUB – NEVER! (not!). The content is more serious than its title. She gave a complete personal analysis of BYJ the actor, his acting skills, BYJ the person, his multi-facet personalities, and BYJ his fans, the intelligent, loving angels supporting, protecting BYJ and each other. Eventually, as everyone of us, Mrs A can't helped thanking BYJ and his associates for "intruding" her live. Well she put it in such a nice way that I can never do it so perfectly. Mrs A mentioned in her posting that she is not Asian, or not related to an Asian, I was in such an amazement that I went on verifying with her - I did not believe ( I mean I started to believe) that BYJ's charm to woman is universal.

This is my favorite BYJ hair style with my favorite BYJ sunglasses in my favorite Hotelier scence. He wore my favorite BYJ blueish grayish tie on my favorite siverish shirt, his nose breathed arrogance and nobleness, his lips gentle and determined, his eyebrow lifted with a bit surprise, his eyes earnest in querying (I can see them :-) ), I fell in love with BYJ at this very moment when the picture flashed into my mind.

Well, another pair of my favorite BYJ sunglasses. Another BYJ hair style that is my favorite. Ask me what is not my favorite out of him. He does not laugh like this in as many occasion as he smiles, but I sure love him laugh so manly like this! And his hand, his fingers are so elegant! What in the heck did God do with this man, did He purposely made this man in any appearance, in any gesture, in any voice, in any word, so appealing to a lady?


jaime said...

Wow mrs a,

thanks for sharing your bae journey with us! So well said, you touched on every aspects of why you love our prince.

Now all I have to do is print out your piece and just hand it over to whomever I want to introduce Yong Joon to (save my saliva, as some Chinese says)!

Congratulations on starting your new blog!

Thanks h for bringing this to our attention!

HeippieH said...

Dear Jaime,

Well said. Just print this and hand it out, and the sale's done. Good marketing gal Mrs A! Points clear and clean!

Quilt's down, our gals are sure up to writing!

mrs a said...

Thanks and I love those pictures. I too love to see him laugh. But then I love to see him smile, love to see his serious side, love to see his stoic side, love to see - awe you all get the picture!

Michelle said...

There's a couple pics I haven't seen before here, I really love them. Glad to see you blogging!

marissa said...

Thank you for letting us know that mrs a is now part of our blogging community. And keep on coming up with more entries I enjoy reading them.

HeippieH said...

Hey gals, mrs a, michelle, marissa, wow, all "m" ladies, love to see you here. slowly but surely i am venting, trying to make sense out of this insanity, as mrs a called it. :D