Thursday, June 22, 2006

Jaime's Den - On Quilt

HappieBB brougt my attention to Jaime, a relatively newer BYJ fan. Since then it became a common appeal that Jaime should have her own blog. Jaime's writings must not be missed. They bring cheers to your heart. This entry servers as her virtual blog until she has one. I love her witty writings so much. It brings me to chuckles each time I read it. I want to gather it all here for reader's convenience.

Let's see - On Quilt,

JaimeZ analyzed our BYJ fan's behavior as BYJ Syndrom. Before I knew anything about Jaime and her postings, I described to bb a rather plain version of my BYJ Syndrome - "I call it BYJ Syndrome - surf Bae sites everyday, sleep in late nights or early mornings, dried eyes, chronic fatigue. Soon enough, you'll find yourself looking older than you should be." A few weeks later, to my delight, I found Jaime actually gave a comprehensive diagnosis almost a month before me. And she even prescibed some daunting cures. If you doubt you have similar syndrome, go check it out immediately with Dr. Jaime.

After seeing so many patients with BYJ Syndrome, Dr. Jaime realized that so many talented sisters are eager to make some contributions to BYJ's daily work. Here Director Jaime gave us some coaching for our career development - Thinking of a Life-Altering Career Move, Anyone? I guarantee this is inspirational to generate new business ideas.

When YJ revealed his sufferings in the "GQ Interview", just as another million sisters, Jaime too is worried, she pondered "Yong Joon, are we too much of a burden?" In her unique humorous way Jaime shared her self-training process on internet awareness program, and brought laughter and comfort to BYJ and his fans. One day Jaime assured us, one day, she would become CIO of Microsoft. With Bill Gate stepping down lately, I think that opportunity is presenting earlier than she thought.

But our future CIO's mind can never stop thinking. The next day she put on her doctor's coat and comes to YJ's rescue. That plan A is perfectly designed, except there is only one caveat. Sure enough our beloved YJ caught it and hinted her for a plan B. Jaime, since our boss asked for plan B, we got to have it, I wouldn't mind if you make plan B a revised version of plan A, just change that rotation in a reversed alpabetical order. Yes? No? I don't mind you Z people go first, I am coming along right after you.

Jaime then put on her hat as a financial analyst and shed her light in the BAELAND FINANCIAL POST, where our Bae sisters got first hand information on what stock to pick. Isn't it rewarding to be a BYJ fan? Free financial advices and tripple digit growth of our portfolio.

By now you see Jaime wears many hats. Lately Jaime purchased our YJ's Image Vol. 1 and that turned her into a market psychologist, particularly specialized in BYJ customer psychology. Here I confess, in general my buying habit is between descriminator and selector, but when it comes to YJ's product, I am wishing to be a collector, but with my limited buying power, I settled in between selector and collector.

Talking about that Image Vol. 1, I can't help enclosing Jaime's comment in bb's posting : jaime, pls come in", there she listed her rules of handling that precious package. bb, I hope you don't mind that I copy/paste Jaime's comment here :

jaime said...
O bb, what did I do this time? Ah … I said that controversial ‘E’ word! Yeah, shame on me, how could I ever doubt my dear man’s noble intention? (my punishment : have to look at the album over and over again until I memorized every single page in the correct order)

Thanks for sharing this heartfelt evaluation, both personal and professional, about the Image. It surely was an eventful year for Yong Joon in 2004. He is so admirable for his determination and constant strive for personal best. Quite a bold statement about his “unprecedented training regime that was never seen in the Asian entertainment industry“. I never read about other Asian stars – a big question always on the back of my mind – should I? Not because I’m interested, but learning about the industry and other entertainers around him might help me to appreciate his qualities even more. But sigh, who has time for anybody else when all our sleeping hours have already been devoted to him? (let me see, he wants to but he can’t sleep, we can sleep but we don’t want to. Frankly, I don’t know which is better?)

Now, I even treasure my Image album more, if that’s at all possible. It’s already widely known among my friends and family that no one can come within 3 feet of my precious album. If I decide to grant them that privilege of viewing my dear Yong Joon’s sexy pictures, there are a few rules that have to be strictly observed!

1. No touching or I cannot be responsible for any loss in fingers or limbs.
2. No heavy breathing in case it pollutes the fine quality paper that my obba has meticulously chosen.
3. No talking in case any tiny speck of saliva might land on my beautiful baby’s face
4. No criticizing or their tongues will never speak again (ok ok, I am not that mean. I just escort them nicely to my garden and let them enjoy a 'wrestling match' with my 2 attack dogs.)

Sleep well bb .... jaime

13 June, 2006 23:54

Instantly, these became my rules to all my BYJ belongings. Thank you Jaime!


bb said...

wow! blog within a blog! what a neat idea!

jaime! jaime.....!! *bb forgets to act like a demure sophisticated lady and hollers*

liezle said...

hello H!

i guess with your post, i hope that jaime will be encouraged to start her own blog.

she's full of wit. love reading her posts ^^

jaime said...

Oh dear dear h,

What can I say? I'm blushing so red now - shocked, touched, grateful, embarassed and shameful! Shocked that you've actually added a virtual blog entry for me.
Touched by your kind words and grateful to your effort in linking my works together. Embarassed that I don't deserve this love and shameful that I have no plan to start my own blog.

So h, until that day comes, thanks for letting me live in the comfort of your blog. Umm..hmm, nowthat we are roommates, maybe we should establish a few house rules here :

1. Ok, I don't do bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, spring cleaning, summer cleaning, autumn .... well, you get the idea. (so, what do I do?)
2. I have to have undisturbed use of the bathroom for 3 consecutive hours every night to go through all my beauty regimen. (believe me, I NEED it!)
3. I need to click my keyboard away until 3 am in the morning to go through all 20 posts (AND the links)that bb writes every day.
4.Girls pyjamas sleepover party every Friday night, only topic allowed - our sexy gorgeous prince Joonie!

That's about it for now, we make up more as we go along, ok? (I see h already starts erasing my name from her blog.) Oh BTW, as you know h, I am a poor housewife, so I can't afford to pay you any rent. So I'll just repay you by turning up more crazy, sillier writings, ok? (My family already said that I am too silly. Any sillier, they will lock me up in the psychiatric ward for good. Maybe I'll write to you from there, ok?

Seriouly, thanks for your love and kindness!

love .... jaime

bb said...

holy molly! jaime, you've gotta be the funniest bae-fan-writer! and you aced yourself each time :p

HeippieH said...

Dear liezle,

I hope Jaime will start her blog too. Imagine when that day comes! I may have to pay more doctor's visit for my stomach pains caused by laughing too much!


HeippieH said...

Dear bb,

I am glad you like it. Actually it is fun putting Jaime's stuff together. Made me to read them again and made me to laugh loud again. She is really something! A creature with so much fun and joy stuffed in her mind. Hey shall we thank for BYJ again for finding her?


HeippieH said...

Hey Jaime,

I did not mean to make you feel embarassed. I did this for my own good. I really really need to read someone hysterically witty writings like yours to offload my dead serious mind. Please continue your writing, you will be amazed how much joy you can bring to us, the family of a million BYJ supporters. Hmmm... I wonder if anyone has translated your writings into Chinese? Let me check with bb.


HeippieH said...

oh, Jaime Jaime Jaime, you are a born bossy boss. You know what, with no pay on rent and extensive use of bathroom, I have to get you work in our garden, you can stay in the bathroom for 3 hours, but other time during the day you got to work in the garden, trimming bushes, watering flowers, landscaping, cutting grass, plenty of work to do. Well Friday night party is such a fine idea. Actually I want to do it every night. Regret to have such a party girl roommate? Too bad! It's too late!



mrs a said...

Jaime, Jaime, Jaime, here I am needing to get ready for some appt and errands and I am reading your funny stuff again.

You are so humorous, laughter is the best medicine and being on serious side - you are very special as all of us BaeSisters need a good laugh from time to time and you never fail to produce it.

My favorite all time comedian has been Red Skelton but you know Jaime you are a rising star in my mind.

HeippieH said...

MrsA, hopefully Quilt can restore all Jaime's pieces. So these clicks will work again. We don't want to lose those.

Jaime, would you be able to repost those? Let me know if you did.