Saturday, June 24, 2006

That "family" concept

I have been listening to Mother Angelica biograghy CDs for about 4 days in my commute to work. Today I ran across the story when Mother Angelica was raising funds for her new monastery by making and selling fishing lures, she called the sisters who were involve in this work, as well as the buyers who were supporting this business, the "family". With a mind always ready to link anything to BYJ, this story certainly did not escape the radar screen. Catholic teaching has always been putting extra stress on the concept of love and family. Being raised as a Roman Catholic by his devout mother, I have always been wondering whether BYJ calling his fans "family" a trait of his religous upbringing. People may argue that he jokingly referred this "family" more of a "mafia" type. But if I look at the bond that keeps the "mafia" together, is mostly loyal obligation, whereas the bond that keeps a "family" together is love, I would rather believe that he actually meant "family" as a loving family.

Just my random thought. Putting the heavy topic aside, lets go watch the World Cup - Korean has been playing extremely well. I've never paid much attention to Korean before, now everything about Korea is good ever since I met BYJ (I tend to generalize when I get crazy about something, so everything about BYJ is good!!!). Korean food, electronics, semiconductor, automobile, showbiz, soccer, ... Just had Bolguki today! Kids love it! And they scream for Kalbi too!


jaime said...

Hi h,

Yeah Catholic church calls each other "brothers and sisters in God". I hope Yong Joon will have time to go to church again eventhough it's almost impossible now for him to go anywhere without being mobbed.

So, you've turned Korean too? Me too, paying so much attention to everything Korean. Like you said, sadly it's a lonely road because nobody around me is like that!

take care .... jaime

HeippieH said...

Dear Jaime,

I am sure he can arrange something to have the priest coming over to provide him Eucharist.

I learned to make Kim Chi, pretty good at it. I then learned to make some kim chi soup and kim chi pancake. Love to make Korean type seafood soup too. and that 炒辣年糕. Hmmm, yammy! But mostly I am the only one eating these spicy food. With the finding of Bolguki and Kalbi, now I get my children to share with me. To me, sharing my cooking is more joyful than eating alone.