Friday, June 02, 2006

Chitchat with BYJ - Health

Do you know HappieBB? or happiebb? or bb? You should remember her. You took pictures with her and she stood right beside you on your right. Well she is an active translator and productive writter about you. And me? I am a fervent reader about you, so I read her blogs almost everyday. Then today, I found that she did a complete English translation of your GQ Interview after fumi's English translation was available days ago. I am such a poor web surfer, that for some reason I can not read any of Quilt postings for weeks, months! It's a shame as a senior engineer, I do not know how to fix this problem. The next thing you know is, I did NOT get to read fumi's translation! What a scary thing! All right! What I want to say is, if I can get hold of fumi's translation, I would love to read it again. And if I can get hold of a complete Chinese translation, I would love to read it yet again. Anything about you, I would like to read it over and over, in different languages, in different translations with the same language, you name it.

Talking about Chinese translation, I did get to read a translated piece initially and after that I got to read many discussions and Chinese newspaper clips about this interview and I formed some impressions about this interview based on this stripped down version of Chinese translation and people's discussions. The most troublesome issue I have been having in mind for days after reading that Chinese version was the mentioning of you going to see a doctor, direct English translation from Chinese would be a psychiatrist. And there I have pondered on it, pondered on it... A psychiatrist! Huh? It can NOT be a psychiatrist! By definition, a psychiatrist is a physician who specializes in diagnosing and treating people with mental illness and behavioral disorders. Our BYJ, well mannered, wise and disciplined prince, needs to see a psychiatrist? I am pretty much concluded that it was a translation problem. I guessed the it should be translated as a neurologist. But in Chinese, the two terms are so closely pronounced, that they are often mutually misused. Finally today I got to see bb's translation . First thing I went to check, was the term she used for the doctor you saw. It was a neurologist! Yes! A neurologist is a physician specializing in the field of neurology, trained to diagnose, treat, and manage patients with neurological disorders, such as migraine, sleep disorders, etc. And sure enough, it did mentioned that you were suffering from insomnia, which is a symptom of sleep disorder. This confirmation is a huge relief to me, for I believe, insomnia is a much happier problem than a psychosis problem to deal with. Phew, just a little confusing translation can stir up such anxiety in me. I hope it is just me, the scrutinized one.

Now that I read quite a few discussions, including bb's translation, I am happy to learn that you have overcome the insomnia with the help of medication. I would like to request you that, please, please, please stop using any medication if you can. I am afraid you will develop a dependency on those pills. Take them for 10 days is fine, but you are done with it, right? no more, right? I dislike medicines. Maybe I am too strict on certain things. Maybe I am too old schooled. Maybe I am too absolute. I just avoid using medicine as much as I can. I believe the natual healing power of the human body. Once the medicine you took broke the insomnia cycle, you want to stop that and try to recover by yourself, right? Would you do a self examine to access the cause of your sleeping problem? Was it from worries? stress from work? stress from life style? fears? anxiety? loneliness? As a human being, married or single, young or old, we all have experienced to certain degree all of these stresses in life. For you, the stress must be much more intense. I wish I can help you a bit in some ways. Would you be able to find a private playground so that you can do some jogging in the fresh air, or play some ball games in the fresh air in the morning? You need sunshine and fresh air to keep your healthy and happy feelings. Do you live in a place where you can have a private garden? Can you grow something in the gargen? You and your plants will enjoy sunshine together and grow together. If you talk to them, they will grow faster. What about the bushes and grasses? Would you be able to take care of them yourself once a week? I was joking with Michelle about loving you mowering your lawns. Using a riding lawn mower, you can relax from a hectic day's work, enjoy the smell of that fresh grassy air. It will be such a nice change of the day.

You are interested in providing healthy food to people through your kitchens and future farm. Are you taking time to take care of yourself? Are you taking variety of healthy food? Are you being nice to your body in the training? I do NOT want to see you gaining weight one month and shedding it off the other. Please check your weight regularly and maintain it at a stable level with balanced exercise. Please do not purposely gain weight for the sake of some charater in your performing. Let's not pick that role if it requires you to gain weight. For it is easy to gain that weight, but 10 times harder to shed it off. That sudden weight loss program will put too much strain on your health. Let's NOT take bodybuilding supplements, let's eat natual food to keep our body in shape. The other day I read an article for 10 best foods for flat abs - almonds, eggs, berries, leafy greens, salmon, quinoa, soy, apples, yogurt and veggie soup. Let's try to make these folks into our menu.

I believe by nature you are a strong and healthy man, both mentally and physically. But since April Snow time, I heard more complaints of your body than before. Are you listening to your body lately? Your body is trying to tell you something. Are you having too much work? Are you trying to do everything perfectly? Are you being too harsh to yourself? Is there too much stress to do many different things at one time? You need to study the new drama GKFG, study your role, take care of your businesses for Cafe-B, Gorilla Kichen, the new A Kitchen, BOF, Key East, etc. , I believe you can do all these well, just please monitor the priority, your health should always come first.

Am I being helpful or nagging too much? I am asking many questions not trying to get an answer. I am trying to get you to ask yourself and analyze it. Hopefully that can start you examing your options and ways to improve the situations that you are currently not happy with. I am hoping the next interview I read about you, you will tell us you have more freedom and time to enjoy this beautiful life.

Till the next time,

Love, Peace and Joy!

and Oh, here is a little baby poem for you :

Good night, sleep tight.
Wake up bright, in the morning light.
To do what's right, with all your might!


bb said...

oh... what a sweet post...
hee, seems like most of us bae-bloggers have blogged about the GQ interview... :)

love the way you ended your post. the little baby poem's just so sweet...

HeippieH said...

Dear BB,

have a lot to say about his interviews. a very in depth interview he has had lately. The interviewer is very good at asking questions too. I still need to read it through more times 'coz I just love it! Thanks for diligent translation work. I don't know how you keep up all these works.


bb said...

hee... no secrets to keeping up the bae-activities, really. i just skip sleep :p

HeippieH said...

Dear bb,

I see you are not going to bed early enough again! You are working too much. I can't keep up with your writings and those sister's comments. There are too much informations and I just have not enough time. I wish I have enough money to retire and be able to read through all these articles and watch through all these VODs.

Thanks bb for coming.

bb said...

haha... me too, i wish i don't have to work and can read/watch clips/blog/translate/travel to japan & korea all the time :p

incidentally, tiffany and i were just talking about it, the two of us are more like full-time fans and work part-time :p

BOF or YJ oughta pay us for the 'work' we do, and the time we spend :)

HeippieH said...

Absolutely! Counting the hours you spend on BYJ, it is way over 8 hours per day, 5 days a week. You work on BYJ over the weekends too. You need to be paid for overtime as well, and monthly bonus for allurring more people to join the family. You've got two jobs. I hope your second part-time job ( I meant the job that brings you income ) will not be affected too much by this BYJ fella. He is killing us. One day I want to write to him something to give him a warning. But first, I would work on a petition to get you gals justice reward for your good labor.