Monday, June 12, 2006

Chitchat with BYJ - U d'a Man!

How many times have you told me that you are not the best looking actor. But guess what, I have the highest taste of beauty, and I just like to look at your images, and only your images!

How many times have you told me that you are not a gifted actor, or you have to work extra hard to perform the role that may be a piece of cake for some other actors. But you know what, I am the pickest movie/drama viewer, and I just like to watch your works, and only your works.

You may not be the most mesmerizing man on earth, but I am the most incorruptable woman ever lived, and I think you are the one and only sexiest man I have ever encountered.

You may not be the deepest thinker in the universe, and I am the highest seeker for widsom, but I just long to listen to your words.

You may not be the puriest honest man in this life, and I am the most strict mom to honesty, but I just love to trust you without doubt and forgive you if any descrepency comes about.

You may not be the person with perfect moral, and I am the most impractical girl with loftiest ideal, but I just love to take you as my role model and admire you.

You may not be the most successful brand name in the business world, and I am the meanest pinchfist, but I just want to spend my money on products of yours.

You may not be the best CF performer, and I am the harshest protester to commercials, but I just want to watch your CFs and never tired of it. I want you to make more CFs with stiff smiles or expressive look, I don't care, I just want to know that the fortunes are going to your direction.

You may not be the greedist businessman on earth, and I am the most sarcastic being who despise the businessmen whose goal is solely on gathering wealth, but I just wish that you come up with the most strategic plan to make all the money in the world, for I trust that when power is in your hand, you will use it for good causes with prudence and charity.


byjglobal said...

H: I truely love your chat with wuri YJ. Whenever I try to go back to the next chat, the left side title disappear, then I had to go through clicking many steps to get it back. Maybe that's the reason I missed these wonderful chitchat series. Thank you for your good writing and for letting me enjoy them. You should make a copy and send them to YJ. He will appreciate it. I also think he should read them.

HeippieH said...

Hi byjglobal, I wonder if you can look at the "PREVIOUS POSTS" section on the left side-bar and you should be able to see the postings that are prior to the current posting that you are reading. If this is what you are doing to read the earlier writings and still have problems, please let me know.

I remember I posted this on the KOB, hoping that YJ would have a chance to read it. But I actually doubt its possibility. I take it as just venting out my feelings. Happy that you like it. :-)