Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Jaime's Den - Baeland Finalcial Post

Dear sisters, I almost make history today! I am THIS close to becoming the first woman ever who looks into the mirror and gets scared to death by her own self. So dear Yong Joon and ladies, please take it easy ok? …….


Yong Joon ssi – Spas, cosmetics and tissues companies around the world all say "Thank You!"

It’s been reported that there has been a skyrocketing increase in female patronage into spas and aesthetics salons for the past week. Female clients walking in all displayed the same traits : lost-puppy look, panda eyes, elephant skin and loose ponytail. It is believed that they all suffered from sleepless nights and major worrying for the SAME gorgeous Korean man! Most popular services requested include the ‘Emergency facial resuscitation’, ‘Intensive peel till you drop’ and the ‘No-pain no-gain facelift’ treatment packages.

Major cosmetics companies in Asia, North America and Europe also apologized that the following products are currently out-of-stock until further notice (or until THAT gorgeous Korean man becomes happier) :

- all eye or nose or wherever-you-need concealers and correctors
- all firming or lifting or fortifying or revitalizing moisturizers and serums
- all wrinkle-minimizing or skin-detoxifying or complexion-smoothing or radiance-boosting masks and scrubs

Lastly, Scotties (little softie) and Kleenex inc. both announced a revenue hike of 100% in tissue sales primarily in the ‘3-ply, ultra-soft, tear-stopper’ category. To meet the explosive demand, both companies promise to boost production by engaging in a full-gear 24-hour shift. Those poor trees must be shaking in the forest now!

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