Saturday, June 03, 2006

Chitchat with BYJ - Work

I've been exhausted lately. Work, work, work, inside home and outside. Have I heard "Work is for man, not man for work?" Why is it so hard to balance life and work? When things are going well, I am happy,hmm ... looks like all the work has paid off. When things are rough, I am pondering, is it worth it? From time to time, I ask myself, why am I here? Why do I work? Do I enjoy my work? What is the purpose? YJ ssi, being a serious person like you, you must have meditate on the similar questions. For us the serious type, everything should have its meaning, everything has to have its purpose. So why do I work?

Work brings my family bread and shelter. You had this need to survive when you just started working as an actor. But you soon reached your financial goal. Why are you still at work?

Work gives me joy. Do you feel the same way? You face up the challenge and you work hard to master it. You set a goal and you are joyful when you achieve it. Are you working hard for GKFG? You are determined to give us a new look in GKFG, right? Do you feel challenged for this role? This is your first time playing a king. I am looking forward to seeing a powerful hero from you. I am sure your inner power will burst out as a king this time through and we'll all be strucked flat out. I've watched all of your works and in each one of them you are different. Isn't this amazing? Isn't this a big achievement? Isn't this telling you that you are a great actor?

Work brings reward and also responsibility. I love the way you treat your fortune. You enjoy it, you share it, you spend it with prudence, you re-invest it with careful strategy to bear more fruit, you donate it to good causes. You deserve these fortune and fame and I wish you have more.


byjglobal said...

H: Ah! So beautiful writing! Just absolutely beautiful and I take my hat off to you. I as another sis am listening what you are saying to our YJ. Oh! I really really love this.

HeippieH said...

Dear byjglobal, I am truly happy that you like it. It's good that I recorded my thoughts at that time. Now I am reading it again myself, the memory kinda came back. Time flies and minds change, if we did not catch it, we may not be able to recall it. I think these chitchats were my thoughts after reading his GQ interview.