Thursday, August 03, 2006

Can We Clone Her ?

Finally got all Jaime's writings posted in this blog. Ever since Quilt was down, the links to her previous postings were gone. Jaime is kind enough to send me her previous writings, she made some refinement to them, and also sent me her new articles posted in Quilt. I am impressed by her breadth and depth of knowledge, especially in arts for this time around. It has been a well known fact that she is a gem, but I still can't help being amazed. Now that these articles physically reside here, we can always come back and read it when we need a little laughter. During the days of reviewing HWRL, I got into such a saddened state that I thought about Jaime - wishing to read some of her ticklish writings to lighten my heart.

Have they banned cloning human? How about let me just clone one and be done with it. I promise I won't do it again! Lady Jaime has been taken by her family, not available to the world, how about just cloning one of her for me? I need a jolly girl like her to cheer me up. Am I too selfish? Oh, oh, got to think for other people.

How about this - Lady JaimeZ is not available to the world of man any more. But only if we can clone JaimeZ to a JaimeB (better yet JaimeBae), now that's a considerate thought, isn't it? Don't you agree that Mr. Bae needs a woman with a funnybone like Jaime? Don't you agree Mr. Bae needs a woman with a logical left brain as Jaime's (I learned she was an engineer prior to her marriage life), and an artistic right brain (we are convinced after we read her new postings about Manet)? I have always been wishing wuri yong joon found a wife like Shinyeung, as I was rambling about in the HWRL postings, now I am more convinced that JaimeB will do a better job - He will be forever young with a tickling Jaime around, especially he is so so serious ... And we knew that Jaime loves him, have you read her long comments to bb - her BYJ Journey? I think she outscored Professor Lee. :-)

No no, I started getting jealous of her. I am sure all the other sisters will be angry with me. No cloning allowed, just for this reason! Or, how about just clone her for ME! (I am not giving up the thought!)

On the serious note, I don't believe scientists will ever be able to clone a person. Even though they can clone the body genetically, they can not clone the soul. I guess after the scientists studied enough about the physical side of the human being, they have a long way to study the process of creating a soul. Aftre all it is the cloning of Jaime's invisible part that interests me - you see, I have never met her but I want her. Now the thoughs of physical cloning makes me wonder, how does she look? how does she smell? how does she walk? how does her voice sound? how does she O and X? Hee Hee ... Thoughts coming down to this path, I realized that I should not having been thinking about Jaime, I should be thinking about ... ( *blush* )

Can't clone him, can't clone her, I'll be content staying in the mysterious, invisible internet world. *_^


bb said...

haha..... 物以稀为贵嘛!
just like wuri yong joon, jaime's special coz there ain't that many of such kind around.... clone not clone not :p

she is quite a gem, huh?

HeippieH said...

yeah, she can get intensively hysterical. She is a gem, you are a gem, girls we got to know here are all gems, just different colors. (Thanks I corrected my spelling. I sensed something wrong there but got lazy ... :-) )

Don't forget I have not done with HWRL yet ... "oh no!" she says, "not again!" Hee Hee ... that SSS H! (that serious, stubborn, slow h)

jaime said...

Ouch ouch h! I got to dig a hole quick and stick my head in it, I'm sooooooo soooooo embarassed!

You're way too kind and generous to think of me like that. Like you said, we are all gems of different kinds and shine in our own ways. I think after knowing BYJ, it's like we have a second life (or at least a second chance in life). We are able to draw something out from ourselves we never knew even existed, like "your sensitivity amid your seriousness" or "me writing with humour".

Life has so many twists and turns. At least at this turn, we are able to meet so many fine and talented ladies who come together with a pure heart just for the love of a very distinguished gentleman.

This bae journey has never been easy and will probably be harder in the future. The endless days/weeks of waiting and longing for his news, his appearance and his works are boring. And the fact of idolizing a man (I know I know, he's not just any man) at this age is painful, even ridiculous. I confess that family and friends keep discouraging me and at times I feel like detaching myself from all these Korean craze. It's you and other blog/bae sisters who always encourage, help and humour each other which keep us stay together and make this journey worth walking.

Now, if you'd excuse me, let me go wash the mud off my mouth. My head was still in the hole the whole time while talking to you! Thanks h!

HeippieH said...

I know, I know. Jaime. I am sorry to get you embarrassed. I couldn't help though. ~_~

Nothing is easy, even when you are enjoying something. I understand what you are saying about the struggle on this bae journey. I almost feel the same way. I am here half of the cause is the man, half of it is his fans. It's the unique man and the unique fan group that made this trip unique. Have fun while you are on it. Thanks for the words you passed me, "follow your heart". Hope this journey is a joyful, peaceful and useful one.

yokee said...

Only You Jaime !

one and only jaime. agree 120% with u H that she is absolutely a GEM ! ^^

mrs a said...

Sorry late for posting but just getting around to it after another long week!
Jaime is a very special person. The best gift anyone can give is a smile and laughter and even tho I haven't actually met Jaime, when I see a posting from her I automatically get a smile as I know it will be genuine and special blog entry. So here's to you dear dear Jaime. And if we ever do get to meet it will be a great honor for me and I will be the one with the big SMILE! GOD BLESS!

HeippieH said...

Hey Yokee, you have a unique way of making people smile too. Is it a treat of knowing BYJ? I got to know all these wonderful people like you, Jaime, ginnie, happiebb, Michelle, Mrs.A, frances, liezle, byjblobal, marrisa, and many more ... each one brings different colors of joy in my life.

HeippieH said...

Dear Mrs.A, how is life? busy but happy? I am pretty sure that's the way it is. Hope you and all the gals I know here keep being this way. I like the new picture of yours, he looks so cheerful in there. Hopefully one day we can all meet each other. :-)

mrs a said...

Hi Heippieh,

Yep! Very busy work and other stuff to boring to mention - always intertwine but the good Lord always lets us manage it - just time consuming.

While out of commission for few days have found so much to catch up on! Ya Know? Whoa!

Yeah I saw this pic of him on someone's blog and it is my pic for the moment... hahaha I never can seem to keep one though so far. But this smile and eyes twinkling that speak to me. I don't care if he has glasses on or not. Sometimes I don't think that I actually see them...weird aren't I? AHAHAHA

WS is on AZN so watching it again. WHAT HEAVEN..

My wish is to meet him and all my baesisters some day! Now that is a wish come true! God Bless!

HeippieH said...
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HeippieH said...

Hi Mrs.A, I don't have cable, though I have WS DVD, I would love to watch AZN if I had it, it will feel like watching with sisters like you together, then it feels more enjoying.

Like my pic? From Hotelier, I think every scene of YJ from Hotelier is classic. :-) Are we all blind? :-)

Peace and Joy!