Friday, May 19, 2006

BYJ's Eyebrows

No messing with hairs on my head, including my eyebrows.

Read happiebb's comment about BYJ's eyebrows. I was much too much delighted. I wonder if there is any mysterious connection between our minds. I finally found someone who has the same feeling as mine towards his brows. Yes, I LOVE his brows. It has the perfect shape, can't be thinner, can't be thicker, can't be lighter, can't be darker, it is just PERFECT. It sits at the perfect position. Can't be higher, can't be lower. It suits BYJ's eyes perfectly. When he has sunglasses on, you'll see what I meant by his brow is at the perfect position. Look at the following picture. His eyebrow is just above the glasses, such a nice decoration. And I had to mention that this sunglasses is my favorite BYJ glasses. I have no objection if he wears it all the time. Coming back to his brow, BYJ's face is as pure as a child, as pretty as a woman. Yet this manly strong brow balanced it to present an utmost male beauty.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of him. Without sunglasses, his piercing eyes are so deep, glowing light shines through those determined pupils. His dense sword-shaped eyebrows enpowering the slender convex eyes, together with the straight upright nose and generous lips, carefully exposed neck with the deliberately slanting tie, presenting a masterpiece of this immensely sexy BYJ.

Have you recoverd from your fainting? Need some eye massages? Want to see some more pictures of his heroic brows?

look at that sharp brow head and sword-like tail.
look at the thickness of that eyebrow, do you see the strong source of life in him? Hotelier time.

Have We Really Love age or student time? Those eyebrows make his face so clean and clear. I like the shape of his lips too. The eyes so bright, the nose straight and tall. The most intriguing part is the expression on his face, hard to describe, someone help me. it's like - the world is mine yet I am cool with it.

First Love time, young and bright, strong, half matured playful boy. Look how thick that eyebrow is. Always standing out. Ah I love Canyu. bb, please tell me the right spelling of this lovely charater.

Barefoot Youth age, the most handsome young man. The best age for that natual beauty. Time stop! Keep that youth for YJ!

Is this Hotelier time? He matured into a MAN at this age.

Is this April Snow time? Or Sympathy time. I thought he looked much older in AS time. The hair style and color look more like Sympathy time, but the glasses remind me of Renshu (how should I spell it bb?) in AS.

Such a sweet smile. Sometimes his eyebrows change shape a bit. It is more of short and blunt in this picture. I wish I were his brow stylist. I don't think anyone has taken this job yet. Yeah!!! Yay!!! My sole responsibility would be to take care of his eyebrows, change its shade and shape from time to time, a real intellectual and challenging job.

Ah, un-disputable Winter Sonata time. Minyeong is so warm and gentle, even his eyebrow is soft, but still holds the spirit of a man.

Untold Scandal - outstanding eyebrows match the beard perfectly. The most powerful sexy role YJ ever played. See that familiar expression on YJ's face again - the male power pouring out but restrained by the power of self control.


bb said...

hi hi H...

yea, love his brows.

you wanna his name in romanized form in barefooted youth? he's yo-suk in BF. and he's chan-woo in first love.

HeippieH said...

thanks bb! what is his name in AS?

bb said...

his name in AS? it's insoo or insu 仁书