Saturday, July 01, 2006

Fist Time

That anaesthetic broke the BYJ cycle. Short term memory loss. What was so special about that BYJ fella? Why was I so fascinated about him? Where is that passion now? Fortunately there are these everlasting BYJ fans helping me to renew. I guess if I don't write down how this man broke my records, some other "procedure" down the road will make my precious memories all lost ......

- First time watched Korean Drama, it was Hotelier.

- First time fell in love with a drama, so seriously. Before reluctantly suspisciously watching Hotelier, Korean Drama in my mind was about some pitiful women crying sobbingly making audiences feeling miserable. This impression came from nowhere with no base since I had never watched a Korean drama before. But the Hotelier was made modernized, fast-paced, humorous, especially with a guy called Shin Dong-hyuk who was so arrogant, sharp, determined, natually powerful with some lovely human defects. This was a totally different experience.

- The first time surfing the web. As a workaholic, my mind was extremely dedicated to work, then family after having children. Knowing nothing about a web world out there except work related. After knowing this guy's name is Bae Yong Joon, 裴勇俊, Bae site reading became my third daily job.

- First time learn to type in Chinese - knowing Chinese as my first language, never tempted to enable the feature of writing in Chinese on a PC, until reading so many beautiful Chinese Bae-sisters postings and could not resist to make comments.

- First time being a fan, of anyone, ever! only to you! Man! The one and only BYJ.

- First time being a fan of the fans of BYJ. Isn't it wierd? But it is so true. The BYJ fan crowd is unique, they and their head BYJ refer to themselves as "family".

- First time tasting the unconditional love of a woman towards a man. Hey, I solely, souly fell in love with this BYJ person, different from how I love my husband. I am sure every happily married BYJ fan knows what I meant by this.

- First time knowing what "sexy" really means to me.

- First time buying DVDs. Never thought I would buy these stuff before, but DVDs with BYJ in them worth me watching countless times throughout my life, buy them and buy them the good quality ones.

- First time watching drama/movie focusing on a single man, over and over again. Watching the TV before BYJ was for following a story, now it was for following a man.

- First time watching TV with original Korean dialog, though Chinese stub is available. Just for listening to his mesmerising voice.

- First time downloading VODs, new skills added to my resume. It takes more than just a click to download some VODs. I leaned to install some special softwares to aid downloading and consequently learned everything about cleaning the spyware and viruses. Now new challenges are awaiting - making and sharing VODs.

- First time spending time on learning tools not related to work. Got to learn how to capture pictures from the drames and VODs.

- First time listening and downloading Korean songs. Winter Sonata, Hotelier, April Snow, First Love, HWRL, I found them all.

- First time eyeing on Korean food. Learned to cook the food BYJ ate in those dramas. Those food looked just as delicious as BYJ.

- First time speaking Korean. After listening so much Korean in the BYJ dramas and movies, I am able to say some basic basic Korean words, even used it in my Korean resturant visit.

- First time paying attention to Korean business and industrial activities.

- First time paying attention to showbiz, but only related to BYJ

- First time appreciate the value of showbiz, performing art, entertainment, just because of BYJ.
- First time studying acting skills, understanding and appreciating what it takes to make a drama and movie.

- First time having little appetite towards other dramas and movies because of lacking a certain actor called BYJ.

- First time appreciate the power of language. Thanks to BYJ, captivated so many talented writers' imagination and creative mind, leaving us so many Bae fan-fics to enjoy.

- First time doing translation work just because I fell in love with this BYJ lad.

- First time getting in touch with people around the world, in different languages, different countries, with different background and cultures. And I just fell in love with these people.

- First time ever share my thoughts on the web to people I don't know.

- First time blogging. There you have it.


mrs a said...

Last night I was chatting away on my favorite subject and my hubby started laughing...I said, WHAT? He said you
never see anyone else in the movie when he is in it? And you know I think he is right? OK, I LIKE THE DUDE!

I am going to try some kimchi this weekend. Korean restaurant is suppose to be like the real thing. But how would I know if it wasn't? Authentic Korean food in midwest USA Ohio. Doubt it but will see.

I to love all the music to his dramas. Like he wrote them JUST FOR ME! (laugh)

bb said...

err... mrs a, let it be said korean food is more of an acquired taste. if you don't like it the first time around, do try it again and again and again.

just tell yourself, he's been eating that his whole life.

for me, korean food was love at first bite, thank god. my closer friends swear i must have been a korean my past life. i beg to differ. i think i'm a korean this lifetime :p

byjglobal said...

Dear H: Thank you for sharing your first time experience. It's not only your first time, but all of BYJ sisters' also. I am thinking what closets are all these top notch writers come from? One of these days, at least one out of BYJ sisters will get Pulitzer Prize. It's amazing that wuri Yong Joon has really good qualify intelligent fans. He should be proud of his sisters all over the world.

jaime said...

Wow wow wow h,

How do I manage to miss this great piece from you? I sure am glad I accidentally drag my slider. What a fun piece and I love your thoughts on all the "first time" (as in "choum" in Korean?).

Even though I don't have your superb technical skills, but I do identify with a lot of your "choum"s. I'm sure there'll be a lot more waiting for us in the future. Maybe one day (dare I dream) we'll meet HIM for
the "first time"?!

Enjoy reading this!

jaime said...

aaah byjglobal! Are you a psychic or this must be a beautiful coincidence? A while ago, I wrote something quoting a comment from YOU and I used "Purtilzer Prize" as a punch line (I ended up NEVER posted that piece). And today, I see the exact same words "Purlitzer Prize" coming out from YOU Byjglobal!

Wow, I said to myself, this is not real! How can we BYJ fans think so much alike?

Hope you don't mind me bringing this up. I just think, wow, are our minds talking to each other without us knowing??

BTW, are you still looking for your "First Love" poster? I couldn't find any BYJ posters this weekend.

byjglobal said...

jaime: U r so kind. I am even afraid to write a comment in front of you all, coz I am not a good writer and get complex when I read all those skilled writer's work.

No, I couldn't find FL poster yet, but I found the picture I really really like to have is at opening page him standing, that is the exact pose I like to have. I took that photo by my digital camera and printed out on 8x11 and it is blur. I have to live with it for now. Thank you for asking. btw, you are closer to me than any other sis. I am in Maryland,USA 30 miles north of D.C. and about 300 miles south of N.Y.

byjglobal said...

jaime: Correction - 200 miles south of N.Y.
H: Sorry for taking your space too much. btw, my fav your writing was your motherly, sisterly advice to wuri YJ. I made a copy and was going to send it to him, but never get around to do it. You also talked about bb, happiebb that YJ should remember; that was good. I enjoyed very much. You are closer to me too than Singapore sis or Philipine...

jaime said...

Hi byjglobal...... oh so you live in Maryland! I just had a friend from Maryland who came visit for the long weekend. I introduced the Winter Sonata DVD to her, hopefully she'll watch it. OK, so we're in the same time zone (and BYJ zone too)!

Thanks h for providing the space for other sisters to talk. You blogging sisters are always so amazing and generous.

mrs a said...

byjglobal, I was born and raised in Maryland I love it there and will always be the favorite spot in the world. I was from Hagerstown, hr from DC. Western Md where the scenery is absolutely beautiful. Many of my family members are still there all over the place in mid atlantic states.

jaime, where is your friend from. Small world, isn't it.

byjglobal said...

My dear BYJ sisters: If you ever come to this side of the world, please let me know. Maybe we will do some fan club meeting in my house. I love all Bae sisters unconditionally. That's how much I love wuri Yong Joon.

jaime said...

Dear byjglobal,

Thank you for your hospitality! I was shopping in NYC just a month ago. So close (well, kind of) to D.C.! Next time if you come to visit Toronto, I'll take you, h, mrs a and everyone for Korean food! Thanks for your kind offer!
BYW, I went into but can't see his pictures. Can you tell me which pose you like? Maybe I can find it here and send to you.

dear mrs a,
I think my friend is from Indiana. She's not that familiar with Asian culture at all. She's nice enough to try to understand my world and why I'm so infatuated with a Korean actor, she's even willing to watch Winter Sonata for me! The effect of BYJ!

BTW h, do you live near the east coast too(if you don't mind me asking)? Take care!

byjglobal said...

Jaime: Thanks for your kindness. The photo I love is at
I love YJ's young, not quite ripen look. What do you think sisters?

HeippieH said...

ok ok, now you see i am truly a slow person. i am lagging behind for so much, missed all these nice conversations.

MrsA, your restaurant visit was a success, you want to bring your bother there, i read it from bb's blog. wow, now you may want to learn how to make kimchi? ah, maybe i can give you the recipe. i made it a few times, getting better and better, until my husband announced that he does not like too spicy stuff, he enjoyed my kimchi but he all of a sudden realized that it is not suitable for his stomach. that reminded me of that hilarious VOD Jaime passed around for us, those devoted Japanese fans and that cute Japanese couple. The husband finally mentioned to the TV crews that he did not like spicy food and the wife appeared quite surprised. :-p

HeippieH said...

Ah, byjglobal, you read Korean? wow, how lucky. I love those FirstLove pictures. I love BYJ in FirstLove. I love Canyu (?).

Thank you for your kind words. "Pulitzer Prize"? some day some more talented sister may get it, but not me, too tough. But I would shoot for the "BYJ Prize" if he sets one up, even though it may be even harder. Imagine when you get the "BYJ Prize", whose hand you are going to shake with ...

HeippieH said...

Hi Jaime, I once heard this "Great minds think alike". My minds may not be that great, but I do find that we do think alike in many ways. Sometimes when I read some Bae sisters writings and my mind started to get blurry, not sure what I just read was written by someone out there or by myself, I attibuted that as having too little sleep, mind not functioning clearly. But I am afraid if we talk to each other more and read more and write more, share more, we'll be even more like a family, we'll start look alike more, smile the same way, staring the same way, sighing the same way, walking the same way, sitting the same way ...

HeippieH said...

bb, i love Korean food, anything, is this an Asian thing? found Korean food borrowed alot from Chinese food and Japanese food, yet very unique.

byjglobal said...

H: BYJ prize might be more difficult than getting the Pulitzer prize. coz our YJ would not do any such activities. Right? By the way, where is he? SIGH!!!!

NikiCat said...

Hi heippieh,
I loved your "First Time".
So true that it could be me... It IS me!
Have you posted the Chinese version of this article on Baidu BaeBar yet? I wouldn't want all the sis there to miss this one!
Thanks for the wonderful article. I really enjoyed reading it.
泡菜煲 @ Baidu BaeBar

NikiCat said...

Just read the comments...

May I borrow this space to say Hi to byjglobal and Mrs. A --
I'm a neighbor to both of you -- I'm in SE PA, <100 miles from MD.

HeippieH said...

OK gals, Jaime, byjglobal, Mrs.A., NikeCat, feel free to chat, I am happy to be included in the conversation :-) As I read it through more carefully, seems like we are all on the same side of the continent. I live in MA. Used to live in Ontario for 6+ years. So I can speak some Canadian, eh? :-) people used to joke with me about my "eh?" when I just moved to the States.

We won't be sure to meet BYJ but someday we may get together.

HeippieH said...

Hi nikicat, I don't have a Chinese version of this yet. I guess I need to translate it into Chinese myself. I'll try it but it's gonna be really slow, planning to do some translations for other folks first. Thanks for encouragement!

NikiCat said...

Hi Heippieh, I haven't been to your blog for a while so just saw your msgs - Sorry!
MA? I was born in MA and went to school there!
I still take my family to the Cape for vacation every year - in fact we just came from Cambridge - thou I lost all of my Bostonian accent...

byjglobal said...

Hello H. NikiCat, Mrs a. and dear Jaime; We should get together sometime. My biological big sis is living in MA. She is a prof at MIT, so I visit her often. Mrs a, one of my client lives in Hagerstown. I've never been there, I live in Clarksville next to Columbia. You know Clarksville has the highest score schools in Md. and many Korean students visit here to study English during summer. Good to know you all and someday we will see each other, of course bb has to be included.

HeippieH said...

Yeah gals, one of those days, we may be able to meet. That'll be much easier than meeting YJ. This sounds really exciting.