Monday, May 29, 2006

Chitchat with BYJ - Relationship

Through your works, I got to know you as an actor. Through your public activities, I got to know you as a star. Through your communications, I got to know you as a person.

Through your works, you present us your ever prefecting professional skills. Through your public activities, you show us the life of a celebrity. Through your communications, you reveal to us your inner world.

To your works, I support you by purchasing official releases, by watching them with great respect and joy. To your public activities, I pay great attention to follow and track them. To your communications, I want to make it two-way. I would like to chat with you assuming you can hear me.

Today I would like to chat about relationship.

To me, the meaning of this world is about relationship. My relationship with parents, with God also nature, with siblings, relatives, fellow students, my teachers, coworks, spouse, children, kid's teachers and coaches, friends, neighbors, people working in the stores, people I happen come across on the streets, etc. And one day, all of a sudden, I found myself deep in a new relationship with a person I have never met before - you! Bae Yong Joon. Why do I think it is a relationship? Because I spend time and energy on you. What relationship is this? People call this "fans". But to me it is not quite. I love to watch your works just as much as I love to watch "The Lord Of The Rings", or "Forest Gump". I can watch these works over and over without feeling tired and bordom, and always have new findings each time I watch them. I love to read your writings and talks, just like I love to read G.K. Chesterton's writings, delighted by the wisdom they convey. I love to read stories and anecdote about you just like I love to read biography of J.R.R. Tolkien. Am I a fan of yours and of Tolkien's and Chesterton's? To certain extend I am. But still, but still, there is still something more special about you that brought out the unprecedent passion in me. Why is it and how did it happened? I am yet to put all these under microscope. And what exactly is this emotion called? When I heard you put it as "fan family", it clicked. Yes, this is exactly it!

I don't understand what "fan" really means, because I have never been anyone's fan before, but I do understand what "family" means. Family means we stick together (too bad you can't get away from us now :-) ). We care about each other's well being. We accept each other as a whole, merits and weaknesses. We are open to each other and trust each other. We support each other with utmost effort. We respect each other's life decisions with unselfish love. So as soon as you call us "family", I am in. And you are in.

As a family member, first thing I wish you to have is happiness. I am not a mom who is begging you to get a wife. How many times have I heard in your interviews that you are longing to start a family? Am I listening to you? Have I heard you that you desire to get married? Coming back to the relationship topic, isn't this a beautiful relationship that you want to enjoy in this life? Why can't you? Losing your fans? As a family member, I am always with you. No matter what your life decision is, I trust you and I will be by your side. If you do have a loved one, your family will be hailing for your happiness, and will be more than happy to embrace her. Well, if you are still looking for one, I pray that you find one with peaceful spirit and gentle heart. And if you are not considering at all (which I doubt!), enjoy your time and freedom at hand, be yourself and treat yourself well.

Our chat will go on since we have started this "fan family" relationship.

Note :

Your works : Dramas, Films, CFs, Photos, The Image Vol. 1., etc. i.e. your acting works.
Your public activities : Donatoins, Fan gathering, Movie/Drama promotion trips, etc. i.e. your public duties.
Your communications : Writings about himself, Discussions of his works with fans, Interviews, etc. i.e. your talks and writings.


bb said...

harlow harlow H!
hee... so you've started your own blog too! welcome to the bloggin' world :p

conversations with YJ? mmm... nice way to thread your posts together.

btw have added your blog link onto my blog :)

HeippieH said...

Hi BB! Thanks for coming here! This is a nice place for chatting out my thoughts. Thank you for getting me started. I am slow in writing though. Hope you'll enjoy it.

byjglobal said...

Dear H: Your chat with our YJ, I am also listening. It's really really good. Somehow it does not come up easily and I had to click so many steps to get it finally. I love your writing very much. Different from others, but obviously very intelligent chat.

HeippieH said...

Hi byjglobal, thank you for coming here and reading through all the postings. I am not sure how to fix the problem you have. I am not as skillful as bb who knows all the features and switches of handling the blog. If I figured out how to improve it, I'll let you know. At least for now, you've exhausted all my writings. :-) You won't be having this problem for a while, I hope. :-)