Monday, December 31, 2007

A Wise Hubby Who Can Tell What is Good

Hubby has been a fervent soccer player. If he is not at work, or not on biz trip, you'll find him on the soccer field, either chasing a ball like a maniac, or coaching my sons and their teams.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), he had to wear a cast on his right foot for suffering from Achilles tendonitis caused by overpronation during extensive soccer playing. Now he has been banned from running or over-walking, prescribed casting for 2-4 weeks. All these happened in the same while he is not too busy with work and biz trips, so he has all his time to spare on me and kids.

By the way he decided to wear that cast for 4 weeks but I warned him ahead that he should be careful about his left foot being exerted due to un-balanced from wearing the cast on his right foot, as a 180cm 80kg big man, all his weight would be supported by that poor left foot now. And not surprisingly, after 2 weeks, I saw his cast being abandoned on the floor, guess what, he started complaining his left foot in pain now. So yong joon ssi, is it that your left knee got hurt? thank goodness that you have crutches to help moving around, but still please be cautious on not exerting your right leg too much, Okay? I don't want to see you having side-effect pains on the good leg after we took care of the injured one. Is that character Jaime and her clan doing a good job massaging your legs? I perform my good duty to my hubby's ankle, just to let you know how convenient to have your own wife.

All right, so hubby has quite a relaxing schedule towards the end of the year, other than doing all the chores such as fixing up the house, paying the bills, plowing the snow, watching soccer games on youtube, creating tricksy bewildering math problems for both kids, he unwillingly started watching the TWSSG with me as a token of "spending quality time with the wife". Heehee.. quality time for ME hehe ... As you know he is quite jealous about HRH sinking down many of the talented innocent women like his wife and her college friends ... so I am wise enough not to make any comments about that man Damdeok as long as he enjoys the story. I am convinced that this is a piece of work appealing to male just as much or even more than to the female viewers. It was the FIRST TIME that hubby could watch a drama/movie of any kind till 3am with me EVER in my life! He could not stop, and I did not try to stop him until that disk was done, we watched 4 episodes that night! I am curious if the DVD disk could hold all 24 episodes, when would he recollect his consciousness and stop watching.

We stopped at the high point of episode 15, when Damdeok visited Baeji alone for Sujini and obtained the Blue Dragon Sacred Symble. Such a dramatic exciting episode, full of paradisaical scenes and enchanting music, with heavenly Damdeok wondering about. This is one of my most favorite episodes.

At this point, hubby admitted that the Korean actors have better acting skills than most of the Chinese actors he knew. (What he meant Korean actors included BYJ I am sure?) And, he commented, the Koreans (at least in the dramas) are all so very courteous, respectful, well mannered. (Including wuri HRH, right? Not that I only care about HRH, but I do care only about HRH.) I thought it is quite significant and pleasing to hear hubby praising the Korean people and the Korean drama TWSSG 'coz for me anything Korean is related to HRHHHHHH. See even the most proud and critical soul like hubby has the wisdom to tell and acknowledge what is truly good, of course including wuri HRHxN.

A happy thought for the New Year's Eve. (Son asked me why don't we call it New Year's Adam?)

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