Monday, December 31, 2007

Chitchat with BYJ - Greetings of New Year 2008

By now postings of congrats are flooded in all HRH websites and blogs. For reference, here is Jaime's posting about HRH taking home 4 awards from Dec. 30, 2007 MBC Award Ceremony. Today I got informed (thanks Camille) that BYJ posted his New Year greeting to our family on KOB and JOB. tomato99 kindly translated it into English. Here is the copy, thank you so much HRH for sending us your love and care to the family and thank you tomato99 for helping us understand wuri HRH's words.


(have you noticed we use a lot of H's in the name we've given you (thanks bb)? We call you HRHHHHHH for His Royal Handsomeness Hotness Humorousness Heartwarmingness Hopefullness Highness... HRHxN )

Watch HRH's New Year Greeting on JOB here. As always, you looked so handsome and sincere.

45520 [trans]Greetings from BYJ on KOB and JOB [4] tomato99 2007.12.31 81

Dear Yong Joon,

Congratulations for all your awards at MBC Drama Awards last night.

I am so happy to know that all of your hard work has been appreciated by everyone.

I pray your year 2008 to be filled with happy and healthy things.

Will always love and support you.
tomato (BIG THANK YOU TOMATO!!! Love ya!)


Dear Bae family,

Season’s greetings to you all,
Wishing you happiness today, tomorrow, and throughout the new year.

Please check out BYJ’s greeting message posted at “Greeting” section.

Posted below is Japanese to English translation to the video posted at JOB.
Please enjoy and have a great new year!!


Greetings from BYJ 2007/12/31
Happy New Year
source: JOB
Japanese to English translation by tomato99

Annyeon Haseyo, dear family, this is Bae Yong Joon.
(Always love him addressing us as his family!)

It has been a long time to send my greetings.
(We know what you have been busy with, but you never forget us, how can we stop loving you?)

I have recently finished drama shooting,
(And don't forget you won 4 awards including the biggest most prominent award, congratulations! Wish I could pat on your lovely back!)

I am at home reading books, listening to music, and watching movies.
(Books, music, movies, you are always enriching your mind and spirit whenever you have time. Are you watching movies to learn new acting skills? You are always trying to perfect yourself, love it!)

I am doing things that I have not been able to do.
(Home sweet home, nice to be able to be yourself, please enjoy the peaceful time with your mom and all family members at home).

I am meeting people who I have not been able to see for a while.
(Able to meet a sweet girl yet, my pal?)

Of course, I am curing my injury, and it is getting much better now.
(Thank God! Do get better soon, ya?)

There is only one day left for year 2007, it will soon become year 2008.
Looking back this year now, it has been full of afterglow and regrets for me.
(Don't worry about the regrets, I trust you can turn it into good some way or the other, you are such a bright man!)

During the shooting of drama, there were very hard times and I did get some injuries, (My heart has always been with you and cries and prays for you, but I am so proud of you, dear brave lad!)
but your support, trust and hope gave me power to complete the whole shooting.
(That's what we are here for my pal, we will always be here fighting by your side! It is contending to know that we have been helpful to you in various ways!)

I sincerely send my appreciation to you all.
(My appreciation to you for your fortitude and for the joy you bring to my life.)

The year is ending soon,
(old is passing, new is coming with new hopes, 2007 is an exciting memorable milestone, thank you much much for your hard work!)

I wish you and your family hope and happiness in the new year.
I love the word "HOPE" you brought up in your wishes. It lifted the New Year greeting to a higher level. You always amaze me in every big or tiny way. Love, Peace and Joy be with you!)

(in Japanese)
Dear family, Happy New Year!
(Happy New Year to you our head of the family! Wish one day we can hear you speaking this in English, when we celebrate the New Year with your new achievements reaching out to this side of the world.)

Peace, joy and Love be with you always!

H. from the USA


Toujours_BYJ said...

Happy New year to you my dear H, wishing you and your family Health, Happiness and Love for 2008.

PS : I'm able to post comments, hurray !

gosijo said...

Dear H,

Your comments on each line of wuri Yong Joon's message are really cute!

Have a wonderful New Year, you and all those dear to you, filled with joy, laughter, beauty, serenity, learning, health, friendship and, as our dear Friend so rightly says, hope!

HeippieH said...

Dear Camille, wish you a Happy Healthy Hopeful (as wuri yong joon put it) New Year! May peace, joy and love fill your days in this new year and the years to come.

Love ... hugs!

HeippieH said...

Dear Gosijo,

My lines are cute? Hope I can get a chance to talk to him like this, will he laugh a little on my silly thoughts? Wish you a Happy New Year filled with new hopes and joys, and yummy dishes, and share some with us your bae-family. ^_^

Love and hugs.

gosijo said...

You lucky H! Of course, he'll laugh that wonderful laugh of his! His eyes will become crescent-shaped and he might even do his bend-double thingy, crutches or no crutches! And he won't think you're silly, just fun to be with!

HeippieH said...

You almost made believe that I am meeting him, my dear! I wish this reverie extends forever and ever ... oh that crescent-shaped smiling eyes, that manly gentle voice, that elegant hand ... am I shaking it forever and ever amen??? Haha... thanks for the brief illusion!