Sunday, December 16, 2007

HRH 2007 Donation

Our dear friend Jillc emailed us this news posted on Quilt. Jaime blogged about it here and commented that our HRH is an angel inside and out. I need to record the full account of his gracious donation here.

Saw this post from soompi, from a non-BYJ fan named "phreaque", she shared how she felt about HRH's donation (wonder if she knows we call him HRH and its meaning) and how she felt about HRH as a celebrity, and just as important, how she felt about us - HRH fans. It really pleases my heart to see a non-BYJ (implied non-biased view??) giving kudos to him. Bravo!

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hi guys ^^

i'm not a fan of BYJ, neither have i watched any of his movies or drama, but after i read about how he is donating equipment to help clean-up the oil spill in S.Korea, i was impressed by his thoughtfulness. Most celebrities who donate usually give money, but his consideration for the volunteers and his attention to detail really left a deep and positive impression.

kudos to him!


i have just finished reading the translation, and i'm really impressed by the love you guys have for him (and vice versa). the quality of the translation is remarkable! i've heard people saying BYJ fans are one of the kindest, gentlest and more intelligent people around on the internet, but i was always dubious. ^^ i'm convinced now.

again, the little acts that he displays really emphasised his sensitivity and attention to his surrounding. i really like that about him.

maybe i should start hunting for some dramas of his, any recommendations? ^^

peace out!

[Trans]Bae Yong Joon will donate 3.2 billion Korean won for a massive oil spill that occurred in waters off Taean. Translated and posted by Suehan

Translated into English: suehan

[Bae Yong Joon will donate three hundred twenty million Korean won for a massive oil spill that occurred in waters off Taean.]

The actor, Bae Yong Joon decided to provide the prevention equipment for the clean-up of the oil spill that occurred in waters off Taean.

Bae Yong Joon¡¦s management company, Keyeast said on the 12th, ¡§Three hundred twenty million Korean won will be donated to Taean county office to buy the disaster relief equipment for 10,000 volunteers. These volunteers are working at the site for prevention and can use them right away.¡¨

He heard about the oil spill occurrence after he got the treatments at the hospital for the injuries which he got during the filming of ¡¥TWSSG¡¦. After his treatments he was released from the hospital. He decided to donate to Taean county office to buy the individual prevention equipment (clothes for the prevention of dust, masks, gloves, rubber buckets, shovels, etc.) for 10,000 volunteers. His management company, Keyeast confirmed his goodwill and decided to participate as well.

Bae Yong Joon donated twenty million Korean won in August last year to the National Disaster Relief Organization for the typhoon victims. But, this time, he will pay to buy the equipment necessary for a decent recovery instead of a simple money donation.

He said, ¡§We need most prevention equipments at the sites for volunteers who are working in the severe cold weather than cash, and it¡¦ll be necessary for the fast prevention, but the health problems of volunteers might be serious as well.¡¨

Bae Yong Joon injured his leg during the filming. He is now wearing a cast and the surgery will be decided after 2 weeks.

Lee Heejin Reporter


jaime said...

Dear h,

Our HRH really thinks at a different level than others. Like bb said, while people are worrying about his injury and the MBC workers' union accusation, his mind is not even on the defensive. Instead he concentrated his efforts in helping the environment. What a noble human being! How can we not admire him?

love ... jaime

vegasbyj said...

Hello H!

Hope you are keeping well and warm these days!!

I agree with Jaime and bb, HRH is a 'CLASS ACT' all the way. Despite his injuries and other media things going on, he's right there doing what he does best - thinking about others and how best to help them. How not to love, admire and appreciate such a wonderful human being? I for one really truly repsect him for doing what he has done!

Take care and keep warm!!

HeippieH said...

Dear Jaime,

You are right, we can't stop admiring him. He is standing and thinking at a higher level, that's why we all support him and love him so much.


HeippieH said...

Dear Vegas,

It's snowing again here, will be a tough morning again tomorrow to deal with the snows on the driveway.

I for two respect him for what he has been doing for making a positive impact to the society. This is why we love him so much.

Love you too and hugs,