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Lee Youngae vs Bae Yongjoon

Woke up during the night, was going to write down some thoughts, but saw this post on baidu, thought interesting to keep it here:

Origin: 2007/06/14 Post# 1103 by Joanne on Quilt :


Joanne []
[OLD VOD] Which partner Miss Lee Youngae was attracted to as opposite sex?

Moris posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.

[OLD VOD] Which partner Miss Lee Youngae was attracted to as opposite sex?

This is a scene that appeared in 'Kim Hyesoo Plus You' in 2000.

It is the scene I watched when it was aired and I watch it again really in a long time.
Many of you probably remember this, don't you?

I brought this as posted by Haebi-nim^^


Lee Byeongheon(LBH) to Lee Youngae(LYA): Was there any person (among acting partners) whom you thought 'I am attracted to as an opposite sex with my true heart'? Frankly..

Audience: Laugh

LBH: Frankly.. If you say none, it is a lie.

LYA: Uh, there was one.

LBH: As I will not ask next question, please go one.

LYA: Yes, Please ask XXX-ssi also.

Kim Hyesoo(KHS)-MC: Well...Does that person know it? That Miss Lee Youngae was attracted to that person? I guess he does not know it.

LYA: I am not talking about recent time but bygone time. The time when I first debuted.

KHS: As long time passed since Miss Lee Youngae made a debut by now, it is all right enough for you talk and for us to hear about a man you felt attractive feeling at the time of debut.

LYA: It is not that I felt attracted as an opposite sex but.. I was unsociable..You (KHS) know it because we worked together in a drama..

KHS: yes, you were very defensive.

LYA: I was very much unsociable in my early career...I thought that person might have similar personality to mine so that I felt that our hearts communicated well when we talked each other.

Audience: Who is he?

KHS: What was the name of the drama?

LYA: In the past, in a drama 'Papa', I worked with Mr. Bae Yongjoon. And I thought his personality was similar to mine...

KHS: I worked with both Miss Lee Youngae and Mr. Bae Yongjoon. Both of them, what should I say, are not the style of easily becoming intimate with anyone.
However, once they become intimate, (the relationship) is deep and true-hearted. They are the people who have composure to expose anything to people whom they really trust.
And, as far as their works are concerned, they seem to be perfectionists.

The unsociable perfectionist, I feel MY heart can communicate with you so well too!

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