Monday, December 03, 2007

December 2, 2007 - A Good Day

December 2, 2007, a few good things happened.

Kids put up the Christmas tree by themselves, and it is the first time they decorated outside of our house with the lights. Hubby's foot got injured, is in cast now. Happy to see boys are growing up, can work independently.

Went Christmas shopping, kids bought the toys for tots with their earned money through helping the housework, on our way home, we got the first snow of 2007. Looking out the window, my sensitive son announced “Ah, this reminds me of Winter Sonata”. Is it time to watch this enchanted drama again? Hmmm... I was thinking after watching the last episode of TWSSG next week, I should turn on Winter Sonata again, such a suitable drama with the new snow, brings back the beautiful memory of Junsang. I really need something sweet after the fierce fighting with TaeWang.

Good news the TWSSG shooting is finally finished. Click here for more details from our princess bb. Sad news, wuri HRH got another injury about a week ago, this time it was his foot. He could not get down his car to bid farewell to his fans. Read his fans saw him in crutches. It is sad to see all the crew left the shooting site after almost a year of intensive work there. It's even sadder to see wuri yong joon got hurt again and could not celebrate the completion of this grand work with his coworkers and fans. Good news is, he can now finally get some relief and get his precious body taken care of by certain doctors and nurses. Wonder who those doctors and nurses are, better be super good ones, one thing for sure, they are the super lucky ones who can get in "touch" of our HRH.

Great Great news! Wuri BYJ is in one good piece, although went through many severe injuries, but he completed this challenging dangeous work successfully, and safely. Congratulations YJ! I am so happy for you!

Love this news from Quilt and Soompi.

Posted and translated by Joanne on the news section of BYJ's Quilt.

From Star News Home.
'TWG' BYJ, last shooting using crutches..ended suffering for 20 months!
[Star News]12/2/07 17:14

Top star BYJ finished last filming of MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama 'TWSSG' amid injuries.

BYJ filmed the last episode of the 'TWSSG' in Hwaseong, Kyunggi Province in the afternoon on 2. That is filming of the 'TWSSG' having many events and troubles have closed its curtain in grand finale in no less than 20 month since it began first filming in Jeju Island in March of the last year.

In particular, BYJ showed fighting spirit by appearing at the location site in clutches due to injuries one after another and starting filming on that day. Following on an injury of severing a ligament of index finger of his right hand previously, he recently suffered from injuries in nerves in cervical spine and shoulder, etc. Although situation is such that surgery is urgently needed, he put off everything until after ending a filming of the 'TWSSG'.

On the other hand, as much as that day was practically the last filming of the 'TWSSG', which has last broadcasting ahead of it on coming 5, most of main casts of the 'TWSSG' including BYJ, Yoon Taeyoung, Moon Sori, etc., attended, making it more meaningful.

Several tens of BYJ's domestic and overseas fans, whose hearts are anxious upon hearing news of BYJ's injuries, also came to the filming site, despite chilly December weather, and watched BYJ's last filming with anxious heart.

By the way, the 'TWSSG', having begun first broadcasting in past September gathering extraordinary domestic and overseas interests from planning stage of its production, confirmed 'BYJ's power' again as it recorded viewing rate in and out of 30%. After ending its broadcasting on coming 5, new Wednesday-Thursday drama 'New Heart' will be aired.

Reported by Lee Hyeongrok
Copyright ⓒ Star News


gosijo said...

Dear H,

I'm glad you're still blogging even after receiving "rain-on-our-parade" type comments. I'm glad you left the comments there and glad you responded with what was in your heart at the time.

I think this is exactly what blogging is about. By expressing your opinions as unreservedly as you deem appropriate in a space that can be accessed without reservation, there are bound to be visitors who disagree and feel strongly enough to write a comment.

I think we have to accept that some in our Bae family will drop out over time for a variety of reasons including becoming disenchanted with BYJ. This may sadden us but it's bound to happen. It may be image related; they may have liked an image at an earlier time and no longer like the latest images. They may seek an outlet for their disappointment and will find loving bloggers like yourself.

I can only imagine how hurt a blogger would feel when they find such comments. They seem like personal attacks of dearly and sincerely held opinions and feelings.

All I can offer as comfort is that many of us are with you, dear H, in appreciating and supporting wuri YJ. We watch him grow as an actor and as a person and we continue to be inspired by his principles and wowed by his looks.

I saw something interesting yesterday and I don't know to what extend this has become popular in Korea or even if I interpreted it correctly. We all know about the expression "Fighting!" with the spirited raised fist. What I saw was a variation done by 2 or more people. They raised their fists and crossed arms with each other, shouting "Cross!"

So, here's from me to you, dear H: "Cross!". I'm wearing my gloves. I hope you are too!

HeippieH said...

Oh My Dear Gosijo, reading your logical, unbiased analysis, and your encouraging words, it reminded me of Jaime's word - you are our pillar! I totally agree with you, people are all different, not expecting everyone to be the same, but it will be nice if people respect each other, as you did, your comment is very respectful to all involved. I particularly like your expression of the "cross", love it so much, wonder where you saw that. Thank you for having such an understanding heart and having the talent of always finding witty analogies for tough situations like this. Hugs and Cross my dear!