Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Thoughts about BYJ the Biz Man

A regular "anonymous" made an interesting comment in my previous post "TWSSG Grading". (BTW, I think my grading was too critical if not harsh). Sometimes I am feeling funny about the word "fan". The definition of this word from my web search is " An ardent devotee; an enthusiast". You can easily see the normal BYJ fans, they devote their passions to support this guy they love. But do realize that there is another type of "BYJ fans", they devote their energies and emotions against BYJ and his "pro" fans, so they are called anti-BYJ fans. Admit it or not they are still BYJ fans because they spend so much time on him and even on his fans, the only sadness is that they are applying their energies against themselves - being so unhappy and insecure.

I happen to be a venting point of a certain anti-BYJ "fan". I don't see this as being a bad thing. The arguments are brought up to keep us thinking more about what we do here, they are actually quite normal points of a typical anti-BYJ fan. We can discuss the issues as long as we are conducting it in a constructive way. Here is my reply on her comments:

Hi "anonymous", with the New Year's Day break, I've got more time to think about your comments. If I read you correctly, I think you have two major issues with BYJ - One is that he is not good enough for you to be his fan and to many other people. Second is, he is not as "nice" as what the fans thought him to be, he is just a businessman, and you are feeling sick seeing him making so much money through his popularity.

My thoughts are, first, do not look for a perfect man on this earth. We call him "angel" but we are mature intelligent women who know clearly that he is not perfect, but the ways he tries so hard to be perfect and the ways he tries so hard to meet our expectations are showing his angelic quality. We love the virtues exhibited through him, that's the key! Hope you can see it. But there are so many good men with these virtues, why just BYJ? well, why did I fall in love and marry my husband? dunno, it just clicked. So here is the same case, it just happened he shot our hearts.

Second about BYJ being a businessman. This is a well-known fact, he is not only a businessman, but an excellent, successful businessman. He deserves the money he made through his prudent planning, self-management and hard work. And we fans just want to do business with him. The reasons? I decide what I want to spend money on and whom I want to do business with - to the ones I value and the ones I want to support. For any businessman, I look at the ways they used to get successful and what they do with their fortune at hand. BYJ matched my criteria, and I believe this is the same case to his many fans throughout the world. Noticed he got over 1 millions votes for MBC Most Popular Actor Award? Over 1 millions vote! well no one can beat this "painful" fact - he is not only rich with money, but also rich in owning all these fans hearts. It's very easy to provoke jealousy within certain people. I hope you recover soon from feeling sick about this, it ain't happy nor healthy!
Peace be with you.

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