Thursday, December 27, 2007

TWSSG Grading

One by one, they fell to it. After sons, hubby has been hooked to TWSSG now. With not much traveling in the past couple of months, he started with me watching TWSSG together, at a couple of episodes per week. Yes, patience is a virtue. The fun will last longer with this exemplified "moderate" pace, won't it? Especially from our bed, watching HRHHH (His Royal Handsomeness Hotness Highness) Damdeok on the 42" Plasma HDTV, a Christmas gift from hubby. And THANK YOU also to a special bae-sister who sent me the TWSSG DVD. Boy what a treat of watching HRHHH Damdeok on a bigger screen, I could even count his hairs. The last thing I need is to feel his breath! I am so grateful to my loving family and bae sisters.

We started out with the downloaded version, viewing on my laptop. He was wondering how I managed to download the whole drama, even with translations. I explained in a matter-of-fact manner, there is a world out there, that is beyond belief. There are fans (I did not want to use any adjectives to describe how kind and generous and talented these fans are, I just want to state the fact to hubby), yes there are a lot of fans out there, who freely, timely uploaded the original episode right after its broadcasting, then there are other fans translated them into English, in text and in subtitles, Chinese translated text, then Simplified and traditional subs, Korean subs, I wonder if there are Japanese subs as well, and there are fans to inform the isolated, forgettable person like me for the links and share with me the ways to download. Hubby did not comment anything. Hmmm... OKay, let's watch it.

After a few episodes of viewing, hubby sighed with satisfaction - "It's good to watch the Han-drama (that's what he calls all my Bae-dramas) with no cost, it's FREE! So good!".

I replied immediately - "Well, if the world is full of your kind of people (yes, we always tease each other like this) who only wants the good stuff FREELY, without thinking of giving back. Eventually there will be no good stuff any more in this world!"

After exactly two seconds, hubby calmly, joyfully claimed, "I fully support you and your circle of friends (this is how he calls my bae-sisters), keep doing it this way, so you can kill Hanllyu!". Now I see his evil grin. (Obviously, hubby would join the BYJ assassination team if he finds one, he finally found the best way to get rid of him.)

So my friends, if you want to keep our HRH alive, support him by purchasing his official TWSSG release when it comes out.

BUT, to be fair to BYJ, I don't think he would make it an obligation to his fans to support him financially, rather the immense love of his fans to him is the source of his strength, and it can come in many different ways.

After viewing almost half way through (in the preview, Damdeok was going to be tested with the sacred sword), yesterday hubby solemnly asked me this question with a testing voice "now that after you have viewed so many han-dramas (I know they are actually bae-dramas, but I won't correct him on this one), how do you grade TWSSG among your han-dramas?"

I've already got my answer "If rating based on which one is the most beautiful, most pleasing to my heart, most touching with comforting fancy memories, it is the Winter Sonata. If rating based on viewing rate in Korean history, it is the First Love. If rating based on styles, Hotelier is one of a kind, different from most of Hanllyu melodramas, it's modern, professional, fast paced, funny, no cancer/sickness/disease/crying too much, Shin Donghyuk, one of a kind businessman, mmmm... Shin Donghyuk (don't want to say more, haha...). If rating by seriousness, HWRL. These are my most favorites. As for TWSSG, my rating for its storyline is 7 out of 10.". (Pretty happy with my diplomatic approach for his touchy question, remember not to show any favor and emotion to certain GUY in these dramas.)

This is my official answer to him, but I did not tell him, Damdeok is Darn Handsome! I would rate 1000 out of 10 for HRHHH (His Royal Handsomeness, Hotness, Highness)

Coincidentally, today, I read an interesting artical from bb about A Reporter's View: From WLS to TWSSG. I think the reporter's view is quite fair and objective. Always love to read a non-fan's view about HRH.


Anonymous said...

All the media attention he gets for his role in Winter Sonata is not only overrated but is getting old. Yeah, yeah, I know that Japanese ajummas are still infatuated with the five year old drama, but Yongsama ajusshi, it’s time to give us youngins something new to talk about!

Anonymous said...

yes, your byj is a businessman. he and his
agency are milking as much $$$$$$$ as they can
get out of the hallyu wave. it’s truly
sickening to see.

MYMY said...

the antis are all around.
like what i said they dont have their own life.
just fyi, YJ oppa(yah i dare him call oppa bec he is decades older than me) only do one project in 1~3 yrs not like those other celebs who arent that famous but make it to apoint to visit japan every month.

blah blh blah

belated merry christmas h!

gosijo said...

Dear H,

Thanks for sharing with your friends and bae sisters the conquest of the Great King in your household. We truly appreciate it!

Personally, I wish those who cannot express contrary views in a manner respectful to the blog host would find or create other spaces to vent their sentiments. I can certainly understand how annoying it might be to be innundated with media reports of how fantastic / beloved / revered any star might be when we don't share those views. However, it doesn't make it right to post these comments in a site such as this one and in the disdainful manner in which it was done!

As for WS and everyone who was deeply touched by this drama, me included, I think we all have to be understanding of whatever touches others deeply. These are personal emotional journeys. Who is anyone to criticize what triggered them or their enduring effects?

HeippieH said...

Dear mymy,

Happy New Year to you too! Wish you a Happy, Healthy, Fruitful 2008, love and learn from wuri HRH in daily life.

Thank you for standing out to support HRH and the bloggers who love him. You are such a courageous girl. God Bless Your Heart! Thought we have never met before, we are different in many ways, in ages especially, our hearts are connected through this outstanding man HRH.

Love much much,

HeippieH said...

Oh My Dearest Gosijo,

No one can articulate this issue better. I ran out of words appreciating your comments. You can always remain calm and just to express your point. I wish one day we all learn your manner of conducting a productive conversation.

If you are not bored by the account of our family life and jokes, I'll do some more later, yeah?

Love and hugs and cross,
- truly yours H.

HeippieH said...

Hi "anonymous", with the New Year's Day break, I've got more time to think about your comments. If I read you correctly, I think you have two major issues with BYJ - One is that he is not good enough for you to be his fan. Second is, he is not as "nice" as what the fans thought, he is just a businessman, and you are feeling sick seeing him making so much money through his popularity.

My thoughts are, first, do not look for a perfect man on this earth. We call him "angel" but we are mature intelligent woman who know clearly he is not perfect, but the ways he tries so hard to be perfect and the ways he tries so hard to meet our expectations are showing his angelic quality. We love the virtues exhibited through him, that's the key, hope you can see. But there are so many good men with these virtues, why just BYJ? well, why did I fall in love and marry my husband? dunno, it just clicked. So here is the same case, it just happened he shot our hearts.

Second about BYJ being a businessman. This is a well-known fact, he is not only a businessman, but an excellent, successful businessman. He deserves the money he made through his prudent planning, self-management and hard work. And we fans just want to do business with him. The reasons? I decide what I want to spend money on and whom I want to do business with - to the ones I value and the ones I want to support. For any businessman, I look at the ways they used to get successful and what they do with their fortune at hand. BYJ matched my criteria, and I believe this is the same case to his many fans throughout the world. Noticed he got over 1 millions votes for MBC Most Popular Actor Award? Over 1 millions vote! well no one can beat this "painful" fact - he is not only rich with money, but also rich in owning all these fans hearts. It's very easy to provoke jealousy within certain people. I hope you recover soon from feeling sick about this, it ain't happy nor healthy!

Peace be with you.