Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Jaime's Den - Photography Sensual II

While I am slacking off, our good Jaime is at work keeping this blog alive. Thank you Jaime! Nice work! These pictures are breathtaking! Again we can always learn something new in the world of art every time we receive your new writings. What a gift to be with you. Just I got to do some work to get the music playing well. And I've got to pick up the translation work, I am afraid my skills are getting a little rusty now.

Just checked on baidu.com BYJ Forum, found today's news about BYJ ...

From LCK .com
Translated by :Admin
Posted by : wlbyj

Annyeonghaseyo, I’m in Seoul.

The TWSSG filming team filmed at the Yongin set.

Bae Yong Joon ssi stopped by at the gym around 2 pm and worked out until around 3:30 pm.

He, who enjoys “well-being” food, comes to and gets take-out like today because he likes
the food of .

I hope he can relax for tomorrow’s filming.


If you click the URL in the above, you can see the map of the Yongin set and its surroundings.

In the left below, you can see the large lake which Bae Yong Joon ssi used to enjoy fishing;
and in the upper right, there is the filming set.

Looks like there is a good chance of seeing BYJ if we stick around GIK a lot, esp. around a bit after the peek lunch time. Just my guess. The news did not mention what time he picked up the food though. Could be for dinner too. Funny, every time talking about BYJ having dinner, I kept thinking about the scenes in WLS when he had the Sashimi with Che-lin, he was soooo cute.

Haola... Now let's enjoy Jaime's Sensual BYJ...


Dear sisters ….. (nice words about Quilt, omitted upon Jaime's request)

After completing ‘part I of my photographic art series’ on an antique botanical journal last year, my curiosity was aroused on other works by this relatively unknown photographer. To my pleasant surprise, her next published book on ‘cyanotype’* does not disappoint.

Intrigued by this antiquated art of photographic printing, photographer Zeva Oelbaum ushered us into a world of rich, infinite variation of blues, dressing up her images as contemporary art forms.

I have always been enchanted by the serene beauty of the blue spectrum, educed from the deepest mysterious midnight sky to the lightest translucent fluidity of flowing creek. From velvety rich indigo blue and refreshing tropical aqua blue to luxurious shimmer of silvery blue, these elegant shades emanate emotions of tenderness, melancholy, solitude, sensuality and even seduction.

Through this exquisite colour of soul, all superfluous details are liberated leaving only the intrinsic silhouette, rewarding us with the essence of the image. We are at liberty to interpret the interactions of their forms - as a pattern, a movement or life itself.

Being a photography enthusiast and a former student of Film Studies in Sung Kyun Kwan University, our prince can indeed recognize the art and science of cyanotype and the special place it holds in the history of photography.

This 1970s classic instrumental piece ‘Samba Pa Ti’** by the legendary Carlos Santana embraced me into the sentimental fantasy world of our prince Yong Joon. What a pleasure to explore every facet of his majestic physique and sensual move! It is such a fulfillment to coalesce that modernism and mystic sentiment with his heavenly silhouette. My admiration and love for this extraordinary human being has deepened once again through this creative progression. I love to share my infinite passion towards Yong Joon with you, hope you enjoy our sensual prince in cyanotype.

Note :

* Cyanotype is an old monochrome photographic printing process. The chemical formula was invented by British astronomer Sir John Herschel in 1842 (3 years after the invention of photography) to provide an efficient method to duplicate large scale engineering charts and calculations. The resulting print is of cyan-blue background with a white outline of the image known as blue print.

** ‘Samba Pa Ti’ by Carlos Santana

Acknowledgement :

Thank you to my dear sister Jill for kindly uploading the music for me!

References :

  1. Flowers in Shadow - A Photographer Rediscovers a Victorian Botanical Journal, Zeva Oelbaum, Rizzoli International Publications, Inc. 2002
  2. Blue Prints - The Natural World in Cyanotype Photographs, Zeva Oelbaum, Rizzoli International Publications, Inc. 2002


mrs a said...

whew.....what a sensual read and pics and then add the wonderful music of Santana made it just PERFECT. I rather find the intricate detail and the blue hues intriging also. Applause and hats off! Another find artistic touch by Jaime! THANK YOU!

HeippieH said...

Dear Mrs.A., life is good. Thanks to Jaime, you and all these sisters that we can enjoy more.