Monday, February 12, 2007

Yong Joon ssi, Happy Valentine's Day!

Omoh Omoh! Look what I found! Another surprise from shaofeiliu! (Maybe it's just a surprise to me, I am always slow on everything.)

See I told ya, there are so many different talents from wuri yong joon's family. We are so blessed! Through shaofeiliu's flash work "Blue Valentine", I did more digging, and found this treasure - shaofeiliu put Jaime's Manet series artwork into a flash and played the fan's love song as the background, to me this is the signature love song to wuri yong joon.

Here is the link "Yong Joon ssi, Happy Vanlentine's Day!"

Thank you shaofeiliu !!!


mrs a said...

Heippieh - that was really nice. Jaime's artwork and the music matched perfectly! Truly beautiful! Please let them know how much we enjoyed it!

jaime said...

wow, even one done from Manet?!h, can you tell me what's written at the bottom of the screen? those characters are not legible to me.

that's a nice song, his song, right? thanks shaofeiliu, thanks h!

HeippieH said...

Dear Mrs.A, Glad you liked it. And you know the story of the song right? I'll update this entry about the song.

HeippieH said...

Dear Jaime,

I can't read those words either, I wonder what they are, must be some Chinese charaters that we can not recognise. I'll ask shaofeiliu about it.

As for the song, it's name is "Born To Love", the one song that his fans sang for him at a fan meeting, they picked the song thinking it is just the right expression of their love for him. From then on, I think it becomes a signature song for him. Whenever I listen to this song, I'll think about him. It's a pretty song, isn't it? I'll update this posting with more information about the song.