Monday, February 12, 2007

Blue Valentine Surprise - Sensual Yong Joon Flash

Valentine's Day is approaching. I posted my translation of Jaime's Sensual YJ II on baidu as Valentine's present to yong joon ssi and his fan family. To my joyful surprise, a sister named "shaofeiliu" made this art seris into a flash, with as background music. And she ended the flash with a blue rose! Beautiful! Thanks shaofeiliu!!!

Here, enjoy it, I can play it forever. The music is the type like yong joon, the more you play, the more you enjoy.


Happy Valentine's Day! Yong Joon ssi and everyone!


jaime said...

o dear h,

this is very nice of shaofeiliu to put together a flash for Yong Joon, how talented. please express my thanks to her. and also thank you for posting your beautiful translation on baidu and loveyongjoon. appreciate it so much!

shaofeiliu means little flying bird, right?

love .... jaime

HeippieH said...

dear jaime, thanks so much for giving us your beautiful work so that we can do some work to express our love.

I don't know what shaofeiliu means, I think Liu is a last name, shaofei is a first name. Don't know if it is a kind of bird, little flying bird would be translated into Chinese pinyin as xiaofeiniao.