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English : BYJ : How Come? One Hundred Thousand Times

Ha Thanks to Jaime, I found this English translation by the original author. Love it! I am filling the words missing by copy/paste.

Author : CJNY
Posted on KOB

This writing is mess because my mind is mess. I didn’t even think about posing it before. But I have been so touched by Hu Bo Xin Jie and everyone who went to support him on Nov. 29, 2006. I post it now to thank all of you. Thank you all for bringing love and support to him on behalf of all of us who were unable to be there.

Love and support BYJ WHATEVER FOREVER!

BYJ: How Come? One Hundred Thousand Times 1

Is BYJ beauty?

Ha, after 20 days I saw him, I had the answer. He absolutely is.
But to trace his entire beauty was pulling my hair as long as 4 months.

My ID is CJNY in BaiDu. I’m a Chinese American who lives in North America. Like Japanese author of , my blood type is “A”. I enjoy beautiful people and things. I love delicious food. And I scan the world throughout by my special 3D view.

As a young child, I have had a very strange habit. Sometimes I was magnanimous. But sometimes I was quite picky. No pattern to follow.
When I growing older, I realized that:
For the people around me, I look at their strongpoint. I am magnanimous.
For the stars on the screen, I have strong insight to feel about their weakness no matter how deep they hide. I am picky as well.
Perhaps because of my squeamish, no any popular people could catch my heart until BYJ.

During the summer in 2006, I saw occasionally. This was the first time that I knew BYJ.
I wondered where I have been before. Was I living in Mars? But why have I watched some other Korean plays? Well, forget about it.
In 20 days, I finished his three plays, <Winter Sonata>, <Untold Scandal>, and <April Snow>. The latter two were Korean version. I didn’t understand a single word. Even though, my eyeballs became sticky and couldn’t switch to anyone else.

To invasion, human body instinctively rejects. As usual, I started to watch BYJ through my special and picky vision. As the result, the more I knew him, the more I admired him. I was not able to get rid off him from my mind, but captured by him entirely instead.

Like most of the others, I began to be attracted by his acting roles. Then, unknowing, the intangible field around this unique star, himself, caught me. And then, sink my head in. Search the photos, videos, news, and all other information about him.

Dropping in swirl. Who can escape? I, of course, like all of the others. The more I watched, the more I enthralled; the more I looked, the more I confused; the more I saw, the more difficult for me to move my eyes away from him.

I knew BYJ’s beauty must be outstanding. Otherwise, how come he could attract me and attracted so many people in the world?
I was trying hard to clear up my feelings about him several times, but I failed all the time. I didn’t understand at all. This has never happened to me before. It seemed no right door for me to enter. Always short words to describe him. It was very gloomy.

After all puzzling, I registered at BaiDu. In Sep. 25, 2006, I posted “Why do you like BYJ?” by my another ID: 十天十天。I wished someone could give me a clue that would help me walking out from the fog.
Of course, the answers were interesting.
As a Chinese fan wrote: “Unclear why love him, but remain hot all the time.”
I smiled. Facing BYJ, no one has enough words. Everybody has similar feelings.
Some Chinese fans were very definite. They don’t want tangling with this issue. Their answer was very simple: “Do we have to have a reason to like a person?”

They are smart. Jump it over. Like then like. Why care about the reasons? Why torture our own nerves?
Sign, I couldn’t. I’m quite stubborn. The foggier the thing is, the more clearly I want to know.
Then, one nerve from head to toe, I started to dig the power of BYJ and tried hard to figure it out why he let me lower my head for him.
Sign again, I tell you this took me totally 4 months.

BYJ: How Come? One Hundred Thousand Times 2

In my list of beauty, the appearance is the first item.
You could be a nice person if you are nice, but not a beauty if you don’t have a good look as well.
Freeze! Don’t argue with me. Sorry, I said I’m picky. *&^

Chinese words are interesting.

What do these words mean?
“歪”means indecent;
“孬”means dastard;
“毒”means malicious;
“恶”means evil;
“俗”means vulgar, stodgy, and low;
“狠”means acridity;
“淡”means insipid or watery.

Who wants these terrible words sticking on the forehead, especially the popular people? They always short time to hide their badness, right?
But unfortunately, as the paper cannot wrap the fire, no one could cover his shortage completely unless he doesn’t have it at all. Or he keeps no speaking, no moving, and has to close his eyes. Otherwise, eh…

Eye, the window of the soul.
No matter how you look, what shape of your eyes, or how you perform in dramas, you cannot let me see those bad words in your eyes. Otherwise you couldn’t get into my heart, that’s your fault. Don’t blame me.
In my dictionary, having those evil words in eyes is no pardonable at all. Beauty? Out of question.

Does BYJ have any tiny little bad words in his eyes?
Be honest, I was watching his photos, videos, and 3 plays very closely. Listen, my answer is NO! He doesn’t have them at all.

There might be tired, shy, embarrass, upset, unease and even sad in his eyes. Although I haven’t seen, I still could imagine there must be sparklet in his eyes when he anger and icy in his eyes when he chill. When he has no one to share, he might feel lonely. When he is sad, he might cry. He has everything in his eyes except the badness.

Everyone says BYJ pure and noble. Is it just his outside? Wouldn’t understand that shallow, right? Without a pure and noble soul, how come there is no any badness in his eyes, talks and behaviors?

But his eyes are sure the only parts that mentioned mostly by someone. I thought his eye is the focus that people arguing whether he is beauty or not.

Many people think he is one the most handsome men in the world. Countless people get higher heartbeat, flush face, screaming, tearful and vertigo just for the sake of his beauty. But there did someone standing in the front of Scandal’s picture and asked: Is he handsome? Where? When public opinion pouring praises on him, there did is a magazine, <时人>, which excluded him from the most 25 beautiful Korean stars.

Forget about that poor magazine. Where did these noises come from? Even though someone did it on purpose, they had to have the causes. What are the causes? I thought that’s his eyes.

Hi, everyone, no jumping yet. I know many people love his eyes. Me too. Please wait. Let me explain.

BYJ: How Come? One Hundred Thousand Times 3

What if transplant his eyes to someone else. You say they look fine or sexy? BINGO! You say they look common or poor? OK! But and but, they are on BYJ’s face. Then everything is distinct.

In the writing, I posted on Sep. 25th, 2006, I wrote, “His eyes, the only parts that someone think not beautiful, become his logo under his esthetic entireness. With the glasses, he looks charming and brilliant. Without the glasses, he looks unique and sexy. Comparing with the actors who have big and deep eyes, BYJ looks even more absorbing.”

Today I read these words again. I still think it’s not wrong even though it‘s not enough overall.

In his eyes, you can see nifty, elvish, frank, modest, respectful, introverted, sexy, warm and so on. Of course you can see lonely and blue, tears when sad, smiles when happy. You can see calm, peace, wise, open, steady, magnanimous, concentrative, and a lots of more. There are many things in his eyes. Twinkle like gem reflecting light.

Once a reporter asked the ring on his finger. BYJ answered it’s mine. I would feel lonely if I forgot to wear it. Wearing it let me feel someone hold me.

Habit is powerful. It affects us unknowing sometimes.
From baby’s blanket to grandpa’s cloth shoes, we all have habit, right?
So do glasses to BYJ. Am I right, Mr. Yong Joon? ^o^

Many people knew BYJ had one eye injured when he was a child. After then, his vision dropped sharply.
People, who wear glasses, know exactly. They will feel uncomfortable without the glasses. At the most of time, they are unwitting that their eyeballs might not be lively as the others do. If wearing the glasses for a long period, the eyelid might protrude and changed. For common people, it’s not a big deal. But for BYJ, this becomes another story.

I just pointed out the first part of BYJ’s beauty: PURE and NOBLE.
Now I would like to talk about the second one: RICH.

He is rich in many sides. The rich in his eyes is just one of them.

When he wearing glasses, he looks confident, lively, nimble, soulful, mild and so on. Sometimes politely, sometimes scholastic, sometimes sexy, sometimes blue, sometimes mysterious, sometimes cool and sometimes …… of course sometimes smile and laugh.

His eye looks very rich and very powerful.

What do you say? You don’t believe me? OK, you let him gaze for just one second. I bet you immediately bang your heart and feel dizzy. Like someone pouring water into your brain, you might become unmovable and incoherent. Even if you had steel teeth or copper mouth, you had succeeded to hold your confession. But I believe in your mind you might be only too glad to let him watching you longer.

No matter how he wears those glasses, he is always absolutely tasteful. If not so, why so many people wear glasses, only he is named the prince of glasses?

With glasses, BYJ looks very brilliant and wonderful. You can see the confidence from his eyes, face and all over of his body.

Taking off the glasses, there might be shy, inhibited, and flashing sight in his eyes. You might see his uncomfortable especially in the front of the camera or unfamiliar people. Sometimes he seems abstracted also. Sometimes his eyes look big, but sometimes they look small. Sometimes he has single layer eyelid, but sometimes double. Sometimes his eyelid looks thin, but sometimes it looks belly. Sometimes his eyes are handsome, but sometimes they are very common. He even has two glimpses in that really chilling me up.

Such many different sights all come from BYJ’s eyes. Can you imagine how rich they are?

BYJ: How Come? One Hundred Thousand Times 4

No matter how you like them or not, no matter how I like them or not, no matter how BYJ likes them or not, you cannot deny. The expressions, that rarely appearing on the handsome man like him, really show up in his eyes. I think that’s because of his eyes and glasses.

The big fall among such more different expressions often made me feel that he can split.

I had this feeling when I watching . JS and MH have different personality. It’s normal if they behave differently, talk differently and dress differently. But it’s amazing that they look totally different from one to another.

When I had been watching the first few scenes in , to the person who only finished , it’s no surprising for me jumping up and shouting “Oh, my God! Is this BYJ?!”

When I saw his Image Vol. 1, oh, mine! My eyeball nearly jumped off from my eye socket. Oh, those muscles, easily clamping mosquitoes. Boy, look at that face and his eyes. He is full of manly, vigorous, forceful, firm, and so on. BinalTech, where is the trace of BYJ? Another man.

Then, his photos with long hair unite the man hard and woman soft. He looks very fine and sexy. Another person again.

After watching more and more BYJ’s photos and videos, I was so impressed by his changeability.

Such a rich human, is he unique? I thought as long as you don’t wear colorful glasses, say black when pointing white; seal oyster waste on eyes, look but no seeing; hold awry rulers, measure unfairly; or have ulterior motives, summarize whole by the fraction, you should see how unique and wonderful he is.

I know what if a tree is taller than wood. But I still want to say a few words.

It’s really unnecessary to be jealous. BYJ will not take extra places except his own one no matter how popular he is. This just like children picking eggs in Easter Day. They will pick up as many eggs as they find, but will not pick stones instead if there are no eggs. This means whether you caught the popularity or not, really depends on you, not BYJ.

I know everyone has different eyeballs and different tastes, But I still want to say I’ll feel sorry to you if you turn your back to him just because you have someone to support ahead. BYJ is such a wonderful actor. I enjoyed. Wish you could enjoy too. If you nasty to him just because of your idol, I’ll say that’s low and superficial.

To someone who giving him hard time on purpose, I want to say that please don’t. BYJ would assimilate all good and bad that throwing on him and become more attractive.

Wait! You stop. Someone may ask. Now what, should you thank those people?
Listen carefully. I will NOT! I ever never say thanks to Qin Kuai who let Yue Fei becoming the No.1 fealty in Chinese history.

As the pioneer, BYJ must be written into the history later on. Please don’t hurt him. Please don’t follow Qin Kuai who is stinking all the time and forever. Please don’t.

Let’s back to our topic. Did you get my point? The shortage might be the weakness for others. But if there were shortage for BYJ, he would turn it into richness later on. He does have the ability to convert bad to good and poor to rich.

Everyone says he is charming. Many people like him. Why is he so attractive? What is his fascination? I’ll say his richness is one of them.

In my standard, no rich, no beauty.
On Oct. 10th, 2006 I mentioned the world famous models. They have big and deep eyes, perfect facial figures, shaped body, nice muscles and fashion dressings. Then what? Nothing.

No richness, no change, the beauty is no more that a matrix, a former or a film. When the time passes on, they become decrepit, shabby, and out of date.

Similar, Ken Takakura coming manly and leaving manly; Jackie Chen fighting tendon up and tendon down; and Charles Chaplin little beard black eye line and black eye line little beard, they did not change much, but they made one kind of character thoroughly. They are not as standard as the model’s appearantly. But whose did you remember?

Note: I know model’s work just like that. I use them only to put out my thought, not for disparaging.

OK, someone may ask again. According to your words that shortage all becomes to richness, will we all be rich man?
My answer is YES.
But you have to have goals, confidence, courage, wisdom, willpower as BYJ does. You have to keep going and stand firmly as BYJ does. Otherwise, you should thanks God if you haven’t been weed out from the society.

Not only once, I have thought about what if BYJ had a pair of big and deep eyes. Is it good that his eyes are normative enough to mute all the noises? A sound from my deep heart: NO. It’s no good. Let’s think about it this way. If so, BYJ must not be rich like now. Leave his eyes richen his mind aside, how would he have so many expressions like now?

Have you seen how Madam Lee wrote after watching him closely?
>Light double eye, long eyelash, his eyes looked very fine. He looked gentle and soft, firm and steady, brimmed with warm and lonely at the same time.

Ha, do you feel strange after you saw the different describing between Madam Lee and I? Curious?
Actually it is not strange at all. This is BYJ. His richness is unbelievable. From different view, at different time, different people saw different beauties, all from one person, from him, BYJ.

GQ reporter Lee Choog Gul wrote:
>As a shooting model, BYJ’s beauty was out of our imagination.

The famous Korean photographer Mr. Kim in 2003:
>When I shot “同感2”, I met him at the first time. I felt he is a neat and elegant person. I only worried he is too perfect. That might be weaken the affinity between him and the audience.

PERFECT, from the view of the photographer. Would you believe it?
No? You still doubt about it, don’t you? OK, then you watch him through your own eyes just like I do. After you know him enough, you close your eyes. Read your conscience.

How is his forehead?
How is his nose?
How is his lip?
How is his cheek?
How is his chin?
How is his neck?
How is his Adam’s apple?
How is his collarbone?
How is his shoulder?
How is his should blade?
How is his chest?
How is his belly?
How is his waist?
How is his back?
How is his strong arm and long leg?
How is his hair?
How is his skin?

Oh, let me take a break.
Did I forget something? No? Good.

Have you found that BYJ, from head to toes, is not only beauty but sexy also? Do you think even his nail looks beauty and sexy too?

What? What do you say? His eyes?
Oh, how could you? I just said hundreds of words about his eyes before. Woe, mine.

Look at his face, those graceful curves. I thought we should thank God gave him a pair of man eyes.
If his eyes big, deep and gentle as girls, well, man’s body with woman’s face, where is the napkin? I think I’m going to cry.
If his eyes big, deep and gentle as girls, he will definitely lose at least one pair of the contrast which between soft face curves and rigid eyes.

His eyes are not beautiful. They are unique, touching, rich, and sexy. His eyes richen him throughout his inner and outer. I haven’t seen any one has the eye expressions as rich as he does. I think that his eyes are the trigger of his beauty. They impress me so much.

What? Our own eyes are not trustful too sometimes? Oh, OK. Let’s make this way.
If BYJ’s face is not beautiful, why did someone doubt that he had plastic surgery?
If BYJ’s body is not beautiful, why did someone doubt that his photos in Vol.1 were synthetic.
If BYJ is not beautiful, why did someone say he is a “man-made” beauty?

Let’s put aside how many praises and attentions BYJ received, how many fields and countries he affected, and how wide span of fan’s age and occupations. We just listen the people who intended to pull his prop away. Do you feel they sound just like carrying him in a sedan chair?

if the assaulting from the oppenents becomes applause, is it still a question about BYJ's beauty ?

My words are that he absolutely, definitely and implicitly is one of the most influential beauties in the entire Asia.

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