Friday, September 29, 2006

Jaime's Den - Manet V

Quote of the day ....

At some ideas you stand perplexed, especially at the sight of human sins, uncertain whether to combat it by force or by human love. Always decide, "I will combat it with human love." If you make up your mind about that once and for all, you can conquer the whole world. Loving humility is a terrible force; it is the strongest of all things and there is nothing like it.

- Dostoyevsky - The Brothers Karamazov

The above has nothing to do with our bae-ziness :-) well maybe it does, 'cause you know, I have a passion for anything pertains wisdom, so just feel compelled to share something I feel deeply tugged in my heart. I just learned this passage of Dostoyevsky in last Sunday's Mass. Since I have a habbit of linking anything I encountered in my life with our BYJ, I was thinking what this has to do with him, and without much effort, I found it! Here! - don't you find our prince would always choose peaceful, human love to deal with the difficult situations in his life? Don't you think that "loving humility" is best suited to describe his attitude to his fans, and that "loving humility" of his is his "key feature" that attracted all of us? I do! And I believe that this is why his humbleness carries so much power and he is well on his way to conqure the world, ok, if it is not the whole world of this earth, it is the whole world of me.

I assume Jaime has already posted her Manet V on Quilt. I have been so busy lately that I rarely got time to check out the bae-land. Thank goodness there is still bb as my portal (thank you bb for your persistent work), and Jaime lovingly passing her writings to me. Thank you Thank you Thank you Jaime!

Oh, one more thing, since this is my blog, think it would be ok to share my personal dream (is there such thing as non-personal dream?) I had this morning (must be in the morning, for I still remember it) - Met a tall, good sized, good figured Caucasian woman at a store, (a bookstore?) she wore a light blue dress, was holding a magazine, presummably a magazine to do with BYJ, when she met me, (apparently we did not know each other before), somehow this lady grabbed me and started to express her passion to BYJ. I was so delighted to meet someone who shared the same love, so we sat down and started to talk about the man ... Could not remove this dream from my thought for the whole day, wondering who this lady could be? She does not look like anyone I know of in my real daily life. I take this as a blessing that some of our gals here are thinking about me. :-) Thank you Thank you Thank you for coming into my dream! I love you!

Now here is Jaime's Manet V. Thank you Jaime for pouring so much love, energy, time into this Manet Series. I know you intended to finish this series. But I hope you will share with us more. Maybe another artist, huh? Oh no! More work! Am not pushing and twisting arms, just tossing out wishes :-) Personally I've learned a lot, feeling more cultured and educated. What is so good about this bae-land? Entertaining, inspiring and Educational!


Dear sisters …… as promised, I will wrap up my Manet series with this last chapter. When Mrs. A inquired about the ‘bar girl’ painting in her previous comment, she inspired this Mrs. Z, “what a remarkable painting to appreciate upon closing this series!”. So, hope you’ll enjoy …….

Manet’s last masterpiece ‘Bar at the Folies-Bergere’ was completed in 1882, injecting his eloquent and heartfelt effort to make a grand final statement ……

The setting is depicted in the chic music hall Folies-Bergere, where avante-garde Parisians socialized and danced under its faded red and dirty gold decor. Our visual focus lands on the serveuse (waitress of drinks) and an unrealistically large mirror reflection of the bustling scene of patrons and neglected live entertainment (notice the acrobat’s green socks on top left). The artist caught the serveuse’s weariness, boredom and her impassive gaze oblivious to the world, enduring the unpleasant reality of solicitation from a male customer (on far right). Manet lent our heroine immense facial dignity and an air of aloofness conveying a message of self-containment. He expressed anonymity and loneliness inherent in modern life, not responding to the glitter and glamour of bourgeois society.

An honorary mention is Manet coalesced his love for still life with portrait here creating perfect equality and harmony, can you imagine the visual pleasure of ‘Bar at the Folies-Bergere’ without its sparkling array of bottles and fruit dish?

I initiated this series with a pure admiration for Manet’s charming illustrative letters and desire to share that tranquil love for Yong Joon with my dear Bae sisters. Little did I anticipate it to be a mini-tribute to the artist’s innovative thoughts, elegant style and even his uncompromising life. Manet’s challenge to old clichés prompted him to carve out a new art movement away from centuries-old traditional practice. Like our great king who led the Hallyu Wave into Asia with his charismatic appearance and subtle acting, has carved out a new cultural phenomenon of Asian Wave across world continents. So many tender hearts are awakened with so much dormant emotions erupted, we never seem to have enough sumptuous words, heavenly artworks and melodious music to glorify our Yong Joon’s respectable being and outstanding accomplishment. There was no one like him before, and never will be after! Please allow me to attempt one last time with Manet …….

Thank you for patiently reading the entire series and sharing your valuable thoughts with me. Your comments are so precious to me that I read them over and over again like a beautiful poem. Let’s hope Yong Joon be safe, healthy and happy always!

Acknowledgements :

1. Impressionism, Belinda Thomson and Michael Howard, Bison Books Corp. 1988
2. Impressionism Art, Leisure & Parisian Society, Robert L.Herbert, Yale University Press, New Haven & London. 1988
3. Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, James N. Wood, The Art Institute of Chicago. 2000
4. Manet The Still-Life Paintings, George Mauner, The American Federation of Arts. 2000
5. The purple picture in the 4th artwork comes from sister ‘flower’, please let me know if it’s fine with you, thanks.


jaime said...

Thanks h for writing again!

Yeah, every beautiful thing and thought reminds us of BYJ. It's unbelievable that a huge star like him can be so humble and down to earth. That's why he captures all our hearts.

Thank you for sharing that beautiful quote. It's funny that we even think about him while we are in church! (I do too, and I know I really shouldn't)

I wonder who that lady in your dream is? Maybe that signals a new Bae friendship is coming your way?
Please take care!

love ..... Jaime

HeippieH said...

Hi Dear Jaime, the dream always come when I am least prepared, often times when I am not thinking about a particular thing, in this case BYJ, when the dreams come to remind me to stay in touch. :-) So this gave something to write about, and in the meantime, your writing arrived. Is that yet another nice coincident? Please keep the nice writing coming, so I'll stay connected. Maybe we should share the ownership of this blog. You are more actively writing on this blog.


mrs a said...

Oh Heippieh, I think it could be me. I am 5'7" tall and good sized Caucasian and I have a lite blue dress and I am always talking about my dude. And of course, you would be someone I would love to meet! And I am sure we would enjoy talking about him! ahhaha
BTW I love the quote - it does relate to our guy as it talks about loving humility

I am sorta sad Jaime's artist sessions are coming to an end. I truly enjoyed them and I love this last drawing. The girl's face is priceless and the colors he integrated in the work is magnificient. Especially the balance of the flowers and fruit.
Anyway, loved this series. Keep it up.

jaime said...

Thanks Mrs A for your encouraging words. You inspired me to further study this painting, my thanks to you. There are so many beautiful things in this world. If we focus and expand on them, the world will become much happier for us to live in, right?

o my dear h, you are really really too kind and generous to me! I am embarassed already to take up space in your blog without paying any rent. And now you even offer to sign part of the ownership to me? Hmmmmm h..... is this a scheme to get freeloading Jaime to start doing some chores or sharing your electricity bill? Hahaha, just kidding.

Honestly, I'm already very grateful and touched that you created this virtual blog for me. This is your blog when you wanted to create a BYJ journal for your own keepsake, I wouldn't dream of taking anything away from you or ruining your blog with my mark.
I appreciate very much that you gave me a warm and comfortable home here for the last few months!

HeippieH said...

Ha, Mrs.A., I thought it could be you. :-) Now I know how you look like, I remember you from my dream, a graceful lady. :-) Shake hands here. How about a hug!

I love this Manet series too. Your comment about the girl's picture made me stare at it more, I need more helpful advice to learn to appreciate a treasured artwork like this. Thank you for sharing your feelings.

HeippieH said...

Dear Jaime,

Please, feel free to write more here, this blog space is FREE! Your writings eased my job :-) I should pay you for publishing your writings on my blog. :-) I appreciate that you pass along your writings to me to post here for free :-) Sounds like a good deal for me, Heeheehee ... As Mrs.A. said, keep it up, we love it!


mrs a said...

Well, I never thought I was graceful but not a clod either...HAHAHA. But thank you anyway.

I think both of your writing styles compliment each other! With all going on with me the last 1.5 months I haven't written one in a while. But I feel one coming on.....Sometime! hahaha

God Bless, Hugs AND Smiles to all!

HeippieH said...

Hi Mrs.A, looking forward to reading more of your writings.